Rukawa Kaede’s eyes are cold. "The previous one was the pavilion. Hang me up. Come back today and learn to crush you into a corpse to compensate for the previous sword." Blue Mountain strobes and suddenly seven steps into a corpse and fights into a ball. The sword rainbow bombards ordinary players around, which makes them afraid to approach.

These masters are fighting each other, and those players who are lucky in the golden wind and drizzle tower blow their horns. Sob ~ The desolate horn is far away, and there are more than a thousand swords in the southwest. The golden wind not only hides the masters, but also ambushes them.
Suddenly, the battlefield situation is changing again, and the wind is taking over. The Qingyilou, which is surrounded by the Golden Wind, has fallen into a bitter battle again. These reinforcements are not only higher in level than before, but also powerful in wearing flying swords and magic weapons.
Compassionate Taoist priests rushed to smoke for a free time and shouted, "Mei Jiu Mei Qi, you are crazy to go back to the same door. I will definitely report to the leader of Jianmeng. Not only you two will be punished, but your sword department will also be dragged down by you. Stop it quickly."
The two eagle-nosed players sneered, "Pity Flower has long seen that you are not pleasing to the eye. Today, I will hang you once in Jianmeng. It’s not up to you to worry about it." After all, the two men are trying to increase the speed of the sword mans. Obviously, they want to cut the pity flower Taoist by the sword.
After listening to this, the Taoist priest knows that it’s better to speak more and fight for the details of these two people behind the flight. He knows very well that he is very strong and can fight for one by himself, but if he wants two people together, he will have a flight situation and add a breeze butterfly.
He knew that today, the two men stepped in and let go of themselves. The sword part of the Minister of Shu Shan’s Seventeen Swords belongs to the Seven Swords Department. Because the position is lower than their own rose sword department, the personnel position in the sword alliance has suffered a lot from the rose sword department.
The long sword department intervened unexpectedly and sent these two men to pity the flower lovers. If someone else had changed, they might still be immortal. For these two people, they would be immortal.
The sword patrol in the intermediate position of Shushan Sword League is a good errand, which is not only low in status but also not heavy in duties. This position is especially laid-back and has a good salary. It has always been a condition for players in Shushan to compete for a position. One of the big factors is to see how much the right yuan is limited to 13 yuan.
There are two holes in the total altar of Shushan, the Right Yuan Fire House, where trials are held. It seems easy, but in fact it is very dangerous. It is just that all previous efforts have been wasted. Although the reward for passing the Right Yuan Fire House is very rich, few players in Shushan dare to go in.
The game is running. Today, players in Shushan can safely pass the fire house, but the ten people are not high-level people in Shushan. They all have powerful magic weapons or advanced spells to get through the right yuan fire. Ordinary players can choose to go to the right yuan 13 limit
There are thirteen limits to the right yuan, and the more rewards you get, the more rewards you get. Among them, there are countless experts. This limit to the right yuan is really a final reason. Players in Shushan must pass three before they can be ordered to patrol the sword.
There are 51 sword patrols in Shushan Sword League, of which 34 places belong to each sword department, 17 swords have two places each, and the rest are not limited. The sword department is elected by the Sword League Council. Of course, whether it is the sword department itself or the Council, it is a prerequisite to pass three.
At the beginning, the flower-loving Taoist priest passed six and the sword department Mei Qi and Mei Jiu also passed six, all of which were eligible to be ordered. However, the rose sword department to which the flower-loving Taoist priest belongs is the middle seven sword department, and its position is a little higher than that of the long shoulder. In the Jianmeng Council, there were more members, so the sword department was brushed up.
It took a lot of money to borrow a magic weapon from a player in the Violet Sword Department and barely passed the six. I didn’t expect to be topped at last. If I wasn’t angry, I would have tied the knot with the flower lover since then.
Shortly after being ordered to patrol the sword, the Taoist priest Mei Qi and Mei Jiu clashed several times. Although he hasn’t torn his face yet, the beam is getting deeper and deeper, which can be reconciled. Today, the Taoist priest has seen that the two people know that it is not good to try their best to escape, but it is a pity that they can’t get rid of the attack state after catching up.
