Ning Caichen looked at Wei Zhaung with a smile. The Royal Guards are the special department of the State of Jin responsible for intelligence and information. To put it bluntly, Wei Zhaung is a special agency. He was born in the Valley of Ghosts and was also a quicksand leader. He has the means and strength. The Royal Guards Grand Commander is the most suitable person. There will be no second person except Wei Zhaung.

"thank you!"
"Ji Yuan made you the Minister of Education and the head of the country’s education workers, and I made you the Lord protector!"
Ning Caichen looked at his teacher, the Ministry of Education, and the head of education in the future of the State of Jin naturally needs a person who can withstand the scene, and it is best for a scholar to be a great scholar. However, to say that there are only four people in the great Confucian field, such as himself, Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang and Ji Yuan. It is natural that Zhang Liang and Zhuge Liang can’t be the Lord of the State of Jin, and they have arranged for the last place. In addition, Ning Caichen directly sealed the Duke of Ji Yuan as a fifth-class duke, marquis, earl, baron! Previously, Zhang Liang and others were all marquis. Only Ji Yuan was the duke and the first duke and the only one in the state of Jin, but no one said anything. After all, Ning Caichen, a teacher in Jiyuan City, occupies a very important position in this era. From a certain level, it can be seen that without Ji Yuan, Ning Caichen will be destroyed. Naturally, it is not necessary to call Ji Yuan as a duke of Jin.
"Cai Yong ordered you to be the Deputy Minister of Education!"
"Tang Renjing ordered you to be the Minister of Finance!"
"Jiang Xiaobai, I seal your Qi Hou …" "Zhao Yong, I seal your Zhao Hou" "Bi Xuan, I seal your Yuan Hou …"
Later, Ning Caichen conferred titles on others one by one to Jiang Xiaobai and many other powerful masters. He sealed Marquis equally, like Jiang Xiaobai sealed the marquis. The original prince sealed the marquis, and the original king sealed the marquis. Of course, there are also many people who have not sealed it, such as Luna, Saint, and major doors …
"I said that no matter who you were before, what identity and race, you all have an identity after today-Jin people no longer have a country or a race. I hope you will remember that today’s conferring is also a preliminary conferring. Many people have not been conferred to the point that some people may be dissatisfied or disappointed. You can rest assured that today’s unification is just a lack of interpersonal skills. I will never bury you if you have the ability …"
"But in the end, I still want to remind you to do a good job of division of labor. I hope everyone can work together. My country of Jin is getting better and better. I hope you will not do anything that will harm my country of Jin."
Ning Caichen’s voice is calm, but it makes many people feel tight, especially the people of major forces. They still can’t hear Ning Caichen’s last sentence as a warning to them.
"Well, that’s all for today’s meeting. It’s just been unified, and it will be very busy for a long time. I hope you can work together to build our great Jin."
"I will do my best to build a great Jin!"
Everyone should answer!
Chapter 77 A new era
"In the 16th year of the Warring States Period, Tian Tongjin was changed to Yong Yongsheng, and he ascended the throne for one year.No. Tianzun Tianwang, the imperial edict tax, two years of amnesty, and the whole world celebrated …"
In the evening, accompanied by a long bell, it sounded from Bauhinia City, followed by a few penetrating sounds from Xiao Li, the general manager of the prison, in the palace!
"In the 16th year of the Warring States Period, Tian Tongjin was changed to Yong Yongsheng, and he ascended the throne for one year.No. Tianzun Tianwang, the imperial edict tax, two years of amnesty, and the whole world celebrated …"
"In the 16th year of the Warring States Period, Tian Tongjin was changed to Yong Yongsheng, and he ascended the throne for one year.No. Tianzun Tianwang, the imperial edict tax, two years of amnesty, and the whole world celebrated …"
Then, like an echo, one sound after another came out of the Forbidden City and finally resounded through the whole capital. This is Ning Caichen’s imperial edict, and the Royal Guards and the imperial court transported it quickly all over the day …
"Long live the king! Long live the king!" "Long live the king, long live the king …"
Then a burst of shouts rang out, first in the palace, and then spread throughout the capital. Although it was a simple decree, everyone knew that the weight represented by this decree had been unified. This is a historic moment destined to be recorded in history, and this decree is short but contains a lot of information.
The first is that before the revision of the year number, Shenzhou adopted the year of the Warring States, which is now exactly 16 years of the Warring States, but now it is changed to Yongsheng. This year, Yongsheng’s year number directly means that the years of eternal prosperity will last forever. The second is that the title of Ning Caichen King is also called the title of honour. However, there are also different titles, such as the title when the king was in the throne, and the titles added after his death, such as Wang Jichang of Zhou Dynasty and Ji Fa of Wu, and the title of king is also called the title when the monarch was in the throne.
The title can be a word or two words. Ning Caichen’s title single is a word every day, which is the fact that it is a king of honor. Fu Tianqiu, Chen Gong, Zhuge Liang and others directly suggested that Ning Caichen be the emperor directly. They meant that Ying Zheng claimed to be the emperor Ning Caichen a hundred years ago. In terms of current situation, the strength and achievements are better than those of Ying Zheng, the emperor of Qin, who can be called the emperor Ning Caichen, and Ning Caichen is also a semi-emperor, and it is a real semi-emperor. In those days, Ying Zheng was just a half-emperor in the flesh.
However, as soon as this proposal came out, it was rejected by Ning Caichen. Although he boarded the semi-emperor, the more he felt the boundary gap with the improvement, he didn’t know how powerful the real Taoist was, because he had never seen it, but he was sure that even if he boarded the semi-emperor, it was probably not enough to see it. It was an intuition that the emperor was a unique honorific title for the Taoist strong, and he was now only a semi-emperor and far from qualified.
When he really reaches the level of Daoism or has the strength of that realm, he will naturally become the emperor, but now he doesn’t have the ability and doesn’t want these hollow names.
However, the title, whether it’s Ning Caichen’s honorific title or not, has little actual impact on the day. However, the title has a moral that even if the wheel of history is not changed, it will still roll forward. It’s just an honorific title for Ning Caichen, which has no actual impact on the people. However, it is actually beneficial to the people after two years of tax amnesty …
"Bang … bang … bang …"
At night, fireworks burst in Beijing, and the whole city seemed to hold a fireworks pageant. The streets were also full of lanterns, streets, bridges, cruise ships and restaurants, and most of them were smiling. It was a day of universal celebration, and the whole city was filled with joy, not only in many places in Beijing.
"Wow, how beautiful!"
In the Imperial Garden of Bauhinia City, Ning Caichen accompanied Bai Susu and others in a pink princess dress and watched the fireworks bloom in the sky.
"It’s so beautiful …" "It’s good to have a unified day …"
Bai Susu, Yongle, Nie Xiaoqian, Zhao Liner, Gao Lan, Yukime and others also had charming smiles on their faces at this moment. Jinyang and Park Huixian also met each other for such a long time. Ning Caichen also accepted the excitement and joy when they watched the fireworks bloom. When they looked at Ning Caichen, they couldn’t help but feel proud and sweet …
"Why don’t we set off fireworks together?" Ning Caichen suggested, looking at all the women with high interest.
"set off fireworks"
Email, Chen Yuanyuan, Lin Xuelian, Ching Fung and others all looked up, but there was a flicker of conation in their eyes, but they didn’t speak. Because of their identity, they were doomed not to be like ordinary people. Although Ning Caichen didn’t have any requirements for them at ordinary times, when they were outside, they all had to keep a little dignity. After all, their identity was now the representative of the Princess of Jin, not just themselves, but also the State of Jin and Ning Caichen, and they set off fireworks!
"good! Ok! Big brother, let’s set off fireworks together … "
Bai Susu and others are somewhat concerned, but Snow White can’t wait to run over. A face that is seven points similar to Bai Susu is full of excitement.
"Let’s have fun together on such a special day today."
Ning Caichen smiled and then shouted to the door.
"Xiao Li!" "slave"
Xiao Li came in quickly from the outside.
"Go and buy me some fireworks, come in and buy more. I will give everyone a night off tonight. Everyone in the palace can set off fireworks or cause great damage. And give Gao Shunling to let him lead the imperial guard to set off fireworks on the tower. The more the better …"
"ah!" Xiao Li didn’t respond well enough to set off fireworks and ordered the imperial tower to set off fireworks.
"Ah, why don’t you go? Today is a good day. Let’s relax together!" Ning Caichen stared at Xiao Li.
"I obey"
"Ah, what fireworks!"
Seibel, the tower of the Forbidden City, looked at Xiao Li with a dull face. The guards next to him also looked stupid and forced to set off fireworks. Are you sure this is not kidding me?
"This is the will of the positions" Xiao Li looked at Seibel and there were some words in his heart. Don’t say Seibel. He was stupid when he heard Ning Caichen’s command. This is some bullshit.
"I think it means that we want to celebrate together tonight," Xiao Li guessed.
Seibel hesitated for a while to Xiao Li nodded his head a way
"So the officer will leave now. When the fireworks are set off later, the school can watch the news in the palace and then put it together!"
As time went by, an hour passed unconsciously, and the whole capital was still filled with a festive day, and fireworks kept blooming, but compared with the first one, it was much less. However, at this time, many stalls buying fireworks in the capital found a problem, and suddenly many eunuchs also came to buy fireworks and transported them directly into the palace …
"Wang San, what do you think is going on in the palace? How did you come out to buy fireworks?"
Two bosses who bought fireworks stalls in the street chatted. A middle-aged boss with a hemp face looked at the word Hu Wangsan and asked.
"I don’t know this. It won’t be fireworks in the palace. Is it pursuit?" Wang San guessed.
"How is it possible that fireworks will be set off?"
The pockmarked boss immediately denied that he seemed to be tall and rich, and the fireworks were all ordinary people who touched things. How could they touch them …

