The ghost master leaned forward and looked at the worm Shinto. "Is there someone behind your innate genus?"

Worm God shook his head. "How can anyone control the innate pride ratio, even the kings of gods?"
"But there is a Lord behind the god of death. What do you mean?" The ghost Lord looked at the worm god.
"What do you mean? What Lord? " The worm is puzzled
The ghost master told the story before, and the worm god suddenly looked dignified and stared at the ghost master intensely. "Is this really true?"
"There will be a fake!" Ghost-dominated road
"Trouble! I’ve never heard that even the king of gods can’t call the first gods to bend. Now there is a main thing behind the god of death. This matter needs to find a way to break through the jade god of death. Even the minister may not be willing to have rebellion in his heart. Maybe we can secretly contact Gary. The worm god looks solemn and looks at the direction of the territory of the god of death. "Lord? That should be waiting for the world to suddenly call me strange. "
"Don’t worry, let’s try to save the snake god first, and then let’s find a chance to raid Hung-chun." The ghost Lord comforted the insect god
Jade bodhi old zu in a sea of blood is covered with thunder and red light, and The Hunger is also at a loss to cry and cry, dad and mother "bodhi old zu! Grandpa! Ancestors! You hurry away from the sea of blood, which has now been completely swallowed up by me. Melting is already my flesh. Why do you bring trouble to me when you suffer yourself? "
Chapter 21 Jade Chews Red-violet’s Intention to Break Work
"Don’t talk nonsense. Lend me the red-violet of the karma. I suppressed the karma of sin. You have to suffer so much when you are young." The jade bodhi old bodhi old zu rolled around with a toothache.
The Hunger smell speech suddenly sharp sound "what? What? What did you say?/Sorry? No way! Absolutely not! "
"You little bodhi old zu, I just borrowed it and didn’t give it back to you." Jade bodhi old zu rolled her eyes.
Listen to the jade bodhi old zu The Hunger repeatedly shook his head "no! No way! I don’t trust the ancestors. "
Listen to the words of The Hunger jade bodhi old zu gas was almost The Hunger words grieve become angry from embarrassment, "is it not to lend you a fire red-violet? Why are you so stingy! I didn’t take it from you, bodhi old zu! I cann’t believe you robbed me like this! This is outrageous! I won’t leave unless you lend it to my bodhi old zu! "
Looking at the old jade body, generate destroyed one by one. The Hunger was distressed to death. Looking at a dead pig, he was not afraid of scalding jade. The Hunger convulsed his mouth for a while. Nai said, "Well, I will borrow the bodhi old zu and pay me back."
"It’s okay to say that you don’t want to be so stingy." Jade bodhi old zu eyebrow eye smile.
The Hunger’s palm stretched out and saw that red-violet appeared in his hand and floated towards the jade bodhi old zu. The jade bodhi old zu caught the red-violet in the past. Suddenly, karma was crazy and red-violet rushed towards the red lotus jade bodhi old zu to look at it. "This lotus is crisp and I don’t know if it’s delicious."
"Don’t!" Looking at jade, send the lotus flower to The Hunger’s mouth, and suddenly JiYan jumped quickly.
However, the speed of jade is not The Hunger’s ability to see the lotus instantly when he listens to’ click’. The bodhi old zu of jade chewed off a piece of nine lotus flowers and instantly melted the lotus.
The Hunger grabbed the lotus, and tears were falling, pointing to The Hunger trembling and not knowing what to say.
"Bah! Bah! " Jade spit out the lotus flower and turned it into a lotus flower. Seeing this, I suddenly frowned and smiled. "Although it is one, it is also a fire. Red-violet can not absorb the karma of the bodhi old zu. In the future, the big lotus flower will be you and the little lotus flower will be me."
"Jade bodhi old zu!" The Hunger roared and shook the whole nether world, and then he saw a long sword with lotus flower wrapped in the air and chopped at the jade bodhi old zu to "give me my lotus back"
"Oh, you are such a cheapskate! Really stingy! " Jade bodhi old zu saw The Hunger had a cow and immediately went up into the sky and ran towards Yangshi.
Sirs of the netherworld looked at the fleeing jade bodhi old zu and got angry. The Hunger had different expressions. The ghost Lord glanced at him and closed his eyes. "The curse of jade is definitely another curse to people."
The god of death looked at the jade bodhi old zu and his eyes showed curiosity.
