However, Lin found a unique … statue among a large number of statues of’ sea angels’.

This statue … is a "white star" statue.
The white star is a creature made by the creator, and its shape is very similar to that of Ershimin, with snow-white skin and long hair …
Of course, not all white stars are of the Ershi people type, but this is the kind of Ershi people type that appears at present.
And this is exactly the same as the white star in Lin’s impression, but it is also fixed there like the surrounding’ sea angel’ … Although its skin is not like gray rock but white, it is still in a state of immobility.
Just like other creatures, the fluffy ball floated past and poked this’ white star’
As soon as the fluffy ball touched it, it suddenly made a … like a rock breaking sound.
This place can be’ heard’. It is accurate to say that when the fluffy ball body sees things moving, it will produce corresponding sounds.
But in fact, there is no gas station here. This kind of sound is simulated, but it is not Lin simulation, but this body has a function
As the shell of the white star statue broke, it appeared from the inside …
As white as before.
However, this time, it was not fixed. It moved instantly at the moment it appeared. After taking a look at the pompom, it quickly jumped on the pompom.
Lin let the fluffy ball hide, and the white star turned around and looked at the fluffy ball again …
Then Lynn found … it spoke words.
This is not a sound, but a signal directly handed to the pompom.
"They … have new creatures."
This sentence seems to be talking to himself instead of talking to pompoms.
"Want us to go further … or do you want them to replace us? But I’m free … I won’t let that happen. "
Continue to soliloquize for a while. White Star grabbed a stone from the side and threw it at the pompom.
The fluffy ball instantly stretched out some fluff and caught the stone. When White Star saw it, he slammed it again.
It’s just … head-butting into the pompom.
The fluffy ball didn’t hide from the white star, which hit the fluffy ball heavily and made Lin feel … pain.
So that’s it. This fluffy ball body has a pain response.
But at this time, Lin also got a lot of fluff together … hammered and slammed the white star head.
As the white star was hit, its whole body also instantly lay down.
"Adapted to Yao … vitality … is not enough …" White star hurriedly rolled on the spot and pulled away from the pompoms again, but Lin didn’t chase it but spoke a word to White Star …
"What the hell are you talking about?"
Lin has just discovered the method of "speaking"
The main thing is to make the pompom think about something, which seems to be immediately known to the surrounding creatures.

[Luna, I’m not good at fighting, but I can’t beat him with a small Kun. Can I say that I’m barely fighting?]

【 Wang Mu so much? 】
[Luna can’t flame Dexing Palace is in charge of the gods. Although there are few fairy officials in the flame, their fighting power is very strong. Even if there is a fairyland, even if we don’t make a fire, we can’t deal with it.]
[Wang Mu, you have no means of luna? 】
Luna, I can fight for a temporary injury and join hands with Xiao Kun to seal him for a short time, but also for a while and also to seal him. If you want to move his ability, especially the karma fire, we can’t stop it from being more terrible to me but to you.
[How horrible is Wang Mu? 】
[When the Moon God’s karma burns, your karma will be burned out directly. You may be lucky that your karma is not heavy and you will probably lose some Shou Yuan, but for you, you can live that long without worrying about someone locking your life.]
[Wang Mu is sealed, so he will not be a threat to me soon? 】
[How is Luna possible? You won’t live long if you burn for a while and someone helps you die. 】
[Wang Mu, did the karma burn directly? 】
[Luna is not karma, but directly inhaling your karma, and karma is extremely powerful. The heavier the karma is, the longer you stay, the more serious your damage will be. The principle is probably like this … the details are more complicated]
[The fire of the moon gods is generally to punish some immortals who are contaminated with the karma of the world. This immortal is still a part of the celestial beings, and his punishment duties are naturally very strong]
Wang Mu nodded slightly.
【 Wang Mu will he seal can take a drop of his fairy blood? 】
[Luna seal] Both Xiao Kun and I will be injured, and we will be stained with his blood. If you don’t have a trick, I’m afraid it’s not so good. Hey, what are you going to do with his blood? Although his realm is suppressed, it is immortal blood in the immortal body, which is beneficial to your monks. Don’t practice at will! 】
[Wang Mu didn’t trust to wait, but the one pretending to be an oriental shepherd came]
[Luna, can he handle this fairy officer? 】
[Wang Mu naturally can’t … is it …]
Real design this step Wang Mu is to want to use the fairy officer hand will ethereal flocculant to kill.
I can’t help it. It’s too much trouble.
Wang Mu has been thinking about this way since he heard the ethereal flocculant under the guise of his identity
The oriental shepherd in the game is himself, but he is not the oriental shepherd in the game. He is still a young man who has experienced the influence of modern society.
Just think about it and get what you want.
He doesn’t have the stubborn idea that the oriental shepherd must die in his own hands.
He thinks it’s all right to kill the misty flocculant.
Now, at this time, I want to deal with a lot of strong people under the guise of my own identity to protect the ethereal flocculant Xianyun Kun. Although I have some strength to do it, I have to kill those strong people around her first.
This is what Wang Mufa endured.
Another way is to use another powerful immortal to cultivate immortals in Jiuzhou. Now Wang Mu knows this immortal official.
Of course, it may not be possible to directly kill the ethereal flocculant.
This is the best result.
The worst result is naturally that the ethereal flocculant has not been killed, but he has infiltrated her and secretly looked for opportunities to get rid of her.
The plan is this plan.
Can you do it …
Wang Mu Gu Yuqing looked aside.
She looked at the clouds with a cold face.
Later on, a figure was blown out of the void.
Her pupils shrank. That’s Brother Wang!
Wang Mu has a look. Boy, the strength of Luna is not very good.
But it’s just right
If you don’t see this, Gu Yuqing is very shaken.
She does have a way to contact dimly discernible flocculant.
Since the birth of that wisp of consciousness in the ancient wood of knowing the sea, she can communicate with her in a soul realm with the help of this wisp of consciousness.
This mysterious way of communication is true and somewhat shocked her mind.
Because it is obviously not a normal monk communication.
It is impossible for a normal monk to build this special soul boundary and communicate over a long distance.
"You see, your confidante is dying, and the spirit beast is left."
Wang Mu said, "Let the sage come here quickly. This is the only chance to save him."
Gu Yuqing was silent and she closed her eyes.
Somewhere in Ganzhou
"Gu Yuqing gave me a message …"
"It seems that it is time …"
Wang Mu waited quietly.
As the moon god was blown away, the huge figure of little Kun was smashed out of the void, splashing waves in the weak pool, such as the lotus, which almost shattered the whole weak pool monk.
The immortal level battle is really a little weak, and I don’t even have the qualification to taste the aftermath of the battle.
"Little Kun strength than fairy officer or slightly less" Wang Mu heart way.
In the virtual space, the figure slowly fell into the hemp fiber and the hat disappeared, replaced by a slightly old fairy robe with long hair and handsome face, and her brow was full of rage.
His whole body seemed to be gloomy and sealed.
Of course, according to Luna, it is temporary.

However, the desire of the magic statue and the demon ancestor to completely exterminate human martial arts may be lost. Not to mention that everyone in the small world is practicing martial arts, and even the northern Xuanzhou and the Japanese Yingzhou have also set off a martial arts trend. I believe that if more people can see the benefits of fairy martial arts practitioners, human beings will surely become stronger.

