"No, the duration is very short!"

"I need an exact location. The more accurate the better!"
"The existing coordinates are already the highest accuracy that the equipment can achieve!"
Ye Han is another jump. "Is there anything else besides the positioning signal?"
"Not yet!"
Yip hon was as big as a bucket. "Let me know if you find a new horse!"
"You can rest assured."
Communication is suspended. Yip Han’s mind keeps returning to the clues he just got.
It is not surprising that the positioning signal appears dozens of kilometers away. If the expedition team is missing and there is indeed a signal with aliens, it is not surprising anywhere.
He can’t figure out what an alien attacked the expedition team!
The desert is called the forbidden area of life, the Dead Sea, which is the most unsuitable area for life-let alone aliens and humans, it is difficult to give birth to a group of giant worms here. It is very unlikely that they will accidentally enter the hinterland of the desert. It is absolutely no accident to continue to speculate that the swarm appears here according to this idea!
Moreover, it is not necessarily a giant worm, a servant or a worm that attacks the expedition team, and it is more likely.
So how exactly do aliens stare at this expedition?
It’s not surprising that the positioning signal can’t be received. Humans have been dealing with aliens for so long, and aliens have transformed so many worms. People must know something about human science and technology. It’s not surprising that they know how to shield the wires. It’s not surprising that aliens and worms help the wires.
Now that aliens know the line, what about the sudden appearance of positioning signals?
A momentary mistake? Or are you playing hard to get?
Thought of here yip hon pace is a slight delay.
Before he could think of an ugly girl, a crisp gun suddenly came to the left and stopped him thinking, "What’s the situation?"
He immediately heard Ouyang Ping yell, "Found the giant bug, found the giant bug fighting!"
Yip hon, with a gun in his hand, rushed to the direction of the gunshot and jumped into several sand dunes just in time to see the battle ahead-a sand dune with the same color in a desert more than 100 meters away, and Ouyang Ping and his battle group formed a loose encirclement, supported armored rifles and aimed at the fierce fire bombs of the giant scorpion, hitting the giant scorpion shell and splashing a little spark.
Yip hon got a fright. This giant scorpion is unusually big, and its tail hook is at least two stories high. Every scorpion leg inserted into the sand is like a stone pillar, and every scorpion claw is as big as a mini car.
The giant scorpion went on the rampage and blocked the giant scorpion. The soldiers jumped nimbly in front of it. However, the giant scorpion was far more flexible than expected. The giant scorpion claw actually caught the soldier Ling Yueqi!
The trapped soldier took his time, and his rifle continued to shoot at the giant scorpion, and others’ firepower became more fierce.
The giant scorpion didn’t care how many giant claws were clamped, but failed to clamp off the restless prey. The giant scorpion suddenly became furious, and another scorpion claw also clamped the soldier tightly, erected the tail hook and held it high.
Ye Hanxin suddenly came to his throat. The new armor adopted high-strength alien alloy. Although this thing successfully withstood the scorpion claw, the scorpion claw is a line, but the tail hook is a point. Plus the tail hook is the most powerful weapon of the scorpion body. It’s hard to say whether the alien alloy will hold up.
At the critical moment, Luo jiaqi arrived with another battle group, and a soldier rushed to the sand dunes with a single-soldier rocket and did not hesitate to aim at the giant scorpion fire
Almost as soon as the rocket was launched, it hit the root of the scorpion tail, and the violent explosion instantly penetrated the scorpion tail and blew it off by two thirds.
The pain made the giant scorpion clamp the giant claw and painfully open the trapped soldier’s body, and quickly put oil on the soles of his feet to escape from the attack range of the giant scorpion.
The soldier just fled, and two rockets hit one of the giant scorpions, or the shaped charge armor-piercing projectile reached a speed of up to two kilometers per second. The metal jet penetrated the giant scorpion from the left side of the scorpion head, and the high temperature cooked and scorched the giant scorpion. The giant scorpion struggled desperately and waved its huge claws and fell to the ground unwilling.
Yip hon long breath "grandma how to touch such a thing?"
This giant scorpion is native to the earth, not aliens. At the beginning, the northern defense line didn’t deal with this thing less, but at that time, the desert giant scorpion was not so big and didn’t carry it so hard
Xiaoyuan said, "Maybe it came from the east, maybe it was a second mutation."
The so-called secondary mutation means that after the giant worm is infected and mutated, the expanded virus causes the giant worm to expand again. The expansion caused by the secondary infection is not so exaggerated. It is not bad to make the giant worm expand once or twice, and it is extremely rare to expand three times.
Yip hon shook the rifle in his hand. "It’s a little troublesome … I need heavy individual weapons for the bridge!"
"How about a batch of depleted uranium armor-piercing projectiles on the bridge for nothing?"
Ye Han considered for three seconds. "Forget the steel core armor-piercing projectile!"
The radiation intensity of depleted uranium, that is, uranium 23, is not high. It’s okay to wear simple protective equipment and hold it directly. It can’t be touched for a long time, and it can’t be inhaled into the human body. It’s a heavy metal, even if it’s as toxic as radiation, you can’t discuss it!
Then this thing can burn when it hits the target. If inhaling and burning produces toxic smoke, congratulations, you will gain kidney failure and a series of health problems all over your body.
In general, the military does not use depleted uranium weapons.
At this time, Ye Han and others are located in the hinterland of the Dead Sea, which belongs to the area where there is no need to worry about depleted uranium pollution. However, the expedition team is sent here to find super plants suitable for transforming the desert, and it is likely that the transformation of the desert will be scheduled soon.
Yip Han doesn’t want to be happy for a while but leave trouble for the future. "Give me some more Grenade launchers and ammunition!"
"No problem!" Lin Biao issued an order "Dongfeng Express will achieve its mission!"
Chapter 153 Heavy armor express
A missile roared out of the belly of the Ningwu and hurtled into the atmosphere.
At the same time Xiaoyuan hey hey smiled and pulled out a sharp saber along the crack of the giant scorpion shell knife to dismantle a giant claw. "Let’s tear that down and bring it to dinner. Good things can’t wave … What are you doing? Come on? What are you waiting for? "
The soldiers stared at Xiaoyuan together and didn’t know what to do.
Ye Hannai rolled his eyes. "Go ahead and wait for the vote. There’s no time!"
If it weren’t for the emergency, the troops wouldn’t stop, let alone deal with the giant scorpion sometimes.
But since I met Yip Han, I don’t mind improving my food.
When the soldiers heard this, they immediately smiled. It took several soldiers to rush to take the giant claw, take out the white tender meat directly from the fracture, put it into a special folding fresh-keeping box, and then spray it with liquid nitrogen, and a quick-frozen fresh meat of about 5 kilograms will be ready.

Quasi-immortals are gloomy, and the ancestors are not good-looking. Look at me, I see that you are all long-spoken.