Shit, isn’t this a third-rate romantic drama in Taiwan Province?

While he was daydreaming, the mosquito net was suddenly uncovered.
He suddenly surprised himself and regretted his carelessness. He couldn’t help but catch Wang Miao’s fairy sword.
Before the bed, there was an elegant woman. She took a look at Wang Miao’s meditation and then at the wind soul. She didn’t panic, but simply put the mosquito net back.
This woman is too calm, but let the wind soul give birth to a cold sweat for a while.
The woman stood at the mouth of the house and didn’t speak. The people outside were noisy and flaming, but she was silent and didn’t know whether she was resigned or had another opinion.
Several maids came running with a boy over three years old. The boy hugged the girl and shouted "Aunt Ai".
Madam, a servant knelt in front of the woman and cried, "Those mobs have entered the city. I heard that Lord Shi has been killed by a demon. Madam, please hide quickly."
The woman said simply, "I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. If Xie Gu’s daughter runs away in a panic for fear of thieves, isn’t it a disgrace to her father and uncle?"
Those maid servants cried and begged her, but they were not timid. Instead, they took the three-year-old child to comfort and said, "Tao Er is not afraid that Aunt Ai will protect you."
At this time, the wind soul hid in the account and suddenly interrupted a shock and thought of who this woman was.
She is Xie Daowen!
Wind Soul doesn’t know much about history. If you ask him about kings or generals in a certain era, he doesn’t get along well except people like the Three Kingdoms or the early Tang Dynasty. However, if you ask him about some historical talents, he can tell them one by one. On the one hand, it is because Zhi Xin likes reading wild historical records in this respect. On the other hand, it is also because he is a chess player. The so-called piano and chess paintings will have some knowledge of China historical literati.
This is Xie Daowen, a famous talented woman in the late Eastern Jin Dynasty, and also the wife of Wang Ning, the niece of Xie An, who will take the secretariat of Ji.
His sister, Zhi Xin, likes to watch A Dream of Red Mansions. Every time she watches it, she cries. There is a poem in A Dream of Red Mansions that says, "It’s a pity to stop the machine; The jade belt is hung in the forest and buried in the snow. "
This "Xu Xu Cai" theory is Xie Daowen.
One day, Xie An, a famous celebrity, called on his nephew to give a lecture. Suddenly, there was a goose feather and heavy snow outside. On a whim, Xie An asked, "Are the snows alike?" Xie Daowen’s brother Xie Lang rushed to answer that "the difference in salt sprinkling can be imitated."
At this time, it was still a little girl, Xie Daowen, who answered, "If catkins are not due to the wind!"
This famous saying about snow not only made Xie An admire on the spot, but also until a thousand years later.
The wind soul is listening to the fighting outside, and the in the mind is also worried about this famous talented woman in later generations. It is not difficult for ordinary people to take the refugee uprising in Tianshi Road, but it is never difficult for the aristocratic giants to let you Xie Daowen or the wife of Wang Ning, who will record the history.
Sure enough, he heard a crowd coming here in the distance.
Those servants and maids are even more anxious. Some people want Xie Daowen to exchange clothes and die for her.
Xie Daowen, however, drew a sword from the ground to prevent them from returning to the room. After glancing at the stroke soul and Wang Miao, he was greeted out.
She looked so calm that the servants unconsciously calmed down and followed her.
She let people beat themselves out of the gate and stood on the steps holding a sword, looking coldly at those mobs who were oppressed by the imperial court and hated the government and the giants. Every time they attacked, they would kill all the officials in the government and kill them here again.
However, at this time, I don’t know how they saw Xie Daowen alone, where the morning breeze blew, and everyone was forced by her momentum.
At this time, some people have recognized her identity and know that she is Xie An’s niece. Xie Xuan’s sister is even more hesitant. Although Xie An has passed away, the people respect Xie An and have no loss. Some people even think that if Xie An is still alive, the people will never be forced to go to the corner.
Jiang Zuo’s romantic prime minister Xie An is the only one!
The sky is getting brighter and brighter, and black smoke is rising in the distance, but it is more and thicker.
Those rioters looked at each other for a while and didn’t know it was good.
At this moment, a soft and elusive voice came from unknown direction. "It is said that Angong once praised Mrs. Daolu for her elegance before her death. Now it seems that Mrs. Daolu is not only well-educated but also courageous. Sun En has seen Mrs. Daolu here."
Now that Tianshi Sun En has appeared, everyone is quiet.

"No, the duration is very short!"