Shortly after Xu Ren came out, Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, also came out.
Mo Lin’s harvest this time is not small, and his cultivation realm has also reached Yupu realm, and his spirit is stronger than before because he swallowed several powerful demon spirits of demon race.
Of course, in addition to strengthening the repair strength, Mo Lin also got no less information than the wild days.
For example, there are nine major forces in the wild days at present.
The strongest is Yaozu Mountain.
But the demon ancestors haven’t been out of the mountain for so many years, and the demon family doesn’t seem to be very active.
Then the demon emperor.
The so-called emperor is a demon emperor, and his strength is very strong. It is said that all of them can match the immortal emperor and the human king.
Of course, this is also a popular saying among the demon families. In fact, no one in the Great Demon Emperor has ever confronted the King and the Immortal Emperor.
However, the demon race once fought with the king and the immortal emperor.
To tell the truth, the King of Man and the Fairy Emperor are not the enemies of the demon ancestors when they are carried out alone, but the King of Man and the Fairy Emperor have a very strong means of joint warfare. Even if the demon family meets, they have to avoid the edge.
Even so, it is impossible for the king and the immortal emperor to defeat the demon family, but the demon ancestor was seriously injured by the immortal emperor. It is estimated that the confrontation between the king and the immortal emperor will be a lose-lose scene.
After the Great Demon Emperor, there are 32 Demon Emperors and 100 Demon Kings, and it is difficult to count the number of Demon Godsworn, Fairy Demon Godsworn and Yupu Demon Godsworn.
This Xu Ren also finally knows how powerful the demon race is. It is no wonder that they directly occupied the wild days that belonged to the human monks.
After the little demon leopard came out, others came out one after another, but the gains were not great.
Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu are brothers in the same system. Although their qualifications are good, they are far from reaching the level of Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin.
The dumpling demon dragonfly is also as qualified as Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu. Although it is good, it is still much worse than Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin.
Chen An and vestbo are still young, but their minds are still undecided. Although they are diligent enough in cultivation, they are also accumulating details.
Yu Bei Gong, Ximengdu, Zhong Lirui and Cao Dian, although their qualifications are good, there are limits, and they are shorter than Chen An and vestbo when they are practicing. Some towns have made rapid progress to the abode of fairies and immortals, and now they have accumulated the details and made no breakthrough. However, their martial arts training has reached the peak of the golden body, and they need a chance to break through to the top of the mountain.
"Xiao Xu’s family?"
On this day, Xu Ren was enjoying the cool air in the courtyard, but he heard a very gentle sound.
"It turned out that the Second Elder was too far away to meet."
Xu Ren slightly one leng didn’t expect someone to visit people at this time. Xu Ren also knew that it was the two elders of Pingan City who also led them to resist the demon invaders.
"Not only am I here, but I also brought you someone."
When the second elder spoke, he had already dodged, and an old man appeared behind him.
The old man is not tall, half a head shorter than the two elders, but he is very energetic and somewhat sage like type.
"But I wonder who this elder is?"
Xu Ren asked frowning slightly.
"This is our safe city duke"
The two elders see Xu Ren asked busy to Xu Ren said
"I’ve met the Lord."
Xu Ren was very polite. After learning the identity of the man, he quickly bowed down and saluted.
"Not so polite. I’m here to ask you something."
The duke also smiled at Xu Renxiao.
"Then let’s talk inside."
The duke of Ping ‘an City is a big shot for Xu Ren. The most important thing is that Xu Ren can’t see this person’s realm. It is estimated that he has to be a master of Xianwang level.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen Items
"I didn’t expect the duke’s adult to visit my humble abode. It’s an honor for us to chat inside."
Xu Ren is also a scene person. Although I don’t know what the Lord of Ping ‘an is coming to, he still has to do what he should say and do.
"That’s just what I want."
The duke of Pingan City did not say much directly. Xu Ren entered the house.
Then Xu Ren directly let the duke into the hospitality hall and let Bei Gong and Simon prepare tea alone.
Bei Gong Xiu and Simon Du are now Xu Ren window-keepers, and both of them are more ventilated. After listening to Xu Ren’s orders, they immediately boiled water for tea.
After a while, the tea was sent to Xu Ren, the host of two guests in the hall.
"You have done a good job in this house, especially this law is as good as my Lord’s house."
The owner of the Old City of Ping ‘an took a sip of tea and took the lead in speaking.
"Tell the Lord’s adult to laugh at me. This little trick won’t work."
Xu Ren didn’t expect the old duke to comment on his own law as soon as he came. Although he was confident in his own law, he didn’t dare to be conceited.
"This means you are not small, although the law is not big, but the complexity of the law is not bad at all. I think it looks like an ancient powerful law bearing."
I have to say that the Lord of Ping ‘an City is still very knowledgeable. I just looked at it at random and saw the doorway of Xu Ren’s law.
"Your honor has a good eye. I got this array from a very strange fortune teller."
Xu Ren, of course, can’t say that his law system is immortal because he doesn’t know that although people in the demon mountain have an impression of immortal, he just doesn’t know if there is anyone here who is planted by the king and the immortal emperor. Don’t say that he has immortal memory. Even if he says that he has immortal memory, it is estimated that there are many people who want to kill him. He won’t say that he has immortal memory, but that fortune teller. Anyway, Xu Ren thinks that he is not an ordinary person. He should be able to carry this pot.
"Fortune teller? That’s possible. That guy always has some strange things. It seems that you should be someone else. "
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the duke of Ping ‘an City was a little surprised, but it made him realize that it is estimated that there are others who can have such a thing as Xu Ren.
"The duke know the fortune teller? To tell the truth, I’ve met him twice, once gave me something, and the other time told me to keep my eyes open and not be fooled by the surface. "
Xu Ren didn’t expect the duke to follow his words, which also made Xu Ren somewhat suspicious, of course, more suspicious of the fortune teller’s identity.
"There are some origins, which are in line with his apprenticeship style. Now it seems that you must be suspected by others."
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the Lord of Ping ‘an City not only had no doubt, but also became more convinced that Xu Ren was the fortune teller.
"It shouldn’t count, right?"

Holding down Laner’s mother’s body and Li Luan’s face, the thing has become as big as four fingers. While doing it, she promised her that sometimes she would fly back quietly to make a final appointment with her. Laner’s mother and Li Luan made an appointment to meet at the temple in the back hill of Ximen City on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

