Ji Shu got up and bent down to pick up oranges while criticizing Tian Qiu.

It’s really a shame that an orange just fell near the woman’s seat, and Ji Shu’s shout woke the woman up.
The thief quickly stopped and put it in the back of the car to find someone to go.
Everything happened very quickly.
Jishu picked up the orange and patted the woman on the shoulder to tell the thief.
"Don’t sleep. They may stare at you for a while and may come back later."
This woman is busy thanking Ji Shu for giving him a bag of imported toffee, and thanking Ji Shu for refusing, but it’s easy to get it.
The woman looks simple in her thirties, but that bag of toffee is really expensive imported.
Ji Shu didn’t expect that it was this woman who met by chance that saved her dream of "Ji Million"
You have something to say.
If you are interested, you can search the story of "Yang Baiwan"!
Of course, I have some here that can’t be processed completely, which is realistic.
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Soon, the train stopped and everyone rushed out to squeeze.
At this time, the train conditions are limited. Although there are meals on the train, the price is not cheap and not many people buy them.
Everyone wants to get home by train, stay in a hotel and find something to eat.
Tian Qiu and Ji Shu are no exception.
Two people also follow the crowd crowded JiShu always pay attention to her small canvas bag also wake Tian Qiu carefully.
The woman who was almost robbed pushed over and handed Ji Shu a small card.
Jishu barely held out his hand from the crowd, and then
"Little girl, I am so grateful for something! See that you are not from Anshi either! "
When the woman finished, Che Jishu thanked her quickly.
Ji Shu looked at the small card carefully, but it was a milky white hard-shell paper, which was a business card with elegant design in this era, and it was written with the manager of the finance department of Ping Li Anshi Runfu Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
Ji Shu put his business card in his pocket, and Tian Qiu crowded like heavy penguins.
Out of the train, it’s dark in the middle of winter, and a bunch of people are shouting "staying in the hotel?" "by car?"
There are also some idle people who look around. Tian Qiu shrinks behind Ji Shu. "Sister Ji, it’s not fun for me to travel for the first time. It’s so scary."
"Stay close to me and try not to follow strangers, no matter what they say."
Ji Shu remembers reading a post in the forum that the landlord followed these guests to stay in the hotel in the 1980s when he was young, and the result was directly taken to the alley for robbery.
So Ji Shu took Tian Qiu directly to find a security guard on the train. "Where is the nearest guest house near Uncle?"
The security guard said, "It’s the train guest house in that building recently, but it’s very expensive. If you want to be cheap, you have to go out."
Ji Shu took Tian Qiu and went to the opposite building. There was a bright red signboard that was easy to recognize.
"Sister Ji won’t go to some distant places to look for it?"
"Going out would rather be expensive, but it must be convenient to bring about complications. This is called the road to poverty."
Tian Qiu tightly pulling JiShu arm deeply felt a sense of security.
"Sister Ji, you are one year older than me, but I feel that you know everything … if it weren’t for you, I would be miserable this time and I might never go home again. I’ll pay for the hotel!"
Ji Shuxin wants to talk to the young man about her folding buff! This 18-year-old content is not as simple as Tian Qiu imagined.
"No, I will spend this money if you don’t follow me, and I want to thank you for going out together."
It’s true that those people who pull guests in groups to specifically contain solo travelers are less noticed when they have company.
It is already late at night when the accommodation is handled, and both of them are sleepy. Of course, Ji Shu will not let Tian Qiu pay.
The two bought two bowls of noodles in the catering department on the first floor of the hostel.
The hostel is not cheap, but it is very humble.
The green paint on the stairs outside the house is mottled, and the lights in the corridor are dim and flashing.
The room is tidy, but the walls are wet and peeling, and the bedding smells musty.
This train hostel is not worried about no one living and maintenance, and that’s it.
Ji Shu lamented that the progress of the times is still good. I miss the good times when my little sister Yoshida took her abroad for vacation and stayed in a five-star hotel.
Two people simply wash and clothes to sleep.
Early the next morning, Ji Shu sent Tian Qiu to the car first. Unexpectedly, Tian Qiu didn’t want to drive when he arrived at the car.
"My sister didn’t know I was coming, and I quarreled with my family. I’m afraid my sister will say that my sister Ji wants me to go to business with you?"
Ji Shu smiled "Tian Qiu, why are you so unguarded? Aren’t you afraid that I’m cheating? You can’t do this! "
Tian Qiuyuan embellish face is full of surprise "ah, I didn’t know that! But sister Ji, I think you are particularly powerful, so I want to follow you. I will do odd jobs for you without paying me! "
"Do you know what business I want to do?"
"I don’t know, but I would like you to work for you in any business!"
Ji Shu can refuse, but on second thought, this business needs Wu Shi ‘an to run from the bank trust department of Anshi to buy treasury bills at a low price and then return to Wu Shi to sell them to the bank trust department.
As soon as she came and went, the day passed. She only had one day off a week. If she had to rest on Sunday, the bank would not open.
If we can have a helper, things will be much smoother.
Tian Qiu doesn’t have much experience, but some relatives live here and have a look after her. After her mind is more correct, let her try not to take the night train during the day.
"Well, let’s talk about it after you run with me for a day today."
See JiShuSong Tian Qiu happily like to fly.
"Sister Ji, I think you will be a big boss in the future!"
"People are beautiful, kind and brave!"
This wave of rainbow fart Jishu also laughed.
After a lifetime of marriage, she has no aura, and no one praises her
Even relatives and friends said that poor Ji Shu came to the first place in the senior high school entrance examination, but he became more and more lifeless.

Xiaoqi was awake when he opened the door and saw that he had finished different styles of decoration.

Once everything was gone for a long time, just like this room used to be a corner where Xiao Qi could hide when he was sad, but now it is an inconspicuous sundry with everything in it but nothing belonging to Xiao Qi Qi.
What are you doing here?
An unexpected cold sound brought Xiaoqi back to reality.
"Sorry, young master, the villa is too big and I’m lost." In the face of a cold face, Xiao Qi laughed at himself.
At this time, Lan Chen, dressed in a soft pure white robe and holding a glass of water, looked at the person who had strayed into his sight.
He drank too much wine at the party, and all kinds of people needed to communicate with each other in the future. Although he was not more relaxed than the backstage waiter at a party, he just couldn’t sleep. He drank too much wine and had a bad dry mouth. He didn’t want to ask someone to get water by line. He went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water himself. When he passed the second floor, he glanced at the farthest room and saw the man staring blankly with the door open. He originally planned to put the room farthest from his master bedroom, Xiaoqi University Room, but he never did.
It suddenly occurred to me that I saw that scene in the wine cellar today, and Lan Chen felt annoyed. Looking at the man’s hand across his face, Lan Chen felt sick.
Xiaoqi is a gay. He knew it a long time ago, and at that time, he began to alienate Xiaoqi. Looking at Xiaoqi struggling in the emotional gap, he didn’t have revenge pleasure, but felt deeper and deeper humiliation.
How dare he hold such a disgusting mind to himself and deserve it by his status? I feel sick when I think about Lan Chen.
But he doesn’t know why Xiao Qi was so upset when he pulled the man’s butterfly on his body. Maybe, maybe it was because the butterfly with the same hemp rope didn’t match the dovetail, otherwise he really couldn’t find a more decent reason. Later, seeing Xiao Qi kicking people off felt more comfortable.
What did Xiaoqi learn to fight? Look at that posture in one go. It’s never slow and perfect. Even Luohan, a bodyguard from the special forces around him, gently calls a good call.
However, it’s unforgivable that he should call him an asshole. It’s wrong to treat people no matter how big or small. This wind cannot last long.
"Master, do you have something to tell me?" Xiao Qi is simply excited to wake up when she sweeps away her sleepiness.
Blue morning light leng thoughts were pulled back "what?"
Xiaoqi is sad. Is this how you forget things? How could he forget such an important thing? Xiaoqi had been waiting for the blue morning call since the banquet was over, but nothing happened until even the dishes were washed.
This is unscientific because he clearly remembers that as soon as the guests left the banquet, Lan Chen couldn’t wait to drive him out of the villa.
"I offended the guest today …" Xiaoqi woke up with a kind heart and was calm, but his eyes could not conceal the excitement of being driven away.
"Oh, there is such a thing." Lanchen replied airily.
Xiaoqi even became short of breath, and his eyes glowed secretly.
"It’s okay, you don’t worry." Lanchen said and went to his room.
No … This, this is over?
Xiaoqi is messy, which is seriously inconsistent with the original play.
Xiao Qiyi exclaimed and almost scared off the cup in Lanchen’s hand.
"Why? Do you want to scare me to death? " Lan Chen was startled and turned back angrily.
Xiao Qi’s heart suddenly jumped. Yes, that’s the momentum. Come on, let the storm come more violently!
"Young master, I know that your guest is to blame for offending you today. I voluntarily resign and hope that the young master will approve." Xiaoqi’s tone is sincere.
Blue morning eye belt examines him. I really want to split this human brain and have a good look. Why does he come out when he doesn’t pursue it? Do you really want to be driven away?
Drive away? Leave the villa?
Lan Chen was frightened by this abrupt idea and turned back to Xiao Qi’s body as sharp as a knife.
Nothing happened for half a day. Xiaoqi was also very uneasy and asked, "Resignation letter … should not be written? If it’s okay, I can go now. "
Blue morning eyes flashed.
Xiao Qi thought of what a grind "this month’s salary doesn’t count" and looked at Lan Chen’s face and added, "If you want to deduct my salary, you can deduct it." If you want to get out of here, you are willing to deduct his salary. Of course, it is best not to deduct it.
"You …" Lan Chen opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.
Xiao Qi-fen can’t fool people by looking forward to something.
"If you have nothing to do, go to rest and don’t glare here!" Lan Chen throws a word and walks away with water. What tricks do you want to play? I’m not that easy to be old.
Xiao qi is really dumbfounded. This … is not what he wants.
Chapter 15 Makeup party!
When Xiaoqi came back, dormitory 419 was simple and crazy. Xiaoqi had already received a tip that she would bring cakes back to several dormitories. Han didn’t even want to eat breakfast, and she stretched her neck at the school gate to meet him.
When the figure of Xiaoqi appeared in the school gate, everyone turned hungry and pounced on Xiaoqi. Their eyes were shining with that green light, and they almost didn’t swallow Xiaoqi in one bite.
Back to the dormitory, I watched a dozen Han people once again surround the dormitory to the brim. This one ate too fast and choked, clamouring for water to drink that cake. The population fell into his mouth and scolded him to spit it out. This mouth was already stuffed with three or four cakes in one hand, and the other hand was impolitely grabbing food with others. Typical eating mouth stared at the pot and then grabbed others.
Laughing, fighting, eating too fast, coughing in this small dormitory, Xiao Qi looked at it and smiled with it.
He has never experienced this kind of warm experience in college life. The inferiority of Blue Morning servant made him never dare to raise his head, because Blue Morning did not hide the meaning of hating his classmates. For him, it was purgatory, ceasing humiliation, ceasing abuse and bullying.
When I spent three and a half years in those years, it was just mental, physical and mental torture. I was not crazy. Xiaoqi felt that her ability to fight was beyond the limits of human beings, and all this was acquiesced by Lanchen. Now it’s really a waste to think about Lanchen.
If the room is full of excitement now and they hear that they are a servant or a homosexual, will they never hear such a hearty laugh and get an equal look again? Will they treat themselves like their former classmates?
Xiaoqi doesn’t know that although he has to work hard once, the human heart is really unpredictable, but all generations can bear it. It makes no sense to die once, but people can’t bear it.
"Well, by the way, are you going to attend the seventh anniversary?"
Ma Dafu’s mouth was full of cream and Xiao Qi almost didn’t hear what he was talking about. Fortunately, his loud voice seems to be a big advantage.
"Go on, why not!" Xiao qiyi, deputy, of course
"What about the party? Xiaoqi, are you ready to install? " Chen Huawen
Xiaoqi is confused about "what is it?"
"Hey hey … you don’t know?" Suddenly interjected is Sun Jin, the dormitory next door. "Every year, the students will come up with different ideas. The theme of the party after the anniversary this year is a costume party."
The school attaches great importance to the celebration of the seventh grade, although it has not participated in it, but it also knows something about it, and the girls in the class are also shortlisted for the teacher’s class members to participate in the celebration programming, which is quite important.
At this time, Sun Jin spoke again. "The costume party started at seven o’clock in the evening, and the student union said that you can bring your own clothes or rent a set of clothes from the student union for five nights."
Xiaoqi is not interested in the costume party. In his opinion, it is a group of boys and girls who secrete too much hormones to play house, but Xiaoqi is still interested in the grand celebration. At that time, the school will invite people from all walks of life in the education field to visit the park, and there will be a personal exhibition of Enron on campus. At that time, Enron will show the winning paintings to its own proud painting department, which is also the highlight of the celebration.
Enron’s personal name painting exhibition school pays special attention to adding this time. Enron represented the school in the academic exchange meeting in Britain and Italy. Enron’s talent and learning not only won honor for the country but also won great honor for B.
The next day, when Xiaoqi came to the school to arrange the exhibition hall, if the big exhibition hall was crowded with people, Xiaoqi was horrified to see the room crowded at the door.
He knows Enron well, and the man will definitely run away.
Xiaoqi looked everywhere in a quiet place in the school, but there was still no sign of Enron. It was also the anniversary. Where can there be a quiet place?
In the afternoon, the sun shone brightly, and Xiaoqi looked up and suddenly a familiar figure stood on the roof.
I found you safely
"Do you think the school will give me a reward if I climb the mountain and shout that the art is here safely?" Xiaoqiwei approached with a smile.
Enron didn’t seem to expect anyone to come here. Although Xiaoqi didn’t have a big voice, he was startled.
"I’m sorry I scared you?"
Shaking his head safely disturbed his peace.
Xiaoqi looked at Enron’s calm face and couldn’t see the waves. It seemed that she had met a stranger.
Indifference, alienation and Enron made Xiaoqi feel dull and painful.
It is also now that Enron is not the first time. Enron is meaningless to him.
"If you go now, it is estimated that there will be a lot of people vying to be bounty hunters." Xiaoqi said that because he has seen Enron preparing to leave here, he is not going to continue to be a stranger.

