"Yes! That’s right! " They all made a positive answer.

Wu Han also came to Yang Tian’s side and gave him a thumbs-up and laughed. "Don’t refuse, O Tian! We all believe in your ability, and you can definitely be the most important point in our triangle attack! "
"But …" Yang day still not confident.
Zeng Feiyang looked directly at Yang Tian and asked calmly, "Ah Tian, I ask you what is your biggest dream?"
"well! ?” Yang tianyi immediately replied, "of course, be a great basketball player and make a splash in the NBA!" "
"Do you think you can realize this dream now?" Zeng Feiyang asked again
After listening to Yang Tian, he was silent for a moment and whispered, "Maybe not …"
"Maybe not?" Once flying a sarcastic smile cold so way "I tell you! You can’t do this! Because you don’t have confidence, you don’t even have the courage to try. If you don’t work hard, try bravely and have no confidence in yourself, you will never realize your dream. "
Yang Tian bowed his head in shame after hearing Zeng Feiyang’s words.
Zeng Feiyang said in a flat tone, "God, you are all right. This is the habit of not having confidence in yourself, and the habit of wing growth in others is the worst! You should know that in the basketball world, only those who have self-confidence, can face all difficulties independently and have the spirit of never giving up can win the final victory! Is it white? "
God wants us to meet a few wrong people who were awakened by the words "flying in the sky". He resolutely raised his head and smiled confidently, saying, "Don’t worry! I will never let you down! "
Zeng Feiyang smiled again. He patted Yang Tian on the shoulder and said, "You are white! Come on! I believe you can. "
"yeah!" Yang Tianyi nodded his head.
"Whistle ~ ~ ~" At this time, the players of both sides sounded their horns before the game.
Li Leiqi clapped his hands and said, "Okay, let’s go! Today, we definitely want to step on Sichuan University! Revenge the day with a sword! "
"Yes ~ ~ ~" Eleven players at the scene roared with confidence and led by Li Leiqi left the dressing room …
Today’s competition is the last competition of regionals, and this is also the last battlefield of regionals …
Chapter ninety Players’ confidence
Chengkeda starter
Center Feng Zhang (suspended) No.13, 2m; Power forward Wu Han is 2 meters 35; Small forward Yang Tian 1 meter 91; Shooting guard Cheng Shifei is 1 meter 7; Point guard Leng Jin 1.74 meters
Sichuan university starter
Center Shao Huan 2 meters No.131; Power forward Fang Yuan 2 meters 26; Small forward Li Le No.4 is 1.9 meters; Shooting guard Cui Ziqiang 1 meter 9211; Point guard Liu Yunjie 1 meter 515
Sichuan University players and fans are full of doubts after seeing the two teams starting.
Maybe Zeng Feiyang is not going to play today?
Sure enough, when doing warm-up exercises, among all the members of Chengke University, only Zeng Feiyang sat on the bench leisurely and looked at his teammates on the court.
Seeing this situation, everyone in Sichuan University was suddenly angry because they all thought that Zeng Feiyang didn’t play, but looked down on them. They thought that they didn’t deserve Zeng Feiyang’s shot, not only because they were places, but also because fans thought that Zeng Feiyang didn’t have enough strength to let him play. After all, Zeng Feiyang now has the opportunity to play in the NBA!
Li Le, the ace player of Sichuan University and MVP winner of last year’s regional competition, stared at the field and Zeng Feiyang was already angry.
Fuck you. Is it great that you can play in the NBA? I cann’t believe I’m not willing to play! Okay, you wait and you’ll never leave! I must let you know that I am good today!
The whistle of the "flute ~ ~ ~" game finally sounded, and the starters of the two teams also gathered in the midfield with this flute.
Yu Jia, the host of CCV5, said after seeing the starting players of the two teams, "The audience friends seemed to be absent today! Now Zeng Feiyang has got the chance to go to the NBA. If he behaves well in the short-term contract, he will stay in the NBA to play! That is to say, this game is likely to be his last CUBA competition. Does it mean that he is not going to play? For whatever reason, the game is coming now. Let’s turn the camera to the stadium … "
The referee threw the ball high, and the centers of the two teams, Feng Zhang and Shao Huan, jumped up with the basketball.
The suspension of several games did not affect Feng Zhang’s personal play in the process of fighting for the ball. With his super explosive power and jumping ability, he forcefully took the basketball from Shao Huan, who was half a head taller than him, to the cold gold-Chengkeda mastered the ball!
Even if it is normal to win the game, the fans on the scene still reported warm cheers-for the fans, the slightest advantage of HKUST is enough to make them crazy!
After everyone was in place, Leng Jin immediately hit the ball to the line Wu Han, and then all the players pulled a wide road for Wu Han to play back-to-back singles.
Wu Han dribbled the ball with a low waist and forced his opponent to the vicinity of the restricted area. Then he suddenly turned right and shook his opponent and jumped close to the basket at the same time!
Ball to man! Wu Han gave full play to his personal explosive power and superior physical fitness, and stretched his body with the ball in his left hand.
"bang!" Speed, great strength, shocking blood, and one-handed re-buckle.
"Good shot!" At the same time, the host Yu Jia and director Zhang gave sincere praise, and not only all the audience and fans who saw this heavy deduction gave similar exclamations.
Defending Wu Hanfang’s eyes were glassy at the moment, and his mind was blank-he didn’t know what to do, because Wu Han’s heavy deduction in front of him was so domineering, imposing and shocking! Let him also can’t help but have an impulse to worship.
All the fans who knew Wu Han at the scene called up their nickname "Overlord Buck ~ ~ ~ ~".
As those people cheered for other fans, Wu Han went crazy, which made them forget a little bit about the regret of flying away!
However, the cheers of the fans didn’t last long, because Sichuan University immediately rose up and counterattacked a pick-and-roll and scored two points, and the score was tied-22.
The scores of the last two teams are tied, and no one will let anyone, first 65, then 131, then 1617, then 2322 …
Finally, one minute before the end of the first quarter, the score between the two teams was 2725-Chengke University was temporarily ahead by two points.
Li Le, the ace of Sichuan University, is depressed at the moment because he didn’t even have a chance to make a shot several times in Yang Tian’s defense. He ended up with airball or a big deviation from the basket, which made him score two points by a fast break basket in the whole first quarter. He was really depressed. He had never seen Yang Tian finish it in the previous games of Chengke University. And the defensive ability is so strong that it is no worse than Guo Chen, who once prevented him from dying!
Li Le was depressed and Yang Tian was not much better. He was always a little timid in the first quarter. Whenever he wanted to attack, he was always so nervous that he gave the ball to others. Before the game, the coach arranged a’ triangle attack’, and he carried it out as the team’s second attack point. Wu Han became the first attack point! Obviously, this is very different from Li Leiqi’s arrangement and the expectations of the players.
"Yang Tian!" Leng Jin rang Yang Tian’s name, handed the ball to him again and nodded at him.
Yang Tianbai’s cold gold means that’s exactly what Yang Tianxin wants Yang Tian to do boldly.
Despite the support of the cold gold limit, Yang Tianxin still has no idea whether he should fight or not! I am facing a regional MVP winner! Can you do it yourself?
Just when Yang Tian was at a loss, other teammates ran away and Yang Tian pulled a road and smiled at Yang Tian with trust.