AMG team

A top player in Chinese class forms a team.
In AMG team, they have one defect and it is very big.
That is, all departments are core resources, and the allocation of resources is unreasonable. Everyone wants to be a big brother.
Generally, if they want to win, they have to protect a certain CARRY point and then handle the team battle better, and their team will be slowly disintegrated and people can resist it.
But …
After our real game.
Zhong Xinlu and I were badly beaten by UZI.
I fought two times, and both roads were completely exploded. All kinds of fancy towers were killed, and all kinds of small-scale team battles were fought. However, if Zhong Xin and I were here, the two of us would be a complete team cancer.
Then we lose two games directly and get some points.
From the middle reaches of all teams, it instantly became the last one.
Chapter 44 Turning the corner
In the sea, we temporarily rented the training room, and Li Yuxing was pulling our meeting.
"Attention, everyone. We have five games left in LPL. According to my rough calculation, we have to win three games less, that is, 2 to get three points. Our team’s points are only two points, and now we are at the bottom of LPL. Now the media and public opinion are all bombed, and we have lost many fans." Li Yuxing said with a worried face
We were in silence. Ai Shi and Yu Mu both gave me a complicated look.
Sister Lin said at this time, "If our team doesn’t make efforts, our team may stop here after LPL routine …"
Or silence?
Li Yuxing looked at me and Zhong Xin and said, "Now our team road problem is very big …"
"Wang Tong Zhong Xin, tell me about it yourself. If it really doesn’t work, break up as soon as possible. After all, the sales are very big now. Why don’t you abandon you earlier when you spend your time here?" Li Yuxing spoke very heavily this time.
"Coach" I said.
"I think we should be given one last chance." I looked at Li Yuxing unblinkingly and said firmly.
Li Yuxing looked calm and adjusted her nose with gold-rimmed glasses and said, "Oh? So it seems that Wang Tong is sure? Ok, I believe you are so loyal? "
Li Yuxing tapped his pen cap on the desktop and looked forward to seeing Zhong Xin.
Zhong Xin pursed her lips and shook her head and said, "I don’t know."
Li Yuxing surprised and said, "I don’t know? Your previous performance has always been stable. Wang Tong’s combination is the strongest road combination in LPL at present. Will you not know when it suddenly becomes like this? "
Zhong Xin was cold and quietly pulled the chair back and got up and went back to his room.
"This …"
Li Yuxing looked at me with a surprised face, and we also looked at Li Yuxing with small eyes at each other.
Li Yuxing picked up a pen on the paper and said to me, I don’t know what I was recording. "Wang Tong always feels that you and Zhong Xin seem to have some contradictions and cooperation these days, and they are all in a state of flux. I can’t handle this matter by yourself. Since you think there is still a play, let’s try again. If the first three games still don’t meet the three-point integral standard, then it’s really unnecessary for our team to dream again. Do you think?"
I nodded and said, "Well, I will have a good talk with Zhong Xin."
end of the meeting
I took a deep breath, relaxed, and rang the bell with anxiety.
But no matter how I press the clock, I just won’t answer.
I promise the clock center must be in it.
"I don’t think some things can be avoided blindly," I said sincerely outside the room
At this time, Zhong Xin suddenly punched the door with resentment and a little … unspeakable taste.
She went straight to the room behind the door, and I entered the room at this time and gently closed the door.
"Zhong Xin, let’s talk it over," I said sincerely, sitting on a small sofa in her room.
Zhong Xin crossed his hands on his chest and turned his back on me at the head of the bed for two seconds.
Suddenly turned to me and said, "What are you trying to say? Are you addicted to me? Ok, you come! "
Zhong Xin suddenly untied her light pink skirt and showed me a beautiful county. She only wore a white bra and trousers and was covered with a little fat. The proportion of her figure was perfect and even, and her skin was as white as a jelly and her face was stunning, and her face was cold and her face was enough to make a man crazy.
I was deceived in an instant.
I never imagined how Zhong Xin could suddenly make such a move.
I quickly said, "You … What are you doing? Get dressed quickly."
I looked down at her.
Clock heart sneer at a said "what? I dared to do it at that time, but now I dare not? "
This …
What is this and what?
I said, "Zhong Xin, calm down. It’s not what you think."
Zhong Xin suddenly threw his mobile phone in front of me and said, "Isn’t that what I think?"
I saw that there were five missed calls.
"This is …?" I don’t understand looking at the phone screen.
"This is Qin Guohui’s words. He hit me five times from yesterday to today. Tell me what happened yourself." Zhong Xin asked.
It seems that Zhong Xin is true and not yet white.