Apart from these differences, what other speakers are given? The grade of Remy 198 is about half less than that of 48, but the grade box is given to one.

"This jewelry gift box is open to you …" Two whew looked at the biggest difference between the two gift boxes and opened Tianyu backpack.
"Light feather ring (physics)" Tianyu replied.
"Physical crit rate +3 +16 points for sexual enhancement alone. This is the same as changing ss rings at Grandis’s place," said Erxiu.
"But the ss ring needs 45 resplendence, one resplendence can be exchanged for a challenge. When there are 30,000 words, 45 resplendence needs at least 140,000 samples, but it is definitely not 140,000 to get enough 45 resplendence, which is not directly equivalent." Tianyu said.
"The appearance price of this ring jewelry is estimated to be in this number."
"The jewelry that can be opened in this gift box is not only sex, but also the other three kinds of sex, and the price is definitely different between physics and magic."
"Well" two whew nodded and said.
"I also noticed that the sickle changed in my experience," Tianyu said.
"It is estimated that the fourth uncle who shouted for more than a year will come out soon." Two whew got up and gave the position to Tianyu.
"Anyway, we have to order some strong rings this time."
"Uncle He analyzed that light, fire and darkness should all increase in price after the activity," said Erxiu.
Tianyu didn’t refute Erxiu, but he knew that the most malicious rise in the future was just the ice ignored by Erxiu.
Chapter 918 The walking dead appeared!
"If you want to talk about it, I’ll talk about the ice genus’ sex’" Tianyu said immediately after Erxiu published his own analysis.
"Ice is sex? But now in addition to ice clean male mage seems to have no career is willing to go ice’ sex’ genre "said two whew some surprise.
Two whew just said that light, fire and dark jewelry will increase in price after the event. That’s for a reason.
This period is still 7 years, and the weapon belongs to the’ sex’ enchantment card.
In the future, there should be four kinds of’ sex’ attack enchanted cards, which Tianyu knows is of course more detailed because he knows the name of the ice’ sex’ card and which bss dropped it.
This four-genus’ sex’ card shows three kinds, namely, light fire and darkness.
At present, the market price of Seghart card in Guangcheng alone is about 60,000.
Fire is a fire’ female’ card-the current market price of the flame Pinocchio card is about 50 thousand.
Dark is a real wild boar bss card-black’ color’ plague Diregie card, the current market price is about 30 thousand.
The price is mainly related to the card explosion rate.
At this time, there are not many fire’ women’ and casters, and the output of casters’ cards or powder cards can be imagined.
Although the real wild boar bss card is also a powder card, it is a real wild boar with 5 sets of required brushes. The number of times bss is trampled by warriors every day is more than the number of times that Goblin bss is thrown in this period.
Only the ice sex attack card doesn’t exist. Therefore, players who want to go to the ice sex genre can rely on taking Snow Jack’s medicine besides bringing their own skills or weapons with their own ice.
In this period, the school of "sex" of Suobing was mainly prepared by the ice division.
It’s the "color" of Zhengtaijiao, except that you can see it in the street when you first came out, and even when you wake up later, there are not as many people as red-eye professionals.
Eliminating the narrow sense of the audience is doomed to the fact that there are not many people in the ice genre.
However, Tianyu knows that this situation has changed after the level 8.
But after 85 came out, it directly subverted all the strong equipment, and the most expensive equipment became ice’ sex’
Because when it appeared at 8 o’clock, the weapons dropped by the young frost wyrm were all ice’ sexual’ attacks
This makes up for the shortage of ice’ sex’ weapons in the market, especially the frost wyrm sword, which is the ultimate weapon pursued by many players.
Bss powder is different from ss and conventional powder.
Ss spell is financial resources and face routine powder play is pure financial resources, while bss powder depends on perseverance.
For the majority of civilian players, it is their ultimate pursuit to make extreme equipment slowly through the accumulation of games
Therefore, at 8 o’clock, there are many giant players who brush frost wyrm.
And the birth of 85 established the position that the ice genus’ sex’ became the most expensive one.
Because there are three hot’ doors’ in Guiswordsman 8 conventional powder, they are all ice’ sex’
They are eight levels of powder light-cicada sound, eight levels of powder giant-frost and cold weather, eight levels of powder short-royal dragon decision
The dagger will become a hot’ door’ weapon, which is not only because of blindness, but also because of the rise of short white.
In this way, how can we not increase the price of the ice-strong phase equipment with the largest elimination base?
Yu Erxiu said that the secret sex will increase the price after the activity mainly considering the birth of a new profession-Avengers.
"But it seems that ice is more popular in Korea. In the long run, ice jewelry is the most cost-effective because it should be the cheapest after the gift package comes out," Tianyu explained.
Erxiu frowned and then made an analysis of Tianyu’s words in his mind and continued to say, "If you can be sure of the future, silly bear, can you ask if you know the future direction of the department staff?"
"Korea seems to be out of the 8? The country will definitely go out anyway, and adding ice after level 8 is a strong equipment that is more popular in Korea. "
Tianyu naturally doesn’t know what Korea is like, but now he is relying on himself to judge the future memory of the country. No accident is certain, so he is here to give Erxiu a lie.
"Well, let’s get all the four kinds of’ sex’ jewelry this time," said Erxiu.
"Well, there is plenty of money in hand now anyway." Tianyu nodded with a smile.
Two whew out of the room Tianyu was relieved.
"Although the price of feather-clear jewelry has at least doubled since it was listed in 8, it is not clear how much we can stock this time … After all, feather-clear jewelry is not as good as’ color’ and the huge amount of carbon in furnace rock and the competition of all kinds of businessmen." Tianyu looked at the light feather-mark ring in his experience account corner’ color’ backpack and said (physically) in his heart.
Now that they have decided on the one-step plan, Tianyu will wait for the next change and update with Erxiu.
It’s Tuesday, August 7 th, and there is an update and maintenance from 8: 00 to 4: 00 a.m.
On this day, Tianyu and Erxiu had already logged into their accounts at 8 o’clock.
Is to keep abreast of the latest market trends for the first time.
However, compared with some players who wait all night for updates, the two of them are still a lot behind.
This gift package has a special place besides those that Tianyu and Erxiu went to before.
That is, this gift package has a weapon dressing effect.
In the fashion part, there were more halo positions when the third season was updated, but the weapon dress has not yet come out independently. At present, the waist of fashion is still’ sex’
There are two kinds of weapons in this period.
One is that the gift package has just come out in summer.
Ghost swordsman is a long fishing rod’ female’ fighting is a crab glove male fighting is a crab pliers’ female’ sharpshooter is a dolphin male gunner is a shark Loli and Zhengtai is a short fishing rod, the necromancer is a claw fish decorated uncle looks like tuna.
In addition to these costumes, fairy tales have appeared in the 1 ST National Day set, and they also have weapons costumes
The advantage of weapon dressing is that it can hide the appearance of weapons, so that opponents don’t know what weapons they are using when pk.
"The price of light and fire is around 10,000, the price is around 16, and the ice is around 14." Tianyu looked at the price in the auction house and muttered.
These prices are fluctuating, and physics is millions more expensive than magic.
Tianyu sees these parts as necklaces, rings and bracelets (hp).
This time, there are four kinds of jewelry from the feather-clearing jewelry gift box.
There are three kinds of jewelry and four genera, each of which is strong in physics and magic.