Jade Duxiu had just turned back to Jade Jingshan when she heard the jade bodhi old zu crying, crying, shouting and cursing, and the jade bodhi old zu The Hunger was entangled.
"How do these two guys get together?" Jade Duxiu suddenly felt blue in his heart. "This motherfucker! How dare you eat the red-violet of the fire! Also too don’t know little "
"Hung-chun! Hongjun! You are quick to help me. "Jade bodhi old zu is about to break into Jade Jingshan, only to see a long knife across the virtual tip of God’s mountain. It scares the jade bodhi old zu to the hair and turns to run.
"Hung-chun! You don’t talk about morality! "
Jade Duxiu silently sighed at Jingshan, and the jade boy leaned in. "The Lord doesn’t know how to sigh!"
"Jade, the evil obstacle, actually chewed my career. Red-violet is the wrong person."
Jade Duxiu dumped her sleeves. "He deserved to be hunted by The Hunger."

Hearing the invitation from the Red Army of Wood to himself, Li Chu nodded slightly, "Yes, please!"

The corridor to send Li Chu out wooden house all is at the door.
A 40-year-old woman’s hand touched a man beside her. "Did Mubin’s dad know Dean Li before?"
"I don’t know if I should know them, but it’s normal to hear that Dean Li just said that they knew grandma before."
"Then why didn’t dad just ask Dean Li to come and see grandpa?"
I haven’t waited for Mubin to say anything. On the other side, Muhongjun’s wife is dead.
"I know that’s because your father is biased against Chinese medicine. Your grandmother seems to have died because of Chinese medicine. Since then, your father has never liked Chinese medicine.
And this time, if it weren’t for the chief requirements, it is estimated that I wouldn’t find Dean Li to come over. "
After listening to his mother’s explanation, Mubin and his wife looked at each other.
This reason is a bit ridiculous, right? Because of that, I can’t see the whole Chinese medicine, so I can say that their father is a little sexual.
The young girl, who has been supporting Mu Hongjun’s wife, said at this moment, "Grandma, the dean of Li, I don’t think she is as old as my father."
"This child is no big or small!" Mu Hongjun’s wife raised her hand and patted a young girl’s hand.
"Your dad has to call somebody else uncle?"
"Then I have to call grandpa from time to time!"
"What about you?"
A few people said, and walked into the ward.
And there are two men and two women who look younger but don’t move outside.
Just now, the four of them haven’t spoken, and they also looked at each other after the family went in.
Li Chu and Wood Red Army are walking slowly side by side in the courtyard.
"Li Chu, thank you!"
"You’re welcome, Woodmaster. It’s my duty!"
Looking at Li Chu’s face, the faint smile from thousands of miles away made the Red Army give a wry smile.
"It was really my fault in those days. Can you say sorry to your sister for me?"
"Wood owners, you are mistaken. You and I, including my sister, are all comrades. What’s wrong with this statement?"
See wood red army mouth also want to say what Li Chu directly raise my hand in front of him.
"I have other things to do, so I’ll go first. I’ll go there on time for a follow-up visit in the future!"
Say that finish after Li Chu didn’t give wood red army mouth opportunity to jilt long legs and went away.
Wood red army in situ gawk has gone Li Chu after a long time to leisurely sigh.
This time, Mu Lao was sick and Mu Hongjun didn’t invite Li Chu, and even other Chinese medicine doctors wouldn’t let him come over. The reason is not that his wife said so.
That’s his reason for prevarication.
The real reason is that he doesn’t know how to face Li Chu or Li Qin’s younger brother.
And the former master Wu was wrong because of Shen Lao.
Li Chu didn’t invite himself to see the master for the wooden house or the wooden Red Army. That’s well known
For what?
Because the Red Army talked to Li Qin in Nanniwan, although it was quietly, many people didn’t know, including both parents, but Li Qin talked to his younger brother.
Later, the reasons for their separation were also very ridiculous.
When Li Chu’s parents were in Nanniwan, the main job of the political security office of the headquarters was to grasp the organization department
It’s hard to offend people in this business
Mu Hongjun doesn’t know where to hear others speak ill of Li Chu’s parents.
Plus, when he was young, he looked down on political protectors and thought that soldiers should go to the front to kill the enemy.
Because of this, I broke up with Li Qin directly.
He also said that he wouldn’t talk to his daughter.