"I need an exact location. The more accurate the better!"
"The existing coordinates are already the highest accuracy that the equipment can achieve!"
Ye Han is another jump. "Is there anything else besides the positioning signal?"
"Not yet!"
Yip hon was as big as a bucket. "Let me know if you find a new horse!"
"You can rest assured."
Communication is suspended. Yip Han’s mind keeps returning to the clues he just got.
It is not surprising that the positioning signal appears dozens of kilometers away. If the expedition team is missing and there is indeed a signal with aliens, it is not surprising anywhere.
He can’t figure out what an alien attacked the expedition team!
The desert is called the forbidden area of life, the Dead Sea, which is the most unsuitable area for life-let alone aliens and humans, it is difficult to give birth to a group of giant worms here. It is very unlikely that they will accidentally enter the hinterland of the desert. It is absolutely no accident to continue to speculate that the swarm appears here according to this idea!
Moreover, it is not necessarily a giant worm, a servant or a worm that attacks the expedition team, and it is more likely.
So how exactly do aliens stare at this expedition?
It’s not surprising that the positioning signal can’t be received. Humans have been dealing with aliens for so long, and aliens have transformed so many worms. People must know something about human science and technology. It’s not surprising that they know how to shield the wires. It’s not surprising that aliens and worms help the wires.
Now that aliens know the line, what about the sudden appearance of positioning signals?
A momentary mistake? Or are you playing hard to get?
Thought of here yip hon pace is a slight delay.
Before he could think of an ugly girl, a crisp gun suddenly came to the left and stopped him thinking, "What’s the situation?"
He immediately heard Ouyang Ping yell, "Found the giant bug, found the giant bug fighting!"
Yip hon, with a gun in his hand, rushed to the direction of the gunshot and jumped into several sand dunes just in time to see the battle ahead-a sand dune with the same color in a desert more than 100 meters away, and Ouyang Ping and his battle group formed a loose encirclement, supported armored rifles and aimed at the fierce fire bombs of the giant scorpion, hitting the giant scorpion shell and splashing a little spark.
Yip hon got a fright. This giant scorpion is unusually big, and its tail hook is at least two stories high. Every scorpion leg inserted into the sand is like a stone pillar, and every scorpion claw is as big as a mini car.
The giant scorpion went on the rampage and blocked the giant scorpion. The soldiers jumped nimbly in front of it. However, the giant scorpion was far more flexible than expected. The giant scorpion claw actually caught the soldier Ling Yueqi!
The trapped soldier took his time, and his rifle continued to shoot at the giant scorpion, and others’ firepower became more fierce.
The giant scorpion didn’t care how many giant claws were clamped, but failed to clamp off the restless prey. The giant scorpion suddenly became furious, and another scorpion claw also clamped the soldier tightly, erected the tail hook and held it high.
Ye Hanxin suddenly came to his throat. The new armor adopted high-strength alien alloy. Although this thing successfully withstood the scorpion claw, the scorpion claw is a line, but the tail hook is a point. Plus the tail hook is the most powerful weapon of the scorpion body. It’s hard to say whether the alien alloy will hold up.
At the critical moment, Luo jiaqi arrived with another battle group, and a soldier rushed to the sand dunes with a single-soldier rocket and did not hesitate to aim at the giant scorpion fire
Almost as soon as the rocket was launched, it hit the root of the scorpion tail, and the violent explosion instantly penetrated the scorpion tail and blew it off by two thirds.
The pain made the giant scorpion clamp the giant claw and painfully open the trapped soldier’s body, and quickly put oil on the soles of his feet to escape from the attack range of the giant scorpion.
The soldier just fled, and two rockets hit one of the giant scorpions, or the shaped charge armor-piercing projectile reached a speed of up to two kilometers per second. The metal jet penetrated the giant scorpion from the left side of the scorpion head, and the high temperature cooked and scorched the giant scorpion. The giant scorpion struggled desperately and waved its huge claws and fell to the ground unwilling.
Yip hon long breath "grandma how to touch such a thing?"
This giant scorpion is native to the earth, not aliens. At the beginning, the northern defense line didn’t deal with this thing less, but at that time, the desert giant scorpion was not so big and didn’t carry it so hard
Xiaoyuan said, "Maybe it came from the east, maybe it was a second mutation."
The so-called secondary mutation means that after the giant worm is infected and mutated, the expanded virus causes the giant worm to expand again. The expansion caused by the secondary infection is not so exaggerated. It is not bad to make the giant worm expand once or twice, and it is extremely rare to expand three times.
Yip hon shook the rifle in his hand. "It’s a little troublesome … I need heavy individual weapons for the bridge!"
"How about a batch of depleted uranium armor-piercing projectiles on the bridge for nothing?"
Ye Han considered for three seconds. "Forget the steel core armor-piercing projectile!"
The radiation intensity of depleted uranium, that is, uranium 23, is not high. It’s okay to wear simple protective equipment and hold it directly. It can’t be touched for a long time, and it can’t be inhaled into the human body. It’s a heavy metal, even if it’s as toxic as radiation, you can’t discuss it!
Then this thing can burn when it hits the target. If inhaling and burning produces toxic smoke, congratulations, you will gain kidney failure and a series of health problems all over your body.
In general, the military does not use depleted uranium weapons.
At this time, Ye Han and others are located in the hinterland of the Dead Sea, which belongs to the area where there is no need to worry about depleted uranium pollution. However, the expedition team is sent here to find super plants suitable for transforming the desert, and it is likely that the transformation of the desert will be scheduled soon.
Yip Han doesn’t want to be happy for a while but leave trouble for the future. "Give me some more Grenade launchers and ammunition!"
"No problem!" Lin Biao issued an order "Dongfeng Express will achieve its mission!"
Chapter 153 Heavy armor express
A missile roared out of the belly of the Ningwu and hurtled into the atmosphere.
At the same time Xiaoyuan hey hey smiled and pulled out a sharp saber along the crack of the giant scorpion shell knife to dismantle a giant claw. "Let’s tear that down and bring it to dinner. Good things can’t wave … What are you doing? Come on? What are you waiting for? "
The soldiers stared at Xiaoyuan together and didn’t know what to do.
Ye Hannai rolled his eyes. "Go ahead and wait for the vote. There’s no time!"
If it weren’t for the emergency, the troops wouldn’t stop, let alone deal with the giant scorpion sometimes.
But since I met Yip Han, I don’t mind improving my food.
When the soldiers heard this, they immediately smiled. It took several soldiers to rush to take the giant claw, take out the white tender meat directly from the fracture, put it into a special folding fresh-keeping box, and then spray it with liquid nitrogen, and a quick-frozen fresh meat of about 5 kilograms will be ready.

Nowadays, the laws of heaven and earth are gradually improved, and Yu Duxiu is more aware of the operation principle of heaven and earth, and he has more confidence in grasping the laws of heaven and earth and controlling the general trend of heaven and earth avenue