This time, due to the assistance of a hundred ghosts, people didn’t wait long. When they saw a golden aurora in the virtual moment, they shook the laws of the heavens and plunged into the star field and rushed into the turbulent Milky Way.
"Gengjin Taoist is humanized" The gloomy voice of Grandfather Kunlun Mountain has a hoarse taste.
"It really seems that the forward news is really wonderful and beautiful, and it can be turned into a fairy." Taizhuang Jiaozu slowly said.
"Wonderful show can’t stay" Taidou teaches the ancestral way.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at me. I’ll look at you. You’re all gloomy to the extreme. Today’s wonderful show can be enlightened. Ladies and gentlemen, if you make progress in the next year, isn’t it enlightened?
It’s a hundred ghosts who die today, but it’s not themselves and others who die in the future.
In the wilderness, the whole wilderness silence seems to be in a dead zone.
A breeze blows through the whole wilderness and instantly turns from silence to vividness, and birds, animals and insects continue to interweave.
Donghai Sea
The Dragon King of the East China Sea gently touched his beard, and the light in his eyes flowed endlessly, not knowing what to think.
The virtual distortion that crossed the virtual hand instantly shrank back from the vortex, and the vortex reversal in the star domain seemed to be a piece of folded paper that was instantly paved and you couldn’t see anything strange.
Taiping Road Hall The whole hall was silent, and all eyes were on the jade.
Jade Duxiu’s left hand slowly pulled out from the void, and his face looked at the ancestors and quasi-immortals with both hands, and then slowly said, "Let everyone laugh. Just two buffoons have disturbed everyone’s interest and have a cup of self-punishment."
Said the jade Duxiu looked to one side with a tray. The factotum brother saw the jade Duxiu and looked up. Suddenly, a clever man came up with drinks and then respectfully poured a glass of wine at the jade Duxiu ceremony.
Jade Duxiu picked up the glass and turned a circle to signal the crowd to pick up the glass. When they saw this, they didn’t dare to neglect it. They quickly stood up and took a few glasses. Then you looked at me and I looked at you. After Yu Duxiu looked up and gulped down the wine, they rushed to pour the wine into their mouths like chewing wax and could not taste the slightest taste.
"I don’t want to offend even the quasi-fairy. I have long seen that this hundred ghost Taoist Gengjin bodhi old zu is not pleasing to the eye. When the lunar reincarnation happened, the seat didn’t come to take care of them. Who knows that these two guys didn’t know how to take the initiative to send the door? In this case, the seat will become his future life. If you are bored, you can come to the seat to ensure that you will become him." Jade Duxiu’s words are indifferent and the needle falls in the hall.
At this moment, the prestige of Jade Duxiu will rise to the highest point in the heavens, and even the quasi-immortal dare not violate the will of Jade Duxiu.
After listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, no one dared to stare at the case without saying a word.
Sitting at the top of the table, the ancestor Taiping coughed gently. "Let’s continue to drink. Some trivial things are not worth mentioning. Don’t disturb everyone’s nature. Let’s continue to drink."
Taiping’s ancestor’s words fell on everyone’s lips, and the people around him were talking. The chaos in his head was worse than what he said. Anyway, the atmosphere in the hall was lively again.
"Alas, Miao Xiu played too much this time." All eyes slowly recovered from the stars and sighed slightly.
The Hunger smell speech is "wonderful show is not stupid, doesn’t he know what the consequences are? Why do you want to do this? This is the key. "
The Hunger looked at the sky.
Chapter 135 You see me today, especially yesterday.
Is Miao Xiu stupid?
There is no doubt that Miaoxiu is definitely not stupid. She definitely knows what will happen if she is enlightened before the days, but what did Miaoxiu do?
Yeah, what?
Chaotian The Hunger, you look at me. I see you have been watching it for a long time, but you never know what Jade Duxiu really wants.
"In the heavens, no one knows what Miao Xiumu is, and no one knows where Miao Xiumu aims." The Hunger sighed.
"Don’t think so much. Let’s hurry to get married after such a long delay." Chaotian said.
The Hunger nodded in the air and turned to look at the East China Sea fairy. "I have to wait one step ahead and escort the bride to Taiping Road."
At this time, the quasi-fairy heard the two men talking before she came to her senses, and her eyes showed panic. "Well, it’s a mission for you to escort the motorcade even though you go there."
Looking at the emotional quasi-fairy, The Hunger sighed gently and was robbed of her mind by Jade Duxiu. It is not only this quasi-fairy, but all the worlds can see this amazing world war I era, and the strong will seize her mind.
In the sky, The Hunger flashes, the innate immortal flashes, and the East China Sea fairy shouts "Let’s go"
After Yu Duxiu’s skill, all monks who want to find some trouble have to hold on to their own thoughts and then be quiet to bury all the career in their hearts and never show it.
It’s terrible that even the quasi-fairy can really’ disappear’. This is definitely the most thrilling event in the ancient times, and the sky will be rolled up again.
In the hall of The Hunger’s figure in the sky, Jade Duxiu showed off and gave a gift to the two of them before leaving. "Thank you for your help."
Looking at Yu Duxiu’s eyes in the sky, there was a flash of exploration color. At this time, there were some words that could not be asked face to face.
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. "Although I have planned to sit in all these seats."
Seeing this, The Hunger stopped talking and went into the hall to sit and push a cup for a change.
As time went by, the big day was approaching noon, but suddenly I heard a distant faint sound of gongs and drums beating towards this place.
"When the bride comes, please ask the cave master to go out to meet the bride." The MC leaned in.
Jade Duxiu smell speech nodded to the full house guests fuels "excuse me"
Watching Yu Duxiu walk out, Liu Yi looked at Bing Qin. "What do you think?"
"I don’t know my little place before, but now I finally know that the main gap of Miaoxiu Cave is simply a cloud of mud between heaven and earth. Don’t say that Miaoxiu’s brother is a nine-day big day, so my brother is a trivial little flame." Bingqin slowly said
"Well, don’t be discouraged. Miao Xiu has his own troubles, although the scenery is limited. Miao Xiu is so strong. Isn’t he constantly suppressing his wonderful show today? It’s not enough to add more influence in the heavens to eliminate the influence of the ancestor’s suppression. Even if all the ancestors were grounded to suppress the wonderful show, it didn’t work. Today, when I saw the wonderful show, the power was stronger, and the quasi-fairy hands didn’t fight back. In the future, all the quasi-immortals in the heavens even talked about their names and changed color. "Liu Yi sighed.
It’s a pity that Jade Duxiu is too strong to outshine others, so that nine of his disciples have become waste places. Many godfathers have to try their best to vent their luck.
Yu Duxiu was dressed in a big red wedding gown, with dragons and phoenixes in the whole body. He stood upright and proudly outside the mountain gate in the distance, and a pair of teams winding thousands of miles away came along.
The leader is the East China Sea quasi-fairy, who saw Yu Duxiu standing proudly at the door. Suddenly, a tingle came quickly, and the dragon and horse hurried to pay tribute to Yu Duxiu. "I have seen the cave owner and escorted the princess to the cave owner."
Jade Duxiu saw this quasi-fairy across thousands of miles before she nodded. She nodded at the quasi-fairy and asked everyone to have a wedding banquet and invite the bride.
A maid laid a red carpet and then slowly lifted the red curtain of the sedan chair to see a big red wedding robe and a hijab Aoleduan sitting in the sedan chair.
Jade Duxiu walked steadily and smiled at the bride in the sedan chair. At this time, a maid brought a red satin with a big red flower hanging in it and gave it to Jade Duxiu at one end and Aole at the other.
Jade Duxiu took the red satin to bring the Aole sedan chair and walked slowly towards the gate.

Cai Yuner is escorting Lishifang Town in her third brother Cai Sicheng.

