Yao got the ball easily in the game, and the Rockets won the first ball.

Zeng Feiyang took the ball through the half-court, then carefully guarded the ball and waited for the other players to run to the right position, and the camera of the stadium was always aimed at him and Chris Paul!
At present, Chris Paul is also a rookie and a strong man, but he used to fly in the sky, but he didn’t even feel a little excited. It can be said that he was absent-minded, because the camera kept pointing at him, which made him feel very uncomfortable and always had a feeling of upset.
Zeng Feiyang Bai must be treated like this if he wants to be a star player, but he doesn’t like it very much because he thinks he is a player rather than an actor and shouldn’t always put the camera on him and another player in a game! Real basketball requires five people to play well!
With troubled thoughts, Zeng Feiyang gave the ball to the line, and then Yao moved to play it so that he could play singles, but Yao didn’t have any waves. This opportunity helped him to easily beat Hornets center PJ Brown with a right hook and easily scored two points
Chris Paul, the Hornets ball, took the ball through the half-court and set his eyes on his opponent Zeng Feiyang, and his eyes were burning with fighting spirit.
Was Zeng Feiyang the only player who threatened my best rookie status? Ok, today I’m going to tell you who is the real best rookie!
Paul dribbled around without moving, but the camera kept aiming at the two of them, which made all the audience interested in the game-is it that the first contest between them is about to appear?
Zeng Feiyang looked at Paul with a straight face, which made people not know what he was thinking, and his heart was upset at the moment!
I hate it! I hate it! What? Why keep the camera on us? What a nuisance! Basketball shouldn’t be like this …
With the mood getting worse and worse, Zeng Feiyang finally rushed to steal Paul’s ball in the 13th second! The first result is that he steals this time, and the second result is that Chris Paul took the opportunity to easily break through the line and threw the Hornets two points when other rockets failed to make up for it!
I feel good today, ma …
Paul easily dumped them and turned to look at the face expression. Zeng Feiyang couldn’t help wondering.
What’s the matter with him? As if absent-minded, did this guy really behave like that in previous games? Forget it. What’s he got to do with me? All I have to do is beat him and lead the team to victory …
Lost in doubt, Paul ran back to the backcourt with his teammates.
After McGrady gave the ball to Zeng Feiyang, he said, "Don’t think too hard to play!" Come on. "
These English are very simple. Once Feiyang understood them, he smiled at McGrady and said, "I see, thank you."
McGrady nodded and ran to the frontcourt.
Zeng Feiyang looked up at the big screen and ran across the half with a sigh …
After the game, Zeng Feiyang was always lukewarm. Every time after half-time, he would give the ball to Yao or McGrady to distribute it, and he always liked to go to the side to’ watch’ them play. Of course, he also got several shots, but he missed 4 shots and ended up! When he defends Paul, he doesn’t look motivated at all, which makes Paul easily break through his defense several times and makes people very dissatisfied and disappointed with his performance-Zeng Feiyang’s performance is as lazy as a scrappy garbage player, even worse than those bench players.
Zeng Feiyang’s continuous depression and absence made Van Gundy very angry. Finally, at the end of the first quarter with 3 minutes left, Van Gundy Hyde replaced him and made a fire at him for the first time.
In addition to apologizing for this, Zeng Feiyang felt guilty and didn’t say a word of his own defense, and his appearance was also more decadent.
Seeing that my brother with high hopes was so timid, Van Gundy was so disappointed that he didn’t want to say anything more. He let Zeng Feiyang rest on the bench while he directed other Rockets players to play.
Meng Tianxue looked at a face of gloomy Van Gundy and turned his eyes to Zeng Feiyang and asked, "What’s the matter with you?" How today is always a stressed look … "
Zeng Feiyang took a look at Mengtianxue and held his head and said, "Is the NBA really the holy land of basketball that I long for?" Is basketball really played like this? I don’t know or understand that basketball is not a five-person sport? "
It was very painful to see the painful appearance of Zeng Feiyang’s dream and snow. She anxiously asked, "Feiyang, what’s the matter with you? What is it that bothers you so much? "
Zeng Feiyang shook his head and said, "Can you leave me alone?"