Because every month Laner’s mother will go to the temple in the back hill of Ximen City to pray for blessings, Li Yun promised her a little bit about this agreement, but Li Yun said that she was very comfortable with doing it, saying that she had to do it in her room tonight. When she heard Li Yun’s words, she jumped up, and she felt that her face was overwhelmed by things.
"Don’t worry, I’ll be invisible. Then Lord Ximen won’t see me try a model for you!"
After Li Xun finished speaking, Ma Yunqi made the whole body invisible with the magical power of raping the East Static. In this way, Laner’s mother saw Li Xun, but Laner’s mother just felt that something was coming in and out of the fairy son-in-law, and Laner’s mother smiled and said that she would wait for him in the room tonight.
"So it’s time for you to sit on my bed." Li Yun held her and rolled over to bed.
This world also has a lotus sitting posture, and this Laner mother is still very skilled, which makes Li Lian feel very comfortable, but because the time is tight, Li Lian and the two of them can speed up and do it with her, and finally they will put all kinds of life into her. Whether she can give birth to a little fairy depends on Li Lian’s luck, even if she doesn’t give birth to a little fairy, she will believe that her body will be harmless.
It took half an hour and a half to make this hungry Laner’s mother climax five times. In this way, the two of them dressed in a hurry and went to the hall to sit back to their original position to talk about Laner. It was to talk for a while, and Simon City ran to Li Yun with Laner’s clothes and a smile.
"What took you so long!" Laner’s mother asked
"You also know that I am a big man. How can a big man find clothes for women? I don’t know how to take those clothes, big and small. Those women just told me that I have a hobby of stealing my daughter’s pants. I am so angry!" Simon Lord thought of Laner’s clothes in the room when he was suddenly seen by a woman with clothes in one hand and trousers in the other and said
"Hey lady, what’s wrong with you? Are you so red in the face and have a fever? Or is it uncomfortable there? " Simon asked the duke to see his wife’s face is very rosy.
"Nothing. Give me the clothes and give them to Laner!" Laner’s mother said
Then the Lord of Simon laughed and talked to Li Xun about those things. When Li Xun saw the poor man, he also smiled and took out a Yunxia sword and gave him the fist of "Dragon and Tiger". Li Xun said that there were two pills for Laner and her mother to eat.
Because Li Lian doesn’t want his magic pill to restore his health, then he will do that with Laner’s mother at night. Isn’t Li Lian just a little upset
"Ha ha no, anyway, I just have a sword and this martial arts. I’m not so greedy and not so greedy!" Did Xicheng Gate feel lost because of the miraculous elixir? Instead, he said with great heart.
Li Yun secretly wants to see your woman being fucked by me. I’ll give you something else, even if it’s worth wearing a green hat.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Secretly
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Secretly
Then Li Lian took out a defensive magic ring for him, which would automatically start if his life was threatened, but Li Lian didn’t tell him that it was a defensive ring. Seeing that Li Lian gave him this one like gem ring made him more worried, but those on the ring were not rubies but magic stones.
After talking for a while, Li Xun decided to leave Ximen City tomorrow, but the Lord of Ximen asked Li Xun to stay in Ximen City for a few days, and asked Li Xun to move back to Ximen House, so that it would be more convenient to move tonight.
In this way, Li Lian and a beautiful woman went home to Simon’s house. I don’t know why Laner’s mother just likes to walk by Li Lian’s side and leave Simon’s city behind, but Simon’s city is unaware that this move is to recognize Li Lian as her son-in-law. It is normal to chat closer.
Behind Li Lian, Ximen City holds hands, Xiao Xiajian laughs and laughs. What would his mood be like if someone said to him at this moment that your wife was fucked by Li Lian?
Since Li Yun and his wife left the inn, the shopkeeper in the inn officially released them for business, and there were more accommodations, but they haven’t released them for business. For a long time, they were complained by guests that there were many liquids on the sheets in the room that had not been replaced.
"How did that happen? I remember cleaning this room a few days ago. Is that fairy carrying his woman here? " The little two thought to themselves.
"Don’t be angry, guest. These things should be left by the gods. I’ll change the bed and quilt for you now!" Xiao er kept telling him something
"What? The fairy stayed? Is that the boy with white hair? " The female guest asked.
"Yes, that is, he has been wrapped up these two days!" Xiao er explained to her
"Is the fairy that these things don’t change for those filthy quilt cover, you can cut and put boxes for me and there are such things cut for me! Here are two ingots of gold. It’s up to you! " The female guest said
"Ok, I’ll do it for you now!" The little two looked at the gold and nodded with a smile and said
It seems that it’s really good to be a fairy, and something is also a treasure. Especially those children sing about immortals all day long, but those children and the people don’t know that the fairy is a pervert. This word is only relative to some big darling daughter, but it is a god who helps the poor to some ordinary people. After he appeared in Tianyuan mainland, he killed many mountain thieves and horse thieves.
Tianyuan Empire pays great attention to this immortal. He walked all the way to the West Gate of the Northern Ghost in the East, leaving secrets everywhere. The king of Tianyuan Empire also wanted to have these. However, according to the family of the Northern Ghost, Li Xun will go to China after he arrives at the Nangong. If Li Xun’s trip is not five days, he will definitely appear in China unless something happens on his way.
"How are you doing? Has everything been taken care of? " Tianyuan empire across the baiguan said
"We have all taken care of it, but Yincui gorge refused to see Li Yun that day!" Next to the wise man said
"We have to see if we don’t see him. We have to find a way to keep him in Tianyuan Empire. I hope she can make a sacrifice for Tianyuan Empire for a thousand years. I am sorry for Yincui gorge," said the king of Tianyuan Empire.
This is the fate of being born in an imperial family. The king of Tianyuan Empire has five daughters, each of whom was born by a different princess, but they are all beautiful as flowers. The most beautiful thing is that Yincui gorge was born with five women, all of whom are palm beads, especially Yincui gorge.
It’s a pity that Tianyuan Empire has not only given birth to four women in their generation, but even the king has given birth to daughters, which may greatly reduce the power of Tianyuan Empire. Don’t you think Tianyuan Empire is worried? So this time, the emperor star appeared in his country, and only with him can the fate of the whole empire be saved.
"Great wise man, do you think this imperial star will restore our town to its original state?" Tianyuan empire king asked
"Everything is unknown. I watch the stars at night and I hope Tianyuan Empire will be in trouble. I hope he can give us a hand." The wise man touched the nonsense.
It is true that the reason why the empires around us are so stupid to move around the four families is that the imperial spies learned that the secret was sent by a fairy from the heads of the three families by the Nangong family. There must be a saying that it was war. Whether they lost territory or that secret, which imperial emperor had little ambition? Which one doesn’t want natural enemies?
Li Lian’s appearance can be said to be a variable, but now the king of Yunyang Empire has received a letter from his daughter saying that she is now settled in the fairy hand and told him not to worry about the country being threatened by the fairy, but he didn’t go to big princess to hand over his body to Li Lian.
It’s night again
Simon Li Yun, a shrewd man, first took a bath with all the women after dinner, and then sent them back to their rooms to rest. He told them that he had something to do and stayed up late, and then he went to Simon Lord and said that he would borrow his wife to talk and chat.
"It’s so late. Let’s talk about it another day, madam, don’t you think!" Hall Simon duke said to LanEr mother
"Master Li Yun will go to Nangong Family tomorrow. Presumably he should have something important to talk to me about!" Blue son mother said to Simon duke
"It’s not important, but I’ll give it to Shen Dan. After you eat it, I’ll teach you a mental method. It’s a mental method for women’s health." Li Yun smiled and stared at the shy blush on Laner’s mother’s face and said
"Then you go quickly. I’ll go to my room to do something!" Simon Lord heard Li Yun’s magic and said to his wife.
In this way, Li Lian took Laner’s mother to a guest room. After Li Lian entered the room, the horse locked the door and then released the gods to lock the West Gate Lord. What did he do? Will follow the two of them when Simon finally returns to his room?
Li Lian gave up, and became thin about Laner’s mother at the inn. Because Laner’s mother dressed casually after taking a shower at night, she was not so particular about it, but somehow she didn’t wear pants tonight. Usually Laner’s mother slept in pants, so she didn’t know anything tonight. Maybe she thought that it would be convenient for Li Lian to enter her room tonight. Li Lian, a pervert, wouldn’t wear it.
Since the first world war, she hasn’t had such happiness and orgasm in the inn for more than ten years. Her mind still misses Li Lian’s face. When that thing entered the room, Li Lian became light and thin with her, but she didn’t resist or object to making Li Lian light and thin with her body and face. However, Li Lian was light and thin, and she got down to business after a while.
A colorful elixir appeared, and Li Xun asked Laner’s mother to eat it. After Li Xun put her hands on the bed, Li Xun carried magical powers behind her to help her digest the elixir and lead those spirits to gather in her meridians to make her youthful and beautiful. It took about an hour to meditate.
"I have a set of mental methods here called Xuan Nv Heart Sutra. If you have it in the future, practice it so that you won’t get old easily, even if you live to be 60 years old!" Li Yun said to her
"Well, it’s up to you, but you must remember to date me there on the fifteenth day of every month, okay?" Laner’s mother felt that there was an unspeakable power in her body.
"I’ll make you feel right tonight. We seem to have been chatting in the room for an hour. You should go back to your room and go to sleep with the old man. I’ll come to you again. Remember, after he falls asleep, you take off all your clothes and wait for me to know!" Li Yun spent an hour helping her get married and said
"Well, I’ll be waiting for you in the back. You have to come to Nujia!" Laner’s mother smiled and kissed Li Yun in the mouth.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two Don’t touch me
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two Don’t touch me
After Laner’s mother got Li Yun to get through the meridians and ate the colorful elixir, the whole person just became a little coquettish. When she returned to her room, the Lord of Simon just walked around the room, and when she saw her wife appear, she just rode forward.
However, Laner’s mother ignored him, saying that she was a little tired, so she had to rest early to let Master Simon see that Laner’s mother had turned into another woman. She also planned to talk to her more and ask her what she had just done in Li Yun’s room. I didn’t expect him to wait in his room for an hour, but the result was that she was tired and fell asleep.
"Madam, did your son-in-law do anything to you just now?" Simon, the duke of the bed, still asked.
"Don’t touch me. Did you wash your hands? Go out and wash without washing! " Laner’s mother answered this sentence.
"Oh!" Simon duke put his wife’s shoulder hand back way
So Simon went out to wash his hands. Although Laner’s mother felt strange today, Simon still had nothing to say. He went out to wash his hands obediently, but he didn’t expect Laner’s mother to ask him to wash his hands again when his hands touched the door when he returned to his room.
"Okay, I’m going to wash my hands now!" Simon Lord didn’t expect to wash his hands again because he touched the door.
This time, Simon City ran back to the room with his hands held high, sliding the door and then closing the bottom door, but when he came to the edge of the bed, Laner’s mother had already gone to sleep. She had not slept yet, but she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, while Ximen City Lord was lying in bed and pushing Laner’s mother for a few times. After finding that she didn’t respond, she went to sleep stiffly.
In the middle of the night, Laner’s mother just sat up, took off her clothes and put them on the edge of the bed to make her white and beautiful body naked, and then got into the quilt to sleep with a happy smile.
After that, the main door of Ximen knocked slowly and then closed quietly, but no one came in. It was strange not to mention that everyone knew that the man had come in.
Compared with Li Lian, there is no difference in this dark room during the day. Li Lian slowly walked to the bed in the room. When Li Lian gently pulled the quilt, she was really naked and attacked by Li Lian without a horse.
Is to put your mouth in Laner’s mother’s ear and gently tell her that Li Yun is coming and ask her if she is ready?
Hearing Li Xun’s words, Laner’s mother immediately woke up and gently stroked her hands in front of her for a few times. Finally, she felt that the familiar body was small and white and still angry, and slowly stroked it to find that Li Xun was not dressed, which made her heart beat faster.
Li Yun can point out the acupoint of the West Gate Lord, but Li Yun didn’t do so, and he is not afraid that the West Gate Lord will see that Li Yun is now invisible.
Naked Laner’s mother’s legs were slowly separated, and then she felt an object come into her body. Although she didn’t see anyone, she still felt Li Yun’s familiar thing
It was after the bed was inserted for a few times that Li Lian was afraid that shaking the bed would wake up the Lord Simon, so Li Lian gently pulled Laner’s mother to the edge of the bed and let Laner’s mother lie on the edge of the bed with her face facing the back of the Lord Simon, and she felt that Li Lian had pushed it forward.
If Simon City advocates his eyes at this time, he will surely find his wife lying naked on the edge of the bed as if being pushed behind her back, as if the pair of things on her chest kept swinging. Poor Laner’s mother just couldn’t groan, biting her silver teeth tightly and looking at her "xianggong" sleeping.
Being fucked in front of her husband for the first time has greatly changed and influenced her virtuous personality, but this feeling makes her very comfortable and happy
Finally, an abnormal idea came out of Li Xun’s mind, so he held a few firm but gentle words and ordered the sleeping point of Lord Ximen to make him fall asleep. Li Xun believed that he would not wake up after being killed this time.
"You go to bed, put your legs across his face, grab the headboard with both hands and come behind me." Li Yun said softly to this beautiful wife.