"Disaster? In a way, I am the most profitable assistant of Heaven, who brings disaster and robbery to all beings. If Heaven is the master of all beings, Yu Duxiu is the butcher. If the sheep is fat, it will be killed and eaten, and then it will be stocked for Heaven from time to time. "
In terms of the quality of life, Yu Duxiu is equal in heaven and earth, but the law of heaven and earth is the boss and Yu Duxiu is just working for the boss.
"If this ban is blessed with providence, such as a knife, the strong will know that the seat is fierce." Jade Duxiu sneers at her mouth.
In the virtual, the fate of Bianhuang meets the Terran, and the earth is in chaos.
The demon monk was forced to be nasty by the Terran monk, so he simply broke into Terran territory and slaughtered and devoured human JingXie to ascend.
The demon race is in troubled times, the Terran panic, the dynasty is turbulent, the fate of the nine gates is shaken, and the people are scattered towards the Terran. Tianjiao emerges as the times require and keeps walking to kill the monster beast.
"Motherfucker really want to kill the bodhi old zu?" Wang Daoling’s time-lapse Terran’s escape in the middle domain was followed by a large group of Terran monks. At this time, Wang Daoling swore as he fled, "How did I offend you, mother? You bastards chased me for three days and three nights. If I didn’t want to bully you, I would have sent you to the devil, and I was still unappreciative. Is it true that I am a soft persimmon?"
Wang Daoling swearing escape speed is not slow, a jump is hundreds of miles away.
Chapter 1771 Too easy to come
"Brother, this kingly spirit has ancient golden toad veins. If you can catch it and refine it, you can enter the Great Dan. We will increase your mana for tens of thousands of years." A young woman looked at Wang Daoling’s eyes in the distance and flashed a few small stars. It seems that it is not a monster beast but several Dan medicines.
This Wang Daoling was hunted down or because of Jade Duxiu’s creation of alchemy. All kinds of scattered practitioners are studying the mystery of alchemy. Various magical elixirs have been added to the world, including increasing mana, increasing practice, increasing body and increasing inspiration. There are countless kinds of elixirs.
"His mother bodhi old zu just doesn’t want to attract the attention of those old things. Do you guys really treat bodhi old zu as a soft persimmon?" That Wang Daoling looked back at all the monks who were running after him, and there was a bit of yoshimitsu in their eyes for a moment, only to see that Wang Daoling suddenly stuck out his tongue, and this tongue penetrated the imaginary roots of all the monks behind him, so that Wang Daoling, this fellow, had been constantly escaping and dared to turn his head to fight back.
"ba da"
Wang Daoling swallowed a Terran friar with his tongue and was about to chew. Suddenly, he heard a burst of terror and coercion in the void. "You evil beast dare to eat people and don’t spit it out for me."
Wang Daoling plopped down on his knees and kowtowed repeatedly. "Big Fairy, don’t blame the villains. These fucking little chasers are too cruel. Xiao Nai only fought back and asked Big Fairy to spare a little life."
In the virtual situation, a white jade palm stretched out and threatened the place where the palm had passed. The monks who had survived were afraid to look up on their knees.
That Wang Daoling like a bug was generally grasped by the palm of your hand, and the instantaneous situation was filled with emptiness, which restored peace.
"Brother, brother, are you okay? This monster beast is so cruel that he learned to sneak up on people unprepared and malicious hands. "Seeing that big hand disappeared with Wang Daoling, the monks came to the brother in succession.
"It’s no big deal, it’s just that I was hurt by that bastard." The brother’s eyes were full of shock after a while before he said, "I don’t know who is powerful enough to take this bastard demon away."
Wang Daoling instantly fell to his head and looked at Yu Duxiu. Then he suddenly got up and knelt down and "met Daxian and met Daxian"
Jade Duxiu looked at this toad essence and nodded. "The realm of nature is also a pity, but why do you make trouble all day?"
When the toad spirit heard this, he suddenly complained, "Didn’t you say I told you to do more bad things, Daxian?"
"me!" Jade Duxiu’s face twitched without a word and then paused. "Now there is chaos in the middle domain, you don’t have to go to peace of mind. It’s not too late for you to travel until the race war is over."
"Race wars?" The toad essence was one leng and then said, "No wonder my brother always feels that the atmosphere in the middle domain is not right. It turns out that the race war is about to break out."
Just then, heptachord came over and looked at the round toad eyes in Wang Daoling. The corners of his mouth were slightly tilted. "Brother, who is this?"
"When the layout of Jinshan Temple in Zhongyu was chosen in the past, it was also a pity to make a small demon, so I brought it back to stay and listen in the future." Jade Duxiu took her time.
After listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, the toad spirit gave a respectful ceremony to forget the dust, "I’ve seen the fairy and seen the aunt."
This dust-forgetting brother is a fairy, and this dust-forgetting repair, although toad essence seems to be similar to himself, can’t hold on to the fact that he is a brother and sister, and he is a little inferior to others.
"This toad essence also know statecraft" forget dust way.
Jade Duxiu took a look at the toad essence. "In the future, you will practice here with forgetting the dust and asking this windy continent to live for a while."
"Peace of mind?" Toad’s eyes carefully looked at the surrounding sky, and the air-breathing machine was not a jade show. There were three fairy air-breathing machines in the mountains, and it was strange that toad essence could feel at ease.
"Fairy! Fairy! Little days later, I will wait on you with the useful behind you. "Toad essence darted to forget the dust with a flattering smile on her face.
Forget the dust and nodded. "Let me help you find a place to live. The elder brother said that he would go to the chaotic world to build a house. This is just a temporary stay."
"Is everything all listen to the nun 1" toad fine respectful way.
"It’s just a toad essence. What’s worthy of your attention is that you will bring it back?" It came to the side of Jade Duxiu.
"Don’t underestimate this toad essence. This toad is well trained. It’s called the treasure chest. I’ve heard the name of this treasure chest for a long time. Now I’ll bring this toad back to see the power of a treasure chest in the future." Jade Duxiu said unhurriedly.
"Oh, it must be extraordinary to be seen in your eyes."
Just then, I suddenly saw that the virtual distortion was too easy for my godfather’s body to appear, and the windy continent slowly came to Yuntai and stopped at Yudu Duxiu.
Too easy to see the jade ancestor Duxiu for a while before long out of breath.
Jade Duxiu didn’t seem to notice the arrival of Taiyi’s ancestor, and a pair of eyes casually looked at the sea of clouds in the distance.
"In those days, I thought you were unusual. I didn’t expect you to grow to this point. At the beginning, I really didn’t look at you wrong." Tai Yi’s godfather looked at Yu Duxiu with his eyes off.
"oh! That’s please godfather took a fancy to "jade unique way.
"Wonderful show, if you really don’t consider giving up the domain, my Terran’s millions of years of hard work will be gone once and for all." Too easy to teach ancestors’ eyes are full of regret
"Heaven mighty rise and fall often Terran has flourished for one million years, and the extremes meet? Wouldn’t it be better to give up the domain? "Jade Duxiu takes a long way.
Looking at Jade Duxiu, it’s too easy to teach our ancestors a wry smile. "You don’t know that SIRS demon gods are terrible and wild, and I have been waiting for millions of years. Compared with SIRS demon gods, if I enter the middle domain, wouldn’t it be necessary to completely suppress us and leave room for our Terran to turn over in the future?"
"Is the difference between Godfather’s words that the seat is regarded as a child? I don’t know that the demon race is not monolithic. When the time comes, contradictions will inevitably break out. After millions of long-cherished wishes, our Terran can naturally replace the demon race to occupy the middle domain."
Father Taiyi moved his lips, and a long river of fate flashed in his eyes. "One million years is too long, and no one knows what will happen in this."
"After all, you are also a member of the Terran, but your roots are your hometown. You just stood by and the Terran was robbed?" Tai yi jiao zu Dao
"I want to forge a treasure." Jade Duxiu turned her head and looked at Tai Yi’s ancestor.
"Oh?" Too easy to teach one leng.
"This thing is called that the lock demon tower will be sacrificed and refined successfully. Then the monster beasts will never show off, and the demon gods of the heavens and the earth will also stay away. Even if the demon gods enter my lock demon tower, they will be trapped and never be detached."
"Trapped demon god? How is it possible? "It’s too easy for my ancestors to believe it.
"The snake god has been suppressed by me." Jade Duxiu looked at Taiyi’s ancestor unhurriedly. "Is it impossible for me to make friends with the apes?"
"This?" Grandfather Taiyi was hesitant when he heard this. "If the demon tower can restrain the demon clan, I wonder if it can contribute."
Looking at Taiyi’s ancestor Jade Duxiu’s silence for a while, it took a while to say, "All kinds of prohibitions on refining this lock demon tower are about to be deduced, but there is a lack of sacrificial refining materials. The most difficult thing to find is the bronze fall in heaven. If you have the heart, you might as well tell the bronze fall in heaven."