Cai Yiming sent fifty guards to accompany Cai Sicheng and his party, and he took people to escort the carriage to the mountain pass outside the town.
Cai Yuner cried in tears. This time she went to Shifang Town, she didn’t play anything. She promised to show her around and joked that she would let the town men fall for her.
Who knows that she is so embarrassed?
"Faster" Cai Sicheng urged the team.
"It’s hard to walk so fast on Sangong Mountain Road." Someone said weakly.
"You don’t know Hongqizhai, do you still dare to linger here?" Cai Sicheng was angry.
He wanted to send his little sister away quickly so that he could come back and accompany Shao Qing’s adult to "suppress bandits" together. After he leveled Hongqi Village, his prestige in Shifang Town would surpass that of his eldest brother.
The carriage jolted on the mountain road, and Cai Yuner was shaken and almost fell apart.
"Third brother, can you slow down?" The cloud lifted the car curtain and asked.
Cai Sicheng looks pale. "I can’t slow down and give you to me. If something happens halfway, I can’t afford it."
The carriage went on for another hour, and Cai Yuner was really impatient.
They didn’t hurry when they came, even if they were in a hurry. It was like running for their lives.
"Can third brother stop and have a rest?" She pleaded.
Before Cai Sicheng spoke, a sharp whistle sounded in the depths of the forest, followed by an arrow tied with tarpaulin and a flame arrow coming out of the forest in the middle of the carriage path.
There are a lot of weeds scattered on the road. Cai Sicheng didn’t notice that those weeds with rocket arrows were behind and burned up.
"Fire! Put out the fire!" The guards shouted and pulled out their swords to poke the weeds.
But more arrows came out of the forest, and the fire touched the ground and the horse burst into flames.
Cai Sicheng realized this was not good.
"There is an ambush! Go back quickly! "
However, by this time, the carriage had been lit by flames, and the curtains and windows were on fire. Cai Yuner huddled with the maid in the car and screamed.
Cai Sicheng picked the train curtain with a good sword.
Without the car curtain, Cai Yuner can look out directly.
At this moment, hundreds of people came out from the opposite forest and stopped the road with sharp swords.
Cai Yuner was so scared that she forgot to shout and stared at the outside.
A man from the opposite crowd stood in the middle of the road and shouted, "Is this Cai Fu carriage?"
Cai Sicheng hurriedly motioned for a guard around him.
Before the escort had to bite the bullet, he replied, "It’s our carriage with harem and valuables, so please do me a favor."
"The harem in the car is Yue Princess?" Asked the other party
Cai Sicheng froze. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Cai Fu’s carriage, but we didn’t bring Yue Princess."
Before he could finish his sentence, a man with a knife across the street was already laughing. "It seems that our news is really correct. Princess Yue is afraid that it is not so easy for us to escape. It is better to stay with our castellan for recreation."
As soon as the man’s voice fell, a strange cry echoed in the crowd, "Yue Princess is so handsome. Please welcome my castellan."
Cai Yuner scared and hugged the maid around him. "I’m not a Yue princess. You have mistaken me!"
As a result, it’s a good thing that she called Nv Jiao’s weak voice so clearly in this situation that it attracted everyone’s attention.
"Brothers, please invite Yue County Master to the village. Don’t keep our village master waiting!" The first man shouted loudly and raised his knife at the same time.
The crowd roared toward the carriage with laughter.
Cai Sicheng was scared and at a loss. He just sent his sister home. They didn’t bring anything of value. How can Hongqizhai people stare at them?
Hundreds of people rushed to the front of the carriage in a blink of an eye, and the guards couldn’t hold such a sea of tactics even if their martial arts were no better. In a short time, this man was cut and that man was stabbed.
Cai Sicheng urged Ma Si to yell, "Go back quickly!"
But at this time, where can he retreat and look around? There are Hongqizhai people everywhere in the forest. They are whistling and waving long knives in their hands and rushing to Cai Yuner’s carriage.
Cai Sicheng wanted to save his little sister, but he stopped when he rushed out.
These people are coming for his little sister. If he saves people in the past, not only can he not save Cai Yuner, but he will also get in.

Nowadays, the laws of heaven and earth are gradually improved, and Yu Duxiu is more aware of the operation principle of heaven and earth, and he has more confidence in grasping the laws of heaven and earth and controlling the general trend of heaven and earth avenue