Time and as if this moment suddenly stopped!

But only a few seconds later, after recovering from the strong light, hundreds of double snakes taught the gas refiners to scream and scream again, which was even more horrible. The raging waves were like a storm and raging sea, and they recklessly slammed into the golden light ship.
"poof!" Brother Chen was full of expectation and became full of blood. "What the hell did you do, asshole?"
"An accident is an accident." Xu Zhihu was ashamed and turned to look at the front screen. "Uh, I just found out that Xiaoqian seems to have uninstalled the printing software …"
You go! Labor and capital don’t know you!
Brother Chen once again spouted blood and simply didn’t say anything. He just roared and drew his sword to meet the roaring waves of fire.
Rise of the Legend’s sword light is like a sea of raging flames, and it burns his temples!
But at this moment, Brother Chen remembered that when he was walking in rivers and lakes, he was strong and pregnant, and he was away from the fire. Master Jianfeng earnestly taught him that year, and he was generous and ambitious, and it was a shame for Sister Hua …
Crisp click, suddenly, from then on, the printer that successfully installed the software finally flashed silver and printed quickly, and then … poof!
In an instant, a virtual shadow flew out of the printer outlet like a sharp arrow!
"What?" Brother Chen consciously reached out and grabbed it. When he saw the virtual shadow in his hand, he was suddenly taken aback. "Er, is this … a talisman?"
That’s right! Is the charm! And it’s a fire snake symbol that has just been printed and hasn’t even dried the vermilion ink!
"Wait a minute. Why will a charm come out of that printer?" Brother Chen was confused, but after a few seconds, he realized that this salamander character was actually burning automatically, and suddenly his hair stood on end-
Burn … Throw!
So at this moment, everyone was amazed that the flaming fire snake character in the line of sight just crossed a curved arc and fell into the gas refining team of the Double Snake Sect, and then …
Chapter 99 My precious charm doesn’t cost money
Generally speaking, an offensive charm, fire snake charm, has three advantages-first, it can kill many people; Second, it can kill many people; Third, it can kill many people …
Well, say the important thing three times!
At this moment, it roared into the sword array of the Double Snake Sect, and the fire snake symbol exploded suddenly, setting off a raging sea frenzy and spreading like hot fire waves in all directions!
In the middle of the moment, the double-snake teaching method was destroyed on the spot, and even the slag was not left. Next to it, dozens of gas refiners were even more angry and burned, and flew out in the original dense double-snake teaching sword array. At this moment, a large piece of white actually appeared.
But this is just a!
A moment before they recovered from the violent blow Xu Zhihu side has raised the printer serious gently cough a few-
Da da da! Da da da! Dadada dadada dadada dadada!
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 2
Continuous printing, fast printing by the silver-white printer, just a few seconds later, the paper outlet is flashing with silver light, and a few salamanders whistle and shoot out, and then bump into the stunned double snake sword array again!
Boom A pillar of fire! Two pillars of fire! Three pillars of fire!
In the eyes of the public, more than a dozen violent pillars roared and boomed at the same time, causing hundreds of double snakes to teach gas refiners to be overwhelmed. The sword light was directly overturned by the horror of air billow and flew out like a broken kite.
Stunned! Next to Brother Chen, they have been completely stunned. "Later, Brother Ning, can you still … make symbols?"
"Never!" Xu Zhihu answered honestly, "But my Xiaoqian seems to be able to print the talisman directly in 3D after connecting with the printer … Do you know in 3D?"
I don’t know anything. A group of Shushan brothers have a dull face, and their outlook on life, values and world outlook are about to collapse.
In fact, although Shushan is the first method to imperial ships, it never denies the importance of the talisman. You should know that an equal talisman can not only attack powerful enemies, but also play a variety of unique auxiliary effects such as defense, healing and escaping, especially in this large-scale group war.
But the problem is that refining the talisman is not a simple matter. The talisman needs to concentrate carefully and then draw the rune with cinnabar spirit ink and white paper. Every stroke should be combined with heaven and earth and be careful not to make mistakes even if there is the slightest deviation …
The question is coming!
When his talisman bathes and changes clothes, it’s hard to bury his head in drawing a Zhang Ling symbol, which will be scrapped when it is painted. Teacher Ning’s side is actually going to print the talisman directly, and the accuracy rate is as high as 100%, and the speed is amazing …
Damn it, it’s not scientific!
"On the contrary, this is very scientific." Xu Zhihu didn’t forget to explain it back to them while holding the printer. "You see, my family’s Xiaoqian scanned a lot of pictures to be typed by the talisman, and then you can print them directly with enough white paper and cinnabar ink …"
I haven’t finished his scientific and rigorous explanation yet. On the other side, the cult of Double Snake, which suffered heavy losses, finally reacted from fright. Suddenly, it was shocked and scared. Before the printer printed it out smoothly, it was fierce and rushed again.
Hum-hum pattern Tucson breaks my printer, but it’s a laser, okay?
In a flash, Xiaoqian hit a Zhang Ling symbol picture again. With a bang, the printer’s silver light soared again. In a flash, five or six condensed stone symbols were sprayed again like sharp arrows at the dense crowd!
Click a blunt front dozens of double snakes teach gas refining and qi qi immediately recruited petrochemical on the spot even maintained a roaring sword posture so strange dull in situ.
Good chance, Brother Chen, they finally reacted and directly spurred the flying sword multiplier to kill like a storm, and then cut these dozens of unlucky guys into pieces.