It feels so strong to put it away freely

All female singers in the whole Chinese music scene feel that Yuxuan Leng may be able to compete with her.
What did I say maybe?
You wavered before you knew it.
Previously, I thought that Yuxuan Leng was already an enemy of Chinese female singers, but now it seems that this is not the case. How can there be enemies in heaven?
In addition to the beautiful voice, it gives people a unique auditory feeling of ethereal bitterness, and the emotional interpretation is full and delicate.
Humming is like talking to yourself, but it seems that you are having a time-crossing conversation with someone, which vividly interprets the feeling of being born at an untimely time and falling in love at an untimely time, being teased by time and fate, being unwilling to Leng Qing, but being pitiful.
It is a kind of happiness to meet people in the right time; It is sad to meet the wrong person at the right time; And meeting someone at the wrong time can be a sigh.
Do you need any special performances after your emotions have been rendered to this point?
Plus a moth eyebrow frowning can make people feel distressed and can’t help but burst into tears.
With the beautiful sound in the background, suluo also enjoyed closing his eyes and falling into the best memories to hear this song.
I think of Zhou Xingxing children’s shoes.
Think of beach gamblers
Think of many, many.
Chapter four hundred and ninety Turn big instantaneous explosion
"Oh, my God, I’m naive. She’s here to paddle, and in a flash I’m on my knees."
"What? I didn’t know that all the handsome guys and beautiful women were handed over to the country until I saw the honor guard of the three armed forces. I endured it, but after listening to the song of the goddess Tang, I realized that his good singer was also handed over to the country. How can I endure it?"
"Ha ha ha ha"
"Mom, I can’t spit out that Teacher Han just sang. I’m afraid he’s also a runaway looking for the pit owner. Then he’ll have a big time. Is Teacher Han strange? I was wrong."
"Poof ha ha ha ha ha ha"
Online real-time comment in that beautiful voice with crazy scrolling and move melody
At this time, dream home stage
The messy lights diffuse and muddy, so that you don’t know where you are. With the sad accompaniment of erhu, all kinds of melancholy are hovering, lingering, winding and chopping in your heart, and you can’t shake it.
Resentment and resentment are also accumulating, and gradually it seems that some can’t restrain sadness.
As a result, in the admiration of the Chinese audience, all the dreamers focused on the Spring Festival Evening audience.
Seeing her like a peerless actress, walking thoughtfully in the courtyard, not superficial and grandiose, moving but charming and ethereal, like the fireworks fairy who didn’t eat people that day, it made people feel heartbroken.
"How about my fairy sister? You’ve been floating in the sky long enough. Don’t you think it’s cold to stay in the sky for a long time?"
"Do you want to try to walk around and get warm air?"
"My good sister makes a gorgeous turn."
Suluo’s playful raillery and his tone are vividly in my mind and reverberate in my ears.
Make a gorgeous turn
This is of course necessary.
after that
Tang Jing turned lightly in sadness and melancholy.
And just as she turned lightly to face the audience again, the stage lights came on in an instant
The audience will feel a sense of high-energy early warning ahead.
It feels right.
turn round
Be caught off guard
with a bounce
Drama cavity comes out from outside generate.
"Is the cloud the rain.
Throw yourself into the sea
But with tears in her eyes
Lonely floating
Hating heaven has changed my heart.
In a flash
The audience can’t tell exactly what kind of auditory feeling it is.
This is a Peking Opera tune.
Emotion is in the middle, but it is in the form of insufficient words and inadequate lamentation. Gu Yongge tactfully detoured Tsing Yi cavity.
But if you pull it hard, it really makes people feel that it is not Tsing Yi, but there is a bit of old-fashioned meaning in it.
It’s not like pronouncing every word carefully. It’s not Tsing Yi or Lao Dan. It’s definitely not a business accent in Beijing Opera.
Then is this the singing method of the female students in Yue Opera?
Or maybe Gakun opera and Peking Opera have derived unique vocals with popular flavor.
I don’t know.
I really don’t know.
Anyway, it’s right to unify the drama
China’s extensive and profound culture will really make everyone doubt that we can fry an egg with 56 flavors without saying anything about drama and food.
It’s all off the mark
The audience knows this moment
Fade away the dust and remain alone.
Gorgeous turn to absolute beauty

There is a white jade stone platform in the heart of Fiona Fang, and a jade slip is displayed on the square stone platform.

When his figure flashed like a flash, he immediately came to the white jade stone platform and looked at it for a moment. After finding that there was no mistake, he reached out and picked up the jade slip.
It was only when the consciousness swept out and leaned into Yujianqiu that I realized that Yujian had recorded some information about this virtual pagoda.
In ancient times, there was a great magical monk named Jade Sanren. Although his name was not obvious, he was not weak, and he was very strong in the later period of the virtual period.
In those days, a large number of ancient underworld came with the strongest strength, but the demon king level, but there were also some demon ancestors who fell in two places at once, which was much worse than the general demon king.
Jade scattered people are met by a demon ancestor. After a great war, although the two places were destroyed, jade scattered people also suffered heavy losses, and their lives will soon be over.
Before the fall, the jade scattered people left all their treasures to the virtual pagoda town in the depths of the East China Sea.
The spirit beads of the five elements of the virtual pagoda are generally the same as the spirit treasures of the sky, and it feels even worse than the spirit beads of the five elements to see the jade slips introducing autumn.
From Yu Jianqiu, I also know that there are jade scattered figures hidden in this white jade stone stage in front of me, and there are treasures and achievements he has collected all over his body.
"That’s good luck."
After reviewing all the jade slips, Qiu immediately revealed an ecstatic smile on his big face, filled with excitement and lamented his good luck.
It’s true that autumn’s luck is not bad. After visiting a virtual pagoda three hundred years ago, now I have the intention to come and have a look. I didn’t expect such a great harvest.
Tongtian Lingbao theory is a precious treasure in ancient times and in the spiritual world. Autumn has felt quite lucky to have a five-element Lingzhu, but I didn’t expect to get an empty pagoda today.
Actually speaking of autumn luck, it’s not necessarily true. If he doesn’t have strong strength to repel the distracted puppet, he can’t enter the tenth floor of the virtual pagoda and finally get all the treasures left by the jade scattered people
Putting the jade slips into the bag in autumn, the hands change as beautiful as wearing a Hua Hudie. A Taoist tactic flows out of his hands and finally hits the square jade platform.
Numerous dharma tactics infiltrated into the stone stage, and immediately a milky light shone from the stone stage, followed by a sudden hole in the center of the stone stage, where there was a thing.
Put your right hand on the mouth of the cave, and the magic will be lifted in the autumn. When you suck it out of the stone platform, it looks like a belt.
"This is the belt?"
My hands slowly touched the whole belt, and my eyes flashed off in autumn, full of curiosity and doubts.
From the jade Jian Qiu, we know that in ancient times, there was a belt in addition to the bag. The jade scattered man was an ancient top monk and naturally had a belt.
When the consciousness is swept out and poked into the belt in autumn, it can be found that the belt is a hundred times larger than the large bag.
The material belt is filled with all kinds of rare materials for cultivating immortals, which may be precious and common in ancient times, but now all these materials for cultivating immortals are relatively precious and rare.
There are so many things in the belt that the roots of the belt can’t be put in it, and there are still many bags to put them in, which are also full.
"Refine this virtual pagoda."
You’re welcome to put that belt around your waist. Qiu Fu will look at the stone platform in front of you and mumble.
Now this virtual pagoda is in a semi-urging state, and the jade is scattered. I don’t know what means it has made the virtual pagoda in this huge state under the urging of people.
In this state, it is too difficult to refine the virtual pagoda. Only when it is in a normal state can Lingbao be sacrificed and refined by monks in Yuan infant period.
Previously, the jade slip also had a three-layer spiritual treasure tactic of the virtual pagoda, and it was ready to practice in the autumn.
Sitting cross-legged beside the stone stage, Qiu’s brain recalled three layers of Lingbao tactic one by one, and he tried to figure it out from his heart.
Three days passed by in a flash, and now it is enough for him to make the three-layer Lingbao tactic transparent when he deeply practices these in the later stage of the deification period.
At a certain moment, Qiu suddenly opened his eyes two times and passed away. Then Qiu bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed JingXie on the stone platform in front of him. His hands printed the tactic, and he kept making a formal sacrifice to refine the virtual pagoda.
There are three layers of Lingbao in Tongtian Lingbao. If you want to completely control the virtual pagoda, you need one layer and one layer to sacrifice it.
It took more than a month for the three-layer Lingbao tactic to sacrifice the virtual pagoda, even if it was powerful in autumn.
Make a list of tactics and hit the stone platform. Autumn figure moves on the stone platform and shines on it. After a flash of light, Autumn figure has disappeared.
In the depths of the East China Sea, near the gate of the virtual pagoda, the shape of autumn suddenly appeared in a slight fluctuation

Qin Chu’s mind moved his vision again, and he came to the nearest star. This is a flaming star, emitting exhausted light and flying hot surfaces. Each salamander is thousands of meters long and looks spectacular at close range.