Let Li Qin go home and cry all day.
Then Li Chu is Li Qin, and it can be said that his sister is his lamella
You made my sister cry all day. How can that be done?
At that time, Li Chu took Wang Jun, Wang Bing and Jiang Cheng, and the four of them knocked on the wooden Red Army sap while it was dark.
By the way, I gave him a leg at a discount.
Mu Hongjun was injured by four children under the age of four, and he was embarrassed. Zhang said that he accidentally fell and got well injured and then left with an army.
The five of them knew about it from beginning to end.
Li Qin heard that Mu Hongjun was injured, but he doubted his younger brother, but Li Chu never admitted it, so he couldn’t.
This is the real reason why Mu Hongjun’s father was embarrassed to come to Li Chu when he was seriously ill.
He is worried that people are still thinking about getting back at him.
第五百六十二章 家世

How can an old Murk come at once?

However, with more and more players spontaneously brushing the sound, it is impossible for her to believe it even if she no longer believes it.
And everyone in the killing family has turned pale.
Originally, I was tired of love, but when I saw so many players in the area brushing their notes crazily, they knew it was definitely not fake …
Let’s take a walk at night to send recommended votes and monthly tickets ~
Chapter one hundred and ninety Get out
Soon, it took an hour to turn around from urk.
Inside the urkqq group
"Come on, number it."
The Suk group said
Urk people log on to their accounts and then select the device in Henan-Zhongyue Songshan.
At this moment, the messenger of Zhongyue Songshan has gathered a few thousand dream friends from Zhongyue Songshan
These dream friends have booths, and the names of the booths are surprisingly uniform.
And there are countless people behind the booth.
Although Zhongyue Songshan is not a ghost, it has never seen such a hot scene.
These people, whether they were playing fantasy before or heard that urk was coming and then turned it on temporarily, all of them gathered here to wait for those who belonged to their heavenly group!
However, the location that will appear after the transfer is always there, and no one has shifted a step there. That place seems to have become some kind of holy land.
Even if there are too many people around and then accidentally run to that location, people will be very careful to bypass it instantly.
Because don’t bypass the consequences … It’s not what they can afford!
Urk people haven’t arrived yet
But at the moment, no matter the current channel, audio channel or world channel, everyone is shouting and shouting that team called urk!
Urk has become a belief, a dependence and a feeling among dream friends before you know it!
Looking forward to the arrival of urk, there are also many dream friends who have transferred to the area with urk.
When these people saw the battle of Zhongyue Songshan, they were also startled. As soon as they logged into the game, they quickly dodged to avoid the place where the newly turned area appeared and waited quietly.
Because of this, the number of players around has increased sharply from thousands to ten thousand.
And this value continues to rise!
At the moment, the number of people watching the live broadcast in A Girl Without Sorrow has reached five million!
The name urk makes fantasy westward journey players crazy again!
"Crazy … I think these people are crazy."
The top officials of Fantasy Westward Journey couldn’t help swallowing water. They looked at the rising data … Absence!
It is also at this time that Han Xuanxuan played a tired heart and shook the screen over there.
"We have the number."
Hear Han Xuanxuan love tired heart take a deep breath of relief.
Although I knew before that Han Xuanxuan would not be ordinary, he was still full of shock when Han Xuanxuan told himself that he was urk and Han Xuanxuan.
Inurk is the goal of all players in Fantasy Westward Journey.
Is it as difficult to catch up as the gap between man and god? Although the new urk had a good chance to catch up, it stopped their pursuit when it was not the 19th level of Shenwei.
Although that’s because of problems in the new urk department, a team is facing many problems when it grows up. These departments are all possible factors-none of them can be an excuse.
It is neither accidental nor inevitable that urk can seal the gods.
This is because every member of urk is 100% devoted to the game Fantasy Westward Journey, which is more rewarding than loving them, persevering them and chasing them.
I quickly walked out of my feelings and shook my head when I was tired of love.
Then the keyboard was rattled by him, and the old driver’s hand speed was displayed for a moment.
I made five consecutive sounds in one breath for fear that others would top my heart and love it.
"Everybody get ready! The urk gods are coming!"

It’s not very happy to take Ji Xiaoshan away by playing tricks on the big sword ancestor. The second sword ancestor is even more jealous and stirred up the third sword ancestor and began to fight endlessly.