There is a spectacle in the eyes of everyone. The White Sea Temple needs to be repaired, and the target is just around the corner.

There seems to be a huge hole in the sky ahead
A huge golden column was inserted straight into the sky, blocking the cracked sky like a hole.
Around the pillar, magma and flame rolled and overflowed along the golden light pillar to form a magma river and dispersed everywhere.
There was admiration in Shan Guan’s eyes, and the jade pointed to Zhong Jin Guang Da Zhu and said to the then true people, "That’s my Zong Bao, the God of Heaven and Iron, but the sky can be blocked. Please wait in the ship and wait for us to fill the sky …"
With that, Shan Guan looked at Sun Hao and said with a smile, "Little Hao Ge, let’s go, let’s go …"
Sun Hao said with a slight smile that I am not a monk in the temple of souls now. You should call your eldest brother the ghost.
However, Shan Guan went on to say, "It’s hard to drive the gods with iron, but you can’t lack the little Hao Ge."
He ranked then a little surprised to see Sun Hao. At this moment, everyone also came over for nothing. Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, even has some connections with the sea temple, and should also have some sea temple occultism.
However, I don’t understand how a younger brother of Qingyun can learn the secrets of the Sea Temple and let the monks of the Sea Temple treat each other like this.
Sun Hao nodded and said "good"
Shan Guan said "Let’s go" to the monk of the Sea Temple behind him.
Godsworn Li Hui, Xing Tianyou, Zhong Xiaohao, four monks from the Sea Temple, and seven monks took off to the Golden Iron Column.
It is relatively safe that the magma at the bottom of the iron column is not stained with flame.
Seven Godsworn of the Sea Temple and Sun Haoyi, a common name, then there may be a hidden soul, which soon came to the bottom of the Golden Pillar.
Fang then, the true people looked up unblinkingly to see how the temple of the sea repaired the iron, and at the same time hoped to find that the mysterious temple of the sea had not returned.
After entering the burial day market, the soul did not return, but only once when fighting against the ancient fascination. This repair will definitely make the gods iron want to stop, right?
At the bottom of the iron column, there are two golden characters "Dingtian".
The Chinese characters seem to have a deterrent distance of about ten feet, and the coercion has come to my face.
Shan Guan stopped his finger iron about ten feet and said, "Our goal is very simple. We can push the fixed god iron."
Then she paused. There was a dignified expression on her face. "But it’s not easy to achieve this goal. We need to unite our minds to set the iron of the gods, and then we can push the iron of the gods into the sky. It’s unpredictable and it’s difficult to break the magma and enter the imperial palace …"
Huge, like a mountain covering the sun, blocks the iron in front of him.
Sun Hao once again felt his smallness.
The achievement of the great power of the elixir has long been annihilated by the magical and spectacular wonders.
Sun Hao, an ancient great power, feels so small compared with holding the iron of God and anger.
The ancient great power left this divine iron, which requires the younger brother Qi Xin to work together to push forward and return to the sky.
Shan Guan still said, "For many years, our senior monks in the Temple of the Sea can barely meet the restoration requirements, and they can only push the sacred iron forward by 11%. This time, our strength will be better and we hope to push more. Of course, if possible, we should not weaken our ambition and strive to push the sacred iron half an inch, otherwise the Temple of the Sea will hold back the mainland monks."
With that, Shan Guan glanced at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao Ma Bai came over to help the Heavenly Palace to repair the Tianfuyi perfectly, but he started the program of perfectly repairing all the nodes of the Buried Tianxu.
The sacred palace of ice and snow is stimulated, and it is not afraid to break the elixir to repair the mountain of ice and snow and the temple of the sea, but it cannot be weak
Sun Haoshen smiled slightly and said, "Hey, what do we need to do? Rest assured that I will try my best. "
Sun Hao is very strange now that the sea temple has not returned, and it has not been able to hold its breath. When has it arrived, it has not yet appeared?
Shan Guan said, "Little Hao Ge remembers that you got a token after you broke out of spirit of war Palace."
Sun Hao "hmm" took out the token that he never knew. "Hey, is this it?"
Sun Hao took out the token and at the same time, around him, including Sun Hao, bowed slightly in front of the token.
Sun Hao was a little surprised and said with all his heart that it seems that this token is very important and its representative significance is also very unusual, but I don’t know what it will do to promote the determination of God Iron.
Shan Guan also bowed slightly to the token and said with a smile, "Brother Hao, it is said that the token in your hand was made of iron and iron from the gods in those days, that is, I said that the iron of the gods can make us unite the iron of the gods and drive the soul to push the iron of the gods."
Sun Hao’s heart can’t help but feel suspicious. So what will happen if he fails to enter the sea temple in the burial day market?
Or is it that the main soul of the Sea Temple has not returned or that the single body has a similar token?
But this is not the time to delve into this problem.
According to the single story, Sun Hao forced a drop of blood and a finger to drop the token.
The divine iron order absorbed Sun Hao’s blood like a sponge, and Sun Hao immediately got in touch with the token. At the same time, Sun Hao also had two strange feelings in his heart.
First, it’s as if the divine iron has turned into another self. Sun Hao once had a scene similar to that in Bai Gong’s dream *
I don’t think much about Sun Haoma, but I was shocked by the second feeling.
The second feeling is that the iron that sets the gods is like a mountain, and Sun Hao has a sense of oppression that he can’t breathe well and can’t get out.
Drink "we" alone and crisp.
Speaking, the seven monks of the Sea Temple leaned out their fingers and dripped blood and rushed to the Iron Order.
Seven drops of blood donation drip
The divine iron makes it rise and float, and the bottom of the divine iron also gives off a faint light, echoing the word "divine" from a distance.
And Sun Hao, his brother, dropped blood and felt a little stressed at the same time.
Drink "Xiao Hao, your master and everyone are in good spirits to urge the imperial iron to push it forward by half an inch"
Say that finish fly to stop Sun Hao square ten feet away knees a plate of sitting in.
His monks in the Sea Temple flew to Sun Hao’s body without objection, and Sun Hao’s core was evenly arranged in a six-pointed star and sat cross-legged
Corleone slightly one leng Ma remembered that he had seen a large array in Yundian.
* Fang Ju Soul Array
When I don’t think much, Sun Hao also sits cross-legged

In the discussion, Walsh told us that it was related to the development and evolution of their culture.

