"Who are Ye Daoyou?"

Li Yinhe is a friend of Ye Chen’s, so he asked one more question. If he is really looking for trouble, then he can’t just leave.
"These are the Red Peak people. We have some grievances in Bitao Xiange. I’m afraid we’re looking for trouble this time."
Ye Chen didn’t hide anything, although he didn’t want to draw his friends closer to Xianmen, he could treat his friends and wouldn’t hide anything.
Chapter one thousand two hundred Farewell
Chiyan Peak is also a Immortal Immortal Gate of Tianzhu Empire, and the strength of Bitao Immortal Pavilion is different, which is why the struggle between the two sides has always been said to have never been broken.
However, this South Danzhou is nothing too big. The Xianmen is a monster in the eyes of ordinary people, but it is a small fight in the eyes of Brother Xianzong.
Two jade-pu sword repairs can suppress one of Bi Tao Xian Ge and Chiyan Feng, and I’m afraid there are more than two jade-pu sword repairs in Xianzong. What’s worse, the immortal’s territory is very soaring.
In general, the battles between immortals like Bitao Fairy Pavilion and Chiyan Peak are not taken seriously, and immortals encourage them. After all, it can also train stronger monks in South Danzhou.
South Danzhou is very close to the wild days occupied by the demon race. They have to be ready to bear the attack of the demon race at any time, so the monks here are more eager for strength. Although the monks in South Danzhou fought against the demon mountains, they were all prepared for that day.
Although Xu Ren didn’t come to Nan Danzhou for a long time, he got a general understanding of the fierce folk customs here through the phenomenon.
Even though Xu Ren has a certain understanding of Nandanzhou, it still feels a little weird to see Chiyanfeng take the initiative to find the door today.
"Guan Long, why did you bring so many people to my Bi Tao Xian Ge?"
Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge main Ye Chen looked at the aggressive red peak friar low drink a way
Long Xiu, the famous official of the contemporary peak of Chiyan Peak, has a fire attribute achievement method. Actually, the Bi Tao Xian Ge flow achievement method is quite similar.
"Of course, I’m going to kill you, Bitao Xiange."
The official dragon made no secret of his purpose.
"With you?"
Brigitte Tao Xian Ge Ge main Ye Chen coldly looking at the red peak chief dragon said
"Of course it’s not just me but them."
Dragon, the chief official of Chiyan Fengfeng, said that he had lost his shape, and two people came out behind him.
"Shi Jian, wei urban? I didn’t expect that even Xuanjinshan Mountain and Huayun Cave came to my Bitaoxiange. You don’t have a grudge. You want to take it out on me? "
After seeing the two men behind Guan Long, the face of the main Ye Chen of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge finally became ugly. Let Bi Tao Xian Ge deal with Chiyan Feng. He is not afraid. After all, the two sides have dealt for so many years, no one can stand it. But if you add Xuanjinshan and Huayun Cave, the situation will be different.
The Xuanjinshan Mountain and Huayun Cave are also the strength of the Immortal Gate of the Tianzhu Empire, and the Bitao Immortal Pavilion is even, and the situation is very obvious.
"This is a group fight. I like it very much."
Xu Ren stretched himself and walked to the main Ye Chen crowd of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge Ge.
"What are you? How can you speak when we speak? "
As soon as Xu Rencai appeared, the chief dragon of Chiyan Fengfeng stared.
"Let Xu Daoyou laughed. As we can see, Bi Tao Xian Ge is facing a huge crisis. Daoyou should leave as soon as possible or be afraid …"
Ye Chen, the owner of Bi Tao Xian Ge Pavilion, frowned. Of course, he also hoped that Xu Ren would stay and help them. However, in this situation, Xu Ren and they stayed and it is very likely that Bi Tao Xian Ge will fall together. Ye Chen regards Xu Ren and others as friends. He doesn’t want to drag on friends.
"The cabinet owners don’t have to worry. They are just small players. You have to give me a sentence. What needs to be solved today is to repel them or leave these people here completely."
When Xu Ren also knows that South Danzhou has rules, it’s not much difference between the strong and the strong. In this case, he has no worries about ordinary people. He doesn’t care about those fairy door owners. It depends on whether the Bitao fairy cabinet owner has made up his mind.
I don’t care about others, but I want to keep them completely.
Although I don’t know what happened to Xu Ren, Ye Chen answered Xu Ren’s question truthfully.
"That’s it. Others can be scattered. That’s Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei Eritrea."
After listening to Ye Chen’s words, Xu Ren turned his head directly to Chiyan Peak, Xuanjinshan Mountain and Huayun Cave Godsworn and said.
"Where did the wild boy dare to kill the wolf with a big tail in front of us?"
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei Er were all angry. It was the first time they heard someone dare to talk to them like this.
Swish swish swish-
Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei Er’s voice fell instantly, and there have been four Yuan Ying brothers flying towards Xu Renfei.
Xu Ren didn’t speak, but behind him, Bei Gong, Simon, Zhong Lirui and Cao Dian have shown their bodies to meet the four Yuan Ying monks.
The two sides rumbled together for a moment, just like muffled thunder.
Everyone who saw Xu Ren started work, and Ye Chen, the owner of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge, couldn’t just watch, so he waved his sword and killed the official dragon.
Ye Chen seems that all these figurines today are official dragons. If this official dragon is solved, many problems will be solved.
"Since you want to die early, I’ll be you two. Let’s kill Ye Chen first. Others are easy to deal with."
Shi Jian and Wei Er around Chiyan Fengfeng Chief Dragon said good morning and rushed directly towards the main Ye Chenchong of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge.
Ye Chen was in a big hurry, but he didn’t expect that he would attract the three door lords at first, but when he had no way out, he could crustily skin of head, Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei E.
But Ye Chen hasn’t met the three men yet, and two figures stopped Shi Jian at the same time.
The two figures are naturally from Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, a couple from Xuanzhou, North China.
Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, the virtuous couple, are usually enemies together. It is also bad luck for Shi Jian to find Xuanjinshan Shi Jian this time.
When Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu looked for Shi Jian, the dumpling demon dragonfly behind Xu Ren also looked for Wei E.
The strength of the dumpling demon dragonfly is not bad. It can be said that the strength of the dumpling demon dragonfly is not too much of a problem to defeat the main Ye Chen of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge Ge. He is also fully capable of Wei Er’s struggle.
Saw his side a few people have been stopped to the red peak peak chief dragon finally worried.
He didn’t expect that so many experts would suddenly come to Bitao Xiange. Those people are not as strong as he is. Even if he can’t compete with Xianzong, he is definitely the leading force in Xianmen. If Bitao Xiange showed such details earlier, where would he be silly to bring people here to Bitao Xiange to fight and kill?
The official dragon felt that Bitao Xiange had bullied some people, but he didn’t show it when he had such a strong background. This point is that waiting for him to finish the trick is a villain’s behavior.
People sometimes do this, waiting for you to take advantage of yourself first, but once you suffer, you will put the blame on him, even Guan Long, the master of Xianmen Gate, is no exception.
"Ye Chen, you insidious guy, have such a strong background, but you have been deliberately showing weakness to Chiyan Peak. Let me take the initiative to step into the trap you set. You insidious person is not worthy to be a monk in South Danzhou."
Guan Long thought more and more, and he felt more and more angry, so he directly yelled at Ye Chen, the owner of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge Ge.
"You’re shameless. You want to take advantage of it, but now you don’t, but you have to blame me for it."
Ye Chen was also very angry with the official dragon of Chiyan Fengfeng, and it was the first time for him to meet such an unreasonable person as Guan Long.
"I can give you a chance to lead you three immortal ministers in Bitao Xiange. I can spare you from dying, but if you refuse, no one will leave today."
Xu Ren glanced at Guanlong, Shi Jian and Wei Er and said.
"You can’t expect us to die today."
Guan Long is on the verge of runaway, and he has never suffered such a big loss.
"In that case, you can die."
Xu Ren’s face sank when he spoke, and then he quietly prompted the "black hole" of flying sword.
For a moment, the official dragon felt that he was sinking to avoid Ye Chen’s attack and was directly strangled by Ye Chen’s flying sword.
"Are you two the same choice as Guan Long?"