When he was running around, he saw clearly the battle of Wu Chi. One of the players was taken aback again. Today, not only the sword department intervened, but also the lunar sword department came. The platform green awn player is the lunar sword department, and it is also a patrol sword envoy, and it is a designated person of the sword department, not elected by the Council.
Seventeen sword departments in Shushan still attach great importance to the designated personnel, who are the core personnel of each sword department with outstanding talents and strength, while those who pity the Taoist priests are not the designated candidates of the sword department, but are substitutes and supplements. There is a difference between the two.
Why do these two sword departments come together? Don’t they ignore the policy of the sword alliance and decide to intervene in the wars of the Golden Wind, the Six-and-a-Half Hall and the Qingyilou, or else how can they be so clever at this point? The Taoist priests are very puzzled whether they are fighting in a private capacity or the position of the sword department.
Just then, the fleeing Taoist priest heard a sound in his ear. He couldn’t help but feel happy and flew to a brothel team. The Taoist priest turned around and shouted, "Don’t push me too hard, Mei Qi and Mei Jiu. I’m afraid of you."
He has sixteen yellow pennants and sixteen yellow lights twisted together to form a wide yellow awn, which will be hard in front of him, and then he will kill three people with a blow, and two green awns will suddenly hit each other, so that they will have a pity on the florist, fly backwards for dozens of feet and sprinkle blood and rain all the way.
Butterfly in the breeze, Mei Qi and Mei Jiu are overjoyed, and the imperial sword will be chased at once. At this time, six green mans flashed from the side and slammed into three people’s heads. The value of "-234" appeared six times in a row, which immediately injured three people. The sneak attack was a long-awaited sweet potato.
Three people hurriedly took out Dan medicine and poured it. At this time, their side had two red swords and mans penetrating the sky, and the goal was directed at them. They were going to cut them through the heart. The last three members of the Thunder team made moves. They decided to rescue the flower-loving Taoist first. Because this man was in the most critical situation and one was not good, he was dismembered by three swords and mans.
In seven steps into a corpse, Wu Chi, and the wind flying, the situation is fairly stable. Rukawa Kaede’s single strength of two people is almost equal. If you want to win or lose, it will not be a matter for a while. Wu Chi Zixiao’s firm but gentle and powerful warfare will never be lost, and another enemy will not see the wind.
Although there are two people in the wind flying, the siege situation is a little bit worse than that of Wu Chi-lai, but Youzi has spare capacity. His five sacred peaks are powerful. This pair of people dare not be careless and do their best to fight against the magic weapon. Although the blue butterfly sword awn is full, it can’t break the wind flying. Three-color sword light defense circle.
If we join hands to solve these three people, it’s still too late to say this battle. At that time, two swords and awns will rise to the sky and see that they will kill three people from the surface, only to find that three dazzling green awns will fly in the oblique times to intercept this slaying.
After the three green lights intercepted the sword awn falling out of the water, it suddenly filled the vast blue clouds, and the green awn flashed without it. Thousands of sword lights have been spent to form a sword array, and players in the brothel next to sweet potatoes, fallen flowers, running water and fresh water Tsing Yi are all circled in.
When the Taoist priest saw this sword array, he couldn’t help exclaiming, "Three talents and less yang sword array!" In the blue clouds, the throughput of several swords and awns is strange and fast, and its attack strength and attack speed are not what the players in the brothel can resist, and soon they have been killed, leaving only a few people in the Thunder Group to support them hard.
Three players with blue robes on the periphery of the sword array show a slight smile and command the sword array to attack. After listening to the words of the Taoist priest, he said, "You have come here to this muddy water to fight with the golden wind and the rain floor, the six-and-a-half-hall and the blue building."
Pity the Taoist sixteen yellow mans to protect themselves. Smell speech sneers, "Everyone is each other. This Tsing Yi and Goldwind are fighting for each other. What’s the matter with your Shaoyang Sword Department? What’s the matter with you today?"