"These things are very spectacular in close range, covering the sky. Every salamander can destroy an ordinary planet, but in the distance, it is like a small reptile, which can’t bring deterrence to people. This is the high vision." Qin Chu suddenly had an epiphany
"I’ve always been confined to the road of cultivation and followed the experience of my predecessors, but the road will always come to an end. But now I’m practicing and there is a big difference between Yuan Ying and Yuan Ying. It’s like Yuan Ying’s abdomen … Although I can control this god, I don’t have the kind of self-cultivation of Yuan Ying."
Theoretically, you can control the degree as you like. The five elements of the body are not as colorful as the fog, but the colorful fog is not as colorful as the baby. Because Qin Chu Yuanshen Yuanying is together, Yuanying is Qin Chu Qin Chu and Yuanying, and both the five elements of the body and the colorful fog need to be controlled by Yuanshen to make corresponding actions.
"No matter whether it’s a demon or a demon or a strange plant, we monks keep going our own way. Demons practice their own methods, and even we monks have their own methods, but monks practice different methods, which is the best. So that’s why it turns out. It’s no wonder that my realm is often shackled. It’s often said that some geniuses practice the realm very soon and have enough strength. How can it be that the monks have such a big gap in one year? It’s not the difference between a genius and a fool, but whether it’s suitable or not. If it’s suitable, it’s a genius and a fool and a mediocrity. I can save enough strength, but there will be shackles in the realm. This practice method has never been the best for me. So I don’t create my own practice method? "
Qin Chu thought of here, the fog that had covered her heart suddenly vanished and the pressure was removed, so she suddenly felt relaxed.
Qin Chu once again observed the vision in the field of vision at this moment, and after the original shackles were eliminated, there was no limit to seeing a thing, so he could understand it from different angles at the same time, which made his understanding more profound.
"Only by jumping out of these limitations can there be real hope."
All the sights are constantly giving Qin Chu a mysterious and mysterious feeling, which can’t be explained, but you can vaguely touch it. It seems to be around, everywhere you are.
"Are these strengths?" Qin Chu’s attention fell on a newly formed world in front of him. The whole world is a gray-black center, but there is a colorful smell spreading from the center and expanding rapidly everywhere. Several planets also appear in this world.
"This colorful breath is the fog in my body? ?” Qin Chu suddenly thought of this key, and his vision was closer to Qin Chu, only to find that the colorful atmosphere didn’t seem pure enough, and it was also mixed with a lot of gray fog, and there was chaos without feeling it.
"I heard that Pangu, an ancient great god, created heaven and earth by cutting chaos. Is that gray fog chaos?" Qin Chu’s heart movement "is the chaos that breeds everything, the so-called life, two, two, three, three, and three. Everything in this chaos contains HarmonyOS’s spirit, and there are more treasures of heaven and earth in everything, and the colorful power is to break the chaos and let everything in it emerge."
"What is this colorful power? Can you actually break chaos? " Qin Chu was astounded. He was shocked by his own speculation.
At this time, Qin Chu found that the scene in front of him became blurred, and then his sight changed and he returned to the real world again.
"Is the disappearance of the crystal absorbed by our refining and chemical department?" Qin Chu found that the crystal had disappeared, and Qin Chu hurriedly explored the changes in his body and found that the colorful fog in his body was more and more rich than before, and his godhead was very concise.
"Although this godhead is concise, it always feels that something is missing." Qin Chu observed his godhead of Yuanying, and now the godhead has completely revealed that its physical body and face patterns are staggered and exude a mysterious atmosphere.
"This breath is the same as when I just watched the beginning of heaven and earth …" Qin Chu discovered his godhead at this time.
"The godhead is condensed, but I always feel that something is missing. Now the godhead gives me a feeling like a doll. Although it has a shape, it is lifeless." Qin Chu suddenly thought that the key is himself. Although this godhead already has a shape, it still gives himself a lifeless feeling.
"Even this little tidal deity is more energetic than my deity." Qin Chu found this problem by comparing the tidal deity in his own baby with his own deity.
"I still don’t know enough about godhead. I’ll ask him when Reinhardt wakes up." Qin Chu made up his mind.
"What should I do if I want to take a new path of cultivation?" Qin Chu thought about the road to take after he thought about himself. "I used to practice then Avenue, and then I inexplicably became a deity. I practiced the demon Kunpeng method. Now there are three kinds of cultivation methods in my body, and it is definitely impossible to practice them at the same time. I can’t give up every one. All I have to do is to mix these cultivation methods and create them according to my actual situation."
"But I should be improved? These three kinds of cultivation methods are completely different roads. Then the road is the road of sympathy between heaven and man, but the road of demon race is against the sky. Although I am not very clear about the cultivation of gods, I also have a feeling of being in harmony with heaven. "
Qin Chu feels that it is so difficult to create a new cultivation method, but Qin Chu is not a quitter. "No, although the three cultivation methods are all in my body, they have never shown contradictions and conflicts … Can they be integrated with each other?"
Instantaneous Qin Chu thought of where the key was, and he only thought of several methods that might be opposite to each other, but he didn’t think that this opposition might be complementary.
"Maybe I can make colorful fog and forge the body with these three methods. I can use Li Kunpeng’s strength to refine the body, and Yuan Ying’s strength can also refine the body. These three forces can be borrowed from each other, no matter whether they rely on me or not, I am the dominant one."
Qin Chu thought of here and couldn’t help but want to try one.
"Godhead power and Yuanying power can be refined. I don’t know if Yuanying power can supplement godhead needs?"
Qin Chu immediately meditated and came to Yuanshen to enter the abdomen. Yuanying was in the abdomen. The abdomen part of Yuanying was Qin Chu’s godhead Yuanying, surrounded by five elements of force, and there were more colorful crystal walls burning with divine fire.
"Everything is running in order." Qin Chu’s heart suddenly thought of something. He absorbed some vitality from the outside world. After the vitality entered the abdomen that day, it automatically converged into Yuan Ying after being burned by the crystal wall, and then the vitality automatically differentiated into the source and the five elements of force converged into the five elements of force respectively.
Qin Chu carefully observed this process, and after continuously and carefully observing every key, Qin Chu repeatedly thought about it, and watched the formation process of that world in his mind, constantly and repeatedly appearing.
There is a feeling of enlightenment in my heart more and more, but it is still a little bit worse, just like a layer of window paper. If you want to burst, you can get what you want.
"What’s going on? What am I missing? This feeling is getting clearer and clearer, but it seems to be tangible, but it is the way to see clearly. "Qin Chu racked his brains and thought.
It’s just a layer of window paper. If you want to pierce it, you will think clearly about the key.
Qin Chu once again remembered the scene of the formation of the new world. I don’t know what this scene had the greatest impact on Qin Chu and left the deepest impression.
"At the beginning of the world, there was this colorful fog to disperse the chaos, which revealed the whole world." Qin Chu suddenly thought of a key. "This colorful fog attribute is different from the five elements, and then it will become chaos. This colorful fog attribute is different from the vitality of heaven and earth."
Qin Chu’s mind was suddenly enlightened.
"HarmonyOS gave birth to all things, but the colorful fog seemed to be driving chaos, which contained HarmonyOS gas. HarmonyOS gave birth to Yin and Yang and five elements, and then became hexagrams and five elements." Qin Chu suddenly figured it out.
"Yes, this colorful fog can control the five elements of power." Qin Chu raised his eyebrows. "Is my cultivation key the source of divine power?"
The source of Qin Chu’s power means that Qin Chu Yuanying’s power is no longer the five-element power, but this colorful power. If the three cultivation methods are to be unified, one must be dominant.
"I don’t know if it is possible to let colorful forces replace the five elements of cultivation?" Qin Chu feels as if he has found a way and is ready to try it.
Qin Chu runs the divine power and then enters Yuan Ying, so that Yuan Ying can control the colorful power in his divine power by controlling the five elements.
A strange feeling flooded Qin Chu’s mind at the moment.
Everything around you appears in Qin Chu’s mind, where Rhinehas transferred the power of soul imprint from the star core. Qin Chu can clearly see this process, and Qin Chu can also see clearly that he is now in a channel wrapped in turbulence. Obviously, this celestial body is moving rather than static, and the key to forming this channel is the star core in Rhinehas’s hand, which can be carved out here like a water drop.
"Reinhardt’s absorption of the power of soul imprint seems to be coming to an end." Qin Chu is particularly clear about everything around him.
Chapter 213
Chapter 213
"Good Xuanji feels that I didn’t make Yuan Shen probe or see with eyes, but I can clearly feel all the top novels around me." Qin Chu couldn’t help but marvel that he controlled his colorful power to run slowly. "Good, good, really can make this colorful power strong enough. It’s amazing that this colorful power doesn’t know how to practice? Is it to rely on devouring this crystal? And ….. My body seems to have consumed a lot of five elements. It seems that consuming this crystal to generate colorful power also needs to consume five elements. "
"This cultivation method should be further revised and improved. It is urgent."
At this time, Reinhardt opened his eyes and absorbed about one-fifth of the soul force. He was finally no longer in a weak state and his appearance was not as horrible as before, but became a thin, slim middle-aged man with two moustaches, turning around and flashing off, showing Reinhardt’s sly character.
"Have you absorbed the soul imprint in the stellar core?" Qin Chu know past ask.
Rhine Haas bowed their heads and said with great gratitude, "Thank God that the old slave has absorbed the soul force inside. Now the soul repair is only one-fifth of the original, but it is no big deal." In Rhine Haas’s view, it is particularly kind for Qin Chu to let him re-absorb the soul mark in this star core.
"I didn’t expect this servant’s soul mark to be so strong. Before Rhine Haas hated me to the extreme, but now he is completely respectful to me." Qin Chu was deeply impressed.
Qin Chu remembered that he had just absorbed the crystal and asked, "What’s your position in collecting that half-meter square crystal? Where did you get it? "
Rhine Haas respectfully said, "Report to God that the crystal was accidentally acquired by an old slave in the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall. The structure of this crystal material is very strange. It is extremely hard. The old slave has tried it, and even the old slave’s swallowing power can’t stand it."
"Crystal wall ruins?" Qin Chu slightly one leng, he remembered that algernon once said that he was Rhine Haas who went to explore the crystal wall ruins to find the crystal wall shenhuo, and then something happened that was countered by Rhine Haas. "Fortunately, this Rhine Haas is my servant, and because of the soul mark, he dare not plot against me like algernon. Otherwise, keeping him around is different from keeping a wolf who eats people and doesn’t spit bones."
"But God doesn’t know what material this crystal is made of, but many gods guess that the crystal wall has it," Rheinhas continued.
"What? Is there a crystal wall? " Qin Chu was surprised. It is no wonder that this crystal will have such magical changes after meeting the crystal wall fire. It may have been on the crystal wall.
"How much is this crystal? If you can find it? " Qin Chu felt an itch in his heart. If he could get more of this crystal, wouldn’t he be able to make himself more refined? This is the only way for Qin Chu to know that he can increase his colorful power.
"This crystal was found in the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall, and some gods got this crystal in the depths. According to the research of the old slave, this crystal should still be in the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall. The piece that the old slave got is just a fragment, but the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall are full of crises, where there is a dangerous energy vortex. If it is accidentally involved, it will be wiped out. The more dangerous it is, the more it depends on luck."
Rhine Haas is very interesting. The ruins of Baijing Wall are full of dangers. If Qin Chu’s strength is not strong enough, it will also fall into a dead body.
"Since it is so dangerous, how did you get this crystal?" Qin Chu couldn’t help but wonder that he believed that Rhine Haas was absolutely impossible to deceive himself.
"I dare not hide that this crystal was also obtained by an old slave by chance." Rheinhas looks a little ugly and seems to think of the past. "The old slave went to the ruins of the crystal wall with a friend a long time ago to explore the mystery of the crystal wall shenhuo, but he was unexpectedly betrayed by a friend. He attacked the old slave with the intention of obtaining the crystal wall shenhuo. The old slave was seriously injured and almost fell into the energy vortex, but just next to a vortex, the old slave happened to get such a piece."
Qin Chu was surprised when he heard Reinhardt’s words. "You said you were ambushed by your friend?"
Rhine Haas don’t know what god would be so surprised when he heard this. He nodded heavily and gnashed his teeth. "It was the old slave who believed him like that, but he didn’t expect to betray him."
"Er … what’s your friend’s name?"