Of course, they are noisy, but always controlling a certain range does not disturb Sun Hao’s sword.
In the moonlight, they watched Sun Hao practice the sword tactic of "chasing the moon with clouds" over and over again, and witnessed Sun Hao’s time and again urging the moon to be a sword.
There is no doubt that this magical brother has really realized and mastered two kinds of moonlight swords.
Not only that, but in the middle of the night, they also found that Bian Sunhao’s control over the meaning of the sword was getting stronger and stronger, and the scope of the meaning of the sword seemed to be narrowed a lot during the sword dance.
Ling Tian Jianzu was dumbfounded again.
This is another amazing performance. Usually, many swordsmen will have many situations after the sword is born.
When the sword will appear, the spirit will not work, and there will be an uncontrollable state, and there will be a large-scale accidental injury
However, this magical brother of his own has no proficiency in any negative state, and it has increased rapidly in less than a few hours, and he has been able to control his sword to a certain extent.
Touching the nose, Lingtian Jianzu suddenly had some confidence in his brother’s choice of double sword bones.
The most difficult thing about the double sword bone is that you need to forge the sword meaning or sword potential into the bone. Ling Tianjian Zuyuan can practice this thing because the sword meaning or sword potential is too rare, and his brother doesn’t have that much time.
The original Lingtian Jianzu planned to wait for his younger brother to practice first, and then come down from the sky to teach him the way when he couldn’t practice well.
But now it seems that his brother may have forged into a double sword bone.
The most difficult one has been overcome
The moonlight is a great sword meaning, which can cast double sword bones.
Ling Tian Jianzu felt that he had really found the treasure.
When the moonlight faded, Sun Hao gradually completed his own cultivation, slowly collected his work and sat cross-legged slowly, and began his cultivation summary and understanding today.
After reading a large number of books in Jiange, Sun Hao has learned that it is a coincidence that he has refined his sword.
Of course, it seems to be a chance and it is inevitable.
Sun Hao summed up a deep experience and felt that if he hadn’t realized his own practice for thousands of years, he especially missed a few beauties, and all of them were with the moonlight. He couldn’t have understood the artistic conception of thousands of miles and refined the meaning of the sword.
The bright moon is the result of my own accumulation of artistic conception of practicing boxing for many years.
It seems accidental, but it is inevitable.
It’s really difficult to generate the sword meaning. A set of swords recruit themselves to be the highest in the world, and the foundation of uniting has actually been realized. The two moonlight swords have only achieved the moonlight sword meaning and failed to step dzogchen.
It’s a little hard!
Of course, if Ling Tianjian’s ancestors heard Sun Hao’s remarks, they would grumpily play him directly with a skull collapse.
I can’t believe I’ve learned two swords in one night. What a person!
Sun Hao continues to think about whether he can forge bones.
Strictly speaking, the moonlight sword is a great achievement
But Sun Hao suddenly remembered his father’s teaching.
On attaching importance to the foundation at all times, this is what my father taught me before he stepped into Xiandao.
It has always guided Sun Hao’s practice all his life.
Thinking of the word foundation, Sun Hao suddenly felt that he might have to look longer.
Moonlight sword can’t meet their own needs.
Forging less sword bones by yourself should be a kind of dzogchen sword.
Sun Hao’s eyes flashed in the morning sun and slowly got up and pulled open the rising sun masculine hand gesture.
Chapter 1439 One-year preparation (five plus)
Ling Tianjian’s ancestor is very concerned about his brother’s practice.
If you don’t mind, you can’t sleep. Meditation is a little uneasy, mainly because your brother is amazing. He really wants to see how his brother will practice next.
Pass on the shocking news that Sun Hao needs to refine his double sword bones to the two disruptive younger brothers and send them to wait. Then Ling Tianjianzu began to note Sun Hao.
His brother played a set of body-refining boxing against Chaoyang.
This boxing has once again made him shine at the moment. Boy, the boxing has won three flavors, and it has a taste of artistic conception. If his brother can find a suitable sword tactic, maybe a second sword will be born.
But at this time, Ling Tianjian’s ancestor suddenly had some feelings. Perhaps his younger brother could understand the moonlight sword so quickly. Maybe he had already practiced moonlight and had fist skills. It should be by analogy.
But in the same way, it is quite powerful to be able to play the artistic conception of boxing anyway
Ling Tian Jianzu is eager to see if his younger brother can choose a Chaoyang sword to practice.