"Hey!" Zeng Lizhong said

"poof!" Cheng Ge, Chi Nong and Chen Hongyi all spit out the rice in their mouths and then Cheng Ge laughed my head off.
A bamboo long also can’t help but smile.
Yes, I didn’t laugh. I just gave a "roll" back, which is similar to Zeng Lizhong’s. We are both in the same level, but a little better than him.
I said, "Can Uncle Zeng keep the ancient moon?"
Chapter 60 The new moon returns
Great-uncle Zeng was taken aback and put the chopsticks down. wait for a while looked at me and said, "Do you want Gu Shuoyue to stay with you?"
No one else has eaten.
The table was unusually silent for a moment.
I nodded and said, "We are still young after all. If my uncle can keep the ancient moon to help us, it will be a great thing for us and the younger generation will be grateful!"
Zeng Lizhong said, "Isn’t it boring for you to stay because of the sex of Brother Gu Shuoyue?"
I said, "He’s a human being, not a ghost. If he can stay and get along first, it will get better after a long time, right?"
Zeng Lizhong said, "I’ve known him for four or five years and I haven’t seen any change in his attitude towards me."
Brother Cheng couldn’t hold back and laughed. "He said you were a bitch when you talked to him in four or five years? !”
Zeng Lizhong gave Cheng Ge a white look. "He will definitely say this word when you go."
Cheng ge pie pie
I looked at Zeng Zhongdao and said, "Tell my uncle to let him stay and he will definitely stay."
Zeng Zhong said, "I told him to stay, but he really wouldn’t refuse me to let him listen to you. He shouldn’t have said anything, but I can’t bear it. Give me a reason enough to say me."
I turned my head and glanced at Gu Shuoyue. I saw his reaction. He shouldn’t be so easy to hear when we speak here, should he?
I turned to look at Zeng Lizhong again and said to Zeng Zhong, "My uncle and younger generation want to ask you a question."
"Do you know or not?"
I said; "Who is more important to you, Gu Shuoyue or Zeng Lizhong?"
Zeng Zhong hesitated for a long time before saying, "Do you still ask this question?"
I smiled and laughed. "The younger generation knows."
What Zeng Zhong said is obviously that Zeng Lizhong is more important. It is his own grandson, the heir to the family incense. In the eyes of an old man, nature is more important than the ancient moon.
So I went on to say, "Is the Zeng family an indispensable person? Or to put it another way, it would be dangerous for the Tseng family to leave the ancient moon predecessors? Will you live a normal life? "
"joke!" Zeng Nanxi couldn’t help saying, "The Zeng family has been a mountain warrior for more than a thousand years. Everyone in the world has lived without anyone but my father!"
Zeng Zhongdao said, "I will live without me."
This meaning is very obvious, not to mention that Zeng Zhong can leave the ancient moon.
And that’s what I want, so I went on to say, "Since the elder Gu Shuoyue is not an indispensable figure for the Zeng family, but it is very important for us, the most important thing is that the brother Lizhong is very important for the Zeng family. Keeping the elder Gu Shuoyue can provide more protection for Zhong An. Do you know that I don’t know if this reason for the younger generation is sufficient or not?"
Zeng zhong’s dumb language
A bamboo Taoist clapped his hands and laughed. "Well, well, I don’t think Zheng’s eloquence is as good as that of Yuan Fang. Haha! Old Zeng, I see what you have to say. "
I laughed. "Uncle, I didn’t believe what you said about a bamboo Taoist priest. As a result, I saw a bamboo Taoist priest later today. He really has more intentions than you do, especially taking care of the younger generation."
"Oh?" Zeng Zhong and Yizhu Daochang are interested. "How do you say this?"
I said, "Tai Bai Xing was originally taken over by your great-uncle and became your thing. As a result, Taoist Yizhu insisted on getting out a blood charm and abruptly put Tai Bai Xing in my gourd and became a big helper for me. Guess what this is? There is no doubt that Taoist Yizhu is good to me, but I’m afraid it’s more good to martial sister Yong He, right? Haha, you have to follow me after you sing the lotus. If I install the lotus, I will be in danger. If you sing the lotus, you will be in danger. Give me more help, that is, add more help to the lotus. This little account is very clear. Oh, am I right? "
Yizhu Taoist priest laughed and didn’t answer the words.
Zeng Zhong caught a glimpse of a bamboo Taoist priest when he heard this. "Wow, so that’s it! I said you were so enthusiastic just now! If I don’t leave the ancient moon, it will appear that I never loved my grandson! Just let Gu Shuoyue stay and help Zheng. "
I was overjoyed and said, "Thank you, Uncle!"
Zeng Lizhong also laughed. "Thank you, Grandpa, for loving your grandson!"
"How long you give me a snack is better than anything!" Zeng Zhong turned his eyes to the ancient moon and shouted, "Come on!"
The figure of the ancient moon’s foot reached the crowd a little bit, and the breath was very slight, just like a petal falling.
"I left on the first day of the moon, and Lizhong will stay to help Amak Chan deal with the five elements." Zeng Zhongdao "Lizhong, this child, you know that he is frivolous, stubborn, pushy, unstable and lewd!"
Zeng Lizhong rolled his eyes. "The first time I heard my grandfather say that his pro-grandson was lewd and lewd, it was also for the sake of Zeng’s family’s inheritance for generations to come."
"I know what my own grandson is like, and I don’t hide anything!" Zeng Zhongdao said, "Shuoyue is definitely a dangerous place for goods. I want to ask you to stay with Amak Chan and others, which is also regarded as guarding and protecting Lizhong."
Zeng Zhong spoke very well. First of all, he didn’t order Gu Shuoyue to stay, but asked Gu Shuoyue to stay, not to help me, but to look after and protect Zeng Lizhong. This was reasonable and reasonable. Gu Shuoyue said "Good!"
Say the ancient moon is light and jump to continue to be alone in the dark corner.
Zeng Zhong shook his head with a wry smile. "This man has always been able to talk without talking. If he can say a word less, he can say a word less."

Ning Caichen looked at Wei Zhaung with a smile. The Royal Guards are the special department of the State of Jin responsible for intelligence and information. To put it bluntly, Wei Zhaung is a special agency. He was born in the Valley of Ghosts and was also a quicksand leader. He has the means and strength. The Royal Guards Grand Commander is the most suitable person. There will be no second person except Wei Zhaung.