"Disaster? In a way, I am the most profitable assistant of Heaven, who brings disaster and robbery to all beings. If Heaven is the master of all beings, Yu Duxiu is the butcher. If the sheep is fat, it will be killed and eaten, and then it will be stocked for Heaven from time to time. "
In terms of the quality of life, Yu Duxiu is equal in heaven and earth, but the law of heaven and earth is the boss and Yu Duxiu is just working for the boss.
"If this ban is blessed with providence, such as a knife, the strong will know that the seat is fierce." Jade Duxiu sneers at her mouth.
In the virtual, the fate of Bianhuang meets the Terran, and the earth is in chaos.
The demon monk was forced to be nasty by the Terran monk, so he simply broke into Terran territory and slaughtered and devoured human JingXie to ascend.
The demon race is in troubled times, the Terran panic, the dynasty is turbulent, the fate of the nine gates is shaken, and the people are scattered towards the Terran. Tianjiao emerges as the times require and keeps walking to kill the monster beast.
"Motherfucker really want to kill the bodhi old zu?" Wang Daoling’s time-lapse Terran’s escape in the middle domain was followed by a large group of Terran monks. At this time, Wang Daoling swore as he fled, "How did I offend you, mother? You bastards chased me for three days and three nights. If I didn’t want to bully you, I would have sent you to the devil, and I was still unappreciative. Is it true that I am a soft persimmon?"
Wang Daoling swearing escape speed is not slow, a jump is hundreds of miles away.
Chapter 1771 Too easy to come
"Brother, this kingly spirit has ancient golden toad veins. If you can catch it and refine it, you can enter the Great Dan. We will increase your mana for tens of thousands of years." A young woman looked at Wang Daoling’s eyes in the distance and flashed a few small stars. It seems that it is not a monster beast but several Dan medicines.
This Wang Daoling was hunted down or because of Jade Duxiu’s creation of alchemy. All kinds of scattered practitioners are studying the mystery of alchemy. Various magical elixirs have been added to the world, including increasing mana, increasing practice, increasing body and increasing inspiration. There are countless kinds of elixirs.
"His mother bodhi old zu just doesn’t want to attract the attention of those old things. Do you guys really treat bodhi old zu as a soft persimmon?" That Wang Daoling looked back at all the monks who were running after him, and there was a bit of yoshimitsu in their eyes for a moment, only to see that Wang Daoling suddenly stuck out his tongue, and this tongue penetrated the imaginary roots of all the monks behind him, so that Wang Daoling, this fellow, had been constantly escaping and dared to turn his head to fight back.
"ba da"
Wang Daoling swallowed a Terran friar with his tongue and was about to chew. Suddenly, he heard a burst of terror and coercion in the void. "You evil beast dare to eat people and don’t spit it out for me."
Wang Daoling plopped down on his knees and kowtowed repeatedly. "Big Fairy, don’t blame the villains. These fucking little chasers are too cruel. Xiao Nai only fought back and asked Big Fairy to spare a little life."
In the virtual situation, a white jade palm stretched out and threatened the place where the palm had passed. The monks who had survived were afraid to look up on their knees.
That Wang Daoling like a bug was generally grasped by the palm of your hand, and the instantaneous situation was filled with emptiness, which restored peace.
"Brother, brother, are you okay? This monster beast is so cruel that he learned to sneak up on people unprepared and malicious hands. "Seeing that big hand disappeared with Wang Daoling, the monks came to the brother in succession.
"It’s no big deal, it’s just that I was hurt by that bastard." The brother’s eyes were full of shock after a while before he said, "I don’t know who is powerful enough to take this bastard demon away."
Wang Daoling instantly fell to his head and looked at Yu Duxiu. Then he suddenly got up and knelt down and "met Daxian and met Daxian"
Jade Duxiu looked at this toad essence and nodded. "The realm of nature is also a pity, but why do you make trouble all day?"
When the toad spirit heard this, he suddenly complained, "Didn’t you say I told you to do more bad things, Daxian?"
"me!" Jade Duxiu’s face twitched without a word and then paused. "Now there is chaos in the middle domain, you don’t have to go to peace of mind. It’s not too late for you to travel until the race war is over."
"Race wars?" The toad essence was one leng and then said, "No wonder my brother always feels that the atmosphere in the middle domain is not right. It turns out that the race war is about to break out."
Just then, heptachord came over and looked at the round toad eyes in Wang Daoling. The corners of his mouth were slightly tilted. "Brother, who is this?"
"When the layout of Jinshan Temple in Zhongyu was chosen in the past, it was also a pity to make a small demon, so I brought it back to stay and listen in the future." Jade Duxiu took her time.
After listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, the toad spirit gave a respectful ceremony to forget the dust, "I’ve seen the fairy and seen the aunt."
This dust-forgetting brother is a fairy, and this dust-forgetting repair, although toad essence seems to be similar to himself, can’t hold on to the fact that he is a brother and sister, and he is a little inferior to others.
"This toad essence also know statecraft" forget dust way.
Jade Duxiu took a look at the toad essence. "In the future, you will practice here with forgetting the dust and asking this windy continent to live for a while."
"Peace of mind?" Toad’s eyes carefully looked at the surrounding sky, and the air-breathing machine was not a jade show. There were three fairy air-breathing machines in the mountains, and it was strange that toad essence could feel at ease.
"Fairy! Fairy! Little days later, I will wait on you with the useful behind you. "Toad essence darted to forget the dust with a flattering smile on her face.
Forget the dust and nodded. "Let me help you find a place to live. The elder brother said that he would go to the chaotic world to build a house. This is just a temporary stay."
"Is everything all listen to the nun 1" toad fine respectful way.
"It’s just a toad essence. What’s worthy of your attention is that you will bring it back?" It came to the side of Jade Duxiu.
"Don’t underestimate this toad essence. This toad is well trained. It’s called the treasure chest. I’ve heard the name of this treasure chest for a long time. Now I’ll bring this toad back to see the power of a treasure chest in the future." Jade Duxiu said unhurriedly.
"Oh, it must be extraordinary to be seen in your eyes."
Just then, I suddenly saw that the virtual distortion was too easy for my godfather’s body to appear, and the windy continent slowly came to Yuntai and stopped at Yudu Duxiu.
Too easy to see the jade ancestor Duxiu for a while before long out of breath.
Jade Duxiu didn’t seem to notice the arrival of Taiyi’s ancestor, and a pair of eyes casually looked at the sea of clouds in the distance.
"In those days, I thought you were unusual. I didn’t expect you to grow to this point. At the beginning, I really didn’t look at you wrong." Tai Yi’s godfather looked at Yu Duxiu with his eyes off.
"oh! That’s please godfather took a fancy to "jade unique way.
"Wonderful show, if you really don’t consider giving up the domain, my Terran’s millions of years of hard work will be gone once and for all." Too easy to teach ancestors’ eyes are full of regret
"Heaven mighty rise and fall often Terran has flourished for one million years, and the extremes meet? Wouldn’t it be better to give up the domain? "Jade Duxiu takes a long way.
Looking at Jade Duxiu, it’s too easy to teach our ancestors a wry smile. "You don’t know that SIRS demon gods are terrible and wild, and I have been waiting for millions of years. Compared with SIRS demon gods, if I enter the middle domain, wouldn’t it be necessary to completely suppress us and leave room for our Terran to turn over in the future?"
"Is the difference between Godfather’s words that the seat is regarded as a child? I don’t know that the demon race is not monolithic. When the time comes, contradictions will inevitably break out. After millions of long-cherished wishes, our Terran can naturally replace the demon race to occupy the middle domain."
Father Taiyi moved his lips, and a long river of fate flashed in his eyes. "One million years is too long, and no one knows what will happen in this."
"After all, you are also a member of the Terran, but your roots are your hometown. You just stood by and the Terran was robbed?" Tai yi jiao zu Dao
"I want to forge a treasure." Jade Duxiu turned her head and looked at Tai Yi’s ancestor.
"Oh?" Too easy to teach one leng.
"This thing is called that the lock demon tower will be sacrificed and refined successfully. Then the monster beasts will never show off, and the demon gods of the heavens and the earth will also stay away. Even if the demon gods enter my lock demon tower, they will be trapped and never be detached."
"Trapped demon god? How is it possible? "It’s too easy for my ancestors to believe it.
"The snake god has been suppressed by me." Jade Duxiu looked at Taiyi’s ancestor unhurriedly. "Is it impossible for me to make friends with the apes?"
"This?" Grandfather Taiyi was hesitant when he heard this. "If the demon tower can restrain the demon clan, I wonder if it can contribute."
Looking at Taiyi’s ancestor Jade Duxiu’s silence for a while, it took a while to say, "All kinds of prohibitions on refining this lock demon tower are about to be deduced, but there is a lack of sacrificial refining materials. The most difficult thing to find is the bronze fall in heaven. If you have the heart, you might as well tell the bronze fall in heaven."

