Tang Wenlong holds the ball, attacks and pulls back, heads-up Josh Smith, turns forward and moves backward, and the bottom line retreats before Johnson’s double-team arrives, and a jumper hits!

As soon as the 76ers came off the bench, their hearts boiled, and their hearts almost jumped out. With the last 259 seconds left, Tang Wenlong wanted to leave it to the 76ers for the last attack.
Eagles fans took the lead one night with a praying face, but it was still so thrilling in the end.
The fans who watched this game once again felt the charm of the playoffs, especially many fans who only paid attention to the NBA. China fans paid attention to this game because of Tang Wenlong and liked the NBA because of this game.
The Hawks finished the last timeout throw-in, and the 76ers pressed so hard that the Hawks almost missed the throw-in for five seconds.
Give the ball to Teague reluctantly before the violation. Teague dribbles the ball and finds Marvin to pick and roll the ball to Joe Johnson.
Joe Johnson pulled the singles Tang Wenlong. He was the best player in the Hawks’ execution of the winner. All the Hawks’ teammates believed in him, and Tang Wenlong’s defense was also believed by the 76ers’ teammates. At the crucial moment, it turned out to be a one-on-one bullfight.
One second, two seconds
Joe Johnson looks unpredictable with a small dribble.
Suddenly Joe Johnson dribbled through his right foot and took a big step like a flint to the right. He dribbled behind his back and switched to his left hand to control the ball. His hands were folded as if to shoot.
"Worship Buddha?" Tang Wenlong glanced at his sharp judgment.
When Joe Johnson found that he couldn’t shake Tang Wenlong, he felt a little square. When he saw that time was running out, he turned around and made a fake move. Then he caught the ball and took a two-step turn and jump shot to the right.
Tang Wenlong watched the score and drank heavily. He stepped on the floor and rose to a huge palm like Wuzhishan.
The basketball was pressed by Tang Wenlong when Joe Johnson held it in his hand!
CCV5 Yang Jian grabbed the microphone and shouted!
"Oh, my God, it’s just like god’s defense!"
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-three A superstar
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The red light was on, and Joe Johnson was so stunned that he couldn’t open his eyes in the glare of the spotlight.
The lens is given to the bench, suit and tie, and Al Horford, a tall handsome young man with bare head, looks cold and speechless, as if he had just attended a funeral.
For the Hawks, the season has almost come to an end, and the Atlanta fans still have the smell of smoke from the war just now.
City fans celebrate and revel heartily. Never in NBA playoff history have they fallen behind 3 and turned the table. Although this is a league full of miracles, they don’t even believe in praying for miracles when they support and like the team.
The 76ers will almost 100% advance to the Western Conference. At the last moment, the performances of both ends of the offense and defense were deified and compared with several superstars.
The other 29 coaches in the league are worried that he is under 22 years old. Is he another "Tim Duncan"?
At this time, I regret the Wizards the most. Although I was still dead in the interview, I firmly believe that Wall, the No.1 scholar, will definitely reach the super-giant level of the league in the future. When I compare the progress of No.1 scholar Lang in two seasons, I find that it is a world of difference. Tang Wenlong himself came to Washington to participate in the trial training camp, and the general manager was really regretful in private.
Just after this game, the selection of the best array of the year was released.
Similar to the MVP selection, the best team is also voted by American and Canadian sports journalists or TV commentators. According to the selection of two guards, two forwards and a center team, everyone chooses three sets of teams in their minds, and one player gets five points, two teams get three points and three teams get one point. Finally, the five players with the highest total score are the best team of the year.
Last year, in the labor negotiations, the league set a "Ross clause" for young players in rookie contracts. If the rookie contracts were terminated according to the old labor agreement, the maximum salary of young players and teams could be 25% of the team’s salary cap, but once the Ross clause was activated, the maximum salary would be 3% of the salary cap, which is fully 5%!
This is not a small sum of money, but also a big cake, which is obviously a prerequisite for activating the Ross clause. It is very difficult for the rookie contract to win the MVP in four years or be selected as the starting lineup in two star games or the best team in the league twice.
Comparatively speaking, it is more reliable for most young NBA players to be selected as the best team of the year twice. In this case, whether the best team of the year is a second team or a third team is full of bonuses.
The birth of Tang Wenlong made this year’s best array selection more volatile.
Howard, the center, is still the only one who has an impact on him is whether Lakers Bynum has an absolute advantage in personal data Warcraft.
Strikers Durant and James firmly occupy the position. James’s personal efficiency this year. off the charts not only scored high, but also hit a high percentage. Even three points seem to be accurate.
In the end, Tang Wenlong and Kobe formed the best backcourt partner in the first round. Kobe can be critical of Tang Wenlong and created the youngest record for being selected in the best first round.