"thank you!"
"Ji Yuan made you the Minister of Education and the head of the country’s education workers, and I made you the Lord protector!"
Ning Caichen looked at his teacher, the Ministry of Education, and the head of education in the future of the State of Jin naturally needs a person who can withstand the scene, and it is best for a scholar to be a great scholar. However, to say that there are only four people in the great Confucian field, such as himself, Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang and Ji Yuan. It is natural that Zhang Liang and Zhuge Liang can’t be the Lord of the State of Jin, and they have arranged for the last place. In addition, Ning Caichen directly sealed the Duke of Ji Yuan as a fifth-class duke, marquis, earl, baron! Previously, Zhang Liang and others were all marquis. Only Ji Yuan was the duke and the first duke and the only one in the state of Jin, but no one said anything. After all, Ning Caichen, a teacher in Jiyuan City, occupies a very important position in this era. From a certain level, it can be seen that without Ji Yuan, Ning Caichen will be destroyed. Naturally, it is not necessary to call Ji Yuan as a duke of Jin.
"Cai Yong ordered you to be the Deputy Minister of Education!"
"Tang Renjing ordered you to be the Minister of Finance!"
"Jiang Xiaobai, I seal your Qi Hou …" "Zhao Yong, I seal your Zhao Hou" "Bi Xuan, I seal your Yuan Hou …"
Later, Ning Caichen conferred titles on others one by one to Jiang Xiaobai and many other powerful masters. He sealed Marquis equally, like Jiang Xiaobai sealed the marquis. The original prince sealed the marquis, and the original king sealed the marquis. Of course, there are also many people who have not sealed it, such as Luna, Saint, and major doors …
"I said that no matter who you were before, what identity and race, you all have an identity after today-Jin people no longer have a country or a race. I hope you will remember that today’s conferring is also a preliminary conferring. Many people have not been conferred to the point that some people may be dissatisfied or disappointed. You can rest assured that today’s unification is just a lack of interpersonal skills. I will never bury you if you have the ability …"
"But in the end, I still want to remind you to do a good job of division of labor. I hope everyone can work together. My country of Jin is getting better and better. I hope you will not do anything that will harm my country of Jin."
Ning Caichen’s voice is calm, but it makes many people feel tight, especially the people of major forces. They still can’t hear Ning Caichen’s last sentence as a warning to them.
"Well, that’s all for today’s meeting. It’s just been unified, and it will be very busy for a long time. I hope you can work together to build our great Jin."
"I will do my best to build a great Jin!"
Everyone should answer!
Chapter 77 A new era
"In the 16th year of the Warring States Period, Tian Tongjin was changed to Yong Yongsheng, and he ascended the throne for one year.No. Tianzun Tianwang, the imperial edict tax, two years of amnesty, and the whole world celebrated …"
In the evening, accompanied by a long bell, it sounded from Bauhinia City, followed by a few penetrating sounds from Xiao Li, the general manager of the prison, in the palace!
"In the 16th year of the Warring States Period, Tian Tongjin was changed to Yong Yongsheng, and he ascended the throne for one year.No. Tianzun Tianwang, the imperial edict tax, two years of amnesty, and the whole world celebrated …"
"In the 16th year of the Warring States Period, Tian Tongjin was changed to Yong Yongsheng, and he ascended the throne for one year.No. Tianzun Tianwang, the imperial edict tax, two years of amnesty, and the whole world celebrated …"
Then, like an echo, one sound after another came out of the Forbidden City and finally resounded through the whole capital. This is Ning Caichen’s imperial edict, and the Royal Guards and the imperial court transported it quickly all over the day …
"Long live the king! Long live the king!" "Long live the king, long live the king …"
Then a burst of shouts rang out, first in the palace, and then spread throughout the capital. Although it was a simple decree, everyone knew that the weight represented by this decree had been unified. This is a historic moment destined to be recorded in history, and this decree is short but contains a lot of information.
The first is that before the revision of the year number, Shenzhou adopted the year of the Warring States, which is now exactly 16 years of the Warring States, but now it is changed to Yongsheng. This year, Yongsheng’s year number directly means that the years of eternal prosperity will last forever. The second is that the title of Ning Caichen King is also called the title of honour. However, there are also different titles, such as the title when the king was in the throne, and the titles added after his death, such as Wang Jichang of Zhou Dynasty and Ji Fa of Wu, and the title of king is also called the title when the monarch was in the throne.
The title can be a word or two words. Ning Caichen’s title single is a word every day, which is the fact that it is a king of honor. Fu Tianqiu, Chen Gong, Zhuge Liang and others directly suggested that Ning Caichen be the emperor directly. They meant that Ying Zheng claimed to be the emperor Ning Caichen a hundred years ago. In terms of current situation, the strength and achievements are better than those of Ying Zheng, the emperor of Qin, who can be called the emperor Ning Caichen, and Ning Caichen is also a semi-emperor, and it is a real semi-emperor. In those days, Ying Zheng was just a half-emperor in the flesh.
However, as soon as this proposal came out, it was rejected by Ning Caichen. Although he boarded the semi-emperor, the more he felt the boundary gap with the improvement, he didn’t know how powerful the real Taoist was, because he had never seen it, but he was sure that even if he boarded the semi-emperor, it was probably not enough to see it. It was an intuition that the emperor was a unique honorific title for the Taoist strong, and he was now only a semi-emperor and far from qualified.
When he really reaches the level of Daoism or has the strength of that realm, he will naturally become the emperor, but now he doesn’t have the ability and doesn’t want these hollow names.
However, the title, whether it’s Ning Caichen’s honorific title or not, has little actual impact on the day. However, the title has a moral that even if the wheel of history is not changed, it will still roll forward. It’s just an honorific title for Ning Caichen, which has no actual impact on the people. However, it is actually beneficial to the people after two years of tax amnesty …
"Bang … bang … bang …"
At night, fireworks burst in Beijing, and the whole city seemed to hold a fireworks pageant. The streets were also full of lanterns, streets, bridges, cruise ships and restaurants, and most of them were smiling. It was a day of universal celebration, and the whole city was filled with joy, not only in many places in Beijing.
"Wow, how beautiful!"
In the Imperial Garden of Bauhinia City, Ning Caichen accompanied Bai Susu and others in a pink princess dress and watched the fireworks bloom in the sky.
"It’s so beautiful …" "It’s good to have a unified day …"
Bai Susu, Yongle, Nie Xiaoqian, Zhao Liner, Gao Lan, Yukime and others also had charming smiles on their faces at this moment. Jinyang and Park Huixian also met each other for such a long time. Ning Caichen also accepted the excitement and joy when they watched the fireworks bloom. When they looked at Ning Caichen, they couldn’t help but feel proud and sweet …
"Why don’t we set off fireworks together?" Ning Caichen suggested, looking at all the women with high interest.
"set off fireworks"
Email, Chen Yuanyuan, Lin Xuelian, Ching Fung and others all looked up, but there was a flicker of conation in their eyes, but they didn’t speak. Because of their identity, they were doomed not to be like ordinary people. Although Ning Caichen didn’t have any requirements for them at ordinary times, when they were outside, they all had to keep a little dignity. After all, their identity was now the representative of the Princess of Jin, not just themselves, but also the State of Jin and Ning Caichen, and they set off fireworks!
"good! Ok! Big brother, let’s set off fireworks together … "
Bai Susu and others are somewhat concerned, but Snow White can’t wait to run over. A face that is seven points similar to Bai Susu is full of excitement.
"Let’s have fun together on such a special day today."
Ning Caichen smiled and then shouted to the door.
"Xiao Li!" "slave"
Xiao Li came in quickly from the outside.
"Go and buy me some fireworks, come in and buy more. I will give everyone a night off tonight. Everyone in the palace can set off fireworks or cause great damage. And give Gao Shunling to let him lead the imperial guard to set off fireworks on the tower. The more the better …"
"ah!" Xiao Li didn’t respond well enough to set off fireworks and ordered the imperial tower to set off fireworks.
"Ah, why don’t you go? Today is a good day. Let’s relax together!" Ning Caichen stared at Xiao Li.
"I obey"
"Ah, what fireworks!"
Seibel, the tower of the Forbidden City, looked at Xiao Li with a dull face. The guards next to him also looked stupid and forced to set off fireworks. Are you sure this is not kidding me?
"This is the will of the positions" Xiao Li looked at Seibel and there were some words in his heart. Don’t say Seibel. He was stupid when he heard Ning Caichen’s command. This is some bullshit.
"I think it means that we want to celebrate together tonight," Xiao Li guessed.
Seibel hesitated for a while to Xiao Li nodded his head a way
"So the officer will leave now. When the fireworks are set off later, the school can watch the news in the palace and then put it together!"
As time went by, an hour passed unconsciously, and the whole capital was still filled with a festive day, and fireworks kept blooming, but compared with the first one, it was much less. However, at this time, many stalls buying fireworks in the capital found a problem, and suddenly many eunuchs also came to buy fireworks and transported them directly into the palace …
"Wang San, what do you think is going on in the palace? How did you come out to buy fireworks?"
Two bosses who bought fireworks stalls in the street chatted. A middle-aged boss with a hemp face looked at the word Hu Wangsan and asked.
"I don’t know this. It won’t be fireworks in the palace. Is it pursuit?" Wang San guessed.
"How is it possible that fireworks will be set off?"
The pockmarked boss immediately denied that he seemed to be tall and rich, and the fireworks were all ordinary people who touched things. How could they touch them …

To prove this, Shen Shi saw that she fell into the water and pretended to be alive. First of all, she was red and lucky, which was amazing, but it was not Shen Shi’s note. It was her feet and her neck still had a faint scent.