But then the development of things made Ling Tianjian Zu look puzzled.
He found that after Sun Hao closed his fist, he strode straight to forge the sword hall in response to the rising sun, and woke up in public with a scare from the little girl who was still practicing. She was generally wronged by the doormat, as if she was very sorry that she didn’t do it, and generally prepared several materials for her brother to forge the sword.
Then I went to forge a sword under the pseudonym Sun Hao’s baby brother.
He went to forge a sword!
Ling Tian Jianzu suddenly felt uncomfortable. He kept a good sword trick and didn’t learn it. He didn’t work properly to forge a sword. Did you make a mistake? For a moment, he really wanted to let Sun Hao practice it himself.
But looking back, he came here for nothing.
I have always advocated self-reliance. Sun Haoxian’s cultivation resources must be very scarce. Forging swords must earn points.
Maybe you need points to get a sword move with Chaoyang.
For the first time, I feel that my way of educating my brother seems a bit harsh.
But on second thought, didn’t Ling Tian Jianzu give you a special token by cursing Sun Hao’s stupid bodhi old zu again? Can take it out and give it a try.
Sun Haodu forged a sword at noon.
Lingtian bodhi old zu drew some attention to Sun Hao himself and began to practice.
Although he was surprised by Yu Sunhao’s forging sword, he immediately remembered Ji Xiaoshan’s earthly data, and it was really recorded that Ji Xiaoshan’s family relied on forging sword to gain a foothold.
However, Sun Hao was still startled when he handed over to the small doormat.
When the three flying swords window smashed Sun Haoda, he said, "Give me three flying swords of the spirit weapon to calculate how much contribution it is …"
Three flying swords?
Spirit flying sword?
Ling Tian’s bodhi old zu knowledge can’t help but be one leng. It’s really three good things, which is beyond the ordinary spirit flying sword
What kind of forging sword level does your brother have?
It’s a freak that he can forge a spiritual sword without real fire in the lowest forging material and the lowest forging sword room.
Little doormat Xiaoya "Oh" looked up at the list and said shyly, "Brother, the value of your three spiritual swords, the highest receiver, is beyond the contribution I can send …"
Corleone discontentedly knock on Taiwan "what is your attitude tube kill whether buried? Promulgated and actually not honored? "
Xiaoya looked sad. "Sorry, I’m a novice, too. It’s the first time I’ve met this situation. What do you think I should do now?"
Sun Hao looked a little better and said slowly, "This is simple. I can let you take your sword to the Forged Sword Hall first, and then turn your contribution to me. If you do it well, I will give you ten percent contribution."
Xiaoya Zheng said in his mouth, "Senior Brother has contributed a lot."
Sun Hao waved his hand generously. "You go. By the way, you can get me some higher-level broken arrow materials. What the hell are you, except iron or iron?"
Xiaoya is sad again. "Brother, can I-that’s really beyond my limit …"
Sun Hao waved, "Go, go, I won’t bully you. It’s up to you."
Lesser holding a few just refined and Sun Hao previously handed in flying swords to kitchens.
Ling, as a slight movement body flash.

When they were about to step into the tenth hell, their feet suddenly shook violently as if there had been a magnitude 9 earthquake!

Nine heavy and sweet princess like a lake to hold each other glances "… they fight again! !”
Chapter one hundred and forty Giant Qing
Heavenly King Gonghe, the deliberation center of Heavenly King City in Holy Alliance Camp, is talking with six other players!
Each of these five players’ equipment is full of brilliance. At first glance, it is all high-grade goods, and the value of the first line is less than several hundred thousand! Look arrogant and arrogant, and everything looks condescending!
Heavenly King Gong smiled at the five-person arch. "Haha, I really want to thank you for coming to help me this time. I will deal with Fang Sheng and his hell-mad flowers together. I have thanked you for my sister here!"
One of these five people waved a hand and said, "Brother Huo, what are you talking about? Miss Shanshan asked us to come. That’s because we respect our only party. We will definitely let him die and regret entering this game!"
"hmm!" Tianwanggong nodded and his face was filled with a smile. "More than 50% of the people in Hell have been attacked by us, that is, 1.5 million people. I think Fang Sheng will soon be impatient and declare war on us! He has 3 million members in hellmania, but he is not easy to deal with. Do you have any good suggestions? !”