Su Yonglin put all this in front of people so that they could see it clearly.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages, as Su Yonglin can see clearly.
"Being an emperor has many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages. The most important thing is to absorb a large number of old officials and powerful gentry into the new court and give them strength to let them handle affairs, which will bring us great resistance. Some things we have to endure.
However, this is also the price that must be paid to get benefits. There is no such thing as two evils to be lightened. This is my final conclusion after weighing the pros and cons.
"But being an emperor is not my goal. Being an emperor is a means to achieve a goal, to become an important minister of the country, and it is not your goal, but a means to achieve your ultimate goal. I hope everyone knows this."
They all nodded their heads in white.
"When I was emperor, we should fully develop and expand at low cost. Our organization will attract more talents and gradually they will replace old officials and tyrannical gentry to finally realize a new court.
If you want to save the bullied villagers, it is impossible for them to fight alone. You must tell them what to fight against bullies and what not to continue to swallow, and then give them the leadership to fight bullies and let them know that their combined strength is that bullies can’t fight.
Let them learn knowledge, let them learn organization, let them learn to fight, and let them know that single-handedness is never better than group organization. Together, they can eliminate bullies! By that time, everyone in the villagers is a knight, so there is no need for a knight. "
Su Yonglin smiled and pointed to himself, "There is no need for an emperor."
Su Yonglin’s words impressed a hundred people deeply.
Then Su Yonglin said that it was not the right time for him to proclaim himself emperor.
Now he can’t claim the title of emperor rashly, because there is another Southern Song Dynasty who will lose all illusions and treat him as an enemy immediately. He can’t claim the title and be an enemy of the Southern Song Dynasty immediately.
It’s the best time to be proclaimed emperor, after the death of Jin Guo, to conform to prestige, stabilize people’s hearts and no longer worry about the war between the two sides.
Previously, not only the Southern Song Dynasty, but also the Western Xia Dynasty, he had to make a pretence and give them an illusion that the Guangfu Army would not be their enemy and there was still room for manoeuvre.
When such a new military and political recovery strives for stability and growth,
When the meeting ended, it was very late. Su Yonglin asked most people to leave Zhou Xian and Kong Maojie first.
"I don’t need the emperor to recognize myself. People are still rare at present. It seems to me that the fire is very precious. Let me know that I have been investing and paying for nothing. I am very happy.
You should stick to it, and don’t be blinded by the obsession with money. You should resist this temptation and try your best to win more support for our comrades. When most people realize that they don’t need the emperor anymore, I won’t be an emperor anymore. "
Su Yonglin turned and looked at Zhou Yi and Kong Maojie. "I will be very pleased then."
"won’t you always be emperor?"
Young Kong Maojie looked at the same young Su Yonglin and boldly asked, "I heard that the emperor is the most powerful person in the world, and the person who can do whatever he wants is the most. You often say that it is intoxicating, so once you become an emperor, will you get drunk yourself?"
Zhou Chu looked at Kong Maojie with a little surprise and was very surprised that Kong Maojie dared to ask this question.
How dare you!
But he is also interested in this problem.
Su Yonglin stared at Kong Maojie for a while.
Kong Maojie didn’t follow Su Yonglin to Shandong to rebel against the old headquarters. He followed Su Yonglin from Yizhou after he arrived in Shandong and recruited soldiers.
At the same time, he is also the second batch of members of the Renaissance Association.
When Tian Jue reported the list to Su Yonglin, he introduced a hole in Mao Jie’s office, and Su Yonglin still had some impressions of him.
He was originally a peasant, and his surname was Kong. I don’t know if his ancestors have anything to do with Qufu Kong.
However, in his generation, there is obviously no connection, otherwise, he would not be illiterate. There are also several acres of barren land in his family to starve and live a full life.
After Su Yonglin led troops to liberate his village, he gave the villagers land. The Kongs shared the land. His father was grateful to Su Yonglin and asked him to join the army and join the Victory Army at that time.
His three brothers, when he joined the army in the second place, his name was Kong Xiaoer, which was not conspicuous at all.
However, this little boy is really a bit of a genius. After three months of training, he not only learned basic military skills, but also learned more than 700 words, which was the most literate among the recruits at that time.
After he fought bravely, he learned literacy and actively studied culture and thought. He became the class leader within a month, and then he became the leader. After the war in Hebei, he accumulated meritorious deeds and promoted to the battalion commander and entered the training class of the guidance department for further study.
In the training class, he showed his extraordinary talent in political work and was noticed by Tian Jue. Then he talked to him and asked him if he would like to engage in political work.
Kong Maojie thought for a while and agreed, so he moved from the military command post to the political work post and was promoted to the regiment level instructor a few months later.
Tian Jue was glad to help him change a somewhat cultural name called Mao Jie, which also saved people from always calling him Xiao Er, which sounded rather disreputable.
In short, Kong Maojie is a rare talent with a strong memory and a strong understanding. He is a genius. If he was not excavated by the Guangfu Army system, it is estimated that this generation will face the loess and work hard until he dies. Where can he give full play to his talents?
Look at this courageous young Su Yonglin, he once again understood what "swift horses are common but Bole is not".
How many geniuses are there with a population of nearly 100 million?
Many geniuses are lost in the sea before they are discovered.
Kong Maojie is lucky, but he is just as talented and capable. There are still many people who are still facing the loess and doing farm work or playing with mud barefoot, which have not yet been discovered.
But …
It’s only a matter of time before it is discovered.
So Su Yonglin laughed and patted Kong Maojie on the shoulder and put his hand in front of him.
"Make an agreement. I will end the emperor’s day, and you will personally take the crown and peel off the yellow robe and burn it. Are you willing to … don’t you dare to make an agreement?"
Kong Maojie obviously didn’t expect Su Yonglin to ask him like this.
But …
What is there to be afraid of?
I’m not going to be afraid of anyone after doing this.
No matter how fierce people are, everyone will die if they are killed!
No matter how strong you want me to hold the knife in my hand, you can’t make me kneel again!
Kong Maojie gritted his teeth and held out his hand. Su Yonglin high-fived the agreement.
"Violation of this oath!"
"Violation of this oath!"
The two agreed to look at each other again, dumbfounded.
"Zhou Chu, come and be a witness. If you don’t witness it when that day comes, it won’t count."
Su Yonglin laughed
"Yes, you have to be a witness. When the day comes, you have to watch me burn the emperor’s crown and yellow robe completely! There is no emperor in the world! "
Kong Maojie ruthlessly looked at Zhou Chu.
Zhou Chu blinked for a long time before he realized what he had witnessed.
"This … I … I know"
He swallowed hard and made this oath that he thought he might never see the result.

Scholars who think of "solidification" and "pause" think of a large number of troops being fixed and motionless, but in reality, this is not the case.

Less outside, it didn’t see the stationary enemy or the dust crocodile actually stopped … There was only debris.
The scholar glanced at the corner of the room, and the mechanical dust crocodile slapped the metal ball.
It played there after the video was played, which was really … very strange.
So hard work won’t break it? What, that metal ball has to be hit to play the image?
Because of the dust crocodile, it is not good for scholars here to disassemble the metal ball in front of it for research
The sound of "beep-beep-beep" rang again, and scholars found that the picture of the crocodile came out again, and scholars also saw a new picture.
"There is nothing here … where have they all gone?"
Scholars have heard a relatively complete sentence, most of which are composed of words that scholars understand. The picture shows a landscape that scholars have seen outside.
Black days, ruined buildings and cracked street chariots … everything is very similar.
Of course, it’s not exactly the same. Scholars are convinced that the picture is somewhere else. It has never been to the street, and it may be nearby.
And shooting this picture is a … dust crocodile.
The angle of view should be something similar to a camera. Does the crocodile take a look at itself and then take a look at its surroundings?
And it keeps mumbling all kinds of words. Scholars can recognize this dust crocodile … very lost.
The next picture is its wandering scene in the city. It walks around and ends up in a chariot … next to the wreckage.
Then it said a lot to the picture.
Scholars can generally hear what it means and probably understand … The specific situation should be that this dust crocodile is a’ awakening elite’ and wakes up to solve the suspended enemy and save the dust crocodile.
But when it woke up, it didn’t find the enemy, and it didn’t find … When it came to the street, it was full of this kind of ruin, and it couldn’t even find food.
It wandered the streets for a long time, and finally it was hungry and thirsty. Now it has little strength to move, so it stays here, puts its last words in the record and waits for death.
Then the scholar saw it shoot itself through the head with a weapon.
It seems that this is a very abnormal state.
In fact, the dust crocodiles themselves don’t know what the scene will be like after the pause. Maybe they are as fixed as the scholars imagined.
But that’s not the case. There is no enemy or friendly army at the root.
It is also quite strange that there are no friendly forces. There should be a lot of living crocodiles, but there are no such people.
Then this elite can’t find anything to eat.
Scholars feel that this is really a bit … sad.
But it’s not over yet.
In fact, it has been filming since it died. Scholars don’t know what it makes. It always seems to have been filming for a long time, but most of it has been skipped.
Finally, the camera was picked up by another dust crocodile
This dust crocodile seems to be an elite one, and it’s the same … very lost.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirteen Awakening elite
These creatures … are endowed with weight.
Rescuers destroy invaders.
There are many things that they need to do. They need to complete quite a mission and finally become heroes … or … just watch the population die.
They went into a long sleep with the ideal of saving the population and kept thinking in their dreams … whether to destroy or save?
And when they wake up, they find that they can achieve both.
The vast and dark cities show that there are no enemy troops, no friendly troops and debris and ruins in front of them.
They are wandering in the ruins, arguing how elite characters can slowly starve to death …
Some dust crocodiles don’t want to die like this. They think of various ways to live and find out what is going on.
Most of them have … photographic equipment. Actually, these equipment are ready before they are’ suspended’, mainly to let them record the situation after they wake up. Those suspended enemy state records are elite, such as saving the population.
But now these photographic devices have become … tools to record their chronic deaths.