But also to … myths, Walsh said that from a long time ago, I wanted to construct the myths of the people of Walsh into a’ real’ world.
The headmaster also got the opportunity to visit these places, so he got to know some mythical creatures in them.
It is not clear why Walsh has such special treatment for it, but Walsh told it that this institute … is known to a few Walsh people.
Later, Walsh also told it that if Walsh encountered a great disaster, most people in Walsh could take refuge in this village.
….. This seems to be the reason why the former headmaster said that Walsh promised.
But the headmaster doesn’t know this yet. He also knows …
The spies heard footsteps outside. It seems that they have finally arrived. Let’s escape first.
The spy poked his hair outside the glass, and as the front glass rose rapidly, he knocked on the door and went out.
When I went outside, it was like an underground parking lot, and immediately I could see several students coming here.
It took them a total of 30 seconds from the spy attack on the principal to the arrival … This is enough to spy on most of the principal’s memories.
"It’s here!" When a student saw the spy, he immediately raised a huge axe and cut it down. The spy leaned over and hid the axe, kicking the student out and flying casually in the direction of the ladder.
"You go to see the headmaster! I’ll go after it! " The student with the axe immediately got up, and it shouted and cut at the spy again.
However, the spy has already flown to the entrance of the ladder, poked it in a few times, and then tightened the door with the ladder and rose to a higher place.
"How can you start the ladder?" The axe student’s amazing voice slowly went away, and the spy directly took the ladder to the top of a learning building. When the ladder door was hit, the spy also spread his wings and flew out.
The spy now has wings that imitate goblins. Of course, goblin wings can’t fly because they look like ice cones.
But the spy has now transformed it into a flying state, with an ice cone-shaped skeleton and six wings like insects behind it.
When they shook, the spy also rose to high school.
Although the flight is not very fast, it is still very simple to escape from the college, and you can come back by changing your appearance outside.
"Don’t run!" The student with an axe in front of him also came here by another ladder, but he could watch the spy fly far away … shouting meaningless words.
During the flight, Lin continued to think about the memory she got from the principal.
Later, the principal obtained a lot of genetic information from Walsh and applied it to the college, which made the college’s technology much stronger. However, the principal told Walsh what would happen after that.
Therefore, it has done a lot of investigation and research, and at the same time it has known a lot of people who know about Walsh.
The headmaster and these Walsh people formed the’ Walsh Going Research Group’
Just like their name, they are mainly responsible for investigating …
What on earth suddenly stopped communicating with them and got a lot of … information?
Some intelligence points out that Walsh has left them and gone far away, and they set out to study this aspect
They didn’t find out whether it was right or not, but they found another thing …
At that time, news came out all over the world that resources had become very … rich.
For example, various metals and energy sources have been discovered successfully, and many places have been excavated to a state of’ exhaustion’, but the original excavated resources have suddenly emerged.
Through their research, it is found that this may be related to Walsh.
Walsh seems to have completely changed the environment since he left, which makes them need all kinds of resources extremely rich …
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four Live and don’t run
"It’s there! Don’t let it escape! "
"Is the principal all right?"
"It’s nothing serious. It’s just that I passed out after being injected with narcotic drugs. We must get it back!"
The spy is in the vine jungle at this time, and a team can be seen in the distant jungle.
This team, Xie Texia, has a total of six Ershi people coming here.
Is to catch spies and disguise goblins
"I found it!"
Suddenly, a Kershman shouted in front of him, and at the same time, it rose from the ground at a high speed and flew to the same height as the spy.
This Ershi people should have been strengthened by birds.
No matter how strengthened birds are, it is difficult for Ershimin to fly, so it does not fly by itself, but depends on the assistance of flying devices behind it.
The main way to strengthen birds is that they adapt to the middle environment, that is, they are suitable for being fighter pilots. Birds strengthen the people’s exercise, and flying things are much stronger than ordinary people.
So it flew towards the spy with a face of absolute confidence.
The spy immediately lowered its altitude. When it flew to the top of the spy’s head, the spy suddenly accelerated its speed.
In this way, the spy head hit its belly, accompanied by a cry, and its body fell to the jungle with a tilt.
But the moment it almost fell to the ground, it immediately got the flying device ready again and flew.
"How dare you hit me!" By the time birds strengthen students’ angry words, spies have flown far away.
Its flying device is propeller flying, which is not very fast. It can face the group of flightless Xie Texia and follow the spy together.
However, it is not easy to dump them because the spy is not too fast and too much, until the spy sees something.
This is a … annihilation ship.
More than 100 meters long, the ship was lying on the vine jungle, because there was thick fog everywhere, and it flew near before, and then the ship appeared in front of the spy and pursuit team.
"Is this … a warship?"
The spy who pursued the students froze and quickly flew to the jungle and took back his wings to hide the vine cover.
"It went down there!" Several students tried to chase the spy position at once, but they were stopped by captain Xie Texia.
"Wait a minute. This is an annihilation ship."
Xie Texia’s voice is a little scary. Although they are more than 100 meters away from the battleship, it seems unwilling to get close.
"Destroy the ship? Is this an annihilation ship? " The bird student also fell down, and he looked surprised like other students.
They don’t seem to know the specific shape of the annihilation ship. In fact, most people in Kirshnikov know about this warship, but they don’t know the actual shape.
And Xie Texia seems to know.

"You don’t lie to me?"