"Wait, how can Master Chang be so clear about this matter?" Lin Sheng didn’t care about what the master said, but he became very interested in the identity of the master.

"Because I am an alchemist who lives in Aoki," I often know that I can’t hide my cool sex, and I have said everything. Lin Sheng has actually guessed 70% of the times in his heart. I often don’t hesitate to take out the nourishing soul Dan’ medicine’ to the Oriental Phoenix Lin Sheng, but I have become suspicious. At this time, I often say it myself. Lin Sheng is not surprised.
"An alchemist has a long history. I don’t think you Lins also know something. Before that, an alchemist was just living in a small’ door’, but no one looked up to us. But in the past hundred years, it was because of the lack of aura in the fairy mainland that many big powers were turned over. The younger generations condescended to practice with me. For hundreds of years, an alchemist’s geomantic omen has been faintly beyond many’ doors’. Which of the remaining forces has been sent out?
There is no doubt that the status of an alchemist is beyond doubt, but I can’t figure out why the Wangs are such an outside door. I don’t think so. Although the alchemist is strong, the two Duan Lin families have inherited the Millennium family after all. Now the two Duan Lin families are obviously in the same boat, and everything is going forward and backward together. Although I dare not say that the two Duan Lin families have the capital to compete with the alchemist, they have to spend a certain price to really get my Lins or Duan family. Lin Sheng took the frequent discourse analysis way
"As you said, if you want to take your two families’ flowers’, it will cost you a certain price. It’s certainly not worth it, but you’ve neglected a problem, that is, the Wangs leave their industries and run three generations of industries all over the fairy mainland. This is a lot of income, plus an alchemist’s’ female’. Qi Mei insisted on forgetting to tell you. Wang Ping, although the abdomen was destroyed, it was a mistake. In the process of escape, she met Mei Er. That girl is now playing hot and the patriarch is the only female.
"I didn’t expect Wang Ping to have such an opportunity. This is what I expected. Master Chang came here to be a lobbyist. Do you want me to hand over the royal family property?" Lin Sheng is frowned at this time. I didn’t expect it to be such a big man who also provoked an alchemist.
"Who do you think I am?" Chang Fa tone slightly angry show dissatisfaction Lin Sheng words just now and then said
"I’m watching you go through life and death to give you a wake-up call. I didn’t know anything at that time, but I also persuaded you many times, but it’s still your business. What to do is your business. I came in a hurry and didn’t bring any gift. This Dan medicine was given to me by the patriarch who escorted the goods this time. Now I’ll give you a gift. Goodbye!"
"Just to wake you up, this time it is very likely that two strong men will come out!" Chang Fa has turned around and is ready to leave. He took two steps, then woke up and left.
Lin Sheng didn’t try to stop it. It seems that the words just now really hurt Chang Fa Lin Sheng’s heart. It’s very unpleasant for others to kindly inform themselves that they are dogs biting Lu’ hole’ guests and misunderstood others.
"Master Chang’s kindness this time Lin Sheng remembers that he will repay you in the future!" ; Lin Sheng blunt is already reached the’ door’ mouth often fuels often stopped one is out of the big’ door’ I don’t know the trace.
Lin Sheng was lost in thought after Chang Fa’s departure. If it’s true as usual, it will be in big trouble again this time. Just now, the Liu family’s trouble has not been solved. He didn’t expect that the bigger trouble is coming. This alchemist Sect is a hermit Sect, but there are bound to be many experts who have their own refining Dan. Lin Sheng has long speculated that the alchemist Sect is a warrior in the period of Wu Wang, and that there is more than one person who adds some connections. Lin Sheng is always in front of the mountain, and he never asks you not to provoke the alchemist Sect and the refiner Sect. This time, it really got to his head. It seems that I have to discuss this with Duan’s family before. This kind of thing has to be prevented early. It’s really a "wave" … Lin Sheng’s head is big.
A jade bottle is often thrown over. An ancient seal character of Dan is impressively printed on the surface of the bottle, and the seal paint is sealed on the surface to prevent the leakage of Dan gas. The cork has just played a strong fragrance of Dan medicine, which just emerged. Lin Sheng’s mind has been awake for a while. It seems that everything must not turn over the bottle. A longan-sized green Dan medicine just falls on Lin Sheng’s palm, and filar silk brilliance is slowly overflowing from this Dan medicine.
"This is? Wu Lingdan? " Lin Sheng was surprised that he had seen the image and description of this kind of Dan medicine in the ancient times of the family. At this time, this kind of Dan medicine is exactly the same as that depicting the general two martial arts elixirs and two Dan medicines, which have the effect of promoting the late fighters of the martial arts division to the Wu Ling period. Many martial arts division-level martial arts divisions are stopped by this’ door’ threshold, and sometimes it is difficult to break through all their lives, and this martial arts elixir just has the effect of promoting the late fighters to the Wu Ling period! It’s really difficult for anyone who believes that it is now that an alchemist wants to refine this kind of Dan medicine. Second, most of the Dan medicines are refined by fighters with the level of King Wu. Of course, it is not necessary to reach the King Wu period, or it is necessary to have a talent for refining this medicine. Otherwise, it is not necessary to find a King Wu period casually to refine this alchemist. The more the Dan medicine is upgraded, the more difficult it is to find his materials. Fortunately, the mainland is rich in these rare materials. Faster, but now it’s hard to find. On the one hand, because of the lack of aura, these medicinal herbs grow slowly. On the other hand, alchemy keeps consuming some medicinal herbs, and the growth rate of these medicinal materials can’t keep up with that. This medicinal material is bound to be less and less.
In fact, this martial arts magic pill is not refined by alchemists at present, and some of these Dan medicines are extremely precious. Otherwise, this alchemist is not a strong martial arts spirit, and there are a lot more than cabbage and radish. This can be seen from the wax paint on the surface of the jade bottle that it has been some years. Generally, Dan medicines don’t need to be sealed with wax paint, even if Dan gas leaks out, it will not leak much. It is necessary to protect Dan medicines for a long time. That is, it will lose its efficacy, and the alchemist left Wu Lingdan with a total of seven pieces. When he was a child, the alchemist patriarch lost two pieces of his own’ female’ children, and each of them got only three pieces. In fact, if he was not ashamed of Chang Fa and Dongfang Bai, he would not be willing to give them such precious Dan’ medicine’ and often found himself alone. He had already broken through this Dan’ medicine’ in Wu Ling period. Lin Shengsuo gave this Dan’ medicine’ to Lin Shengchang. However, it has a great talent, Duan Xin, but it has never broken through. Lin Sheng has always been worried about her safety. He can’t always stay with Duan Xin to protect her. It’s not peaceful to add this Dan’ medicine’ to Duan Xin. Once it breaks through to Wu Lingqi, this doubt is to make Lin Sheng feel at ease and make up his mind. Once the marriage is over, Lin Sheng will benefit from this Dan’ medicine to help Duan Xin rise.
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Chapter 6 Wedding Candles
? After Chang Fa left, Lin Sheng thought for a long time alone in that room until Lin Yun came to find him out, and then he went out with Lin Yun. Everyone was Lin Sheng. If you escaped from drinking, you would be hiding in the slant hall. When you came out, you would have to punish the wine. Of course, Lin Sheng could not refuse three glasses of wine to shake his head again, but it was by repairing advanced knowledge that you forced the drunkenness to be suppressed, or even Duan Qirui and Lin Yun would have to make a fool of themselves at this moment.
The booze finally ended. At this time, Lin Sheng had been top-heavy and wobbly. The root was that he forgot all about the alchemy. He was helped by someone and went in to have a rest. At this time, Duan Xin was alone in the’ hole’ room, full of joy and shyness. Finally, it was a happy result. Although her lover had been married before, now she is finally married. But Duan Xin’s joy in her heart is even more irresistible. From now on, she will be the Lins’ family to marry a’ chicken’.
When they helped Lin Sheng to the’ cave’ room, they just let Lin Sheng go into the new house alone, but they couldn’t’ mess’ or else they saw something they shouldn’t have seen. Lin Sheng didn’t rip them off. Lin Sheng pushed the’ door’ and staggered in. She just walked in and giggled at the top of her foot. At this time, Duan Xin was sitting beside the’ bed’ because she had drunk some wine. At this time, her face looked red like an apple that had been thoroughly cooked, and she was added. The more you cover up the green, the more you feel charming. Lin Sheng looks at his heart and is drunk. If he was drunk just now, he pretended to find something to get rid of them, so now he is really drunk, and this kind of drunk medicine can be solved by infatuation … Tea adds fragrance to the’ hole’ room and’ flower’ candle is one of the great things in life.
"Mom …" Lin Sheng quivered slightly and went crazy. He walked past like a ten-year-old man in seven old and staggered to the edge of the bed. If the bed was soft, Lin Sheng sat in a big pit. Lin Sheng’s whole ass was deeply trapped in the silk bed. Gently take Duan Xin’s head, rockhopper’s head and pearls, and knock on each other. It’s crisp and melodious like a wind chime. Lin Sheng fondly looks at Duan Xin with one hand.
For a long time, Duan Xin took Lin Sheng’s hand and got up, but was held by Lin Sheng. She wouldn’t let her go. Duan Xin smiled and tore off Lin Sheng’s long dress. It was actually a little shirt left by Lin Sheng. But Duan Xin also broke free and walked to a nearby table. He gave Lin Sheng a shy look at two glasses of wine. He got up knowingly and hooked his arms with the glass to drink this cup of wine. Lin Sheng drank so much wine, but he felt that this cup of wine was sweet and delicious to the extreme. After drinking the wine, Duan Xin was going back and put it away. Be Lin Sheng a pull took the glass two glasses was he threw it in the past just fell on the table without any damage Lin Sheng pulls Duan Xin rolled to the’ bed’ and put the mosquito net.
* * A night of lingering …
Early in the morning, Lin Sheng woke up refreshed. Duan Xin was shrinking in his arms and huddled like a kitten. Lin Sheng looked at Duan Xin who was sleeping soundly and picked up the broken hair in Duan Xin’s ear. He gently dialed Duan Xin’s small ear. Duan Xin’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and his head was buried deeper. Lin Sheng’s mouth floated with a smile, and then he touched a piece of Xin’s other ear. Duan Xin moved again and still didn’t wake up. Lin Sheng picked up a handful of broken hair.
Ah, the soft waist’ meat’ is caught by something again. What else can it be but Duan Xin’s hand?
"Yeah, you woke up early, deliberately pretending to sleep to see how I tidy up you." Lin Sheng endured waist pain and broken hair and gently provoked it at Duan Xin’s nose. Duan Xin couldn’t help but itch and laugh. The more she grabbed Lin Sheng’s place, the more she struggled. Lin Sheng continued to provoke him.
"Auntie!" Duan Xin nasal tip a great * * is a sneeze.
"how about it? Don’t hurry to think of your husband to surrender. "Lin Sheng laughed.
"There is no way to think about my surrender." Duan Xin pursed her mouth and increased her strength. Lin Sheng suffered a pain. In one hand, she continued to stir Duan Xin’s ears with broken hair, while in the other hand, she got Duan Xin’s chest and held the soft’ meat’ in front of Duan Xin’s chest. She felt bad, but it was already late. Lin Sheng had turned over and pressed on Duan Xin.
"Well" Duan Xin light well a whole face red again and then stare at Lin Shengdao.
"Go quickly, it’s almost time to get out of bed, and it’s still noisy."
"Ha ha, you want me to go. Yes, please call a good husband and give me a break. I will go." Lin Sheng held Duan Xin up with malicious smiles.
"Dream!" Duan Xin doesn’t care about these things. His hand added a few minutes of strength to hurt Lin Sheng. He almost cried out, but he didn’t cry out. At this time, his mouth was already stuck in Duan Xin’s mouth. Duan Xin’s eyes stared and his head suddenly lost his ability to think. Lin Sheng slightly invaded Duan Xin’s tongue. Duan Xin kept playing Duan Xin’s tongue in Duan Xin’s mouth. Then you can stand Lin Sheng’s playing. Soon you surrendered your tongue and responded shyly to Lin Sheng’s provocation. Lin Sheng’ touched’ that has been Duan Xin.
"I’ll spare you if you surrender so soon and call me a good husband."
"Well … my husband is busy, and I’ll serve tea to my parents-in-law." Duan Xin said shyly.
"Ha ha, forget it, let you go first." Say that finish is to "kiss" a section of Xin Fang Duan Xin, get dressed and go like this again. He’s really afraid that he can’t control himself, and it’s really a bad thing then.
"You bad guy!" Duan Xin spat and got up to help Lin Sheng change clothes.
The two of them got dressed, Duan Xin dressed up a little bit, and it was the’ door’. First, Duan Xin’s eyebrows’ Mao’ were painted by Lin Sheng today, which looked weird. However, Duan Xin was so full of joy that he didn’t repaint the’ door’. Today, Duan Xin officially entered the Lins” door, and he had to serve tea to Lin Yun and Lin Mu. Duan Xin and Lin Sheng went outside the living room. As a result, two cups of tea in their hands followed the Lins.
"Mother-in-law drinks tea"
"Gongpa drinks tea"
Duan Xin handed two cups of tea to parents respectively and said
"Well, well, well," the faces of the two old people are almost laughing. As a result, Duan Xin’s tea in his hand is gulped down. After drinking tea, the family has breakfast together. This tea is just a daughter-in-law. Can it really enhance feelings or can the family sit together and have a good meal?
Breakfast is simple but not casual. Small cakes and lotus millet porridge are also fresh and elegant.
"Xin son, you should eat more of this, which symbolizes Sun Mantang’s kindness to’ female’ children." Mother Lin filled the first bowl and gave Duan Xin a comity in the past several times, but she finally took it over.
Spoon scooped a small spoon and put it in your mouth. A faint lotus fragrance just overflowed your mouth. This tremella lotus porridge is tremella cooked with lotus leaves and lotus leaves. Naturally, there is a lotus fragrance in it, which makes Duan Xin feel shy.
"You have to work hard. The Lins are weak now, but we have to rely on you. We are still waiting to have grandchildren!" Lin Yun also helped the cavity Lin Sheng at a side, but he didn’t feel anything, while Duan Xin was afraid to say anything when he was red to Bogen.
"Ha ha, our daughter-in-law’s wife is still a little shy. Stop it, stop it and have a cake." Mother Lin smiled and gave Duan Xin a piece of cake.
"Mom, why don’t you all move here? Anyway, it’s better to have a care for a spacious family to live together." After breakfast, Lin Sheng wiped her mouth with a silk scarf and said
"Come on, how can I leave your dad over there in Beizheng? Naturally, I have to be with your dad. You young couple will be at ease here. When you have a child, I will move here to live with you. If you really want to live with you, you will have to come on." Mother Lin said with a smile that Duan Xin once again lowered her head and stopped talking.
"Well, you must wait to come and hug your grandson!" Lin Sheng woman.she said suddenly feel waist soft’ meat’ is a pain. I don’t want to know where Duan Xin’s hand is. In front of my parents, Lin Sheng naturally has to fight back, but I don’t know what mother Lin Sheng’s little trick is. How can I hide it from Lin Mu’s mother? Lin Yun also seems to have something to think about. I took a sympathetic look at my son and suddenly felt that my waist is also a pain. These two fathers are really a bit .. What, that is to say, like father, like son?
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The third volume is surging
[1] Discuss countermeasures
? Duan Qirui and his party are still resting in the inn at this time. Lin Sheng is staying in the Lin Fu with Duan Qirui, but Duan Qirui insists on staying in the inn. Lin Sheng and Duan Xin have no choice but to package the inn to let Duan Jia and his party live in it. It is not difficult to call a few servant girls to be at your disposal in the past.
Lin Sheng sent someone to please Duan Qirui after breakfast. After Duan Qirui came over with people, Lin Sheng and Lin Yun were still discussing the experience of repairing the broken finger in the courtyard. Now Lin Sheng’s accomplishments in breaking the finger are better than Lin Yun’s, but he is much better than Lin Yun’s. At the moment, Lin Sheng pointed out that Lin Yun’s practice method of breaking the finger did not feel necessary.
Duan Qirui Lin Sheng came to meet him, and then he entered the living room with Lin Yun and Duan Qirui to screen out all the people, leaving three people in the large conference room, leaving the three of them extremely Kuang.
"Son, what are you doing? Is there anything mysterious that can’t be said together in front of everyone? " Lin Yun followed him into the meeting room with a slight dissatisfaction, saying that just after Lin Sheng gave directions, he suddenly had an epiphany feeling that he was trying to have a good try, but he was pulled here by Lin Sheng. Duan Qirui sat there and said nothing, but he was staring at Lin Sheng and waiting for Lin Sheng to make another story.

