So burn three-dimensional glass has long known that he and Shinohara snow are not brother and sister, and Shinohara snow probably knows everything!

But in retrospect, I’m not sure about the former words. After all, Shinohara’s attitude towards the burning glass made him feel very strange!
If Shinohara Snow can be so indifferent to Huang Yin Li after knowing the truth, does it mean that everything has been put in her heart for a long time? !
Huang Yinxuan’s thoughts were rolling in his heart, and Lou Zhan seemed to see that his thoughts were elegant and indifferent. After getting up, he said again, "Second Master, some things can be controlled not only by his mind and calculation!"
Lou Zhan also turned and left the dining hall after leaving such a sentence!
The desktop is already messy, and it reflects the situation that Huang Yinxuan is isolated!
But he doesn’t regret what he did before!
Sitting alone in the dining hall, Huang Yinxuan looked at a certain place and lost in thought!
It seems that it’s time for him to put all his eggs in one basket. The appearance of Huang Yin Li really disrupted his rhythm!
When he was himself, he still had a lot, and he always insisted that Lou Zhan would leave, and his practice would certainly impress Shinohara!
But ….. What happened to burn three-dimensional glass again …
"Qi Hei built his own dynasty and came to Qi Chu. Is there a precedent for taking a concubine?"
At noon, I went to the palace to burn the glass and asked for it!
And aside the same look lonely neat black suddenly heard this whole person is not good!
He twisted the knife-shaped eyebrows in the previous step and opened his mouth in a low voice. "Great grandfather, you … you are the first one who came to the power of Qi and Chu …"
Burn three-dimensional glass face zheng some fever!
Recently, because of Shinohara’s snow, he really got a little carried away!
"So … is there a precedent for a sovereign to divorce a princess?"
Qi Hei’s indifferent head hung a little lower. "Great grandfather married Wang Ye in the DPRK, and the dust king and the fourth king today … I haven’t heard of it!"
"Well …"
Burn three-dimensional glass sigh together black at this time has been looking at life!
He never thought he was so unattractive, and he didn’t expect that he could waste so much energy on chasing after his sister!
Now grandpa suddenly says something mindless. He feels like everyone around him is abnormal!
"Great grandfather has stopped in Nanxia country for more than half a month now, and the emperor has sent someone to urge us several times … when will you come back?"
Qi black disheartened and looked at Huang Yin Li. Now he really wants to leave Nan Xia Guo as soon as possible!
He doesn’t want to stay without this place that breaks his heart!
Qiaomei can say that we are destined for life!
"What rush! Tell the old man to hurry again. Whoever wants to sit in this position will be given it! "
Burn three-dimensional glass didn’t good the spirit alignment black rebuked the latter directly in tears!
After half a salary, Huang Yin-li always noticed that Qi-hei was wrong. He straightened his eyebrows and looked at Qi-hei with a flash of eyes. "What’s the matter with you?"
"ah? Grandpa, what did you say? "
Qi and hei are immersed in a sad atmosphere and can extricate themselves. He can understand what sadness is like to flow against the river!
Recently, he has been ups and downs in the ocean of sadness. It tastes so good!
Burn three-dimensional glass looked at the past there is a big difference fit immediately lip angle convulsions "are you crazy? You have no one to wear * outside! "
Wen Qihei hasn’t recovered yet. However, when he looked at his chest with his eyes full of interest, he was completely messy in the wind!
Ow …
"Great grandfather belongs to go back!"
At this time, Qi Hei finally regained his sanity!
How can you put on your tunic and brocade robe inside out when you step on Mata!
Nima, this gray tunic is worn by him outside the brocade robe. What is this?
I feel sad when I think about it. If Qiaomei hadn’t turned him down with sharp words last night, how could he be a god!
He really seems to make a sad and crying face!
At the same time, when Huangyin Glass discovered that Qi Hei was wrong, on the other side, in Tainvgong Xiaoxue, she also noticed that Forsythia was not like normal words and deeds!
At that time, Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan sat in front of the case and looked at the throne together to discuss the solution to the flooding of the river bank in the city. When they watched forsythia with a teapot, they poured the tea directly into the inkstone!
At the end, he also said, "Tea for the Emperor!"
I can’t help looking at each other in this situation, Jing Xiao Xue and Lou Zhan!
In the decisive and rigorous forsythia body, it is rare to see her appear in such a trance moment, which really makes Shinohara snow have a big heart!
She winked at Lou Zhan with a smile on her eyebrows and white teeth, and then said clearly, "Fill the forsythia again!"
Her voice settled, forsythia blinked, and the teapot was still in its original place, and it was still poured into the inkstone!
This Shinohara Snow knows that something must have happened that she doesn’t know!
Zhang Qisan three [Shinohara snow outside] four one.
When Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan couldn’t help looking at each other!
Both of them have a ponder smile in their eyes and keep pouring tea into the inkstone, but they don’t know anything about it!
Even in the feeling of Shinohara snow, forsythia is conscious of what she has done at this moment!
Forsythia followed her for so many years, and her carefulness and prudence are special sighs of Shinohara Snow!
But it happened that forsythia was so absent-minded today that it increasingly confirmed Shinohara’s thoughts in snow!
This girl must be hiding something from her!
"Forsythia suspensa …"
Shinohara snow slightly narrowed her eyes and watched the inkstone mixed with green tea sewage, and it was almost overflowing. She just gently called 1!
But forsythia reaction is to let Shinohara snow in distress situation!
But seeing her slightly lift her eyes, her eyes are blurred, and she looks at Shinohara Snow and nods gently, then she carries a small handless den to one side again!
Suddenly shinohara snow looked at LouZhan expression quite some nai!
Two people’s eyes were also attracted by inkstone for a long time and no one spoke!
"Forsythia, you go first!"
It took half a soldier’s pay to see the forsythia in the snow and said, low!
While forsythia nodded and changed hands and put the handless handless small on the console table and slowly left the room!