It’s a demon! Is there a water demon in Qiantang River? What kind is it?
But it’s just a faint face with no subtitles. Shen Shi couldn’t think of what demon it would be at the moment
However, he was so distracted that he stared at the fake Cao Jinhua, but it made Cao Jinhua’s heart beat faster. I don’t know if I should be angry. It was very painful to catch her.
How can it be painless for a white rabbit to be caught as a woman? But the question now is whether the other person knows that he is a woman?
Cao Jinhua Tong, also her maid, noticed that something was wrong with her young lady and immediately blocked her body in front of her …
"Why didn’t the boatman ship?"
The ship stopped and made so much noise that it finally woke up the first two brothers …
Chapter 45 Ten Fox Demons
Qian Shengwen and Qian Shengju, two brothers, have tried their best to cure their ass injuries, but they are still a little short after half a month, especially when Shen Shikao’s boy students are angry and bleeding again, so they will be careful not to appear easily. Even when someone falls off the boat, they stay in their cabin and don’t run out to watch the fun.
But when the boatmen want to turn around and go back, they are in a hurry. But they have to attend the flower viewing meeting with injuries. How can they just go back?
"boatman’s boat!" Qian Chengwen ordered angrily.
"Oh, no, I can’t ship today. I don’t want to fall off, too." The boatman was scared and hurriedly refused to touch another paddle. Qian Chengwen was not angry again
"Shengju, do you want your escort to try it?" Behind Qian Shengju Qian Shengwen, a young scholar walked out. This man has fine eyes and amiable eyes. He persuaded him, "We can’t be trapped on the river all the time. It’s getting late. Anyway, we must move first."
"It’s probably dangerous to stay here, too," he said, as if others were echoing this youth center
This young man is none other than Liu Yuanze, a famous Hangzhou, and his father is Liu Lin, a famous Hangzhou scholar.
Liulin Suzhou and Hangzhou are very famous. Many people have heard of his classes, such as the Qian brothers. They are rich, but they are not even qualified to attend the lecture in the main hall. They belong to paying the audience.
The Liu Yuanze Liu Gong said that the money brothers immediately ordered their guards to make moves.
The guard nodded and took the paddle to go boating.
"Water has something"
However, as soon as the guard put the paddle into the river, he immediately felt a strong pulling force coming from the water.
Fortunately, the guards just heard them talking about being prepared and not being pulled, but they let go of the paddle and were directly dragged into the river.
"Water, water and ghosts return" The boatman stammered and retreated desperately.
The guard was too surprised to continue rowing. He quickly retreated from the boat and accidentally fell into the river.
"Brother Liu, what can I do?"
Qian Shengwen and Qian Shengju also changed their faces. They are not real readers. They are businessmen who believe in such things as soon as they leave the cabin. Naturally, their temper is scared out of sight.
While Liu Yuanze’s surface is not surprised, but his heart is uneasy. Since he was a child, he didn’t believe in any water ghosts, but the immediate thing made him lose his mind …
How to cite him? He knows that the so-called fragrant family is the family that masters the scientific research method.
Tell me how he did well in the exam, but he is not professional in these things.
Speaking of professional Gongsun Ce Kong Xue Li looked at Shen Shi. "What do you think of Shen Xiandi?"
Shen Shi has seen them ask themselves, "There is something in water."
"Haha, who doesn’t know that water is nonsense!" Qian Chengwen is still so provocative to Shen Shi. It seems that someone’s arrival has given him poor confidence
While Liu Yuan beside him is a folding fan with excellent manners.
"This brother knows something about exorcism and exorcism?"
And compared with the money family brother Liu Yuan is unusually polite.
In this way, a man is either a real upright gentleman or a pseudo-gentleman with a deep talent, but Shen Shi doesn’t see righteousness from him, which shows that he is the latter.
"I don’t understand exorcism ofuda" Shen Shi shook his head.
"Don’t understand? Then how do you drive away water ghosts? "
Haha, he doesn’t understand
Qian Chengwen abnormal heart way "Shen Shi, why don’t you beg the water ghost? Maybe the water ghost in the river will be reasonable. If the water ghost can sell you noodles, I really want to see it."
"Reasonable water ghost! Ha ha, interesting, interesting. I didn’t expect this brother to be a funny man. "Liu Yuanze also laughed.
He felt that it would become an interesting thing in the end and it was worth sharing with his literary friends in the future.
This can make the mouth of the literati in Kong Xue, Gongsun Ce very angry, but it is very powerful. If it is not reversed and passed through their mouths, I am afraid these Japanese names will be ruined.
But they haven’t said anything yet, "Who told you this side is a water ghost?"
"Not a water ghost? What’s that? "
Shen Shi said that "ghosts are afraid of the sun, and it is impossible for water ghosts to show up without darkness."
Yu Daoxing is a profound old ghost …

The ghost master leaned forward and looked at the worm Shinto. "Is there someone behind your innate genus?"

Worm God shook his head. "How can anyone control the innate pride ratio, even the kings of gods?"
"But there is a Lord behind the god of death. What do you mean?" The ghost Lord looked at the worm god.
"What do you mean? What Lord? " The worm is puzzled
The ghost master told the story before, and the worm god suddenly looked dignified and stared at the ghost master intensely. "Is this really true?"
"There will be a fake!" Ghost-dominated road
"Trouble! I’ve never heard that even the king of gods can’t call the first gods to bend. Now there is a main thing behind the god of death. This matter needs to find a way to break through the jade god of death. Even the minister may not be willing to have rebellion in his heart. Maybe we can secretly contact Gary. The worm god looks solemn and looks at the direction of the territory of the god of death. "Lord? That should be waiting for the world to suddenly call me strange. "
"Don’t worry, let’s try to save the snake god first, and then let’s find a chance to raid Hung-chun." The ghost Lord comforted the insect god
Jade bodhi old zu in a sea of blood is covered with thunder and red light, and The Hunger is also at a loss to cry and cry, dad and mother "bodhi old zu! Grandpa! Ancestors! You hurry away from the sea of blood, which has now been completely swallowed up by me. Melting is already my flesh. Why do you bring trouble to me when you suffer yourself? "
Chapter 21 Jade Chews Red-violet’s Intention to Break Work
"Don’t talk nonsense. Lend me the red-violet of the karma. I suppressed the karma of sin. You have to suffer so much when you are young." The jade bodhi old bodhi old zu rolled around with a toothache.
The Hunger smell speech suddenly sharp sound "what? What? What did you say?/Sorry? No way! Absolutely not! "
"You little bodhi old zu, I just borrowed it and didn’t give it back to you." Jade bodhi old zu rolled her eyes.
Listen to the jade bodhi old zu The Hunger repeatedly shook his head "no! No way! I don’t trust the ancestors. "
Listen to the words of The Hunger jade bodhi old zu gas was almost The Hunger words grieve become angry from embarrassment, "is it not to lend you a fire red-violet? Why are you so stingy! I didn’t take it from you, bodhi old zu! I cann’t believe you robbed me like this! This is outrageous! I won’t leave unless you lend it to my bodhi old zu! "
Looking at the old jade body, generate destroyed one by one. The Hunger was distressed to death. Looking at a dead pig, he was not afraid of scalding jade. The Hunger convulsed his mouth for a while. Nai said, "Well, I will borrow the bodhi old zu and pay me back."
"It’s okay to say that you don’t want to be so stingy." Jade bodhi old zu eyebrow eye smile.
The Hunger’s palm stretched out and saw that red-violet appeared in his hand and floated towards the jade bodhi old zu. The jade bodhi old zu caught the red-violet in the past. Suddenly, karma was crazy and red-violet rushed towards the red lotus jade bodhi old zu to look at it. "This lotus is crisp and I don’t know if it’s delicious."
"Don’t!" Looking at jade, send the lotus flower to The Hunger’s mouth, and suddenly JiYan jumped quickly.
However, the speed of jade is not The Hunger’s ability to see the lotus instantly when he listens to’ click’. The bodhi old zu of jade chewed off a piece of nine lotus flowers and instantly melted the lotus.
The Hunger grabbed the lotus, and tears were falling, pointing to The Hunger trembling and not knowing what to say.
"Bah! Bah! " Jade spit out the lotus flower and turned it into a lotus flower. Seeing this, I suddenly frowned and smiled. "Although it is one, it is also a fire. Red-violet can not absorb the karma of the bodhi old zu. In the future, the big lotus flower will be you and the little lotus flower will be me."
"Jade bodhi old zu!" The Hunger roared and shook the whole nether world, and then he saw a long sword with lotus flower wrapped in the air and chopped at the jade bodhi old zu to "give me my lotus back"
"Oh, you are such a cheapskate! Really stingy! " Jade bodhi old zu saw The Hunger had a cow and immediately went up into the sky and ran towards Yangshi.
Sirs of the netherworld looked at the fleeing jade bodhi old zu and got angry. The Hunger had different expressions. The ghost Lord glanced at him and closed his eyes. "The curse of jade is definitely another curse to people."
The god of death looked at the jade bodhi old zu and his eyes showed curiosity.
Jade Duxiu had just turned back to Jade Jingshan when she heard the jade bodhi old zu crying, crying, shouting and cursing, and the jade bodhi old zu The Hunger was entangled.
"How do these two guys get together?" Jade Duxiu suddenly felt blue in his heart. "This motherfucker! How dare you eat the red-violet of the fire! Also too don’t know little "
"Hung-chun! Hongjun! You are quick to help me. "Jade bodhi old zu is about to break into Jade Jingshan, only to see a long knife across the virtual tip of God’s mountain. It scares the jade bodhi old zu to the hair and turns to run.
"Hung-chun! You don’t talk about morality! "
Jade Duxiu silently sighed at Jingshan, and the jade boy leaned in. "The Lord doesn’t know how to sigh!"
"Jade, the evil obstacle, actually chewed my career. Red-violet is the wrong person."
Jade Duxiu dumped her sleeves. "He deserved to be hunted by The Hunger."