Every word of Du Tianyan seems to be squeezed through his teeth, and it is cold and seeping. A ShaQi foaming at the mouth, spread in the hall of Qin Tianjian Erzeng, so that everyone present was a god Se Yi Su.

After the surprise, it is joy.
It is of great help to witness the battle of two gas quenching people who have cultivated well in person, whether it is for their cultivation or their mood improvement. As for who lives and who dies …
As long as it doesn’t involve yourself, let it die!
Almost all onlookers hold this mentality, but the crowd is not. However, there are still several people whose identities are good, and their eyes are shining with inexplicable colors.
"When and where, you decide!" Turning a blind eye to outsiders’ eyes, Chen Shaobai showed no weakness, appearing extremely calm and calm, as if he had been wronged.
Du Tianyan smiled angrily and said three good words: "Good! Ok! Ok! Choose ri than hit ri, now … "
She said that when people were gearing up to feast their eyes, one of them was arrogant. The lad-like young man strode to the front of the two men and intervened strongly.
"Du fairy why get angry? If you have something to say, I will apologize to you on behalf of my younger brother who is not sensible, and I will make amends later. "
As soon as this man opened his mouth, he attracted people’s attention.
His lips are red, his teeth are white, his aura is compelling, his eyes are sparkling, and he has a unique arrogance and yang. It seems to be born from heaven and earth to Yang.
Wang Ruoyu, a person who has been in the limelight recently in the Xuanmen of Qing Dynasty!
Hear Wang ruoyu speak. Du Tianyan snorted, looking at Wang Ruoyu, and his anger seemed to ease a little: "Hum … you also learned to quench your anger? I heard that you have benefited a lot from two years of experience in the purgatory world. Now it seems that it is true. "
"If you are stupid, you can’t compare with the fairy’s talent. It’s only two years, and it’s even broken. If the land and water were not envied by heaven and earth, I’m afraid it would be refined to perfection now. "
The so-called flower sedan chair is carried by two people. Wang Ruoyu’s words are very beautiful. In a few words, Du Tianyan’s anger will be dispelled. See him so smart, Du Tianyan also freely responded a few words, jokingly looked at Chen Shaobai and Du Tianyan. Waiting for the development of the situation.
Although according to the strength status, Chen Shaobai can be equal to Wang Ruoyu, but in terms of qualification, Chen Shaobai is definitely going to call Wang Ruoyu a senior.
Famous and authentic. The etiquette of generations is very particular, and the class status is even more strict than that of the devil Sect. It will have a great impact on one’s reputation and future if he disobeys teachers and defies brothers and sisters.
"You don’t want to consider for ZongMen? I see what you say now! " Du Tianyan stared at Chen Shaobai, and her eyes flashed a certain brilliance.
Ruo-yu wang gushed at his side, eloquent, tongue bursting lotus, and coaxed Du Tianyan without any temper. Chen Shaobai frowned slightly.
He doesn’t like others telling him what to do, even if he is his nominal brother.
What’s more, in private, he and Wang Ruoyu still have new enemies and old grievances that have not been resolved? If the latter has a good mind, he is determined not to believe it!
Sure enough, after saying a few words casually, Wang Ruoyu finally summed up a lot of natural materials and treasures on the table and said, "If the fairy doesn’t give up, these things will be my apology for clearing the Xuan door!"
Between words, I didn’t even ask Chen Shaobai, the master, and made a decision directly for the ownership of these treasures.
These Lingbao, almost everything is equivalent to top-grade jewels. It is simply not too easy to freehand brushwork when selling a 200 million Lingshi in the market. This pile will definitely not be less than 1.5 billion!
Ordinary large Xiandao sects don’t have this value!
Du Tianyan smiled at the price, but she still had to forgive others: "This is very good, but I want him to drop a drop of J Ο ng blood."
She found a new way to create the method of seven emotions, and tied the evil of "emotion" to all kinds of money. Originally, she had other plans, but now she is naturally completely absorbed by Chen Shaobai. If she doesn’t take it out, she won’t make any progress for life.
Hearing this condition, nearly 100 monks in the double hall of Qin Tianjian either frowned or shook their heads.
J and ng blood is the source of monks, the fountain of mana, and absorbs the aura of human body. Only by blending with crimson J and ng blood can we melt into the sword and extract a magic power. All the secret methods that need to consume J: ng’s blood are used only when they are desperately trying. Its preciousness is needless to say. Du Tianyan’s condition is obviously pushing your luck.
"As it should be."
Wang Ruoyu compensated with a smile and turned his face. He gave Chen Shaobai a cold drink and scolded: "Don’t sacrifice J and NG blood quickly. Do you want Fairy Du to come and get it herself?"
"Don’t bother, I’ll do it myself!"
Du Tianyan couldn’t wait for the first two steps on the ground, stretched out a slender jade hand, and gently went to Tannabao Cave in Chen Shaobai’s chest, then worked mana, trying to suck out a drop of J and jīng blood.
But the ideal is plump, and the reality is skinny. It takes only two breaths to reach out, and her pretty face changes.
"Lothario, quick release. Let me go! "
Du Tianyan blushed and wanted to remove her hand from Chen Shaobai’s chest, only to find that her palm was firmly in the other’s chest, and she couldn’t pull it off at all.
Although everyone could see that it was Chen Shaobai who tampered with it, their attitude was ambiguous after all. No matter from which angle, they felt that Du Tianyan was flirting with Chen Shaobai, not the other way around.
"hmm? Chen Shaobai, what do you mean! "
Wang Ruoyu stepped out step by step, held out his hand and gave a fierce push, and Chen Shaobai was about to be blasted out.
There is no mana fluctuation in the palm of your hand. Even a little breeze didn’t bring up, but Chen Shaobai could see its power.
This skill is the secret trick of the Seven Classic Mysteries of the Qing Xuanmen, "The Big Silk Wrapping". Although it seems that it is not a stir, if it is really printed by a hand, even the avatar who is close to the triple realm of the refined body will suffer internal injuries, and the mana J and NG blood will gradually dry up and decline, and eventually the body will die. I can only travel around the world.
"What a once’ inner ingenuity first, courage first’! So your calculation. It’s all used on other disciples! Since you are so shameless, don’t blame me for being heartless! "
Chen Shaobai eyes slightly drooping, will kill all convergence, but secretly run from y and n grottoes great avatar inheritance, communication force of the life’s core monuments world.
An invisible and weightless Buddha’s glory was plated on the body. Nearly a hundred monks were present, but no one could see the origin, just looking at Chen Shaobai with a sympathetic Se.
"Interesting, interesting! I actually met a bridge that was ruined by the same door. Don’t waste me walking one more time! "
Wang Ruoyu’s palm was branded on Chen Shaobai’s chest without fancy.
After a loud rumbling, Chen Shaobai’s body did not move, while Wang Ruoyu’s face was instantly as white as gold, without any normal qi and blood.
"Xuan y Ι n industry fire, melting the source of all methods, for your own use!"
Chen Shaobai mind micro, xiang purple se flame rises in the chest. Will both mana continuously pumped into the body.
Quenching gas is heavy, five times, four times …
Soon, Wang Ruoyu’s breath fluctuation was reduced to the point where he was not as good as his training environment.
"Stop! Stop it for me! "
I heard Wang Ruoyu groan with weakness. Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth with a hint of sarcasm, but increased the deployment of power.
"This man has made moves against his fellow brother in a brilliant way, and he is ambitious. I’ll clean up the door now, but I hope you will stay out of it!"
Out of the crowd flew an old man with red hair and bloody eyes.
This person’s face is shriveled and wrinkled, and his whole body is filled with a surge of Shaqi, which is about the realm of quenching gas and four times [refining array], but his cultivation strength is far superior to his peers.
It was Huo Qinglong, who cultivated "Eight Blood-opening Tactics" and made a three-year contract with Chen Shaobai!
With him, there are three people: Yan Hong Ri, Ximen Ren and Nangong Wusheng.
The core disciples of the new generation of Xuanmen in Qing Dynasty are the strongest four: Ximen Ren, Nangong Wusheng, Wan Yan Hong Ri, and Wang Guangliang.
Except Wang Guangliang, the first three are all members of Xuanyu Hall, most of whom are followers of Situyu Hall, and they are eagle dogs under their command.
Situ Yutang’s influence in the Qing Xuanmen can be seen from this.
In addition to Huo Qinglong’s slightly weaker strength, Yan Hong Ri, Ximen Ren and Nangong Wusheng are the weakest ones.