People in the lunar sword department have always been close to the sword department. People in the flower garden don’t feel any surprise when they see the war, but these three people are taken aback. Shaoyang sword department has heard less about how these two swords associate with each other today, and I don’t know what’s the secret.
The status of these three players in Shaoyang Sword Department is much higher than that of pitying the Taoist priests. Fifty-one patrol swordsmen in Shushan Sword League are led by seven law enforcement swordsmen, and these three players are the seven law enforcement swordsmen, and the level is as high as forty.
The Three Musketeers smiled at each other. "I’ve been waiting for the golden breeze and drizzle, and Shen Sanshao’s friendship is good. This time, it’s a private identity to help boxing. It’s a pity that you are a middleman in Shushan, but you are doing such a sneak attack and assassination. It’s really lost that our sword face in Shushan wants to kill you, and your rose sword department has nothing to say."
Mei Qi’s cold face said, "What are the three brothers hanging up this night’s novel? Even if they measure the rose sword, they dare not fart." Lunar and Shaoyang are the same as the rose sword in the seven swords of Shushan sword, but their strength is much greater. Most of the sword masters can be sent to the forefront in the seven swords.
The Three Musketeers, for a moment, called it a rush to transport the sword array. The power of the sword array increased greatly, and the intensity of the green light attack increased greatly. Thousands of green light flashes didn’t immediately crush the thunder team, but the strength of the thunder team could not be annihilated immediately. It was just that the sword array was too powerful to rush out.
At the moment, the key to the battlefield is here. The battlefield needs Shaoyang Three Musketeers to slay the sweet potatoes, fallen flowers, flowing water, and people who pity the flowers. Then they turned to besiege Wu Chi and the wind flying thunder team. This operation has to be destroyed, and the whole battlefield of Jieling Town, Goldwind and Rain Building, has already taken control of the bureau.
Sword array out of the water eye dew yoshimitsu, the two of them have never been so timid. They took one look at each other and decided not to leave their hands in such a dangerous situation. Their strength was exposed and they didn’t care about the sudden change of situation when they were just about to get out of the water.
A few pale blue water vapor diffuse up, and suddenly the deep green light of Sanyang sword array is suppressed. A soft pale blue sword rainbow flashes like a flower, and its color is beautiful and abnormal. When it passes through the flowery smoke cloud, every sword rainbow with cool water vapor sweeps and flashes, and the green light of Shaoyang three talents sword array is extinguished several times.
Shao Yang’s three musketeers narrowed their eyes and said, "The fresh water fireworks sword is scattered in Tsing Yi." A clear voice replied, "It is my three guests who have come from far away. The reception is really neglected." The sword array is surrounded by a blue robe and a pale green sword. It is the fresh water Tsing Yi that is full of fireworks.
Shaoyang Three Musketeers frowned, and the three of them were also people in the forum for 30 days. Naturally, they knew the name of this Tsing Yi scattered person. I didn’t expect that in this small boundary ridge town battlefield, I actually met one of the two giants, the most mysterious Tsing Yi scattered person in the sixteen scattered people.
As soon as the fresh water fireworks sword in Tsing Yi came out, the situation changed again. With the support of fresh water in Tsing Yi, several people in the Thunder Team struggled to counterattack. Soon, they still attacked the Shaoyang Sancai sword array, which merged with fresh water in Tsing Yi. When each sword was swung out, there was a vast water vapor overflowing to form a fireworks cloud. Soon, Sanyang swordsman, Qingfeng Blue Butterfly, Mei Qi and Mei Jiu surrounded the fireworks shock wave.
Freshwater Tsing Yi fireworks firm but gentle is well-known in the 30-day forum, but it’s the Seven Secrets of Mo Yi Tian. On the famous side, in the Tang Dynasty, the three swordsmen who cut the flow of mans and cut Shaoyang naturally knew very well about this situation, knowing that it’s not worthwhile to suddenly drink and "go"
Three red thunder suddenly rushed the fireworks with firm but gentle, and talked about a lot of Shaoyang’s three swordsmen’s sword array shrinking into a green mountain ball. Three people flew into the platform of green mountain ball and broke the fireworks with firm but gentle, and then they withdrew and left. Then Mei Qi and Mei Jiu threw the breeze and blue butterfly, regardless of flying to the west.