Chapter one hundred and ninety-five A thought of the cat was twenty in place

Wei Xinbing burst out laughing. "Let’s blow it, boss. You can also say that you are a Terran, a town and a clan. Haha, this is the true form!"
Hao Anyi grumpily said, "I can’t believe you don’t understand you …"
After half a ring, Hao said with ease and frustration, "It’s not that someone blames this little guy for his disorder and confusion, but that his luck is hard to be perceived. I admit that he is a freak and I can’t see through him."
Wei recruits gagged and burst out laughing.
At this time, lu shan said to Sun Haogao, "Terran lu shan met Daoyou Guiwu Wang and told you to wait outside for them to come back. Don’t break in easily."
Corleone nodded his head to Lu Shan, a former nine-pulse elder brother. "I see, but I don’t think it’s impossible to enter the All Hallows Palace …"
All Saints Palace is very dangerous, but the monk’s life is in danger, which is the opportunity for Sun Hao to enter the supernatural realm. Now the first goal is to refine the supernatural Johnson & Johnson potion for Xiaolan. The goal has been completed.
But Sun Hao’s two souls have not yet landed.
Sun Hao of Halloween Palace may have to make a trip, and Sun Hao, the two deputy souls, also had an idea.
What unique domain is the Taikoo battlefield? Maybe there will be a legacy of Taikoo ghost. Just like Sun Hao first got the soul of Taikoo Lei Shou, maybe he can get the chance of ancient ghost in Halloween Palace. Isn’t Halloween Palace the real magic once stationed?
Maybe Sun Hao can find the ghost of the ancient true demon, but it is more suitable if he can use it to transform his soul into his own deputy soul.
The real demons are called Archaean protoss, and it should be quite good for them to act as deputy souls.
Therefore, although Gexu Wang left a message for Sun Hao to wait outside, Sun Hao himself was going to go in and make a living.
Sun Hao words say that finish fish amiable quickly said, "friends this is thought of a way? Don’t deceive friends, you must be careful that these two entrances are not divided according to yin and yang or according to the five elements … "
Sun Hao looked at the three gates with a simple and honest smile on his face and said, "Well, my way of entering the door is this’ three yuan’ gate, which is very obvious, but the history is too long for everyone to remember at the moment."
Lu shan said in a low voice, "I’d like to hear more and ask my friends for advice."
I looked around and sighed in Sun Hao’s heart. It’s a pity that these distractions and great abilities are not easy to practice. If they fall on the spot, it is really embarrassing.
More importantly, Sun Hao, who has lu shan and Wei’s new recruits, really can’t stand by and watch.
With a simple and honest smile on his face, Sun Hao said in his mouth, "I was lucky enough to fight side by side with the Terran Rain Fairy in the fighting world. I heard her talk about a scene corresponding to the long history of the undead in Terran classics. I should say it first, so you can judge for yourself."
There are ternary records in Terran classics.
However, it wasn’t Xia Qingyu who told Sun Hao, but Sun Hao read it for a long time in his own ghost domain classics, and Sun Hao never saw it again in his ethnic classics.
When I heard Sun Hao talking about Xia Qingyu Lu Shan, I bowed very respectfully and said, "It turned out to be the hill’s adult face to face. Please say whether others believe it or not, I believe it anyway."
In the ancient books of ghost domain, the Terran pursued the "three yuan". The ghost festival is Yuan, Zhong Yuan and Yuan, which are very similar to the entrance of Halloween Palace.
Moreover, the most important and frightening of the Terran "Sanyuan" Ghost Festival is that the "Zhongyuan" Ghost Festival also matches the size of the three entrances.
All indications show that the origin of the three entrances of Halloween Palace should be the "Sanyuan" Ghost Festival.
Sun Hao took a deep breath and said, "The Halloween in Terran classics is Halloween, so it is hard to analyze this Halloween Palace from this point, which is closely related to the ghost family of Terran …"
Listening to Sun Hao Kan Kan and talking about lu shan and Wei Xin, I had a very strange idea in my mind, as if there was a Terran power teaching myself in front of me.
The Terran is so distracted that no barbarian warrior has a clear understanding of Terran history and classics. They are ashamed of each other.
Sun Hao talked about it.
In Terran classics, Yuan is used to holding a blessing ceremony on the 15th day of the first month. July 15th of "Zhongyuan" is the real "Ghost Festival". The crime of cultivating and forgiving the dead in Zhongyuan is to forgive the dead, but it is absolutely impossible to completely relieve the sin, which relieves some hopes that the dead will rest in peace as soon as possible.
On October 15th, "Yuan" is the person who is at fault to relieve bad luck.
After Sun Hao explained the "three yuan" in Terran classics clearly, the monk was lost in thought. If the three yuan is really the origin of this pretty saying, why should he identify the attributes of the monk?
Aside from the real ghost festival, how do you need to choose Yuan and Yuan? And according to what to locate?
Yuan is used to holding blessing ceremonies, and Yuan is a negligent person to relieve bad luck.
Both of them sound mysterious and mysterious. How do you choose? Everyone is lost in thought.
Speaking of this, Sun Hao has already said everything he knows. How to judge Sun Hao by others can’t care so much, and the method of entering the door can be a reference if he is not himself or knows the monk’s advice.
Therefore, Sun Hao said that he started to walk to Yuanmen and went to his mouth and said, "If you trust me, Lushan Daoyou might as well go to Yuanmen and your companion is better to go to Yuanmen like me …"
Say that finish striding across to the yuan door crashed into it.
Sun Hao’s words are full of hype, but the effect is as good as everyone’s eyes.
But who knows that Sun Hao’s body was suddenly shocked and the huge rebound force rushed out from the Yuanmen. Sun Hao involuntarily fell to the ground in a roll.
Can’t get in? Sun Hao slightly one leng in my heart.
Lu shan’s eyes narrowed and he said, "Godsworn can enter Zhongyuan Gate even if he is beyond a certain scope. You must go Zhongyuan."
Corleone looked back at him and said "thank you" in his mouth. Without hesitation, he strode into Zhongyuan Gate.
Outside, the distracted monks opened their eyes.
Sun Hao body suddenly rushed in.
In just one breath, the appearance of Zhongyuan Gate made lu shan tremble, and the jack-o’-lantern set off a wave and charged at the tall man.
It’s like flying inside, as if to escape
The snakehead said coldly in his mouth, "It seems to be very powerful. This is going to be over, right? Hum, no, I covered himself up and went to die."
When the monk in front encountered this kind of pursuit, one exception was that he was drowned by the flaming jack-o’-lantern, and finally the fly ash was almost recognized by all the distracted powers at the same time, which was quite afraid of being run.
Quite striding across the jack-o’-lantern, but like the monk in front, I still can’t escape from the door. The distance seems to be lengthened for jack-o’-lantern, but it is true for jack-o’-lantern, and it will cover up the pretty in less than three breath.
Lu shan and Wei Xinbing looked at each other for a stay and felt very bad.
At this time, the fish was amiable, and suddenly Yuan Daimon Masaru in his finger said, "Look, he’s okay."
The distracted powers looked at Zhongyuan in order and found that at this time, the pretty incarnation was full of golden light and disappeared into the jack-o’-lantern.
Xu Xiaoshan actually went in.
Distracted powers have different expressions on their faces.
Lu shan and Wei Xinbing laughed and said nothing more. According to Sun Hao, they flew up and threw themselves into the two gates, swaying their bodies and disappearing in the jack-o’-lantern.
Fish Keqin suddenly clapped his hands. "I see. I’m white."
Say that finish also a vibration body into the yuan gate disappeared in the jack-o’-lantern is also successfully entered all saints palace.
The residue outside is not finished yet. The distracted powers looked at each other.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six A thought of the cat was three
Sun Hao judged the entry conditions of sanyuanmen, and looked at Shaqi.
Sun Hao didn’t think that he had repaired it himself, although he didn’t reach the fit period, but it may be that his combat power has reached the point where he wouldn’t let himself in from Yuanmen.
Nengjin Zhongyuan
No doubt is the most dangerous.
Not only will the environment inside be worse, but the strength of the monks inside will be higher, and the ordinary monks inside will be uneasy. Sun Hao, a distracted monk, will be even more uneasy
But Sun Hao didn’t think so much. Since he decided to rush into All Hallows Palace, he didn’t think much. Sun Hao rushed into Zhongyuan Gate almost without hesitation.
Sun Hao, who just came in, felt that his body was suddenly like a jack-o’-lantern, and it was as dense as a ghost calling to pounce on himself. Sun Hao’s heart was shocked and didn’t know the actual situation, but he dared not fight back and tried to avoid the jack-o’-lantern invasion.
But I didn’t expect it to be a seemingly slow call sign. The jack-o’-lantern seems to have the ability to shrink into inches. I can’t run away from my own wind escape. I just insisted on a few breaths and saw that it was getting closer and closer.
And the soul of Dapeng Golden Winged Bird also came. The message turned out that it was not a ghost fire, but that it was a special place. Avoiding is not the way, and the only possibility is hard resistance.
This is a very strange occult technique beyond Sun Hao’s cognition.
In this case, the speed of the ghost fire is constant, and it is constant when it is covered. When the monk comes in, it seems that there is a vast space to escape, and he can’t escape from reality.
Just like a bucket is filled with water, the amount is the same, and this amount is the same.
Sun Haolai didn’t think much about it, but quickly drove his most powerful defensive force, Zhang Jin’s body shrank rapidly, and the golden light flashed to protect himself.
The jack-o’-lantern rushed over like a wave, patting the golden body like falling into the jack-o’-lantern in an oil pan.
But Sun Hao’s body was completely stabilized in the jack-o’-lantern and showed no signs of collapse.
The threshold for the entry of Zhongyuan Gate is that Sun Hao can’t test the fit strength. When Sun Hao offered a golden body representing the fit, he reached the entry conditions and qualified to enter.
In the golden light, Sun Hao centered on striding across the front speed and ran away.
However, as soon as the jack-o’-lantern in front of the tea kung fu cleared, a hall entrance appeared, and Sun Hao strode to the hall.