Looking at the dragon nine deep and remote to split out a knife, ghost machine body black and white light confusion twisted, forming a circular light wall.

Knife waves rolling, hit the light wall, the ghost machine can’t bear the power, can’t help but push back a dozen steps, looking a little pale, green eyes like adzuki beans, flashing green light, looking at the dragon nine deep and remote in the air.
Although the outcome is not yet divided, just now, the ghost machine is at a disadvantage.
In the big stadium, millions of spectators watched the two men in the ring with bated breath. In fact, now, the ring has long been shapeless, and there is only a pillar of earth on which the magic machine stands.
For a long time, the demon machine said, "Yesterday, Lucy came to me in the contest and said that as long as she killed you in the ring, they would let Xiu Xiu go."
So that’s it. Long Jiuyou’s face changed, Lucy. Contest? ! Casual murder rises.
After listening to the words of the supernatural-evil machine, the sword spirit of Long Jiuyou’s whole body is like a knife flame, and it is constantly breathing, and the momentum is raised again, crushing the people on the scene again.
Flame-like quarrelling seems to burn the surrounding sky, coupled with the roaring red lion’s sword in his hand, making Dragon Nine as mysterious as an ancient sword god.
"Lucy. Contest, you old bald head, come out for me!" Dragon nine you suddenly and violently a drink a way.
The sound oscillates more than the martial arts field and echoes for a long time.
Everyone who knows that the name of the Pope of the Holy See is Lucy. The contest is startled by this sudden change. However, some people have guessed something vaguely from the dialogue between Long Jiu You and Shen Mo Ji.
The bright Vatican and others didn’t expect that Dragon Nine You, who were fighting fiercely, suddenly stopped, and Dragon Nine You then spoke out and pointed at his bald head, which made Lucy. The contest feel ashamed and furious.
I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been wearing the teaching crown for a long time, or what, Lucy. The contest began to be bald decades ago. Now, it’s really a wasteland to be reclaimed under the teaching crown, but no one has ever dared to flatter him so much.
Lucy. The contest couldn’t help but sing to the four-winged angel Marquarong: "Lord Marquarong, this, you see, me."
Marquarong’s eyes flashed with wonder, and he said, "You are the Pope. Pay attention to your identity. Go ahead, Winston, and kill that thing that insults the divine light, so that the human beings in the Dragon Kingdom know that even a word that insults the bright Vatican will die!"
After hearing Ma Quarong’s words, Lucy didn’t say anything about the contest.
"Yes, Lord Marquarong," Stonegong said. Then turn around and go to the ring.
Long Jiuyou’s words made millions of viewers stunned and then burst into laughter.
Then, in the laughter of millions of viewers, the handsome Winston appeared in mid-air with a pike in his hand, pointing coldly at Long Jiuyou.
Seeing Winston’s appearance, millions of spectators fell silent, and they held their breath and watched the martial arts venue again.
Looking at Winston, Long Jiuyou smiled coldly: "What? Is that old bald man afraid to come out with his bald head in his arms? Tell you a little golden mouse to come out and die. "
Winston, with golden hair, heard that Long Jiuyou continued to talk about the baldness of the Pope, and used his honorific title to himself. He couldn’t help looking at Long Jiuyou coldly: "You, I will kill, and Qing Ye? Tell him to come out and die together. "
After listening to Winston’s words, Long Jiuyou laughed: "You little mouse can also talk big! You, kill me? " Then he pointed a knife at Winston with a red lion: "Four geniuses? ! You pick me up now. " Say that finish, the dragon nine deep and remote is about to LingRan a knife, suddenly, the air, there are two figures, a finger gently, will be the dragon nine deep and remote little red bounce off.
Long Jiuyou’s face changed. When he saw that it was Qing Ye and Nu Wa, he breathed a sigh of relief: "Boss, you and the proprietress?"
Qing Ye smiled and said, "Brother Long, this Winston, let me do it."
Knowing the feud between Qing Ye and Winston at the Saint’s Ceremony, Long Jiu You retired and stood beside him as an audience.
Qing Ye, most people know it through images, but millions of viewers saw that Long Jiuyou, a super strong man, was so respectful to Qing Ye, a young man, and they were curious. It was Qing Ye, whose strength at the virgin ceremony was only about the middle rank of the sanctuary. However, how could Long Jiuyou be so respectful to this Qing Ye, seemingly like a man?
Ghost machine was also seen in the virgin ceremony Qing Ye, now, see the dragon nine deep and remote to the Qing Ye so expression, not from the heart, also stepped aside, like the dragon nine deep and remote, the scene to Qing Ye and Winston.
When I saw Qing Ye, I saw Nu Wa affectionately beside Qing Ye. Winston’s eyes were red, and the pike issued a golden awn, pointing at Qing Ye: "Qing Ye, I have been waiting for you for a long time!" Say that finish, red eyes, the whole body skin red, gradually, blood drops from its surface overflow, forming a layer of blood film, and then, in the hoarse pain, behind, once again stretched out blood-red wings.
At the virgin ceremony, it was four wings, but now, it is six wings.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Really resisted!
The millions of viewers who watched Winston’s transformation gasped.
Seraphim transformed? Turned out to be Seraphim transformation! Seraphim’s transformation has not appeared in the mainland of Dragon God for thousands of years. I can’t believe that this Kingston can evolve into Seraphim’s transformation.
Seraphim’s transformed strength, the older generation of sanctuary peak strong people really know the terror of Seraphim’s transformation, Seraphim’s transformed strength can be said to have been equivalent to the level of god.
After seeing Winston’s transformation, Fengyuntian, an anti-God mercenary group, couldn’t help but be shocked: "Seraphim, and he is a six-winged blood angel!" Before, he knew that this Winston could be transformed into a four-winged angel, and his strength was just a higher order of sanctuary. He didn’t take it to heart, but now, Seraphim, the meaning is completely different.
Leancu, one of the four great geniuses, was shocked by the storm and asked, "Colonel, Seraphim, is he very strong?" For Seraphim’s strength, he only learned it in writing and did not have a clear understanding.
Fengyuntian looked at the half-empty Winston with a complicated face and nodded: "Yes, the transformation of the six wings is the legendary divine strength."
Leancu and all the people in the anti-God mercenary group were surprised: "God level? !”
Fengyuntian nodded and said, "Yes, it’s divine. I’m afraid that Qing Ye is in danger, even if he has ten sacred beasts."
Not only Fengyuntian and others are convinced of this, but even after listening to the elders’ comments on Winston after Seraphim’s transformation, Daley, who worships Qing Ye, can’t help worrying about Qing Ye’s safety.
Standing to the side of the dragon nine deep and remote also began to know this, previously arrogantly. Say to want to kill yourself by what, Seraphim transformation, even he didn’t think this, Seraphim transformation, is a ghost machine also by surprise.

"I do know a way to leave the passage, but there is a fire in the way. I have a special way for everyone to inform other races through you. If they want to leave, just follow me. If they don’t believe me, they can leave alone," Cheyenne said without doubt.