Meng Tianxue bit his lip and said sadly, "I know, then you can be alone …"
Zeng Feiyang’s pain and help made the dream snow very painful, not only because she was heartbroken, but also because she helped Zeng Feiyang and hated herself …
What kind of sport is basketball? Should it be like playing? Is the NBA really the basketball shrine that all players dream of? What kind of world is the top basketball altar?
All these questions have puzzled Zeng Feiyang, and filled his heart with confusion. He is already wondering whether he is right or wrong to come to the NBA and adapt to the NBA rules. He will always reach his desired height …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four NBA significance (
"Audience friends, the second quarter is over now. The Rockets’ 494 lead by one point ended the half-time game. Yao scored 12 points, 6 rebounds and McGrady scored 17 points and two assists at half-time. On the Hornets side, Paul, the’ new queen bee’, has scored 1 point, 6 assists and 4 steals. However, Zeng Feiyang didn’t play in the whole game in the second quarter. Is it because he was depressed in the first quarter that Van Gundy didn’t want to play again? What do you think of Zhang? " Yu Jia’s last sentence was directed at Zhang nearby.
Director Zhang looked at his notebook and said, "I’m not sure about this either. When Zeng Feiyang was in a very low state, we couldn’t see his fighting spirit in the previous games, or his unbeaten fighting spirit, just as if he hadn’t woken up yet. If he couldn’t get back to his state, he would definitely not be able to play well in this game and the’ miracle’ in our mind would not appear."
"Well," Yu Jia agreed and nodded, then looked at the notebook and said, "The mobile phone number fans just sent a text message saying,’ Did you ever wake up after flying? If it’s a man, show us some spirit. Don’t be a pussy. If it’s from China, go and kill Chris Paul!’ "After reading the message, Yu Jia looked up at the camera with a wry smile." The fan didn’t talk too much! Zeng Feiyang didn’t look like a pussy even if he didn’t have the spirit, did he? But I think your wish is also the wish of all the fans! " Then he looked at the notebook again. "Another fan from Sichuan sent a text message saying,’ Zeng Feiyang worked hard! This is the last day of your short-term contract! You must not lose your chance to stay in the NBA by losing at this juncture! You know, all our China fans are supporting you!’ "After Yu Jia read, he turned his eyes to the camera again and said," I am very supportive of this fan’s words. I also want to say more-Zeng Feiyang took out your strength! Let the world know that our China defender is also strong! Ok, after I finish the advertisement, we will continue to broadcast the third game live … "
During the intermission, while Van Gundy was holding fast in the locker room of the Rockets, the players explained the tactics at halftime and said something to encourage morale and fighting spirit. However, among all the members of the Rockets, only Zeng Feiyang sat silently and looked at his closet with two eyes (Meng Tianxue was not in the women’s room)
Until now, he is still trapped by the complicated problems in his heart. He doesn’t know whether he should play basketball or play basketball. All these problems make him feel more worried.
Van Gundy was disappointed when he saw that Zeng Feiyang was still in the spirit. He was sick, but the team doctor said that he was not unwell. When Van Gundy asked what was on Zeng Feiyang’s mind, he said nothing, which made Van Gundy very dissatisfied and more disappointed. Who wouldn’t be sad if his reported high hope brother became depressed?
McGrady and others are also very puzzled by Zeng Feiyang’s depression, but because of the language barrier, they have no way to understand Zeng Feiyang’s worries and help him make the locker room atmosphere extremely dignified
At the end of the half game, Van Gundy finally reached an ultimatum to Zeng Feiyang. "Zeng Feiyang, I warn you for the last time that this is a game, not a game. What emotions do you have personally? I hope you can control it! Otherwise, please go back to China immediately after the short-term contract is over! "
Suddenly, all the players in the locker room were shocked except Zeng Feiyang, who didn’t understand this. Because Zeng Feiyang gave up on him even if he didn’t play well in this game! In any case, Zeng Feiyang’s personal strength is what the Rockets lack and need most now! Isn’t the company giving up a perfect point guard that the Rockets have been longing for?
Other Rockets players and assistant coaches have tried to persuade Van Gundy to take back the decision, but Van Gundy is iron-fisted and everyone knows that he will not change the decision, but he turns a deaf ear to other people’s advice and looks like’ I am the coach and I am afraid of who’.