Shit, isn’t this a third-rate romantic drama in Taiwan Province?

While he was daydreaming, the mosquito net was suddenly uncovered.
He suddenly surprised himself and regretted his carelessness. He couldn’t help but catch Wang Miao’s fairy sword.
Before the bed, there was an elegant woman. She took a look at Wang Miao’s meditation and then at the wind soul. She didn’t panic, but simply put the mosquito net back.
This woman is too calm, but let the wind soul give birth to a cold sweat for a while.
The woman stood at the mouth of the house and didn’t speak. The people outside were noisy and flaming, but she was silent and didn’t know whether she was resigned or had another opinion.
Several maids came running with a boy over three years old. The boy hugged the girl and shouted "Aunt Ai".
Madam, a servant knelt in front of the woman and cried, "Those mobs have entered the city. I heard that Lord Shi has been killed by a demon. Madam, please hide quickly."
The woman said simply, "I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. If Xie Gu’s daughter runs away in a panic for fear of thieves, isn’t it a disgrace to her father and uncle?"
Those maid servants cried and begged her, but they were not timid. Instead, they took the three-year-old child to comfort and said, "Tao Er is not afraid that Aunt Ai will protect you."
At this time, the wind soul hid in the account and suddenly interrupted a shock and thought of who this woman was.
She is Xie Daowen!
Wind Soul doesn’t know much about history. If you ask him about kings or generals in a certain era, he doesn’t get along well except people like the Three Kingdoms or the early Tang Dynasty. However, if you ask him about some historical talents, he can tell them one by one. On the one hand, it is because Zhi Xin likes reading wild historical records in this respect. On the other hand, it is also because he is a chess player. The so-called piano and chess paintings will have some knowledge of China historical literati.
This is Xie Daowen, a famous talented woman in the late Eastern Jin Dynasty, and also the wife of Wang Ning, the niece of Xie An, who will take the secretariat of Ji.
His sister, Zhi Xin, likes to watch A Dream of Red Mansions. Every time she watches it, she cries. There is a poem in A Dream of Red Mansions that says, "It’s a pity to stop the machine; The jade belt is hung in the forest and buried in the snow. "
This "Xu Xu Cai" theory is Xie Daowen.
One day, Xie An, a famous celebrity, called on his nephew to give a lecture. Suddenly, there was a goose feather and heavy snow outside. On a whim, Xie An asked, "Are the snows alike?" Xie Daowen’s brother Xie Lang rushed to answer that "the difference in salt sprinkling can be imitated."
At this time, it was still a little girl, Xie Daowen, who answered, "If catkins are not due to the wind!"
This famous saying about snow not only made Xie An admire on the spot, but also until a thousand years later.
The wind soul is listening to the fighting outside, and the in the mind is also worried about this famous talented woman in later generations. It is not difficult for ordinary people to take the refugee uprising in Tianshi Road, but it is never difficult for the aristocratic giants to let you Xie Daowen or the wife of Wang Ning, who will record the history.
Sure enough, he heard a crowd coming here in the distance.
Those servants and maids are even more anxious. Some people want Xie Daowen to exchange clothes and die for her.
Xie Daowen, however, drew a sword from the ground to prevent them from returning to the room. After glancing at the stroke soul and Wang Miao, he was greeted out.
She looked so calm that the servants unconsciously calmed down and followed her.
She let people beat themselves out of the gate and stood on the steps holding a sword, looking coldly at those mobs who were oppressed by the imperial court and hated the government and the giants. Every time they attacked, they would kill all the officials in the government and kill them here again.
However, at this time, I don’t know how they saw Xie Daowen alone, where the morning breeze blew, and everyone was forced by her momentum.
At this time, some people have recognized her identity and know that she is Xie An’s niece. Xie Xuan’s sister is even more hesitant. Although Xie An has passed away, the people respect Xie An and have no loss. Some people even think that if Xie An is still alive, the people will never be forced to go to the corner.
Jiang Zuo’s romantic prime minister Xie An is the only one!
The sky is getting brighter and brighter, and black smoke is rising in the distance, but it is more and thicker.
Those rioters looked at each other for a while and didn’t know it was good.
At this moment, a soft and elusive voice came from unknown direction. "It is said that Angong once praised Mrs. Daolu for her elegance before her death. Now it seems that Mrs. Daolu is not only well-educated but also courageous. Sun En has seen Mrs. Daolu here."
Now that Tianshi Sun En has appeared, everyone is quiet.