One of them laughed. "Hum, can’t you buy NPC soldiers from Jiumendufu after directly killing him with money?" We can directly flatten the misty city without blowing off dust by buying his 10 million NPC corps! "
"Ha ha, this is a simple and effective way!" Another man asked the king for justice. "But what does Miss Huo Xiong Shanshan mean? !”
The heavenly king is fair. "Oh, my sister means to continue to provoke the hell to spend money while waiting for Fang Sheng to declare war on our sacred alliance. We will lay heavy troops and defend the land for three days, and we will not win the war without fighting! However, I think this kind of play is really boring, which does not reflect our strength! If you want to do it, you should do it with great fanfare, flatten the ethereal city, kill Fang Sheng and his hell, and leave no one behind. Only in this way can I get rid of my hatred! !”
"My brother Bai Huo’s party is a sacred holiday, but I still think Miss Shanshan’s method is safer. Let’s do what Miss Shanshan wants!"
The man said a word and the other four nodded, "Yes, let’s do as Miss Shanshan says!"
The Heavenly King disagreed in his heart, but it was hard to say anything when he saw that all five people agreed. "… well, let’s do what my sister wants!"
The ground at the entrance to the tenth floor of hell suddenly shook violently like a magnitude 9 earthquake. Princess Jiu Chong and Xiang Xiang knew that it must be that three super strongmen, Lu Bu, Xiang Yu, the fierce god and the earth treasure king, were fighting again!
"Hey, hey … walk in and see the excitement ~!" Jiuchong stopped Princess Xiangxiang from stepping on the waist and breaking the virtual self into the entrance to the tenth floor of hell!
Sleep in the sight of the raven flash moment two people have appeared in the tenth floor of hell!
"Boomed … boomed! !” I haven’t come to observe the environment in the tenth floor of hell. It explodes like thunder in the dry land. First of all, I hear it! At the same time, I feel that the ground tremor is ten times stronger than that in the seventeenth floor of hell, and more than one hundred times more than the ground can’t stand people. As soon as they came in, they stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, the nine weights can be crushed, and the princess Xiang Xiang was quickly held off the ground and came to the middle school to stabilize her body!
Although hiding in the middle school is not so very safe, there are thick and fierce air billow coming head-on and blowing them into a virtual sway, but fortunately, they are much better than the ground!
While trying to keep their bodies steady, the two men looked at the environment of the tenth floor of hell and found that the environment of the seventeenth floor in front of the tenth floor of hell was very different. Here is actually a spar world. When you look around, there are colorful spars everywhere. There is no half of hell, but it adds a dreamy feeling!
This is really unexpected for two people!
And in the depths of the heavy spar, there is a crystal mountain. At this time, there are three giants fighting in a melee!
The giants are no longer in shape. They are huge. They are really giants!
One of these three colossal objects is a Buddha’s treasure, and its golden body is magnificent, and thousands of golden rays shine like the sun, as if to make the whole hell bright! A statue of golden body is as tall as a mountain!
If you don’t say this giant, you must mean the Tibetan king bodhisattva in "Hell will never swear to become a Buddha"!
In addition to the earth treasure king, there are two other giant * object-type earth treasure kings, which are equally matched and equally touching! These two behemoths, one black and one red, look fierce, crazy and evil, and kill the whole body in darkness. This behemoth is armed with a square super-large sky painting halberd to split Liuhe to sweep away the famine; And the other one with a crimson color is holding an extra-large overlord gun to split the mountains and tear the sky apart!
History has described these two men’s weapons. It is natural to know that the giant thing that made Fang Tian paint a halberd should be Lu Bu, the ghost, and the one that made the overlord gun must be Xiang Yu!
The two giants fought fiercely together to besiege the king of earth and treasure!
The three super strongmen were in full swing there, and every attack was torn apart, and every collision was destroyed. The scene was extremely huge and shocking. Princess Jiu Chong and Xiang Xiang also saw similar scenes in the TV play, but they didn’t think so at that time, but now they have seen their eyes straight and their hearts are shocked to an even greater extent!
Staring at the three giants fighting in the distance, Princess Xiang asked, "Holy … can you persuade this plane?"? !”
"It’s a nice day today … let’s go on a date!"
"Ah …? !”
"Yan Luowang have fun with me? How can this old man persuade me? !” Facing these three super fierce people is like ants facing elephants. For others, he is negligible. Can people notice that he is a problem? There is no room for him to intervene!