This kind of active magic has always been some important things, for example, it can inspire all kinds of magic protection covers, and it can stimulate magical power to help enhance combat effectiveness. These are the two main directions of active magic. Because these two things are important for everyone, they don’t make occasional words every day, so many people can afford it, and people who own this magic usually treat it as a treasure.

It was the first time that Lisa saw that someone actually made an active magic lamp, and that someone actually made such a magic thing. She and her fellow wizards thought that the noble had a brain problem.
But after learning more about it, they realized that the situation was not what they thought.
The price of these magic lamps is beyond their expectation, even cheaper than all passive magic they know, and the daily consumption is even more incredible!
At that time, they also thought that the noble cheated them because it was impossible. Don’t say that the price of magic spar alone could not be low. Finally, it was not until the noble took the magic lamp and magic spar apart that they vaguely felt that this might be really possible.
Because the magic spar in that magic lamp is different from all the magic spar they have ever seen.
The magic energy contained in the magic spar in the mage group excavated in nature varies with the variety and size of the spar, but there is still a general rule. Generally speaking, the bigger the spar, the purer it is, and the greater the magic power contained in it.
But the magic lamp magic spar broke this rule.
This is not a magic spar, but a metal bar!
That metal bar is the size of a normal adult male’s thumb, and it is a cuboid, which is very regular. Because it is metal, it is not spar, and naturally you can’t see what’s inside.
Well, even if we treat this thing as a special magic spar for the time being, let’s put aside the purity and say the shape and size. This shape and size of magic spar is considered to be medium-sized. If we compare it according to the general law of magic spar, the magic power contained in this magic spar will be sufficient, but Lisa sensed that there were few magic roots in the metal bar at that time, which should not be the normal magic content of this volume of magic spar!
At first, they were this strange magic spar, but the magic was exhausted when it was too long, but according to the noble, the metal bar was new that day, and then the noble took out an identical metal bar. Lisa felt it and found that the magic was also very little!
Lisa, they still can’t understand the mystery. They don’t know what’s going on with this magic spar like a metal bar, and they don’t know how such a cheap price was worked out. Is it wrong for people to make and sell this magic lamp? Do you think you have too much wealth and have to pay for it to be happy?
A few stubborn mages came to stay and wait until the caravan in the aristocratic mouth reappeared to inquire about the reasons. However, the situation at the front line was urgent, and they finally went to the front line together. Lisa didn’t expect that she would see this magic lamp again today, and it was as different as the noble’s treasure. Is there too many such magic lamps in this room? Many rooms have Lisa. No less than six!
Even in the palace, the king won’t make six active magic objects. That’s why Lisa thinks this room is more interesting than the palace.
These magic lamps in the room are different from the ceiling hanging in Norman’s room. They all set the table like candlesticks, and the unique magic spar and metal bars of this magic lamp are placed next to these magic lamps.
Lisa tried one and found that this is really the kind of active magic. After the metal strip was installed, these magic lights really lit up, and then she thought of so many such magic things in this room. She once saw the magic of the mage to build a house and then she thought of Norman wisdom …
Lisa faintly had a guess.
Maybe the maker of this magic lamp is not insane.
They sold this active magic at such a horrible low price. Others may have lost money, but in fact, they may have made a lot of money because they have Lisa’s magical power, which makes it cheaper for them to make this magic thing. The unified magic spar law shown by this metal strip is completely inconsistent with the strange unified system, which may mean that this strange magic spar is made by people.
If it is made by people and is not limited by resources and output, and the raw materials are particularly cheap, maybe those low prices have already earned a lot of money.
But man-made magic spar …
I can’t stop shivering at the thought of Lisa’s body. Her face looks weird and Gherardini seems to be crying and her eyes are shocked.
It’s not that she doesn’t know Norman wisdom, such as sea printing, and the unique architecture of Fanikaheim proves this point, but even though she has thought highly of Norman wisdom, she still didn’t think that this saint could make magic spar artificially!
This breaks the iron law of the birth of the world. If this is true, the impact on the world will be even greater than that of printing!
Lisa suddenly got up and ran quickly to the door, opened the door and rushed out.
She wants to go to the Holy One and ask him whether her guess is correct or not. Does he really have a way to make magic spar artificially?
If this is true, then the world will change dramatically, and mankind may increase its strength!
Lisa couldn’t wait to think of the possible result. She was so excited that she couldn’t stop shivering, but her steps stopped as soon as she stepped out of the door.
Her door is facing the starry sea. From this angle, she sees a magical scene happening over there.
It’s glowing over there
The light rises from the ground like a huge white flame, getting higher and higher, illuminating the surrounding area and the starry sea.
White light shines on the side of the starry sea, and the water surface is sparkling with white light.
At the same time Lisa suddenly felt a dark behind her.
She looked back at the magic lamp in the hall and somehow suddenly went out.
Lisa, there are also many houses around this house.
This is a high-grade residential area in the Star Sea. Residents often hold important positions in the people’s government. Otherwise, senior members of the caravan started their adventure in the Star Sea and benefited them. There is also a homeowner who is the family of a famous martyr in the Star Sea.
These people’s living conditions are very good in the stars and seas. I’m afraid that even Augustus and King Wang Guoxin will be stunned when they are exposed to the outside world. For example, every family here shines a magic lamp every night, and the light shines from the window, making the neighborhood look like daytime.
And now Lisa sees those lights fading away.
Like the magic lights behind her, the magic lights of all the people around here went out quickly.
After a while, there was no one around here, and the magic light was still on, and the surrounding area fell into darkness.
"What’s the situation!"
"Er ya, your light is broken, too?"

First of all, a person wearing a shadow costume is not young in listening, but this figure costume is not weak, and it is almost the fourth order.

