If it weren’t for the old self-control, I’m afraid Zhong Yi would be the first to hit someone.

I touched my nose and said, "If other girls look like poetry sisters, I would be very willing to flirt. There is no problem! This is a kind of how lonely and lonely. "
I have already seen through the world of mortals with my hands spread out on my face.
Ai Shi smiled like a bright cherry blossom in spring.
"Come on, don’t be poor. Can’t I go?" Ai Shi said with a smile
Hum, don’t be honest in your heart, goblin …
Before I knew it, it was eleven o’clock. I blinked at Aishi and said, "Sister Shi, I have no place to stay now. I’m too lazy to go back to the hotel at this late hour. It’s too far. How about letting the old woman stay here for the night?"
Chapter 271 Moving
Ai Shixing said to me with wide eyes, "Go back and forth where you want to be beautiful."
I was dissatisfied with pie pie and said, "Don’t be so stingy. What’s the big deal? I’ll pay the rent. Is it enough to sleep for one night? "
Ai Shi suddenly said angrily, "Ten dollars, will you find me a place to live?"
I nodded thoughtfully and said, "So that’s it. It seems that the problem lies in this money. It’s easy to say that ten dollars is not enough, but twenty."
Ai Shinai rubbed his forehead and said, "I’m tired of talking to you. You have a great ability to talk nonsense."
I laughed. "Do you know my advantages now?"
Aishi said flatly, "I don’t know what advantages you have, but it’s impossible for you to spend the night here tonight!" "
My face suddenly became bitter and I said, "What are we? Why don’t you sleep in the same bed?"
Ai Shi gave me a white look and said, "The problem is that I have a bed at home, and the other bedroom is for chubby and gray. I didn’t buy Simmons. It is enough for me to live in a bed alone here."
I shook my head sadly and said, "Well, it’s past eleven o’clock now. Let me go home shivering in the cold wind. I heard that the society is in chaos now, and there are countless cases of destroying corpses after being robbed. I am also used to it casually. If you suddenly can’t reach me after tonight, don’t feel guilty. After all, these are all my own fault."
Say I casually walked towards the door.
"Look!" Ai Shiyin looked at me with clenched teeth and bad eyes.
"Seen shame haven’t seen you so ashamed! I’ll get two sheets of bedding, "Aishi said as he went to the cupboard to rummage through the bedding.
I felt a great joy in my heart. This man is a knife mouth and tofu heart. The old man has already seen through everything.
I yawned when I saw that Aishi was all packed, and said, "I’m going to sleep now. I haven’t slept for a day in the past two months. Don’t call me to sleep until I wake up naturally."
After that, my eyes showed deep fatigue. In the past two months, my whole person has really been haggard. A lot of Aishi saw me bickering like this, and his mind was gone. He said gently, "Well, you go to sleep."
Aishi’s bedroom was quite tidy when I came to her. It seems that even a little sister like Aishi can become a good wife and mother with her age.
There is a faint fragrance in the bedroom, which is new and comfortable to sleep in.
Come on, I fell asleep as soon as I went to sleep. I didn’t get up for more than ten hours. I didn’t expect to wake up after about two hours, that is, at 1 am
I glanced at the pillow next to me and found that one person had a bed and a small desk lamp was on next to it.
Aishi, wearing a thin light blue pajamas, was attached to the table and fell asleep with a pen in her hand and fell down on a note.
I fell asleep like this and didn’t catch a cold the next day.
I walked over softly, holding Aishi, slowly moved her from her notes, and then helped her put her notes. At last, I put my arm around her neck and the other arm around her knees, holding her across the bed and covering her tightly.
The desk lamp was still on. I went to try to put it on, but I saw the desk notes.
Should I have a look at it or not?
I’m curious. What will this girl remember?
However, after patience, I still didn’t read other people’s diaries. It was a bad thing in the end. In case I saw something I shouldn’t read, I would have corns.
Table lamp I went back to bed contentedly and fell asleep again in less than a minute.
At noon the next day, I didn’t wake up until twelve o’clock, and Aishi had already folded the bed neatly and people disappeared.
I struggled to get out of bed and get dressed. I heard the sound of cooking coming from the kitchen, and the smell was overflowing, which made my stomach disappointing.
"Good morning, Sister Shi!" I said hello to Ashley with his back to me.
Ai Shi was startled and said, "can you walk with a little sound?" Scared me to death. "
So I said profoundly, "If you don’t do anything wrong, you’re not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. I think you’ve done too much wrong. Tell me, how long have you been plotting against me?"
Ai Shi didn’t good the spirit said, "Go brush your teeth and wash your face quickly. I still think you won’t get up at noon. The food is a little less and the rice is less cooked."
I laughed. "If you don’t have a poem, just give me a fried rice casually. I’m not picky about eating."
Aishi laughed. "Come on, you and I are not bragging about this craft. Others can’t eat it if they want. Once in your mouth, they become less picky."
I said, "Well, do you have a toothbrush and a towel here? Otherwise, I will."
Ai Shi said in a hurry, "There are both. Wait a minute and I’ll get it for you after I copy this dish."
After washing, I waited for about half an hour, chatting and watching in the living room.
Ai Shi said that she should cook more dishes and cook more rice. I said that I was not picky, but she didn’t believe me.
At the dinner table, Aishi asked, "What are you going to do?"
I quickly took a few mouthfuls of rice and said, "Recruit troops. Now that Zhonglu and AD are available, it’s just a matter of playing wild orders and assisting!"
Ai Shi laughed. "Come on, there are still three people short. Even if you set up a team, you don’t have a special agent or sponsor. What do you take to support the players? There is still a long way to go for new teams to play games. You can’t participate in large-scale competitions without making achievements. "
I nodded seriously. "I’m still thinking about discussing these issues with Yu Mu first to see if he has any good ideas. There’s nothing to say. Are you connected with Yu Mu and Zhou Ru these days?"
Ai Shi nodded and said, "Yes! Yu Mu often comes to me with Zhou Ru to eat rice. "
I said angrily, "that sinister bastard will pay for the meal later."
Ai Shi covered her mouth and smiled. "It’s okay. Anyway, I’m usually deserted here and they often come here."
I picked up a piece of meat with chopsticks and said, "By the way, yesterday I went to the youth training department to find you first, and then the security guard at the door said that you should not train true and false these days." Isn’t there a lot of third-line competitions now? Why not step up training? "
Ai Shi pouted with chopsticks and said, "I don’t know that YG is now focusing on the home team’s national league. We are indifferent. I said that if I stayed in the youth training department, I would have taken a slap in the face if I hadn’t been well paid and paid."
YG is indeed a rich and powerful team. Even the members of the youth training team earn 35 yuan a month. If you change to another team, the youth training team will earn 12 yuan less than the sanitation workers. Except for your brain, you sometimes have to make money.
I said, "that’s not bad, but according to the trend you said, I guess YG will also lay off people."
The game is approaching, and you haven’t trained the watch team. If you don’t have fun, why keep it? Cut people
Ai Shi shrugged his shoulders and said, "I mean, they can cut it if they want. I hope it will be quick, otherwise I will break the contract if I play with you … and lose money."
I laughed. "You think it’s pretty."
Ai Shiqiao’s face was red and his head was low and he didn’t speak.
I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I’m going to go to Yumu today, but it’s almost the same once and for all. It’s estimated that the goods will keep me eating and drinking, but I’m going to see our competition club Internet cafe league today."