Princess Xiang Xiang said, "It seems that you volunteered to come to stop the fight and mediate, right? !”
"This … seems to be!"
"Then do you want to try to persuade? !”
"Er … don’t worry about it!"
So Jiuzhong hid in the distance with Princess Xiangxiang, watching this epic war!
In the distance, the three super strongmen in Jingshan fought fiercely with ghosts and gods, and Lu Bu and Xiang Yu, the fierce gods, launched a series of attacks on the earth treasure king, and the shadows of guns flooded the earth treasure king!
One enemy and two enemies face the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the demon Xiang Yu’s monstrous offensive, and the Tibetan king Yiran is fearless. His expression flies from shaking a pair of Buddha’s palms as big as a canopy, and the wind and rain are impenetrable. Stop all the attacks!
After the round of onslaught of the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the evil spirit Xiang Yu ended, it was the turn of the earth treasure king to dance back and dance all over the sky, overwhelming the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the evil spirit Xiang Yu!
The two men broke down, blocked, sealed and framed, and tried their best to solve the attack of the King of Earth-treasure. But the King of Earth-treasure just solved the two attacks. Compared with the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and Xiang Yu, it is obviously not as embarrassing as the King of Earth-treasure to block from left to right!
However, in the end, it was quite enough to stop the king of earth and treasure from a round of onslaught, and then show a counterattack and counterattack the king of earth and treasure!
It’s a great pleasure for both sides to play with each other!
Looking at the three strongmen fighting Xiangxiang Princess Rou asked, "Holy, which side do you think they win more?" !” Through these days, Jiuzhong gets along with others. Princess Xiangxiang has long seen that Jiuzhong is a master of Gu Wu in reality!
Jiuzhong said, "This ghost Lu Bu and the evil god Xiang Yu are worse than the King of Earth Treasure after all. If there is no accident, the final victory will definitely be the King of Earth Treasure!"
"That how long will it take them to play the tie? !”
Nine heavy shook his head. "This is unclear! If it is a real battle, it will be won or lost within half an hour, but here is the game. Who knows how the orthodoxy is set or random? Didn’t you listen to Yan Luowang? The three of them have been fighting here for more than a hundred years. Maybe they will keep fighting like this! "
"Then what shall we do? Should we wait for them to decide? !”
"This …!" Jiuzhong thought for a moment and said, "Let’s wait. Since I can receive this concealment, it means that their battle should not last forever. There must be a result!"
"Well, I’ll wait!" Princess Xiang Xiang feels nine times holding her posture and twisting her body uncomfortable!
Just now, two people were too busy watching the Big Three’s epic war. I didn’t notice that Princess Xiang twisted her body, and they suddenly realized that they were so ambiguous at this time!
"Cough …!" The two men looked at each other awkwardly, but it’s okay that Jiuzhong’s face is thicker than the wall, and there is no response. Princess Xiangxiang’s face is as red as a bright red apple, and people can’t help but have an impulse to bite!
Nine heavy some gawk at arms shy beauty can’t help but heart beat faster! Princess Xiangxiang stepped on the instep of nine heavy feet and was held in her arms by nine heavy bodies. Princess Xiangxiang could feel the nine heavy acceleration and her heart beat faster.
"… you are so beautiful!" Nine heavy loving looking at her arms Xiang Xiang princess heartfelt shout
"… and then? !” Xiang Xiang princess asked, with her head down, not daring to look at her eyes with nine eyes, almost invisible.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Pull the slant frame
"Er … I already have a girlfriend!"

Song anqiao sat on the ground and said nothing.

Shame on you. She’s a good girl, not a crazy girl.
"Are you going to keep covering the sheets like this?" Chu Fei’s distant sound is clear and harmonious
An Sok shook his head and said softly, "Go out first and wait for me to pack before you come in."
"I said no?" Chufei teased her far away.
"Ah?" Song Anqiao sends out a pitiful audio-visual kitten like "Please get out"
It’s too humiliating to face him.
Chu Fei didn’t move his Adam’s apple. She said, please, that soft, poor little voice stimulated his nerves.
The man smiled gently and clapped his hands on the back of her head and leaned over to press her against the carpet, tearing the sheets and getting in.
In the gray line of sight, Song Anqiao looked at him with a face of staying cute and a pair of clear eyes in shock.