This exciting news will soon spread all over the mine prison. After all, everyone has been in the ground for so long, and there are common enemies. Moreover, such amazing news can hide from other forces. Hawke and others must not deliberately hide their meaning.
"Do you really have a way out?" Caranthir said.
Cheyenne nodded and shouted, "If you believe me, just stay here and die with unbelievers. There has been a war outside, and your race is being invaded by Desa. Stay here if you want to die!"
"We naturally believe in the master of abstinence!" The dwarves responded in a crashing way and did not hesitate to follow Cheyenne’s footsteps. The flame was swallowed by Xiaojin twice. At this time, the power of the flame has dropped to the lowest level, and people can easily resist it.
The rest of the race hesitated to see the dwarves leave.
Chapter 76 It tastes great
The road to return is very smooth.
When Cheyenne led the dwarves out of the mine, all the dwarves burst into cheers, and other races followed, their faces were extremely happy and sentimental, and their eyes were full of tears.
The movement near the mine attracted the attention of the Dwarf Village. When they saw a large group of dwarves and other races suddenly appearing, they were startled and looked at each other. When they learned that all this was due to Cheyenne, they all gave him a respectful look.
Summer camp to rescue these races not only won the respect of the dwarves, but also won the friendship of other races, and the meritorious service can be said to be three-pronged.
After quitting the battlefield, Cheyenne appeared in front of the duke’s mansion. He found the duke and received the meritorious service value obtained from the forgotten battlefield. He looked at a meritorious service convertible and found that most of the things in the duke were battlefield-specific, such as ethnic jade cards that needed a lot of meritorious service value.
Racial jade cards give players the ability to become a member of a specific race in the battlefield and gain the fighting talent and ability of that race. Of course, this is limited to the forgotten territory. For example, the dwarf jade cards can make players become a dwarf warrior, and they can learn the skills of dwarf forging, wine making and so on. The cloak is almost reborn, but it does not have any racial shapes.
What surprises Cheyenne the most is the convertible domain token at the duke’s place. Of course, that’s the thing with the highest merit value. Cheyenne is far from getting the domain token merit value at present. Players can get a territory in the battlefield and build their own city with this token.
If you can build a city on the battlefield, it means great wealth and easier access to meritorious service. This is also the goal that Cheyenne will strive for in the forgotten territory in the future. The benefits of the city are very many. Even if you can build a city on the battlefield in previous lives, there are very few players.
There is no doubt that the battlefield will become another important place for players to compete for resources besides vice-players, and it is also a common battlefield for players in Huaxia District. It is conceivable that there will be a very fierce battle here.
Cheyenne temporarily valued his exploits and then took the players in the guild to brush the level 30 vice several times before going to rest.
Early the next morning, Cheyenne received Bai Mengyan’s message that he should go to Yao University and meet them at the official office of the game to register the team information.
Cheyenne looked at the date and found that while he was busy shuttling in the forgotten land, he unconsciously approached the opening date of the league, and the team registration work had been officially launched.
Once again, I came to Yao University. Bai Mengyan didn’t have a class yet. He waited for a while and was impatient. He ran to the teaching building and wanted to feel the atmosphere of the university. By the way, he discovered some beautiful women, not to mention that Cheyenne really found several beautiful women, but he was rejected when he accosted them.
Cheyenne is not tired of teasing several beautiful women, but actually appreciates Cheyenne’s bold and straightforward initiative to leave a message for Cheyenne. Cheyenne also wants to know more about it. After receiving Bai Mengyan’s words, let him go to the No.1 teaching floor to meet him, and then he reluctantly goes to the building.
Because Bai Mengyan was in a hurry, Cheyenne ran into a soft and charming body at the corner of the stairs.
"ouch!" A charming shout woke Cheyenne. He looked up and saw a beautiful fairy with one hand on her chest and the other hand waving her body in a panic. She fell backwards to see that she was about to roll the stairs.
Cheyenne has seen the world, but there are only a few beautiful women who can enter his eyes. But seeing this mature beauty in front of him makes his eyes straight. She is beautiful and beautiful, and Joan’s nose and teeth are white, and she is like a lily fairy.
Even if these beautiful women are tottering and flustered, they don’t have a amorous feeling.
Cheyenne naturally forbade her to reach out and pull her hand quickly. This is a battle consciousness in the game. He underestimated the strength of this beautiful woman’s tumble. His arm sank and the whole person was uncontrolled and turned forward mercilessly. If you just turn it over, Cheyenne will be slightly injured at most, but I’m afraid that woman will be out of luck.
Cheyenne, the emergency head, made a move to hook his right leg with one foot on the ground. The whole person leaned forward, hooked his left foot on the railing of the stairs and held the beautiful woman’s waist with both hands.
Cheyenne looked at Yue-xin Lin close at hand. A faint fragrance invaded Cheyenne’s nose and mouth. The rosy lips with fatal attraction made Cheyenne involuntarily get closer and closer. Finally, he chewed it directly.
Instantly, another party, Yue-xin Lin, turned white. She didn’t expect this person to be so bold and kiss her directly at the stairs!
"Meowed ….." Yue-xin Lin finally reacted by struggling to give Cheyenne a slap of cutting, but he caught her hand.
Cheyenne realized what he had done. He put Yueyuexin’s body upright on the steps, straightened his left leg, and said, "I’m sorry that the posture was too suitable for kissing just now. I just catered to that atmosphere."
Cheyenne hit it with his mouth back and said, "Well, to be honest, it tastes great."
"Bastard Yue-xin Lin, you never let me touch you, and now you are shameless to kiss your students!" A flustered voice suddenly sounded on the steps.
Yue-xin Lin smell speech ashamed and resentful to death hurriedly argued that "Ma Junyan things are not what you think, you listen to me explain …"
"What else do you explain? Is what I saw with my own eyes still fake? Lin Yuexin, you won’t let me kiss you when I want to. Now your students kiss you, and you enjoy it so much. What a bitch! Come on, I wanted to find you and give you a surprise, but I didn’t expect you to kiss the students so brazenly! When I was pretending to be a saint in front of me for so long, I knew I should fuck you even if I was a bully! " Ma Junyan face ferocious scold a way
"Ma Junyan, get out of here!" Yue-xin Lin was scolded by Jun-yan Ma, and tears slipped away.
"How can you two do can’t let me say? I not only want to say that I also want to tell the school that Lin Yuexin is an uncompromising bitch! " Ma sneer at a way
"Good good so that the proofreader will know that you Ma Junyan is a loser who can’t even look at his girlfriend." Cheyenne laughed and clapped his hands.
Ma Junyan didn’t realize this until he heard it. If he said it, he would hit himself in the face, but he couldn’t swallow it. He raised his fist and scolded Cheyenne, "You are looking for death!"
Chapter 77 Do you dare to come
Ma Junyan is completely in a rage, but I believe that a normal person will feel the same when he sees that he has never moved a finger and his beautiful girlfriend is strongly kissed.
"Finally wait until you do it first!" Cheyenne didn’t realize that she was the culprit, but she exulted in her heart and deliberately made a panic look and ran away from Yueyuexin.
"Ma Junyan, stop it!" Yue-xin Lin was kissed by Cheyenne just now, but in her eyes Cheyenne seems to be a poor student after all. When Ma Junyan saw that he was going to hit a student, the teacher’s duty made her stop immediately.
Yue-xin Lin doesn’t know that Cheyenne wants this effect. Cheyenne understands human psychology. If he really kicks Ma Junyan in the stairs, I’m afraid Yue-xin Lin will go to Ma Junyan’s place. He deliberately pretends to be afraid, so he can win Yue-xin Lin’s sympathy for her.
To put it simply, Cheyenne just wants to be cheap and tell the truth.
"Yue4 xin you should help him to speak? I have to teach this little rabbit a lesson today! " Ma Junyan angry roared.
Cheyenne received what he wanted. He deliberately stumbled into Ma Junyan, but where Yue-xin Lin couldn’t see him, his right knee slammed into Ma Junyan’s crotch, which hit him hard. Ma Junyan screamed, rolled from the stairs and touched his head on the edge of the concrete stairs. He didn’t even hum. He fainted all his life.
"I didn’t mean to. I was so scared that I accidentally bumped into him." Cheyenne showed a cat crying expression.
"You go, I don’t want to see you again." Yue-xin Lin looked at Cheyenne and looked complicated. She thought that Cheyenne had just kissed her face and turned pale. If she went out, I’m afraid she and the student who didn’t even know her name would be in big trouble.
"I’m sorry, I will be responsible for you. This man is not worth you. He is sad. I will ask someone to help you take him to the hospital." Cheyenne took the handbag from Yue-xin Lin and took it out. When the phone was opened, it was found that there was no password lock. This is convenient. Cheyenne directly dialed his mobile phone.
"What are you doing!" Yue-xin Lin made a sudden snatch took his mobile phone shame and anger drink a way
"This is my number. I’ll call you later." Cheyenne said shyly.
Lin Yuexin said, "I won’t have anything to do with you again. Go!"
Cheyenne shrugged his shoulders, and he knew that he had gone too far this time. However, a normal man’s lips were less than ten centimeters away from a big beauty, and there was an aroma that attracted him. I believe that he would do such a thing unless that person was a eunuch or a coward.
When building, Cheyenne saw several students. He told them that a man had fainted, and the students immediately went to help.
Lin Yuexin? The name is very good. Since she is a teacher at Yao University, it shouldn’t be difficult to find her later. Xia Anxin thought to herself that her so-called boyfriend simply doesn’t deserve such a beautiful and kind female teacher.
Cheyenne has been impatient to wait. After Bai Mengyan and others will jointly organize the team registration, he immediately called Yue-xin Lin. He wanted to apologize sincerely, but Ma Junyan answered the words.
"Who are you?" Ma Junyan asked
"You are really a pig’s brain. We just met. Don’t talk nonsense. Where’s Lin Yuexin?" Cheyenne asked

"What’s going on? Why is the fate of the Ganges rioted? "

"Isn’t it that most of the forces are pinned down, and the remaining forces have to brew their own destiny system?"
At this time, many top fiends scattered in every corner of the life river were startled to look at the turbulent and restless water of the Ganges, and they were puzzled at this time.
At the beginning, when they just entered the river of life, they were scattered by a powerful and horrible force because of the action of the river of life. If they hadn’t opened their own roads and had their own original power, I’m afraid they would have been lost forever in the endless fate of this unknown space-time.
Just as they were about to make moves according to the original plan, another statue of a powerful ghost stopped them.
Silent will rush into the whirling pure land of its own evolution, and the fiend in the realm of Buddhism will jump out, and the source it left-a text that exudes infinite destiny-will be put away. After a glance, Silent will understand its meaning. This is the word "Strike", the text evolved by the Ganges of Fate.
"These words are getting more and more complicated and mysterious …"
Comparing this text with the divine text of congenital avenue, I am quite worried in my silence, which shows that the pace of life river is getting faster and faster.
Unfortunately, the power of the river of life is terrible. These fateful fiends with destiny words as the core are even less powerful than him. Therefore, he was held back … (To be continued. . )

