There is an equally dark carriage behind that carriage.

Vaguely, when the horseshoe swept in front of Graves, he heard a man’s madness.
"Dreven to go! ! !”
Draven? What the hell?
"Hey kid" Graves got up without stopping and stopped the bartender who was leaving. "Can you get a carriage?"
"carriage?" The greedy teenager grabbed his scalp and looked embarrassed.
"Oh, dear guest, do you need a carriage? I can give it to you … "At this moment, the man who stayed at the counter had already found Graves and the young trading boss jumped out eagerly, and he rubbed his hands, which was really meaningful.
"Here you are, I want to be quick now." Graves threw a gold coin without any nonsense and hit it on the counter in front of the boss accurately.
"Yes, please come with me." The boss looked at the gold coin and looked dizzy. He quickly took Graves out of the pub.
"Where is it?" Graves looked at the whole swinging Berry Street and couldn’t see a ghost of a carriage.
If this guy dares to fool himself …
"Shh-"The boss suddenly whistled as he waved his hand to show that he should be calm.
"Kicking-"The sound of a horseshoe hitting the road broke Berry Street in a moment.
I saw a thin red horse, and I never knew that an old carriage was dragged out of that corner.
An old man with a white beard is struggling to whip.
"Oh," he heard the carriage in front of Graves.
"This carriage …" Graves looked at the thin red horse and the old coachman and frowned to say something. In the end, he threw a gold coin and walked quickly. "That’s it. Let’s go."
"You sit tight." The coachman happily took the gold coin and immediately rushed out with a whip.
That kind of momentum almost caused Graves, who was still unstable, to fall.
"Can you do it?" Graves roared, "Follow those two cars just now, or you’ll get shot if you don’t chase them."
"Look, your" coachman jerked his whip again "drive-"
The dilapidated carriage crashed forward to be continued.
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As the old saying goes, ask for a subscription.
A little for a monthly ticket, if there is anything, after all, the poor ticket can reach the top of the potential monthly ticket first.
Page 35: Killing in the rain at night
To Graves’ surprise, he was dragged by a thin red horse and driven by an old coachman, and actually chased the two black carriages that looked more powerful and magnificent.
But also keep a perfect distance.
Neither will the target be lost, nor will it be found directly because it is too close.
"Great, old man." Graves lifted the curtain and looked at the two carriages speeding in the fading sky, praising the driver for throwing a gold coin.
On when to reward is never too much.
"Thank you, guest." The old coachman deftly took the gold coin and waved a whip again with a smile. "You know, I was famous as a good horse in the whole Blue Flame Island in those days."
"Oh, red flash?" Graves casually replied, "I remember that the black horse that dominated the racecourse could always win at an absolute disadvantage, but I didn’t have the money at that time, otherwise I would have bet on it every time."
Graves does remember this horse. When he was a teenager, Bill Giwater was all the rage. He gambled on horses and stole dinner money several times by watching horses.
Later, due to the tension with Valoran, it was difficult to import horses, and betting on horses was slowly abandoned.
I didn’t expect that the red flash was on my own feet when I once occupied the top spot in betting on horses …
That’s a lot of things.
Graves sighed and glanced at it. It was dark and it seemed to rain.
"Can you see where they are going?" Graves sniffed the thick smell of water condensation in the air and couldn’t help sneezing.
"I’m not sure … but according to this route, they seem to be going to Pirate Street." There may have been a time when the brilliant coachman frowned and pulled out a whip.
"Pirate Street?" Graves chewed the name and tried to find a general concept in his mind.
But in the end, I remembered that Pirate Street is the oldest street in Bill Givot to commemorate the first pirates who discovered Blue Flame Island that year.
There …
"What is it?"
"Pirate street talk …" The coachman is obviously a native of Birgewater. Perhaps he has never been abroad in his life. He pondered and said, "It seems that there is a reception center to receive some official visiting groups and national representatives … it seems nothing special."
"Are you sure?" Graves was even more confused when he heard this answer.
Aren’t you looking for something Chen Senran? Why are you talking about official groups and state representatives?
Is that Chen Senran hiding in the reception center?
"Do you know who lives there now?"
"I don’t know," the driver simply shook his head. He may know that Bill Givot told his story hundreds of years ago, but now he may not know as much as Graves.
"All right, stay with them." Graves throws another gold coin.
Because it finally rained.
The heavy rain of beans crackled on the old carriage and made a sound similar to things rotting.
The rain is very big
He didn’t want the old guy to get lost in the heavy rain.
Although he used to be really good.
When the rain comes
I still don’t know the reception center.