Out of the water, he thundered "Where to Go", and the red rainbow ran after him. They didn’t dare to attack Shao Yang’s three musketeers, Jian Hong, and didn’t attack the green awn ball. When they were besieged for a while, the two men naturally refused to let people escape easily.
While the sweet potato and the flower-loving Taoist surrounded the blue butterfly with six bright lights and sixteen yellow mans, and the blue butterfly in the breeze was exhausted. At this moment, he even had no chance to escape, but he would once again hang in the hands of the sweet potato and the flower-loving Taoist.
Freshwater Tsing Yi shouted "Stop chasing". The fallen petal and flowing water have already met the great crisis. A touch of moonlight sword awn rose to the sky in the dense forest in the south. That sword awn was so dazzling that people in the battlefield saw the sword awn and even the sun grabbed the blink of an eye, and they were already cut out of the water.
The red sword rainbow instantly went out, and two white lights flashed out of the water, but it was impossible to stop the sword mans blow and hung back. After the moonlight sword mans hung out of the water, it made a wonderful turn and rushed to the place where Wu Chi fought thousands of battles. At this time, the players in the surrounding golden breeze and drizzle building shouted with joy, "Yuehua sword flies away."
Wu Chi is pestering him with two enemies at the moment. Violet clouds and firm but gentle are stronger than flying in circles to cut each other, and both of them dare not block their edge. After a slight retreat, they are entangled in three people’s stalemate. At this moment, they have reached the point of fighting for Dan medicine.
Wu Chi heard loud cries, and when he was very busy, he was surprised to find that the harsh sword fern had already flown and stabbed. He immediately took the defensive 33-day forum to split the sword and put it to use. The so-called "sea and sky line" was the best day to keep the move, and the moon fern struck in one place like a purple rainbow in an instant.
The purple rainbow split, and the moonlight sword fern actually broke into the sword fern, and its potential did not decrease. Wu Chijue, a huge force, rushed to the front, and the purple turtle disappeared instantly. The sword fern blow lost its effect, and Wu Chi flew backwards for dozens of feet, and the sword fern followed closely.
Fortunately, there are two kinds of subsidiary attacks on the sword mans. On the way forward, blue lotus flowers are frequently put on both sides and golden lightsabers are blocked. Finally, the moonlight sword mans are slowed down and a cold sound "Yi" gives up Wu Chi and turns to seven steps to become a corpse.
Freshwater Tsing Yi drinks too much. "Pay attention to the fact that this is the sword method of flying immortals in the sky, and it is the breeze and moon group, and the flying immortals in the moon are quickly avoided." Drinking the firm but gentle fireworks in freshwater Tsing Yi and then chasing the moonlight sword mans is a pity that the speed is not as good as the other side’s rescue.
Seven steps into a corpse suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. What’s the breeze, what’s the moon, what’s the flying fairy? It’s a fart, but it’s a dead sword in the 30-day forum. In the 30-day forum, the players who own this sword forum are more advanced than the players in Moyi Day, and they appear in the virtual and balanced day.
At this time, the sweet potato and the Taoist priest Jian Mang have already killed the breeze and blue butterfly. This time, the blue butterfly broke out and just circled the flying sword sweet potato. I couldn’t help but listen to the propaganda of freshwater Tsing Yi. "The flying fairy has also appeared. Fortunately, we are not his target."
Ink sword mans cross a block that moonlight sword mans like a bamboo fell two and a half from the straight cut. This sword actually cut off seven steps into a corpse, six steps into a corpse, seven steps into a corpse, and then it was impossible to pay a flying sword. Rukawa Kaede blue knife mans also smashed at the same time.
Seeing that seven steps into a corpse will kill you, there is an absolutely cold breath in the swordsmanship miracle. Three wisps of water and blue tiny sword flames appear horizontally in front of the sword mans. The blue sword flames collide and disappear, but in an instant, six wisps of sword flames appear and tightly entangle the moonlight sword mans.