Chapter two hundred Silence … Nirvana
"No, at this rate, I’m afraid …"
With a bit of haze in his eyes, he estimated the attack intensity these days and frowned.
Those ordinary fate fiend puppets also just, although they have the power of mixed yuan level series, but they are just puppets after all. Although the number is a little too much, it is not enough to pose a threat to him.
But was it the strange power that came out, but he was very frightened. It was a mighty man who practiced the road of truth, and he was moved by the power that broke out in this Ganges of fate.
Moreover, almost every move, every style, is extremely powerful, and almost more than 90% of his own mana is used to display his magical powers, but his recovery speed is supplemented by the infinite power of life and river, and the speed is extremely horrible.
And even if it is smashed into dust, before long, it has returned to its peak and returned to its front …
In the face of this kind of immortal Xiaoqiang, what can Silent say?
"Shout …"
There are six golden sacred Buddha lights above Silent Head, and each Buddha light contains a supreme meaning of Silent Buddhism and Taoism.
The other shore, the pure world, Purdue, Nirvana, life and death, and silence are the supreme meanings derived from the endless years of silence. With the round sense of the Buddhist relic to the realm, with the other great magical power of silence-the method of proving the Tao in dreams, this is the powerful magical power of silence that is one step ahead of others.
Into the whirling pure land of the six Upanishads of Buddha’s Light, generate showed great power, but it abruptly assimilated the basin of the Ganges River, directly transforming it into its own Buddha’s field, which was extremely terrifying.
The eyes between the eyebrows and the sky reflect a faraway place where I don’t know where it is, and the mysterious fate of the gods appears in the void, and take it as the core, scroll the power of infinite destiny, condense a statue of a demon, and see it when you are silent. Can’t help but cold snorted.
Fighting with the Ganges of fate?
His silence is not so stupid.
"We must get in touch with other Taoist friends, work together, break into the core place and break it in one fell swoop!"
In the face of such a terrible opponent, unless it is the power of all the top fiends, otherwise, I am afraid that the chances are slim and the wisdom is as silent as death, so I will not be silly to shake the tree with a mayfly.
"But. Want to break through the blockade of life river, unless … "
Silent eyes swept across the whirling pure land, and statues of buddhas flashed with all kinds of Buddhism and Taoism, and they were silent. Every Buddha here was slowly condensed after exhausting a whole amount of robbery. If so, if it is lost, I am afraid that I am already a mixed sacred land at this time. I’m afraid I’ll fall from the throne …
"And …"
Silent looking at them, eyes flashing filar silk.
800 Buddhas, 7,200 Bodhisattvas and 12 Wan Jingang. This is not just the foundation of silence …
These buddhas are not just puppets. They all have amazing spirituality one by one. With the progress of meditation, this venerable Buddha can turn virtual reality into reality. Become a real creature and witness the achievements of the lost Buddhism and Taoism!
Silent has great wisdom, and his grasp of his own path is almost no less than Yuan Heng’s, and he has many cards.
However, there is only one person who wants to play a huge role at this time, and this card, even if it is silent, is unwilling to touch …
"Nirvana, as the foundation of my avenue, how can I learn more if I haven’t really experienced it?"
Silent eyes must look, sitting on an illusory twelve-product golden lotus platform, "The tears of Buddha, silent and lead, ten thousand buddhas come to the DPRK, Amitabha … Buddha!"
As the supreme sage of Buddhism and Taoism, second only to Yuan Heng, he will never lack the courage to fight for it.
Hundreds of millions of golden rays rose above the dancing pure land, and a golden flame burned on a statue of Buddha …
This is the light of silence.
This is the fire of nirvana!
Void shock, three worlds tears of blood, this is the blood of the Buddha’s fall.
The Buddha whispers straight into his heart, which is the sorrow of the Buddha’s fall.
"Amitabha … Buddha!"
With a Buddha who returned to himself in the fire of nirvana, the voice of Buddhist whispers began to extend towards the whole river of life …
Irresistible, the blockade of the life river has almost no effect in the murmur of Buddhist language.
In the whole life river, many battlefield wars are immortal, and the top fiend who mixed Yuan sacred land is almost the supreme ancestor in the reserve, with great power, so it is not so easy to be trapped.
Especially Zixiao, Nuwa, Houtu, Wufeng and Luoou, even among many great abilities, these five strongmen can be regarded as outstanding in their combat effectiveness.
The first three are lofty realms, while the last two are too amazing to attack their avenues. Those fiend puppets are simply not enough to stop them. They almost once tore the blockade of fate and moved quickly towards the core of fate.
If it weren’t for the critical moment, it would always be one or two statues practicing the great energy belt of Destiny Avenue, leading countless fiend puppets with stronger strength. I’m afraid that Nu Wa and others have already entered the core of destiny and joined forces with Yuan Heng.
The stalemate in the war situation has made many great powers who are still fighting in the river of life anxious. The longer the time is delayed, the worse it will be for them.

Tong Xiaozhen shed tears. He quickly wiped off his sleeve and looked up at the sick medicine field, trying to keep his voice down so that it sounded normal. "I heard the old man say that he didn’t worry about him, so he rarely came to see him this time. I didn’t know that the old man had come back this time and he couldn’t even walk easily. In the past two years, he has been tinkering with these medicine fields. You see what it is like now … If it were a few days later, maybe I would have come back earlier …

Speaking of which, tears poured out of Tong Xiao’s eyes again and he couldn’t pick them up.
Tong Xiao is an active and optimistic person. He is the most joking and least serious person in the fairy society. But now he cries like a crybaby regardless of the image, and even Nan Yunqing, not far away, pauses to look here. But Tong Xiao has finished feeling it, and now his heart is completely immersed in guilt and regret.
He rose from the fairy world to the Tianlan demon world by mistake, and his life was over, but in despair he met Zheng Xianhui and his predecessor Rabbit.
The rabbit elder didn’t abandon his low realm and weak strength at all. There are better choices, and he did not hesitate to form a companion with him as a newcomer. So from then on, his practice in the demon world has also gone smoothly. It has always been the rabbit elder who took him to the realm. Because of his status and strength, he has never suffered a little loss and suffered a little injustice in the demon world.
But that doesn’t mean that he can’t see what the rabbit elder did. He is not stupid at all. He has been trying hard, but he can’t catch up with the rabbit elder’s footsteps. In the Tianlan demon world, he has been in such regret for most of these years. When the rabbit elder’s strength stagnated and regressed, he even secretly rejoiced that he could finally take the lead to safeguard the rabbit elder in turn. For him, the rabbit elder is like a father, and he is much closer than his father!
But he didn’t know that the rabbit elder was really broken this time until he realized that the rabbit elder was walking towards death step by step. When the rabbit elder came to this hill to live in seclusion, he followed him at first, but his heart was still, which would disturb the rabbit elder and make him quiet. Besides, he was really too depressed and flustered in this environment, so he went out to seek medical treatment while the rabbit elder drove him away.
After going out, he never stopped seeking medical treatment, but he didn’t just tell people about the rabbit’s predecessors and the other person shook his head again and again …
He has been wandering around in this way in recent years, in a state of wanting to come back but afraid to come back, but if he is a little brave, he can come back to take care of his predecessors a few months ago.
The end result is that by the time he comes back, Mr. Rabbit has moved a bamboo chair out to bask in the sun every day, and then he has exhausted the medicine field and died day by day. However, even if he thinks about it, he still thinks more and more sadly. Finally, he simply squats down and buries his head in his knees and cries desperately.
Xiao Wen’s feelings are certainly not as deep as Tong Xiao’s, but he is also very sad.
Looking down at Tong Xiao, he doesn’t know what to do, just look at it and hope to give Tong Xiao some strength, even if Tong Xiaogen doesn’t feel his eyes.
Not far away, Nan Yunqing got up from the bamboo chair. She looked at Xiao as Xiao asked at Tong Xiao …
She doesn’t have much friendship with her rabbit predecessors, but she can feel Xiao Wen’s emotions.
A moment later, Xiao Wen finally felt Nan Yunqing’s eyes turned to Nan Yunqing and looked at it in the past.
Nan Yunqing’s mouth slightly picked up and asked Xiao a comforting smile. Her eyes also showed her confidence in Xiao.
Xiao Wen felt warm in his heart, and it felt good to have a favorite person around him who would always stay with him.
So Xiao asked Nan Yunqing to smile and nodded his head.
When a little bit passed, I don’t know how long it took Tong Xiao to finally calm down. He felt a little embarrassed and stopped talking to Xiao Wen and went straight into the medicine field to pull weeds.
Finally, Bai Qionghai and his rabbit predecessors have been in the bamboo house for most of the day.
Xiao asked her eyes to ask Nan Yunqing, but Nan Yunqing shook her head, and she could not speculate on the situation there.
After such a long time, is the rabbit elder saved? If Bai Qionghai had not been saved, he might have come out long ago; But if it’s saved, why hasn’t there been any movement in the middle of the day? Bai Qionghai can make less eyes.
Day se gradually late in the three people looking forward to the bamboo house is finally a figure Bai Qionghai!
Bai Qionghai’s face turned out to be a little tired, but she looked at Xiao Wen’s eyes and revealed a sense of relief that was not borne by Xiao Wen.
"White girl!" Xiao Wen didn’t ask a question because Bai Qionghai’s eyes were enough to say a question.
Sure enough, Bai Qionghai nodded toward Xiao Wen.
I got a positive answer. Xiao Wen couldn’t help being ecstatic, but Tong Xiao in Tanaka stopped after a pause. So close, he teleported directly into the bamboo house.
Bai Qionghai looked at the bamboo house again and then came out.
Three people meet at the edge of the medicine field Bai Qionghai said, "The old man has exhausted his physical vitality. I have spent some of my vitality on him and helped him guide those vitality to the physical body. Let him persist for another ten years. He will soon break through the realm. It is because his vitality is exhausted that he dare not break through this time. He can try to break through the realm after he recuperates for more than a month."
Bai Qionghai doesn’t need to say more. The rabbit elder not only lived, but also looked back and could boldly break through the realm! Once he is promoted to the next level, he will become a immortal, and there will be more years of Shou Yuan!
Suddenly, in the bamboo house, Tong Xiao exclaimed, "Really? ! ! !”
Then there is the rabbit’s hoarse predecessor, but he already has a neutral voice and says "hmm"
"Ah …"
Tong Xiao teleported directly to the edge of the medicine field and reached Bai Qionghai in two steps. "Dong" knelt down without saying anything, then "Bang" his forehead and scalp were broken.
Where is this kowtowing or self-mutilation …
But it is not so convenient to express Tong Xiao’s gratitude to Qionghai. At this time, his body and mind are filled with ecstasy, so he can’t feel the pain.
Xiao asked if I should go to Lanan Yunqing, and naturally I wouldn’t go to Lanan Yunqing, while Bai Qionghai didn’t move after a slight Zheng, but he was bowed down by Tong Xiao.
After nine heads, Tong Xiao got up, but he was still very excited. With ecstasy tears in his eyes, he asked Bai Qionghai Avenue, "White girl, you are a living Buddha sent by heaven! Today, you saved the old man’s life, which means you saved Tong’s ten lives! From now on, if you want White Girl to have any orders, even if you want Tong’s life, Tong’s life will definitely not be obeyed! If the white girl doesn’t want Tongmou to repay Tongmou, she will set up a card at home and worship the white girl in the morning and evening to pray! "
Xiao Wen listened with a wry smile. Bai Qionghai’s ri today is absolutely beyond Tong Xiao’s imagination. I don’t know what to say to stimulate Tong Xiao …
Bai Qionghai smiled at Tong Xiao and then gently opened her lips and said, "The old man has thanked me just now, but you are his companion. If you thank me again, I should suffer from the nine heads, but don’t be unnecessary. If you still want to thank, thank Xiao Daoyou."
Isn’t it a bodhisattva’s demeanor to spend all beings without repaying kindness? Tong Xiao feels that Bai Qionghai is a living bodhisattva, but he also realizes that Bai Qionghai’s mood has reached a terrible level. Maybe he really doesn’t care about his gratitude, so he turns and looks at Xiao Wen again.
Xiao asked hurriedly motioning with his hand, "Brother Tong saved my life more than once in the battlefield. I should do all this."
Tongxiao finally smiled more than relaxed …
After a month and a half, it was still sitting on the hill, but Bai Qionghai was gone, and even the rabbit predecessors and Tong Xiao were not there.
Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing are standing side by side at the top of the mountain looking at two figures at the top of a cliff in the distance.
The two men sat cross-legged and almost drowned in all kinds of brilliance.
Suddenly, Guanghua on the cliff quickly spread outward, and before it was bright and rocky, two people on the cliff rose almost at the same time!

