"You … you can rest assured that there won’t be a problem." Master Joey looked at the ship that rushed towards them like an invincible dragon gun, wiped his forehead with a cold sweat, and said to the beautiful figure who was back in the past.

Miss Doom didn’t say a word. Suddenly, the violent sea breeze blew up her lace wristband. The long lux hair was flying all over the sky and filled the fog. This wild and sexy woman with most of her skin exposed had an indescribable beauty.
"Strange" Planck stood firm as a mountain in the oncoming wind and waves. He looked at the three ships that were indifferent in the shadow and gently stroked the waist handles, and frowned slightly.
In another ten minutes, the enemy Weimingyuan will destroy everything, but …
Sarah … When did you become so stupid? Or do you really think I won’t kill you?
Planck danced his fingers on the handle with an expression on his face. He seemed to be making a difficult decision.
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Page 10 Paradox
Last fifty yards
Planck’s complicated percussion like the sea March came to an abrupt end, and the last one like the final percussion made Chen Senran believe that Planck firmly grasped the handle.
So … Is that woman really that important to Planck?
Just as Chen Senran touched his nose and waited for Planck to make the whole ship rush to an abrupt end like a violent March flowing at his fingertips.
The original speeding was like a sharp arrow that never came back. Suddenly, the Ghost Deep was delayed, and then it was like being caught by an invisible hand. It suddenly changed from a rapid dash to a slow move forward.
This sudden speed change suddenly made the original help rise up the ghost deep, and a brain itself rushed to the hull, which could have made the ghost deep fly as wild as a sharp arrow and rolled the stern straight to lift the ghost deep half of the hull to the middle.
Those pirates who are full of victory in sight and are slapping their chests with swords are the first to be thrown into the sea. After all, more people are used to running in the sea all the year round. Even so, there are many unprecedented emergencies, and they cling to what they can catch at the first time. Although they walk through the sky, fog and waves, they never fall into the sea.
And Chen Senran has been in the bow with Planck. Although he was not thrown up, he was thrown into the sea because the stern tilted and the bow sank.
Fortunately, that kind of magical perception woke up almost as soon as the mutation happened. Chen Senran reacted when he was still alive and grabbed the solid side of the ship.
Besides, Chen Senran found that he was not bad at water, so he suffocated for about half a minute and floated in the water without making him feel uncomfortable.
After a sudden change of half a minute, the Ming Yuan fell from the heavy hull and crashed into the deep sea. After stirring up a water column as high as seven yards, the whole ship was finally quiet.
The seawater flowed backwards from the deck to the four directions, and the seven vegetarian crew members waved their heads and went to the ship’s rail. It seemed that they were ready to save their drowning companions, but it was obvious that they had just recovered from the churning. Thin proto went to Planck with a pale face.
Planck is still at the bow, although it was so violent just now, but this man who has been standing firmly at the bow from the beginning seems that he has not even moved his feet except that the captain is soaked, which is like taking root and connecting his feet with a ship called Mingyuan.
"Boss … the cabin … has been made a big hole." Although proto deliberately lowered his voice and didn’t want to be heard, Chen Senran heard it clearly with his terrible perception.
It’s incredible that someone can chisel the boat through in such a violent dash.
Chen Senran licked the salty and wet sea water that slipped from her hair. The sea breeze in December blew through the fog and covered the sea.
be a bit cold
"The outer layer of the cabin is extremely black rock, wood, sea water does not invade the sword and soldiers are hard to hurt, and the inner layer is deep-sea iron wood. It is said that the material of the left shield of Poseidon has been sailing in the sea for nearly a hundred years since my great-grandfather, and no one has ever been able to break through the second layer to break through the ship." Planck’s tone didn’t change as if the great change and some previous mental struggles had never happened. Chen Senran vaguely recognized that his breathing was stable, which was a sigh of relief. "Now you tell me whether the ship was chiseled or a big hole. What was that that cut through my boat? "
Although there is no murderous look in Planck’s words at the moment, proto still thinks of those who were shot by Planck’s expression before, so he can say, "It’s a poor job. I’ll …"
"No need," Planck seemed to be really not angry. He glanced at the sailors who were crying for help in the sea and then at the three sailboats that had given up the rescue when they didn’t know when. They were divided into a row and pushed the guns out and put themselves into range. "Can we go?"
The meaning of this sentence is already very obvious, that is, to throw away the crew members who fell into the water and flee quickly. After all, in the face of those dense cannon tubes hidden in the fog, no matter how strong and indestructible the Ghost Deep pirates are, they can’t withstand the latest two rounds of close bombing of Skoda Arsenal.
This is a standard pirate practice. Excessive cowardice and sympathy are unnecessary burdens for men who are full of blood and violent sea enemies.
Proto is obviously a standard pirate, and his stupid head also thought of that simple reason. He said without hesitation, "The news has been repaired when it came, and now it is absolutely completed. With the bilge backup power, we will pull the distance to their farthest range in an instant, and we will be unscathed." In the end, he showed his yellowish teeth and laughed. He didn’t care about those companions who would definitely be blown to pieces by carnivores in the sea
"Then sail …" Planck’s hand has touched the handle, and the steady and ruthless tapping has taught Chen Senran from another angle that Planck, who seems to be tired and lazy at ordinary times, is really sharp and indifferent to a fierce man.
Fortunately, I still have some Chen Senran in the spiritual world. Looking at those energetic artillery forests, I took a step back and didn’t wait until his feet were completely put on the deck and a sound came into his ear.
It’s light, it’s quick, it’s brittle, and it’s like a sharp knife tearing the * * sound easily.
He consciously turned his head in that direction, where the enemy crew members fell into the water.
Then for a moment, he didn’t hear Planck shouting or the roar of the artillery. He heard screaming.
Everyone’s eyes moved to that place almost at the same time, and then the fleeing people forgot to escape, the burning people forgot the fire, and they even forgot to breathe.
Because they saw a huge dark blue figure majestic as a mountain in that fog
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On page 11, break the teeth of god
"Card wipe …" That kind of quick sound like a blade sounded again. This time, Chen Senran finally heard clearly that it should be a tooth tearing food sound …
"Card wipe … carrara …" Another is that this one is longer and harsher than one, like chewing something hard to chew.
It’s really eating, a faceless monster.