Last year, Tang Wenlong won the best second array, and this year he achieved a breakthrough. Look at the players who were selected in the first round at the same time. Kobe, James and Durant are all super giants in the league, which is the glory aura. The super giant status of the Tang Wenlong League has been laid and affirmed.
Then came the second selection of Chris Paul, Westbrook, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin and Andrew Bynum.
The five players are from the west, among which Love, Griffin and Bynum are all selected for the first time, and as soon as they are selected, Love and Griffin are recognized as potential limitations, and the media has also appeared the argument of the best power forward. Today, Duncan, Nowitzki and Gatt are getting old, and both of them have the opportunity to compete for the first power forward.
Tony Parker, Wade, Anthony, Nowitzki and Tai Sen Chandler were selected for the third team, and the second Spurs had Parker, one of whom was selected for the Bulls, and no one was selected for the best team. The Knicks were swept by the 76ers in the first round of the playoffs and even selected two players.
Every year, when the best array is released, there will always be a lot of discussion. It’s better, like the second array and the third array, there will always be many questions.
On May 1st, the location of the battle between the 76ers and the Hawks G4 was still in Phillips Arena in Atlanta.
Many fans from the city came to the scene, and one of them was a hardcore fat fan holding a white board and drawing a black broom, which means that 76 people will sweep the eagle. He unconsciously wore a black jersey in a pile of dark blue eagle fans and received a glare that could kill people in all directions.
Everyone thinks that the Hawks will be desperate. It is more humiliating to be swept in the second round than in the first round, and it is not conducive to the interests of every Hawk player. You know, this is the playoffs, and every move will be studied by a magnifying glass. After the end of this season, many Hawks players’ contracts expire.
If the contract year doesn’t break out, it means that you can’t get along with money.
Unfortunately, in the first quarter, the 76ers played a wave of 15-3 shock waves, which directly fooled the eagle player Tang Wenlong, who didn’t score much, but sent five assists to create his own playoff single-quarter assists.
Since then, the Hawks have been playing the role of chasing points, but the players told themselves in their hearts, what if they won the game? In history, no team has ever fallen behind 3 and turned over.
It’s hard to be impetuous if you want to play a good game, and the details are very bad.
By the middle of the third quarter, the Hawks didn’t score for four or five minutes, and the score was 2 points. Even the home fans felt that the general trend was gone, and many fans left the stadium directly.
In the end, the 76 ers beat the Hawks 16-3 by 23 points. Except for the anxious match in the third game, the other three games were almost devastating victories.
The 76 ers swept the hawks and advanced to the Eastern Conference finals!
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-four Miami Big Three (a)
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Tang Wenlong is getting hotter and hotter. In the new issue of China’s Forbes Celebrity List, Tang Wenlong topped the list, and its influence in Asia is increasing day by day.
He became a real idol-level player. Forbes ranked first among all the people on Forbes’ list for his personal income of about 200 million yuan last year. Such a huge income mainly relied on business card endorsements. Last year, Tang Wenlong’s business endorsements continued.
The second place in China’s Forbes Celebrity List is Jay Chou. Jay Chou, 32, not only released her solo album "Exclamation Point" in 2011, but also held many concerts in succession. Andy Lau, the king of energy, held more than ten solo concerts in the third month and starred in "Yao Jie", which won several awards and nearly 100 million box office.
After sweeping the Hawks, the 76ers became the first team to advance to the division finals in the playoffs, and then the Spurs swept the Clippers the next day to become the second team to advance to the division finals. The Heat lost a game at home and the Thunder lost at Staples for a while.
However, less than three days later, the Heat beat the Bulls with a total score of 4-1 in Chicago and advanced to the Eastern Conference finals. The Thunder beat the giants and nobles at home with a record of 16-9 and the Lakers advanced to the division finals with a record of 4-1. It was hard for the Lakers to accept this result. In the last game, it was similar to the situation of being swept by the Mavericks last year, and there were all kinds of irrational situations. Artest even turned over an elbow. Some people could stop Harden.
At the same time, the coaches of three teams voted for the best defensive array in the regular season.
Chris Paul, Tony Allen, Iguodala, Ibaka and Howard formed the best defensive first group, and Rondo, Kobe Bryant, Tang Wenlong, James and Chandler formed the best defensive second group.
Interestingly, Chandler, the best defensive player, failed to enter the first round of defense, which shows that the head coach and TV commentators or sports reporters look at the game differently
However, regardless of the number of players in different positions, the array is not complete according to the conventional array arrangement. There are three defenders Rondo, Kobe Bryant and Tang Wenlong in the second array. Of course, it is also possible that the head coach has always regarded Tang Wenlong as a forward position.