"Yeah, I didn’t expect us to have this skill. Marshal Pei is too good."

Everyone looked at Yang Wen’s eyes together and showed strange worship.
They don’t know these cards at all.
Chapter 74 Rolling
The humanoid Titan could not help but clap his chest and roar angrily when he saw that his figure was not equal to that of Lux.
"Oh …"
One by one, the roaring sound made air billow roll up.
Then they came on the rampage like mad cows against Lux.
"hunting array"
Someone in the enemy lux shout at top of voice.
All Lux fast fuels form a defensive circle one by one.
"Boom …"
The humanoid Titan rushed to the defensive circle as if it were hit by an iron plate and its skull was broken.
More and more humanoid titans crashed into each other and fell to the ground.
They’re rushing after each other.
However, it is a mess.
"Kill …"
The first wave of impact did not affect the enemy lux, and they immediately became an attack potential.
"Boom …"
Two lux jumped up and landed firmly beside a humanoid Titan, one raising his hand and the other lifting his foot.
Then there is a roar.
The humanoid Titan uttered a shrill scream and was ripped off by living limbs and turned into a stick and died on the spot.
The whole enemy lux legion two teams together to form a siege.
Two-to-one humanoid titan roots are torn apart one by one without resistance.
Horror scenes were played throughout the battlefield.
The humanoid Titan is much smaller than the enemy lux, and they are all crazy and independent, which is the opponent?
This is a crushing massacre.
In just a few minutes, half of the humanoid Titan died tragically on the spot.
The people in the City Wall Secret Service College don’t stare big when they see this, and their eyes are full of poverty and happiness.
In this world war I, there was no accident. All the humanoid titans were killed, and no one was left.
"Yang Wen, don’t be complacent. Don’t just end this war. I will definitely take it in the small world of the Secret Service Academy."
I don’t want to roar from afar.

Yuantong qidao

Er, Xiao did practice magic, but it’s not evil. Don’t worry.
Yang days just a hesitation or admit it.
Hehe, I don’t doubt that Xiaoyouhang is just curious.
Yuantong laughed
If Yang Tianshen’s younger brother does evil deeds, he will be the first to leave him alone, but he won’t doubt it.
Yuantong took a look at the seven treasures refined magic tower and frowned slightly, but did not take it for scrutiny. Then he took the magic bag and poured its contents.
Dan medicine, crystal stone, spirit and flying sword are all magic weapons and special things for practicing resources.
Am I wrong?
Yuantong saw eye Meishan old doubt way
I’ll guess, but I don’t care what it is. Why don’t you and I work together to destroy the magic tower of the Seven Treasures first, which will ruin their idea of winning the treasure.
Meishan Lao Ni drinks a way
It’s a pity that it’s destroyed, although it’s a magic weapon of magic door. Besides, Monty Sect will come to inquire about it when he learns that his brother was killed.
Yuantong disagrees
That also can’t keep monty sect, and how can it be against me? Zen can’t be this evil thing.
Meishan laonigan road
The magic weapon is evil, but the sin is not in it. The Buddha said that there is no limit to the world, and the evil situation is a magic weapon. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if he could find a suitable owner to deal with evil spirits in turn?
Yuantong then says
Well, you mean
Meishan Lao Ni’s eyes lit up and he looked at Yang Tian.
Ha, ha, ha, that’s right. Fate is predestined. This is the fate of the owner of the Seven Treasures Magic Tower. Who is more suitable than Yang Tianxiaoyou, and the Monty Sect is backed by the highest plough door. Don’t want it back.
Yuantong. "
Senior, what are you?
Yang Tian some indecision to see its meaning, they actually want to send the seven treasures refining magic tower to themselves.
Good Yang Tian Xiaoyou, this is a responsibility. Can you flinch?
Yuantong blinked at Yang Tian once said
Oh, thank you, two seniors. Just do as you are told.
Yang Tian thanked me and took the pagoda gladly. This is a piece of earth. How can you not be happy?
Well, finally.
Just then, Meishan old Niyto’s face changed and disappeared into the room at the same time.
Hui Qing takes Hong Zhu and hides. Don’t go.
Yang Tian told a word to go.
Chapter 10 The Great Sun Demon Array
Lao Ni Meishan, you are too careless. How dare you kill my brother and take my magic weapon? I advise you to refine the magic tower with seven treasures at once, or I will make you blood-stained with Bai Meishan today.
I just got to Xiangxue Temple and immediately came to drink and scold Owlman. The ghost cries are terrible.
Looking up, four demon clouds have occupied Baimeishan, which is black, green and red. There are actually four people standing up when they are all ferocious and evil, and they come to hell to kill evil spirits.
Two of them, Yang Tian, actually knew that it was the evil spirit of the Moro Sect who entrusted the wood to look at his body and was damaged. He had already recovered and had probably been put into the door of the corpse demon old man.
The first man was dressed in a black robe and lifeless, and his skin was exposed with dark green fangs, which made him look ferocious, especially those blood-red eye holes, which added to his ferocity and evil. That ugly sound just now was that his mouth must be the culprit of H’s novel, the corpse demon old man.
The other person looks a little bit like a narrow, wide-mouthed aquiline nose. At first glance, it looks like a sinister and vicious person. The red robe is full of black flames. This is also a fierce demon in the practice of scattered cultivation. The famous devil of jack-o’-lantern, but his eyes are staring at Yuantong with malice, which is still like a great hatred.
Hum, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits and evil spirits.
Meishan old cold hum a way already appeared in his eyes.
Ha, ha, ha, the donor of the jack-o’-lantern didn’t expect us to let you get away with it again. Did you repent day and night after you went back and come here to find you?
Yuantong is abrupt. "
Hum, the bald donkey will be proud when he dies. Today, I must drink your blood, eat your meat and swallow your soul to get rid of the hatred of the three demons who destroyed me in those days.
Jack-o’-lantern demon king gnashed his teeth and snarled, but I didn’t expect him to come for Yuantong. It seems that he really hates Yuantong to the extreme.