"Do you think I am cheating you?"
Los Changfeng shook his head.
It’s unbreakable. Continue to say, "Ask them if you don’t believe me."
Luo Changfeng looked at peony peony again.
Where do the two girls dare to refute the best practice and nod their heads?
Out of the Yan Lou, you can’t break it. Call a luxury carriage.
The carriage drove Luo Changfeng all the way to Wanshoumen Bailian Family.
Chapter 50 Double Order
As usual, Li Xiuyuan practiced sword at Shiqiao.
According to my own understanding, the last five styles of eleven swords have unexpected and terrible power. These five styles are not only extremely fast and bizarre, but also will be covered with milky white swords when dancing, which is a rare coup.
It’s a pity that the Zen girl of Chu has never seen it.
In the sunset, Li Xiuyuan closed his sword and immediately watched him from the top of the building. The sword-practicing person is no longer the girl who has been worried about Zen recently, but night is still young’s stranger.
Although Li Xiuyuan is half a swordsman, he is still used to holding a birthday ceremony for everyone.
The stranger looked at Li Xiuyuan with relief and smiled. "It’s hard to imagine that night is still young was a scholar who realized the last five types of the eleven swords."
Li Xiuyuan said shamefully, "I also stumbled upon a sudden whim. The mystery of the eleven swords is that it is difficult to understand the mystery in March."
Mo Ming said, "You have exceeded my expectations."
Li Xiuyuan is no longer polite.
Smile with a little shyness.
Mo Ming, the commander in chief, sat on the top of the building outside the building and watched the sunset. "There is something you need to do."
Li Xiuyuan also thought it was night is still young’s assessment period?
Although he had doubts, he didn’t continue to ask.
It is his unshakable will to assess how to join night is still young Chengzhong.
After a moment of silence, Li Xiuyuan said, "But as commanded."
Commander Mo Ming nodded. "Do you know what’s fifty miles outside this city?"
I remember that the other day, the girl of Chu Zen Heart talked and learned that the wars in the southern part of Dayan Empire were frequent and increasingly fierce, and the western part of Nanzhan was never tired of the city, which was a battleground for Dayan Empire to enter.
Not long ago, 50,000 Dayan fighters led by White-robed Snow Dragon Riders have been stationed 50 miles away, which may be violated at any time.
Li Xiuyuan said, "Dayan fighters."
The commander-in-chief of Mo Ming continued to ask, "Then do you know who are the three soldiers in the commander-in-chief of Dayan Iron Ride?"
Li Xiuyuan said "Yan Tian"
Mo Ming was slightly surprised. "It seems that Zen has been very white with you."
Li Xiuyuan couldn’t help smiling when he remembered Chu Zen. "But I still don’t know what you need me to do."
Mo Ming said, "Yan Tianling has the most terrible defense in the same realm, and Dayan Empire is also among the top ten masters. This human resource is poor, and I dare not assert victory when I meet him in a narrow way."
Mo Ming paused.
Then he said, "But this person is not flawed. As far as I know, the eleven swords are a kind of restraint to his skill."
Li Xiuyuan realized everything.
After all, a scholar has passed the exam, and his brain is always brighter than others.
He said, "Do you want me to assassinate Yan Tian?"
The commander of Mo Ming said, "The spy came to report that Yantian will be restless on the tenth day, but more than 5,000 people will be stationed in the city. Although night is still young is secretly stationed to take over, according to the strength of Dayan White-robed Snow Dragon Riding, I think this matter can’t be concealed from Yantian Eyeliner. If there are 100,000 people in this city after ten days of war, it will be difficult to destroy it!"
Li Xiuyuan was silent.
He finally white night is still young organization members everyone to scientific name eleven swords to assassinate Yantian plan seems from the moment when night is still young was founded devoted to the name at the head has been determined.
You can see how much effort has been devoted to leading the adults.
But the only difference is that Li Xiuyuan is unexpectedly beyond ordinary people’s understanding, and everyone can understand the famous eleven swords and hidden swords with him
Since the establishment of the organization, he has planned an assassination, which naturally falls on his shoulders.
Seeing Li Xiuyuan’s silence, the commander-in-chief asked, "You don’t want to?"
Li Xiuyuan shook his head.
Since childhood, I have been destroyed by Dayan’s beaten army, and my family has been ruined. I have studied in Qingshui for more than ten years. Isn’t it a sage to serve the country and resist the enemy?
He shouldn’t think much.
But I still can’t help but ask, "How sure am I?"
In the face of the strange name commander, I asked myself how many successful assassinations I could grasp if I lost to Yan Tian Li Xiuyuan.
He doesn’t know
Because he didn’t know Yan Tian.
He can take this, but he can’t die in a muddle. After all, knowing the end of death is not the end that wise people should choose.
The stranger’s name commander said, "Now ten people die."
Li xiuyuan looked at the leader with incomprehension.
The commander-in-chief went on to say, "You still have nine days to prepare to understand Yan Tian from every aspect, from daily life and diet to acting style. All the information of this person is in the hands of Zen. If you can learn the information by heart, you may have different results."
Li Xiuyuan asked again, "How sure are you?"
Mo Ming looked him in the eye and said "narrow escape"
Li Xiuyuan smiled bitterly.
There’s still a chance of survival after a narrow escape, isn’t there?

Lingchen can be said to be like a microorganism, but it never infects Lynn and Bilu.

Lynn thinks there may be something special that repels them.
These dust spirits are very … gentle, and they don’t do any harm to infected creatures or kill them.
It will slowly read biological information … and some creatures will leave after they die.
Then continue to research and manufacture here and go out to explore one at the same time.
Qianlin has learned about some … channel locations here. Lin decided to go to these locations and look at them carefully … but you can know what energy is not perceived.
"You …"
Suddenly Lynn heard a sound.
This is from the protective com ring Lin found that the signal is from … Just now the mecha was hit by a meteorite.
This should be the … Lingchen. It sends messages here.
"What will you be here? What’s going on here? Can you hear me? Should hear … "
This spirit dust feels a little … abnormal. It talks to itself here.
"Are you the ghost who attacked us just now?" Bilu asked, "What is going to attack us?"
"No … it wasn’t me that attacked us. It was it."
Chapter two thousand and fifty This position
"Who is it?"
"It is it, it is there, it is inside."
This spiritual dust … It seems that the memory is not complete.
Lynn and Bilu are still in the cave and communicate with a cloud of lingchen … and then Lynn learns something from it.
For example, it is almost the same as a group of Lin and Bilu who encounter spiritual dust with self-awareness, but its memory is not so complete. It doesn’t feel that it is a Ershi people, but that it is a pure wild creature.
Having said that, it still has a lot of knowledge and memory of the people of Ershi, which can be confirmed that it was once attached to the people of Ershi.
Now more importantly … It seems to have just attacked and observed the mecha where the meteorite came from.
"Where did it come from … if you want to find it, you can go to that location."
After it was finished, Lin found that the protective helmet showed a picture … The picture is the map of the god’s eye, which is exactly the same as seeing the scenery in the virtual, and a key position is also marked in the map.
"Is this the source of the meteorite attack?" Lin com asked LingChen.
"…" But it didn’t respond. Lin asked a few words again and it didn’t respond.
"hey! Talk to me! "
Neither Kathleen nor Bilu asked it again, so Kathleen decided … to go there first.
Should be able to find something interesting …
"Veronica, should I stay here?" And when Lin was going out, Bilu didn’t want to listen to Lin’s suggestion.
"No, I also have to go! Veronica and I can’t be separated! "
"Not in your position"
"What … I can face the danger with Veronica. We’ve all been through so much!"
Because Lin and Bilu are relatively special individuals who are not infected by lingchen, Lin wants to keep Bilu, which is a bit special … obviously Bilu is very reluctant.
"You stay here and be in charge of communication", but after Lin talked too much, Bilu stayed and watched Lin go to the cave exit.
"Veronica classmate …" After Billie gave up her eyes, Lin boarded the aircraft that stopped at the entrance of the cave.
This is a helicopter-shaped aircraft assembled by Lin Xin’s newly-built part of the mecha and a large number of light mosquito materials.
But it doesn’t fly by air, but it makes some … fuel. It can’t fly, but it can fly at medium and high speed here.
After boarding the aircraft, Lin quickly flew to the destination pointed out by Qianlingchen.
The rest is in the cave than Lou … and Lin Lian is maintained.
You can see many interesting scenery when you fly over Lin on the medium-high speed … such as various local creatures.
Most of them look like rocks, and they live in the plains looking for gravel food.
It seems that these creatures are not affected by any spirit dust, but the actual situation is unclear …
After flying for a while, Lin suddenly found a large group of … flying creatures in front.
These flying creatures look like birds … skeletons.
Their wings are more than ten meters long, and they look like a bunch of white slender sticks, so they look like skeletons.
They don’t flap their wings and fly around quickly.
This large group of’ bone birds’ are flying around an area … which is Lin’s destination.
This place looks different from other places. The ground is … red, and occasionally there are some bubbles rising slowly from the ground, just like bubbling blood pools.
It look like an interesting place.
Lin drove the aircraft and landed next to this’ blood swamp’. Although it was said to be a blood swamp, it was actually hard.
Lin went to the red surface and touched it here. Can you feel …
This seems to be a delivery position.
It is true that sending can be carried out here. If something and something are excited, sending energy should be able to make this passage.
But what does this have to do with the previous attack on meteorites?

Taking this opportunity, Yu Culture adjusted the soldiers’ mood to the highest point. Jiangdu Army was in high spirits. They were eager for war, killing Yang You, making contributions and getting more money and power.