"The emperor is not the eldest sister of the emperor who doesn’t want to be on your side, but Acacia has already married and has children! The emperor should come out of this relationship. Don’t do this again. Isn’t it the emperor who got hurt in the end? I also know that the emperor has a deep affection for acacia. She has done a lot of things, but if a woman is unwilling to recognize you, no matter how much the emperor has paid, her heart for the emperor will not change! "

This is also her attitude towards Gu Mo, so she can’t give Gu Mo what she refuses to see him.
Is this really what princess royal said?
No matter how much he often misses, she won’t look at it.
So she refused everything he gave?
Seeing Feng Li Su’s blank eyes, princess royal felt some love for his infatuation. For so many years, she had not seen the emperor, and she even dismissed the harem.
Take a deep breath and princess royal added, "Emperor, all this has actually settled and the emperor will try to change? Acacia has a scarlet coat in her heart, and she wants him to have a baby. At the beginning, the scarlet coat was unconscious for forty-six days. She was so pregnant and cared for by herself. There was never a complaint. Can’t the emperor see it? "
"This generation is afraid that her lovesickness must be crimson! Can everyone replace the purple clothes? "
Feng Li Su stumbled and held the table. He set his eyes on princess royal and shook his head slowly with an indestructible firmness.
"The emperor elder sister you don’t understand! I am obsessed with acacia, just like the eldest sister of Huang, facing Liu Heng! Elder sister Huang, can Liu Heng guard me like this? Sooner or later, I will definitely get lovesickness! "
"Sister Huang also knows that even if Feng Jiang Yi wakes up now, he will not be alive for a long time. I believe that if you want me to treat her wholeheartedly, you can always miss that heart sooner or later!"
Princess royal felt a little headache and smiled bitterly. How can they compare their situation?
Princess royal shook his head "that’s not the same! Emperor Liu Heng was married by my late husband, and I was married by Liu Heng. I am Liu Heng’s wife! "
"And the emperor lovesickness you … if the crimson clothes have not been demoted, Shu Ren lovesickness is your eleventh emperor brother woman! Even if the emperor accepts him, can the emperor accept her identity? Will the imperial people accept it? "
"Emperor, if you really love her, let it go, or you will not only hurt the emperor himself, but also hurt her in the future!"
Yu Fengjiang’s clothes and Haitang’s red poison, she really has been worried about it all the time, but she can resist it.
But she knew that even if anything happened to Feng Jiang’s clothes, she would not choose the emperor if she was afraid of acacia.
"If I am the emperor, even if I can make my own decisions about my own marriage, then what do I need this throne for?" Feng Li Su is cold.
He also knows that he is now in such a bad mood that he is not suitable to see Chang Acacia. He just strode towards the outside and Chang Huan’s father-in-law hurriedly opened the door and watched Feng Lisu leave, and he also hurriedly followed behind.
The cold wind poured in outside, and princess royal looked at the departing figure, and it was not a taste in his heart.
The emperor’s obsession with lovesickness is even more than she imagined!
At this time, it was cold at the end of the year, but I didn’t see Feng Lisu.
They also know that their identity is not suitable for asking what to do, and silently put the breakfast away and waited on it.
Princess royal looked at everything exquisite breakfast and lost his appetite.
But today, she is also throwing caution to the wind, which surprised her. Apart from anger, she didn’t abandon her meddling.
Seeing the emperor’s attitude towards lovesickness today, she doesn’t know what will happen in the future?
But she was also very distressed to see the lonely figure of the emperor leaving.
Out of the elegance of the building, Huan’s father-in-law hurriedly chased him.
"The emperor is going back to the palace at this time?"
"Where else can I go without going back to the palace?" Feng Li Su scoffed lightly.
Long huan father-in-law hurriedly laughed "emperor this ….. this phoenix in the land is the emperor you emperor you can go wherever you want! Even if you want to see Huei-fang, it’s no big deal! However, Emperor, you’ve been confined to your bedroom these days, so it’s rare to come out. Why don’t you take a walk around for fun? A few days ago, I heard the palace guards talking about the opening of another nest outside. Why don’t you go there and have some tea to calm your anger? "
Feng Li Su looked back coldly when he heard this, and glanced at Chang Huan’s father-in-law.
"If you don’t want a head, just say it back and dare to let me go to a place like * * * and pick it yourself!"
Chang Huan’s father-in-law was startled and hurriedly knelt down with a frightened face.
"Slave is wrong! I’m just talking, Emperor. Don’t take those girls seriously. They’re just ordinary fat and vulgar powder. Wouldn’t it be humiliating for the emperor to go? I know that the emperor has always been the most self-respecting! "
Feng Li Su hummed and strode in the direction of the outside. Chang Huan’s father-in-law was so scared that he immediately got up and chased him when he saw the emperor leave.
"Don’t be angry, Emperor. Just now, princess royal’s words also need to be taken to heart. What kind of woman do you want is the emperor’s own decision. Now, most of the ministers are made by the emperor’s cronies. They will never worry about questioning!"
"I told you to shut up and go back to the palace first!"
Feng Li Su said crossly that this long-term happiness is talkative.
Long Huan father-in-law immediately humbled to cover his mouth.
Wreaths didn’t wake up until the third day after coma. After waking up, they were paralyzed and felt unable to move.
He looked at this strange house with weak eyes open, and there was a familiarity in the strangeness.
This reminds me of this house. He once lived in Yi Lee and arranged for him to stay here for a short time, but after all, he will not forget the place he has been.
In addition to feeling paralyzed, wreaths all felt that a head was a little heavy, which made him extremely uncomfortable, and his mouth was dry and bitter, and he felt a twinge of foul breath.
What happened to him?
I remember that he just came to Fengfu Fengjiang Clothes, and he prepared a welcome banquet and was suddenly attacked after three rounds.
When that dart came, he couldn’t avoid it. He was holding it in his hand to block it, and then he felt a stabbing pain in the back of his hand and then he was unconscious. So how are the others?
Has the other party been found out?
"Come …"
Wreaths come out weakly.
Soon the door was pushed open and came in. It was a flame. When I saw wreaths finally wake up, I immediately came up with a smile.
"You can wake up in a coma for three days! Do you feel any discomfort? "
Wreaths are seen flames, though unfamiliar, but I also know that he followed the mysterious dance imperial doctor and waited on them. When he saw the flames, wreaths hoarse and said, "Help me up …"
Flame didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he sat up with wreaths all.
Just sitting up, it didn’t take long for wreaths to feel something coming out of their throats, so they spat out black blood with a strong stench.
Wreaths spit out all the black in his mouth before he felt a lot easier all over, even his paralysis was gradually disappearing. It seems that he was poisoned!
It’s this mouthful of black blood that stinks too much.
The flame was relieved to see him spit out this mouthful of blood. "The imperial doctor gave you acupuncture and said that it would be fine to spit out this mouthful of blood after you woke up!"
Flame brought him a glass of water to gargle and saw that his voice was hoarse. He also brought him a glass of warm water to drink. After a few mouthfuls, he lay down and asked weakly, "What poison have I taken?"
The flame said, "It’s the black Yan, the black Yan. This poison is extremely overbearing. If you don’t solve it for an hour, you will die, but it’s natural for the imperial doctor to understand the black Yan poison here. However, the situation on your side was too critical and poisoned that day, and the imperial doctor put a lot of black blood on you. It will be a hindrance if you wake up and take a good rest!"
Black Yan …
Wreaths are naturally heard. It is said that this poison is extremely poisonous. The wound of the red chain snake venom is corrosive. He looks towards the back of his hand and sure enough, there is thick gauze wrapped around it.
Besides, if this poison is contaminated a little, it will immediately cause coma. No wonder he fainted when he felt pain.
The flame saw that the silent face was black because of poisoning. At this time, some of the toxin remained, but it seemed to haunt the black gas, but it looked pale because of excessive blood loss.
Wreaths gently nodded "I know, thank you! By the way, did you know the identity of the other party when you were attacked that night? And Mrs. Feng, are they all right? "
Flame said, "The attack on that day was due to someone mixing into the Phoenix House guard, but the other person’s flying skill was excellent. When the ghost master chased after the past, he had disappeared, but their goal was that you should be a phoenix with tears! On your night, except for your poisoning, our wife fell down … Chapter 467, Feng Wei is our only treasure.
Hearing this, wreaths all got nervous and asked, "Is Mrs. Feng all right?"
You know, she’s so pregnant, it’s not even a bump