Chapter six hundred Public praise for gold

The past tombs were broken, and the earth roared and trembled. Xia Qi and Gu Yue were horrified when they saw this scene
"go! Let’s go to the Central Tomb! "
Xia Qi pulled Gu Yue like a disease toward the tomb in the central plain.
He tried to stop so many zombie kings from breaking graves and releasing more zombie kings. The only way is to find a way to escape from this place and leave the corpse island.
Tens of thousands of years, the zombie king is about to break out of the ground, and the situation is critical. Xia Qi and Gu Yue have reached the fastest moment and then reached the towering tomb.
On the five sides of the tomb, the Sect of Justice League and the number of four families were revised. In desperation, the tomb was broken.
It is this dark tomb that is majestic and majestic, as hard as a mountain, and indestructible, as if the island of Yin is integrated, which makes a group of strong people helpless.
"Either broken tomb we still have a chance! Otherwise, we will all die! "
Xinghai bodhi old zu also anxious no longer indifferent color.
His deduction is really fierce, but the chance of deduction is in the tomb. If you enter it, even if you know there is a chance, you can fight for it.
A group of strong men all showed panic, and their means made a great impact. A torrent swept across the world and surged towards the tomb, and they went to great heights.
At this time, Xia Qi and Gu Yue also came here.
Without hesitation, both of them joined the attack, one armed with a bloody sword and one directly attacking the town platform. Shaqi rolled like a pair of devils and stormed.
"Those ten thousand zombie kings are breaking those complete tombs. We must break them here as soon as possible or no one will leave here alive!"
Xia Qi drinks and wakes all the monks.
Sure enough, when I heard Xia Qi’s words, many monks looked aghast, and many people turned pale with blood.
Since stepping on the corpse Yin Island, except for the outermost part, there are graves everywhere. If these tombs are really the zombie kings in ten thousand, I am afraid no one can resist them.
By this time, no one cares about hatred and wants to break the huge grave in front of him.
But at this time, Xinghai bodhi old zu’s eyes suddenly fell on Xia Qishen’s deep.
Xia Qi also felt the eyes of Xinghai bodhi old zu, but at the moment, the situation was critical and he didn’t care. He still concentrated on attacking the huge grave in Zhenbingtai.
"Xia Qi! You took the initiative to invite Tian Qiang to come here, but this place is a dead end. You should have planned all this long ago, right? "
Xinghai bodhi old zu suddenly drink aimed at Xia Qi.
Hear the words of the bodhi old zu Xinghai, almost all monks stare at Xia Qi with a slight eye lag.
"I don’t know what you say! If it’s a dead end, how can I be here like you? " Xia Qi eyebrows a wrinkly anger emerged in my heart, but it didn’t happen.
Time is pressing, and he also needs the help of many strong people to hope to break the grave. At this time, he doesn’t want to have conflicts with many strong people
"Hum! You are the only inheritor of Tiandao Sect, and the treasure of Tiandao Sect is you. I’m afraid it’s malicious to prepare you to invite me here! If you are here yourself, there is something wrong! I don’t want to break off everything. This will definitely not be a dead end. You must be in control of the way to get out of here! "
Xinghai bodhi old zu Yin measuring eyes staring at Xia Qi solemnity.
"That’s right! Heaven Sect can’t leave a treasure to kill the only inheritor! "
"Xia Qi has a mysterious strong support but is still willing to invite Tianqunxiong to explore the treasure of Tiandaozong. This is definitely a design trap!"
"This is to take us all in the world of cultivating immortals!"
"What a dirty trick!"
A monk’s eyes stared at Xia Qi’s murderous flicker and made no secret of it.
Everyone believes that this place is Xia Qi’s trap, that is, to catch all the strong people in the realm of cultivating immortals, and unify the realm of cultivating immortals like Tiandao Sect thousands of years ago.
Xia Qi has a hard time arguing.
He wanted to explain, but all the monks wouldn’t believe him.
As many monks have said, it is inevitable that he is not afraid of the pack, but invites the pack to explore the treasure of Tiandao Sect together.
The only explanation seems to be that Xia Qi harbors evil intentions.
How can Xia Qi explain it?
Tell the truth, just say that Qinglong Emperor is about to leave, and then he will try his best to keep the treasure of Tiandaozong?
Or did he have a hunch that the treasure of Tiandaozong was probably a trap and it might be aimed at him?
No one will believe such words when Xia Qi says them.
And especially at the moment, he is good at deduction. Xinghai bodhi old zu will aim at Xia Qi. In the eyes of all people, Xinghai bodhi old zu can’t go wrong, which makes him jump into the sea and wash away.
"Good means! It’s really a good means! I, I secretly unite with four families to deal a heavy blow here. It’s already unexpected to solve the justice league and the scattered cultivation of the strong. I didn’t expect Xia Qi’s means to be more subtle. I actually want to take over the strong in the cultivation of immortals in one fell swoop! "
Wang Qing elegance face slightly twisted gloomy looking at Xia Qi slowly mouth.
He calculated that everyone controlled life and death, but he didn’t expect that in the end, he even managed to control his own life and death in the hands of others.
And this person is the one he has always looked down upon!
This is simply a shame!
Wang Qing grim-faced heart pitfalls have been boiling like magma.
"A treasure of Tiandaozong is really something!"
Song also coldly looking at Xia Qi eyes is also a flank.
He also thought about leaving here to find a way to form an alliance with Xia Qi to jointly resist the five elements, but he didn’t expect that he would fall into Xia Qi’s calculation.
"If Xinghai’s predecessors were not proficient in deduction, I’m afraid that ten thousand of us would be trapped here by you today, right?" Four families the nangongshan family bodhi old zu the nangongshan name coldly said a words.
Hearing the name of the Nangong, all the monks couldn’t help shivering.
Like the sea, the murder enveloped Xia Qi in an instant.
"Tell me the way out of here!"
"Break the front grave and hand over all the treasures!"
"Kill him directly and search for the soul!"
"Kill him! Kill him! "
"Kill him directly and search his soul. I don’t trust him!"
"yes! Directly kill the search soul! "
Passion and excitement
Ten thousand monks roar with murderous look, gathering like a cloud, covering Xia Qi, and the sound waves flooded Xia Qi and Gu Yue.
Xia Qi’s face was bitter and he wanted to explain, but he couldn’t say anything with his mouth open.
At this time, no one believes that everyone is bent on killing Xia Qi, searching Xia Qi’s soul and finding a way out.
"It’s urgent to avoid Xia Qi’s lying and kill him!" Xinghai bodhi old zu low drink together.