Ma Laoer suddenly moved the knife to the left to listen to the stab, and Wen Tao’s crotch was scratched instantly.

"What are you doing?" Wen Tao immediately panicked.
"Is the knife cool?" Ma Laoer glared at his eyes and asked, "If I move again, your horse will lose the happiness of being a man."
“……!” Wen Tao braved the cold sweat on his forehead and swallowed.
"You must know why I’m looking for you," Ma Laoer said with fierce eyes. "Can it be a little feud to come here from Songjiang? Are you sure I can’t find him unless you tell me? Huh? !”
"Brother, you … you move the knife."
"I’ll ask you one last time, where is the ditty?" Ma Laoer suddenly drank "for the last time!"
"I … he … you move the knife first"
"I’ll give you a sugar-coated gourd." Ma Laoer raised his knife and stabbed Wen Tao’s crotch.
"Don’t prick me, don’t prick me … I said" Wen Tao collapsed and yelled "Don’t prick him, my house, my house"
"How many people are there with him?"
"Just … just yourself" Wen Tao may really not be afraid of Ma Laoer stabbing him a few times, but he is definitely afraid that the other party will let him cut off Sun Suocai’s emotional response.
"How do you get to your home?" Liu Shu urged.
"Turn left in front …" Wen Tao stammered in response.
Behind a butcher shop downtown
The old horse bowed his head and checked a gun before turning around and confessed, "Xiaoqi, you give him the money."
Qi Wen took out the cash and handed it to a strange middle-aged man. He took the money and checked it carefully before he smiled and said, "What a big deal are you going to do in Fengbei? Did you get it twice in three days?"
"Do you check your mouth?" The old horse frowned and asked 1
"Ha ha, just ask." Middle-aged smile said softly, "OK, that’s it. I still have goods in my hand. Call me at any time."
The old horse saw his one eye and turned to say "go"
After everyone heard it, they followed the old horse away.
I have been waiting for Xiaoqu, and I have gradually lost my patience. After adding his words and not joining Wentao, my heart is somewhat panicked.
Sit on the bed and consider a long time. I immediately inquired about the reservation at the front desk of the MG Carnival and dialed the past.
After a few tens of seconds, you can get through to "Hello, this is the MG Carnival"
"Hello, may I ask Ha Wentao?"
"This is the front desk reservation. If you want to talk to Wen Tao, just call his mobile phone?"
"Sorry, he can’t get through on his cell phone. I’m his friend. I have something urgent to find him. Can you call him for me?" Tune words politely asked
"I didn’t see him today."
"You ask him when I contacted him in the afternoon, and he told me to go back." Xiaoqu said patiently, "I am really in a hurry to help the beautiful woman."
"Then you wait for a while."
The two chatted about the ditty here and waited for less than three minutes before the other party picked up the words again and said, "Do you still have it?"

"My husband really wants to send the seal that day, which is valuable for my husband, but it may not be as important as my husband imagined for Miaoxiu. In those days, male and female servants once heard that Miaoxiu’s pursuit was just a struggle of passion. The only thing missing was that the baby was poisoned by years." xi he said.

"What does Aifei mean?" Turn your head in dry weather
"No grudges, just pay the price to see if you can redeem the seal directly from Miaoxiu," xi he said decisively.
Dry day smell speech silence for a long time before gently sigh "not sure."
"It’s not that I’m not sure, but that it depends on whether the positions will be given or not." xi he smiled
Chapter 1653 Strong fire silkworm bodhi old zu
After listening to xi he’s words, it is indeed a question worthy of consideration to investigate whether to give a starting price or not.
In those days, it was said that it was not who was right or who was wrong, but that it was the way things were. Everything was in the hands of the Taiping ancestor, and there was no chance to resist whether it was Miao Xiu or himself. In the face of the general trend of the heavens, I couldn’t afford to turn over the waves.
In those days, it should be said that although Wen Yingji was a nominal husband and wife, it was because of Taiping’s ancestor that he got together the destiny of the Emperor Tianhou. It was because he found that Wen Yingji was pregnant, and the emperor felt humiliated as if he had been cuckolded. However, all the strong people in the world were indeed cuckolded. But what is the reality?
What is the actual situation?
In the eyes of dry days, the divine light flows unhurriedly, stroking the front case. "This matter even Miaoxiu may not promise Miaoxiu to run the seal of heaven. At least 30% of the fate will flow to Miaoxiu. I don’t believe Miaoxiu will let go of this equivalent of heaven and earth."
Wen Yingji didn’t wear a green hat when he was doing things, but the sun was indeed cuckolded by Yu Duxiu when he was doing things. He didn’t know that there happened to be nine suns as his heirs.
After all, the enlightenment precept of Baosa Kingdom failed to find the princess of Baoxiang Kingdom, and it was difficult to continue without delay.
"Master really loves the emperor’s family. The king of this treasure temple country seems to be indifferent to his own daughter." Wu walked in front of the horse and followed it. At this time, Wu turned around and said to Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu’s eyes turned slightly and he was bent on refining the mysterious and yellow gas. "The heavenly family has always been like this, not only the mortal emperor, but also the dry day in the thirty-three heavy days."
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu turned around and looked at Wu Dao. "Can you talk about people behind their backs when you are really a fucking monk?"
Just then, I suddenly realized my footsteps and looked at the empty road in the distance. "Master is meeting a strange place?"
"If strange?" Pig bodhi old zu gather together in the past way
"Look at those nine days when Lei Yun was mighty, but it didn’t show itself in the common customs. It’s really weird. There seems to be something hidden in this valley." Enlightenment.
"Hey, you monkey, you’ve been playing tricks all day. Why can’t an old pig see anything unusual in that valley? Don’t listen to him. Let’s continue to walk through this mountain range for thousands of miles. If we bypass even the small white dragon, we should take an extra day’s journey for no reason." The pig bodhi old zu led the horse and led the jade show to the valley.
"This foolish" enlightenment scoffs that the words have not fallen, but they see a virtual distortion. The red color is like a snake. When the body suddenly emerged from the earth and did not respond to everyone, Jade Duxiu had been dragged to the ground by the "long snake"
"Bold monsters give me back my master" Wu angrily rebuked me, reaching out his palm and grabbing at the jade Duxiu that was swept away.
It’s a pity that this’ long snake’ speed is too fast, and the root can’t realize that it has already disappeared.
A thunderbolt shot down the innate artistic conception flow in the void and chopped down the depths of the valley in a flash.
When a roar came from the valley, the mountains shook in shock, but I heard a roar, "Miaoxiu, you bastard, wait for the bodhi old zu. I will eventually break your seal and crush you to pieces."
"It turns out that this demon was sealed by the town in ancient times, and it seems that it was a year when it was worthy of a wonderful show. The monk must be serious." I heard the word’ wonderful show’ and think about the glorious record of Jade Duxiu in the past. Suddenly, there was a little bit of fear in my heart, and there was no simple generation involved in Jade Duxiu.
While the pig bodhi old zu stealthily looked into the valley and scratched his head. "Strange!"
"How strange?" awake to truth
"This valley looks familiar is that this valley is not terran kyushu? How did you get to the Lingshan boundary? " Zhulaozu avenue
"Brother seems to know the monsters in this valley?" Wu dignified way
"Monkey Brother, don’t be scared. There were only two monsters in Miaoxiu Town in those years. One was when Miaoxiu first cultivated the first magic weapon, the southern flaming light flag from the ground, and suppressed a fire demon. It was called the fire silkworm bodhi old zu. At that time, Jade Duxiu had not yet mastered the realm of nature, and it was impossible for the fire silkworm bodhi old zu to seal my view of this place. It was the fire silkworm bodhi old zu who suppressed it. I can’t understand how this fire silkworm bodhi old zu ran to the wild," said the pig bodhi old zu.
"Oh," Wu Wen breathed a sigh of relief. "Who is the other person?"
The bodhi old zu pig has a dignified look.
"Now five thousand years later, I don’t know that the fire silkworm bodhi old zu has been repaired, but it doesn’t matter. This fire silkworm bodhi old zu is stronger than just having a wonderful show of three disasters, but it can be easily crushed to death for us." The pig bodhi old zu vowed
The words of the bodhi old zu pig fell to the ground, and suddenly it was dusty. A red whip was pulled out from the earth and instantly put the bodhi old zu pig into the distant mountains.
"What is this situation? Didn’t you say that the ancestor of the fire silkworm was vulnerable? " Wu looked at the bodhi old zu pig some become speechless.
Brush the rocks, the bodhi old zu pig emerged from the rocks, vomitted dust in his mouth, and his eyes were full of anger. "What a wicked animal dares to provoke an old pig like this. This fellow seems to have risen a lot after being suppressed for 5 thousand years."
Dust all over the sky to see a red like a tail general things emerged from the earth "listen to you this fat pig mean you seem to have heard of bodhi old zu my fame? Bodhisattva, I haven’t eaten meat for five thousand years. Today, the monk finally came and fell into my hands. "
The pig bodhi old zu heard a pair of eyes staring at the red earthworm general object. "Well, you bastard, do you know the identity of my master?"
"I didn’t know that I knew that the heavens and the earth didn’t always eat anything." The tail swayed with the wind. "You leave the bodhi old zu as soon as possible and spare your life, or your master will be your companion later."
"Monkey, this demon is really arrogant. Look at your hand." Pig bodhi old zu said.
"Take a good look at me, my old grandson, like this evil animal." Wu’s eyes widened and his stick flashed at the red body. "Bold goblins hand over my master quickly, or you will be buried today."
The tail-enlightenment stick was hit, but it was not seen. The tail was broken by Wu’s stick, and several rocks were broken. The tail was wobbly and pulled towards Wu from various tricky angles again.
"It’s amazing that my body ate an old stick. Even the strong body is only broken. You monster body was shocked and lost consciousness. It’s really tough." Wu’s eyes flashed with a golden light
"Hum, you monkey, do you know that the bodhi old zu is fierce? My body has been calcined by Samadhi fire for tens of thousands of years, and the pulse washing practice has been suppressed by the first god ray. Even if you are a monkey stick, you can’t break the bodhi old zu’s body." So the fire silkworm bodhi old zu in the cave spit out a mouthful of golden blood, and horror appeared in his eyes. "What a fierce monkey! My indestructible body was actually shaken."
"It’s not that the monkey is too powerful, but that you are too low. I didn’t expect your body to exercise to this extent. Further, even if it is derived from flesh and blood, the flesh certificate will be truly fruitful." Jade Duxiu sat opposite the fire silkworm bodhi old zu, and her eyes were full of regrets
Chapter 1654 Budo prototype