When the sun came out, it sprinkled light and heat on the earth. From time to time, Yu Culture looked at the distance. Sui Jun had not come to see the sample yet. It was only in the middle of the day that he came to Yu Culture by surprise, which gave him enough time to prepare. He asked the three armed forces to dig trenches as soon as possible to prevent the Sui Jun cavalry from attacking.
Yu culture has not been idle these days. He has collected a lot of information and studied Yang You. He knows that Yang You likes the infantry to shake the front, while the cavalry kills the two wings. Yu culture attaches great importance to the two wings. He must never expose the two wings to Sui Jun’s hands.
Soldiers in the two wings kept coming to the information that they had built defense facilities. Yu Culture listened to the news and smiled with satisfaction. He felt that he would not lose to Sui Jun in this battle if there were no flaws in the two wings.
Yu Wenhua walked gently to the front of the flattery. Yu Wenzhi, Meng Bing and others followed him to patrol the former army. The former army has also been ready. The knife shield soldiers and crossbowmen have already taken their positions. They will wait until Sui Jun arrives at Yu Culture to make a power blow.
However, at this time, Yang You was playing Weiqi with the Du Ruhui army.
"Positions must have this time yu culture has spent the Yangtze river station troops zhangjiazhai area" Du Ruhui said a black fall.
Yang You stared at the chessboard and a black fell. The whole situation was quite favorable to Yang You. He touched Ba Hehe and smiled. "Recently, the weather is particularly sultry. I think I will kill him if it rains?"
Du Ruhui sighed, "Yu culture wants World War I and must not be sure to be furious."
"Is he angry and capable?" Yang You smile when he did the same to Li Xiuning, even if he agreed? It’s sweltering, Jiangdu Army won’t last long, and they will be tired after noon at most.
Once everyone is tired, the spirit of Jiangdu Army will weaken and then lose morale. When Jiangdu Army loses its spirit, Sui Jun will attack again, and the odds will be great.
At this time, the Dugu Martial Master hurried in to salute and said, "The Jiangdu Army has arrived at Zhangjiazhai and formed a formation in Fiona Fang Wuli!"
"Try again after hard work!" Yang You said a pair of fruit or expression.
Duguwu Shi took a retreat. Du Ruhui smiled and said, "Yu culture really stationed troops in Zhangjiazhai."
"The flat terrain of Zhangjiazhai is the best place for the big army to fight, and he will definitely be there." Yang You said, looking up and looking at the rising sun, the sun is cruel, but it makes people feel very hot at all times.
Du Ruhui dropped a white one and took a sip of tea. Suddenly, he repeatedly shook his head and made a mistake. Yang You, a black drop killed him. The whole piece of chess has fallen into the hands of Yang You, and the whole chessboard war situation is set.
Yang You picked up the chess and said, "Du Aiqing, another game?"
"It’s really frustrating to think hard about chess!" Du Ruhui said.
"In this case, accompany me to swim around!" Yang You said, getting up, Xiaogui followed him.
Du Ruhui should walk slowly in the camp of one or two people, talking about the situation not only in Jingxiang, but also in Hebei, Bingzhou and Longxi, and they had some new understandings.
At this moment, thirty miles away, Yu culture finally could not hold back, and it was almost the third time. Sui Jun could not see a ghost. Isn’t this a joke? He sent an emissary to Yang You for an explanation.
A soldier was ordered to go, and he rushed to Sui Jun Camp for half an hour. The soldiers in Sui Jun Camp were waiting to see someone coming and raised their bows and arrows.
"I’m the envoy of Prime Minister Yuwen, and I’m here to see the Sui Emperor!" Angel camp outside the high said
"Wait a minute there, I’ll tell you!" A captain jumped out of the tower and told Yang You.
Yang You was not surprised to get the news. He immediately ordered "bring him to the main account!"
A captain should hurry out of Yang You and quickly walk to the soft bed, remove the ice from the bucket and put on thick clothes.
"Small laurel ignition!" Yang You commanded.
Small laurel should light the bonfire, and the fire will rise rapidly in the big tent, and roast small laurel sweating like a pig.
Jiangdu military emissary couldn’t help feeling ashamed when he came in. Sui Jun, what is this? It’s summer, not winter. What’s the fire? He wiped his sweat and saw the heat. Xiaogui Xiaogui was already wet with sweat. I’m afraid that if you take off your clothes, you can wring out two pounds of water.
Xiao Gui wiped her sweat and said, "Haven’t you seen you yet?" Aside Hou Jun eyes a stare a bunch of sweat dripping along the eyelashes, he wiped the sweat is obviously not hot.
The messenger’s eyes are straight. Are these people crazy?
"Shut up!" Yu Wenhua drank low for a while. How could he not know that he had been tricked by Sui Jun? But wouldn’t it be a laughing stock for him to retreat easily? Moreover, Yu Wenhua has his own ideas. Now it is a rare opportunity for him to cross the Yangtze River again with 50 thousand troops and lay out his formation along the Zhangjiazhai line.
Because he knows that it is not easy for Jiangdu Navy to cross the Yangtze River without Yang You Navy, it is unwilling for him to retreat easily.
Yuwenzhi was scolded by his eldest brother, but he was very dissatisfied, but he dared not speak again, so he wiped his sweat and hid aside.
"Prime Minister, drink some water!" Niu Fangyu ingratiated himself with Yu Wenji’s death. He was responsible for some things, but Yu Culture didn’t blame them. Niu Fangyu and Xu Hong Ren were very flattering to Yu Culture.
Yu Wenhua stuffy hum a took the open plug and took a few gulps of cold spring water and suddenly felt comfortable. At this moment, a string of dust raised in front of him and a fast horse sprinted. He crossed Jiangdu Army’s layered defense and arrived at Yuwen incarnation. Before he jumped into the platform, he hurriedly ran to the high platform and saw a scene in Sui Jun camp.
Yu Wenhua is one leng. Is Yang You sick? And look at this, it seems very sick!
Yu Wenzhi was very excited and said, "Eldest brother Yang You, since children are already ill, what are you waiting for to kill them in one fell swoop!"
Chen Zhilve and Zhang Tonger glanced at each other and showed a weak smile on their faces.
Yu Wenhua got up and paced on the high platform. Yang You pretended to be dead. This time, Yang You pretended to be sick. There must be some conspiracy to wipe the sweat. Looking at the high platform, Jiangdu Junyu culture seems to be white.
Nowadays, the hot weather is not conducive to the use of troops, because soldiers are easily exhausted. He knows that Yang You once cheated Li Xiuning. Why is it strange that a woman can cheat a man?
Now that we have understood Yang You’s idea, what should we do next? Yu Wenhua pondered for a long time and finally made a decision.
When Sui Jun Daying applied for the bid, Yang You got the news that Yu Culture had retreated for half an hour and the front part returned to the south bank of the Yangtze River.
Yang You ha ha a smile looked at Du Ruhui way "Du Aiqing but you lost this time"
Du Ruhui shook his head and said, "I have lost my red eye, and I will attack with my troops. I can’t believe that he abandoned the face."
"Noodles are sometimes worthless." Yang You, otherwise Yu Culture has been so forbearing, is not a good face. Now he has been laid out by himself. Obviously, he will never storm Sui Jun Camp with a hot brain.
However, this also proves that Yu Culture’s severe points make Yang You more vigilant.
Jiangxia ten miles east of the city, after several days of running around Xiao, and Yang Xian, Guang Shen and Tang Fengyi guards are not far from Jiangxia.
Yang Xian, the prince of Yan, has just become a weak crown and is very similar to Yang Guang. At this time, he is in the carriage with a depressed face. After Xiao, he looks at Sun lovingly.
"Xianer is not worried about hearing that Dong ‘er has been rescued. Xianer must have a way." Xiao Hou said that she was in her fifties. Xiao Hou looked like she was in her forties. She was in excellent maintenance, but with the destruction of her family, she had a lot of white hair on her temples and wrinkles in her eyes.
Yang Ying looked very nervous. "Grandma, I’m afraid it’s up to no good to let us come to Jiangxia this time."
"Xianer, are you afraid?" Xiao Hou asked