Yi’s mouth is covered with some tender lines by the transformer.

"I have some things at home recently that I can’t go back temporarily. Don’t worry."
The Osamu Dazai sound over there is meaningful.
"Did Xiao Yi have any family? How come I never heard you talk about it?"
Yi is a little guilty. After all, where does a zombie get her family? But now she says there is.
"I … of course I have family. I can’t just jump out."
Osamu Dazai: "So what’s the matter with Xiaoyi’s family? Do you need my help?"
Xiaoyi disliked looking at her pink and tender skirt and thinking that you should be aesthetically normal, even if it was a big help to her.
"I … this … my second uncle Dave is radiant this year. I need to go to his wedding."
Dave on-line is not happy to hear it [What’s the second year? I’m still a yellow-flowered boudoir! How can you be innocent by polluting people! 】
Xiaoyi spoke confidently [anyway, you are a wise brain. If there is no accident, this life will be single dog. Do you say that you are married or give you a face?]
Dave said that he didn’t need this kind of gold, and he took a bite at Yi.
Sure enough, the human world is so filthy. How long has it taken a good zombie to come here and become like this?
Taizai over there noticed the obvious name Dave, which is not like their way of naming. He lowered his eyes and said
"Is it a wedding? Does Xiaoyi need to leave so urgently? You know, after I heard about Yi’s disappearance, I came to Mihua Market from Yokohama nonstop, and then I found the institute without sleep, and I had a bad result. I didn’t even see Yi’s face, but I was stuffed with a little drag bottle. "
He was wronged when he said this, but Yi didn’t feel bad at all.
You’re the drag bottle. Your house is full of drag bottles!
"My second uncle is miserable. He has been in seven old for ten years. Every day, he still conscientiously sticks to his post and has made great contributions to our family. I have also benefited a lot from him. This time, his wedding was held too fast, and he was really impatient, but it is not that he can’t understand that I can’t be ungrateful and leave in a hurry."
Little Eton paused and added
"Things are more complicated when Yu Xiao loves her. I can’t take her to the wedding. Please take care of me for the time being, but I trust you to make such a decision. You should take good care of her, you know?"
Seven old is in a hurry Dave: What makes you feel so confident that you are not ungrateful?
On the other side Osamu Dazai sighed.
"Although I don’t like taking care of children, I will naturally take good care of Xiaoai if Xiaoyi asks. Today, I bought a lot of clothes with Xiaoai. Oh, she is so happy that her face will be stiff with laughter."
I have to pull up a smirk and my face is stiff. Yi: Hehe, really?
Osamu Dazai then added
"I’ve never heard of Xiao Yi talking about your family before. Are they the same kind as you? Yi, your boyfriend, maybe I should visit them. "
Yi decisively refused.
Osamu Dazai complained, "Why not? I’m Yi. Isn’t it natural for your boyfriend to see his parents?"? Or does Xiao Yi want to play with me and take me to my parents? "
What a joke! How dare this guy say anything!
Xiao Yi’s face was ashamed and embarrassed.
"Don’t always say those strange things. I said no because … my family can’t go there. Many secrets are not that you can know that there will be danger if you go there. I can’t take you there."
And said a few words of small Iraq decisively hung up the words in the mind relieved.
Dave watched Yi tell them that it was like the deep end of a deep hole, so he couldn’t help but speak.
[You don’t have to say that we are so dangerous if you want to dispel his thoughts]
Xiao Yinai: [How else can we talk about it? Although we zombies are fierce, in fact, our poor underwear is almost gone. You can’t go. After all, the fragile world makes us zombies have to go out to beg for food.]
Dave was silent in the face of this cruel fact.
[You did the right thing]
It’s better to make people afraid of them than to let people know that they are poor.
Xiaoyi returned the butterfly changer to Jiangchuan Conan.
When she finished, she jumped out of the window with Le Ballon Rouge. The little girl in a pink dress was holding Le Ballon Rouge’s kiss in her hand.
It’s as light as a breeze jumping on the roof of a residential area, and the picture is like running out of a fairy tale.
Today, the moon was blocked by dark clouds, and the dark night well concealed the figure of Xiao Yi. Except Xiao Yi and Dave, who are far away in a world, no one could see her. There was a light screen in front of her, which was an image of her present body, and there were many explanations.
This is the result of the preliminary research of Dr. Zombie with his assistant after Xiao Yi’s physical data was sent back.
Xiaoyi carefully looked at the panel according to the doctor’s words.
Dave: [See anything? 】
Yi observed a.
[Look at me carefully. It’s still a little cute. Although it’s a little too pink, I don’t like it very much, but it’s barely Osamu Dazai’s aesthetic.]
She thought so and turned a little skirt lightly. As she moved, it unfolded like a pink rose in bud.
Dave: [… Take a closer look]
Xiao Yi frowned and tried to examine a.
[The legs are particularly short and seem a little round]
As she said, she reached out and pinched her baby fat. No wonder Osamu Dazai pinched her face. It was really easy to pinch it
Dave: [None of them. Look at the department! 】
Xiao Yi followed his words and looked at the department, then clutching his belly and wondering,
Speaking of which, I seem to be eating less recently.
Dave surrendered so that he could announce the answer himself.
[… it’s your heart. Don’t you notice? 】
He said a little footsteps paused face some chafing way