Hearing the invitation from the Red Army of Wood to himself, Li Chu nodded slightly, "Yes, please!"

The corridor to send Li Chu out wooden house all is at the door.
A 40-year-old woman’s hand touched a man beside her. "Did Mubin’s dad know Dean Li before?"
"I don’t know if I should know them, but it’s normal to hear that Dean Li just said that they knew grandma before."
"Then why didn’t dad just ask Dean Li to come and see grandpa?"
I haven’t waited for Mubin to say anything. On the other side, Muhongjun’s wife is dead.
"I know that’s because your father is biased against Chinese medicine. Your grandmother seems to have died because of Chinese medicine. Since then, your father has never liked Chinese medicine.
And this time, if it weren’t for the chief requirements, it is estimated that I wouldn’t find Dean Li to come over. "
After listening to his mother’s explanation, Mubin and his wife looked at each other.
This reason is a bit ridiculous, right? Because of that, I can’t see the whole Chinese medicine, so I can say that their father is a little sexual.
The young girl, who has been supporting Mu Hongjun’s wife, said at this moment, "Grandma, the dean of Li, I don’t think she is as old as my father."
"This child is no big or small!" Mu Hongjun’s wife raised her hand and patted a young girl’s hand.
"Your dad has to call somebody else uncle?"
"Then I have to call grandpa from time to time!"
"What about you?"
A few people said, and walked into the ward.
And there are two men and two women who look younger but don’t move outside.
Just now, the four of them haven’t spoken, and they also looked at each other after the family went in.
Li Chu and Wood Red Army are walking slowly side by side in the courtyard.
"Li Chu, thank you!"
"You’re welcome, Woodmaster. It’s my duty!"
Looking at Li Chu’s face, the faint smile from thousands of miles away made the Red Army give a wry smile.
"It was really my fault in those days. Can you say sorry to your sister for me?"
"Wood owners, you are mistaken. You and I, including my sister, are all comrades. What’s wrong with this statement?"
See wood red army mouth also want to say what Li Chu directly raise my hand in front of him.
"I have other things to do, so I’ll go first. I’ll go there on time for a follow-up visit in the future!"
Say that finish after Li Chu didn’t give wood red army mouth opportunity to jilt long legs and went away.
Wood red army in situ gawk has gone Li Chu after a long time to leisurely sigh.
This time, Mu Lao was sick and Mu Hongjun didn’t invite Li Chu, and even other Chinese medicine doctors wouldn’t let him come over. The reason is not that his wife said so.
That’s his reason for prevarication.
The real reason is that he doesn’t know how to face Li Chu or Li Qin’s younger brother.
And the former master Wu was wrong because of Shen Lao.
Li Chu didn’t invite himself to see the master for the wooden house or the wooden Red Army. That’s well known
For what?
Because the Red Army talked to Li Qin in Nanniwan, although it was quietly, many people didn’t know, including both parents, but Li Qin talked to his younger brother.
Later, the reasons for their separation were also very ridiculous.
When Li Chu’s parents were in Nanniwan, the main job of the political security office of the headquarters was to grasp the organization department
It’s hard to offend people in this business
Mu Hongjun doesn’t know where to hear others speak ill of Li Chu’s parents.
Plus, when he was young, he looked down on political protectors and thought that soldiers should go to the front to kill the enemy.
Because of this, I broke up with Li Qin directly.
He also said that he wouldn’t talk to his daughter.
Let Li Qin go home and cry all day.
Then Li Chu is Li Qin, and it can be said that his sister is his lamella
You made my sister cry all day. How can that be done?
At that time, Li Chu took Wang Jun, Wang Bing and Jiang Cheng, and the four of them knocked on the wooden Red Army sap while it was dark.
By the way, I gave him a leg at a discount.
Mu Hongjun was injured by four children under the age of four, and he was embarrassed. Zhang said that he accidentally fell and got well injured and then left with an army.
The five of them knew about it from beginning to end.
Li Qin heard that Mu Hongjun was injured, but he doubted his younger brother, but Li Chu never admitted it, so he couldn’t.
This is the real reason why Mu Hongjun’s father was embarrassed to come to Li Chu when he was seriously ill.
He is worried that people are still thinking about getting back at him.
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