However, the combat literacy is not so good, and it seems as if it has been temporarily cultivated by various resources.
Along with nearly dozens of figures, some of them are illegal organizations, and some of them are new.
Qin Mu Ye is seriously collecting data and does not intend to pay attention to each other
Come in if you have something to do. His huge mechanical equipment is isolated from the film industry. Unless the other party can lift the film industry, don’t want to come in.
This makes the other person angry and shivering all over, which seems to be caused by being regarded by Qin Mu Ye. This makes Qin Mu Ye particularly eccentric, so little things make him angry. Where’s your heart?
"Let him know for me what is the difference between seniority and inferiority. A pariah dares to be so disciplined." The other party is watching and will take out a quick-acting rescue pill, which is quite shaky and said.
And then a crowd of filmmakers swarmed in, and it seemed that Qin Mu Ye would be eaten alive.
It was Qin Mu Ye who rolled his eyes when he heard this. Well, this has become a pariah. This era is developing a little fast. Is it still a normal society ruled by law? How did it become feudalism as soon as it came?
It seems that the whole prosperous country has been grasped by the family at this time, otherwise it can be so.
He hasn’t watched the news recently and hasn’t paid much attention to it. Instead, he has been sampling and analyzing the magical environment in the human world. He thinks that if he wants to solve this half of the film industry, it will fall into this environmental factor in the human world.
Naturally, I was bent on doing the experiment and didn’t pay attention to the outside world at all
Not long ago, the ordinary agent who was monitoring him was called back, and he didn’t pay attention to what it was.
Then today, there are such a group of people who are eyeing it like they have been pulled out of their brain stem.
Looking at the people stopped outside, Qin Mu Ye shook his head and didn’t intend to ignore it.
"Well, well, since you are so arrogant, don’t come out for a generation. If you dare to come out, I …"
"Blown into fireworks" Qin Mu Ye looked at the clamorer outside. He didn’t know what the other door was arrogant and wanted his life, but it became his arrogance
So he can be a little arrogant and blow each other into fireworks.
Seeing each other’s bodies swell up like a balloon.
Bang ~
When the expansion reached the limit, it naturally broke out, and the whole person was directly blown into a mass of flesh and blood.
All the people who besieged the protective cover immediately got cold when they heard this movement.
Just one word and the strongest will explode.
Although the other party is a parallel combat experience class, it is impossible to give strength by pretending to be a shadow, but it is a real root, which is not comparable to them.
Shadow body is also beneficial. It is necessary to have enough resources to pile up a powerful shadow so as not to worry about such things as vain strength and unstable foundation. After all, from one roadbed to another, it can be strengthened through krypton gold.
Civilians Nature is as miserable as it can be.
For example, Qin Mu Ye didn’t continue to grow because there was no further training center, that is, after the development.
It’s equivalent to leveling. You can’t gain experience. You can rely on krypton to upgrade. Maybe the career of shadowmaker can be changed, but Qin Mu Ye is unlikely to choose such a career as shadowmaker because of this thing.
He must be at least epic now, not rare.
"Go home, don’t wave, unless you have the strength of Tianpeng, the general manager of the Shadow Administration, or bring Yinshan Jun over, you can leave a corpse even if you are lucky." Qin Mu Ye was very kind and this group of people came to this sentence.
It’s called the enemy before the enemy. Now leave Qin Mu Ye to let them go. By the way, let them publicize their own strength, otherwise no one will know their own strength. Then any cat, dog and dog will be provocative again.
But if you don’t leave Qin Mu Ye, you can send them on their way smoothly. Anyway, it’s not bad to make an example of them. It’s really necessary for them to change a batch of chickens to make trouble. Then Qin Mu Ye can also smoke them to death
But fortunately, these people have some brains.
"Thank you, Professor Li. This time, it’s not because we want to come here. It’s the Zou family hardliners. You just set off fireworks. That’s Mr. Zou. You should be careful. They want to imprison you to find more relics."
A man who seems to have been recruited decisively said, and then naturally he fled away.
So, one by one, the birds and animals are scattered.
Why don’t you stay here and die?
For Tian Peng and Yin Shanjun, these people all know that they are contemptuous and say that they can compare themselves with others, but they dare not have this little idea.
Only Master Zou can get older and suddenly become stronger, and he can’t carry his brain clearly. This man has been a dude since he was a child, and he just beeps like a fool.
Of course, there are also Zou’s family who took a lot of interests and benefits in this fight, which made this less clever dude swell up.
Plus, Uncle Zou, that is, the main body of Zou Jiajia, will spoil this one. After all, he didn’t compete with him in the past, so that he can get a gold plating and do something small by the way.
From a Zou Guke, there is no regard for’ Li Yan’
So this has led to this wonderful thing happening now, but it is normal to think about it. They don’t recognize what resources Qin Mu Ye can have to cultivate shadows.
At present, the channel to enter the film industry has long been controlled by major families, except that the family can enter, and other filmmakers can’t get in at all
Otherwise, what they do with the Shadow Administration is naturally this interest.
If it is in the hands of the shadow management bureau, it will not be controlled by the family, but will be divided with the top management of Shengguo.
The aristocratic family is a aristocratic family, and the top level of the country is the top level of the country. There may be an intersection between the two, but there are politicians and careerists who have been promoted from the bottom level in the top level of the country, and they are not the same, so such a large-scale competition for profit will occur.
However, although the family won, it doesn’t mean that the struggle for profit is over. The struggle between the family and the family has been played again, which is just the division of interests.
If this is changed to Qin Mu Ye, this group of people will have to bleed one by one
He can tolerate people’s incompetence, but he will never tolerate people’s fighting and losing their position.
After a while, the transcendental body will completely cover the original modern body, so the original peacetime will become the law of the jungle
Just wait for a strongman to directly suppress everything.
It was Qin Mu Ye who thought it was impossible because he was dying.
One by one, I still want everyone’s life, and I want to move mountains and fill the sea. When the time comes, the film industry will be completely separated, which will directly lead to the sudden death of the shadow. I am about to fly to the peak, and the extraordinary person will fall down and eat shit.

How can an old Murk come at once?

However, with more and more players spontaneously brushing the sound, it is impossible for her to believe it even if she no longer believes it.
And everyone in the killing family has turned pale.
Originally, I was tired of love, but when I saw so many players in the area brushing their notes crazily, they knew it was definitely not fake …
Let’s take a walk at night to send recommended votes and monthly tickets ~
Chapter one hundred and ninety Get out
Soon, it took an hour to turn around from urk.
Inside the urkqq group
"Come on, number it."
The Suk group said
Urk people log on to their accounts and then select the device in Henan-Zhongyue Songshan.
At this moment, the messenger of Zhongyue Songshan has gathered a few thousand dream friends from Zhongyue Songshan
These dream friends have booths, and the names of the booths are surprisingly uniform.
And there are countless people behind the booth.
Although Zhongyue Songshan is not a ghost, it has never seen such a hot scene.
These people, whether they were playing fantasy before or heard that urk was coming and then turned it on temporarily, all of them gathered here to wait for those who belonged to their heavenly group!
However, the location that will appear after the transfer is always there, and no one has shifted a step there. That place seems to have become some kind of holy land.
Even if there are too many people around and then accidentally run to that location, people will be very careful to bypass it instantly.
Because don’t bypass the consequences … It’s not what they can afford!
Urk people haven’t arrived yet
But at the moment, no matter the current channel, audio channel or world channel, everyone is shouting and shouting that team called urk!
Urk has become a belief, a dependence and a feeling among dream friends before you know it!
Looking forward to the arrival of urk, there are also many dream friends who have transferred to the area with urk.
When these people saw the battle of Zhongyue Songshan, they were also startled. As soon as they logged into the game, they quickly dodged to avoid the place where the newly turned area appeared and waited quietly.
Because of this, the number of players around has increased sharply from thousands to ten thousand.
And this value continues to rise!
At the moment, the number of people watching the live broadcast in A Girl Without Sorrow has reached five million!
The name urk makes fantasy westward journey players crazy again!
"Crazy … I think these people are crazy."
The top officials of Fantasy Westward Journey couldn’t help swallowing water. They looked at the rising data … Absence!
It is also at this time that Han Xuanxuan played a tired heart and shook the screen over there.
"We have the number."
Hear Han Xuanxuan love tired heart take a deep breath of relief.
Although I knew before that Han Xuanxuan would not be ordinary, he was still full of shock when Han Xuanxuan told himself that he was urk and Han Xuanxuan.
Inurk is the goal of all players in Fantasy Westward Journey.
Is it as difficult to catch up as the gap between man and god? Although the new urk had a good chance to catch up, it stopped their pursuit when it was not the 19th level of Shenwei.
Although that’s because of problems in the new urk department, a team is facing many problems when it grows up. These departments are all possible factors-none of them can be an excuse.
It is neither accidental nor inevitable that urk can seal the gods.
This is because every member of urk is 100% devoted to the game Fantasy Westward Journey, which is more rewarding than loving them, persevering them and chasing them.
I quickly walked out of my feelings and shook my head when I was tired of love.
Then the keyboard was rattled by him, and the old driver’s hand speed was displayed for a moment.
I made five consecutive sounds in one breath for fear that others would top my heart and love it.
"Everybody get ready! The urk gods are coming!"

After several efforts, Su Jue was able to give up Huairou and turn to iron and blood clearing.

Facts have proved that it is better to eliminate iron and blood
A year after the Qing dynasty, some tribes who were unwilling to communicate with the army also took the initiative to communicate with the army, but by that time, Liaodong had completely occupied the advantage.
The army sent rangers to harass the hostile tribes for a moment, burning oil in the forest, blowing up their base areas with powerful gunpowder, and constantly building military fortresses and cities to reclaim land.
So the army is shrinking and eroding their lives little by little, so they have to choose to fight to the death or surrender.
In the seventh year of Hongwu, Su Jue razed the savage and very strong virgin tribe and the tribe he didn’t belong to in the outer Xing ‘an Mountains and Wusuli River areas, and then led an army to land on Sakhalin Island across the sea, bringing this Liaodong island, which was said to be very large by the people, into the management of the Great Unity and establishing Sakhalin State.
Since then, Liaodong area as a whole has been incorporated into the unified governance, while Su Jue and the Fifth Corps have made great contributions.
Therefore, although the name of the Fifth Corps is not obvious in the national strategy, it has not participated in many large-scale wars, but the fifth corps has rich combat experience in the high-latitude areas such as Liaodong and Northeast China, and its combat effectiveness has been maintained very well.
The development and control of the whole Liaodong area depend on the day and night struggle of the Fifth Corps.
After the end of the war, the soldiers of the Fifth Corps also made a lot of contributions in the process of Liaodong development.
Many wounded or older soldiers responded to Su Yonglin’s call to retire on the spot and become grass-roots rural workers, which made great contributions to the immigration in Liaodong area.
Now all the nearly 4 million people in Liaodong live and work in peace and contentment here, and these retired soldiers have made great contributions.
Population distribution Liaoyang province has a population of more than 3 million, and Heilongjiang province has a population of less than 1 million. There is something wrong with the population distribution, but it can’t be helped.
It’s really cold.
Because of the severe cold climate, agricultural production is hindered, and many cold-resistant and high-yield products have not yet come to China. Even if there is good fertile land in Northeast China, the effective interest rate is very low, and the population of Heilongjiang Province cannot be rooted.
This is also in line with the climate of this era.
During the Tang Dynasty, the climate in the northern hemisphere was very warm, so the plateau could breed such a powerful government as the Tubo Empire, and there could also be 600 thousand strong Koguryo in Liaodong, all of which depended on the warm climate to bring suitable agricultural production conditions.
However, once the climate turns cold, the production conditions will not be the same, and the literary adherents will either mix with the Han people in the South Central Plains or stay in the local area and degenerate into fishing and hunting literature.
It is not that they don’t want to farm, but that the climate doesn’t allow it.
At present, there is such a trend in Heilongjiang provinces. Many places are not suitable for farming, and there are few people in the areas suitable for farming.
In view of these problems, Su Yonglin, while developing animal husbandry, also sent a large number of people to Liaodong to find minerals to ensure the country’s rule over Liaodong.
He is going to find mining areas to replace agricultural areas and adult areas to develop industrial settlements, further develop industrial cities to retain people and expand the scale of residents.
When the grain problem comes, it will be a big deal to transport grain to Liaodong. Although the cost is not low, nothing can be lost in this strategic treasure.
Fortunately, in recent years, the climate has been good, and most areas in Liaoyang Province can grow food. Although there are few places to grow food, the population is small enough to support and retain people in Heilongjiang Province.
Compared with the land that has not occupied the western regions and the future planning, Liaodong Land and the Fifth Corps have more flavor of production and construction corps.
To say that investing in Liaodong in recent years is really a lot, a lot of budgets have been thrown into Liaodong to build a city and develop human settlements, which has laid a financial foundation. However, if you want to develop here, sometimes it is really up to God to enjoy it.
But it doesn’t need to look at God’s face to crusade against Korea. The Fifth Corps should be very happy if it doesn’t fight for a long time.
Xin Qiji, with a professional staff team, made a preliminary strategic plan very quickly, and the rest required Skynet agents to send a large amount of information back and let the staff headquarters make a judgment.
Su Yonglin had a simple working meal with the big guys from noon to night during the discussion, and then discussed the logistics and transportation of this battle and the administrative arrangements after controlling Korea late at night.
Specifically, take the Xixia Road, first grasp the actual strength under the banner of King Korea, and then Korea will naturally become a big province.
How to select officials to enter Korea, how to establish grass-roots organizations, how to communicate with Korean people and so on need to be specific to the detailed work plan
In this respect, Su Yonglin is our grandparent, and he is also the best design expert, and everyone is willing to listen to him.
There were many complicated problems. Su Yonglin and the ministries discussed it until late at night and dragged his tired body back to the bedroom, and agreed to come early the next morning to continue the discussion.
When I went back, Zhao Xirui had put the two children to bed and made a bowl of soup for Su Yonglin, waiting for Su Yonglin to come back to eat.
"I’m sure I won’t be back until very late when I go out. You have women’s ministries and art troupes to do and take care of the children. It’s not necessary to always wait for me."
Su Yonglin said this, but a bowl of hot soup is warm in his heart.
Chapter 142 Unified starting line
Cherish Zhao Rui looked at Su Yonglin and shook his head with a slight smile.
"Compared with what you have to do, my work is much easier. Xiao Cuicui has grown up quickly. Now many things are her specific responsibility. I will just give her a table. If necessary, it’s nothing to quarrel with. Xiao Cuicui knows that I have Zeying and Zexiong to take care of. I’m not tired."
Su Yonglin put a soup bowl and wiped her mouth, then stretched out his hand and touched Zhao Xirui’s face.
"I have so many things at home that it’s really hard for you to take care of them."
"When your wife was the only wife, I knew what I should do, so I was not tired."
Zhao Xirui took Su Yonglin’s hand from his face and held it in both hands.
"You should pay more attention to your health. You can’t do it without you."
"I can’t do anything without you."
Su Yonglin leaned forward and hugged Zhao Xirui in his arms. "It’s hard for you to quarrel with so many things."
Cherish Zhao Rui quietly snuggled up to Su Yonglin and smiled.
She means nothing, but does Su Yonglin know that there is really a lot to say here?
For example, all officials and officials in Zhongdu now know that their Queen’s Temple is a super shrew who is unique in the world.
However, no department of the imperial court or the Renaissance Association dares to despise anything related to the drama troupe of the Women’s Department, and they treat it with the utmost patience and energy.
Otherwise, Zhao Xirui really wants to quarrel.
When the early women’s department was just established, many departments despised it, especially young female leaders such as Xiao Cui, and felt that it was just a house department, which made Xiao Cui and others suffer a lot.
Then Zhao Xirui went out.
From the organization department of Fuxing Association to the imperial court, the Ministry of Finance scolded Kong Maojie, the head of the organization department, and Shang Lin Jingchun, the Ministry of Finance, for having no temper at all.
Her voice was not loud, her tone was not intense, and she said it was a quarrel, but her words and expressions were really like Su Yonglin’s fear of the bosses of various departments who suffered from Su Yonglin’s furious PSD before the storm.
Moreover, she is still the queen, and no one dares to offend her without looking at the monk’s face and the Buddha’s face. All departments have to do it if they want her to go out.