White sheets cover two people ChuFei far gently exhale slowly hot air spray in her face Song Anqiao licked his lips hot and dry.
His whole body was half suspended and pressed against her body, and his slender fingers caressed her, showing her eyebrows, moving her eyes and nose slowly and carefully, and finally staying in her mouth with her mouth slightly open and gently rubbing.
Song Anqiao’s lips moved, and his long fingers gently pinched his thin lips across her white cheeks and came to the corner of his mouth, touching her lips gently …
Song anqiao blinked and looked at his eyes. He was so stupid that he didn’t dare to move after being bewitched.
The big palm supported the back of her head, and her fingers stretched out and ripped off. She wore a ponytail rope, and her long hair was scattered and fragrant and fresh.
"Qiao Mei An Qiao Song An Qiao …" He sang her name in his magnetic voice.
Song anqiao watched him swallow saliva and his lips were slightly dry.
Bow your head and hold a deep kiss again.
The sheets covered the big hands and came to her waist, slowly staying and gently stroking through the sweater.
"Well …"
Song anqiao surprised a low soft call.
When the hand is loose, it soothes her mood for a moment, and then the hand comes to the thigh slowly, slowly and slowly, and the fingers along the edge of the clothes are explored bit by bit.
In the lost world, Song Anqiao suddenly woke up with a small hand and pressed his big hand tightly to stop him from moving on.
Chu Fei is far from forcing her because she is 100% confident that one day she will beg him.
White sheets are far from being hard, and today they are still wrapped in gauze, so there is no dense sweat on their foreheads.
He pulled out and was stopped by Song Anqiao. He held her with one hand and let her close to himself. He zipped his trousers with the other hand …
Song anqiao didn’t dare to move the tip of his nose, and his body moved his eyes again, which was painful.
"Qiao Mei … close your eyes …"
He relieved himself of the pain and his voice rustled.
Song anqiao couldn’t bear to help him when he saw his pain for a moment, but …
I can’t get past my own psychology.
Listen to him, close your eyes, and there is his wheezing sound in your ear. Song Anqiao listens, and his heart beats faster inexplicably.
After waiting for a long time, she was suddenly blindfolded and the sheets were suddenly pulled by manpower. She could open her eyes.
"Don’t open! Close! "
Men seem to ease the sound without pain.
Song anqiao closed his eyes and heard the zipper sound of Sita Suola, and then the sheets were taken away.

There are more and more reporter coming outside Partner Sports City to try to interview Changsheng.

After each training class, the largest number of reporters is not Ibrahimovic, Vicente, albelda or canizares, but … winning.
Everyone is very interested in this mysterious oriental coach.
In addition, the media who have been staying in China have also found that they can interview the winners, which makes them very happy.
Many people interview Chang Sheng and want to know why he achieved so much at such a young age.
The standard answer to winning is that his many years of study experience in Europe has given him a lot of accumulation, and at the same time, he has an excellent team, Rudy Gonzalez and Guardiola … These people have given him a lot of help and support.
This is Chang Sheng’s answer when accepting the cold season, and now it has become his standard answer to deal with those reporters.
It’s also convenient to say so, because it’s reasonable and picky
Even if you ask questions, the reporter can’t find out what the problem is. All the experiences are true and well documented, but who would have thought that in this person’s body is a soul from 212 years?
Besides, what he said can also attract many people to think that he is a modest and good coach who attaches great importance to his team without taking all the credit to himself.
Changsheng’s name and photos frequently appear in mainstream European media.
As these media broadcast reports, more and more people know about Chang Sheng.
Changsheng’s popularity has increased greatly.
After the game against Basel, Valencia played Certa at home in the fifth round of the league.
In this game, the team insisted on a large rotation because of its constant victory, and finally shook hands with Certa at home 11.
Three wins, two draws and eleven points in five rounds of league matches.
Valencia dropped one place in the league table from third to fourth.
Because Real Madrid have performed very well in these rounds of the league, they have the same three wins and two draws with eleven points as Valencia, but their goal difference is more than Valencia’s, and they have forced Valencia to sit in the third place in the league.
When this scene appeared, the Madrid media excitedly said that Real Madrid finally completed the reversal in the league standings in Valencia.
This is something that has never happened in the season-Real Madrid’s league ranking is even better than Valencia’s!
However, in the face of high spirits, Madrid people always win, and the answer is simple, but there is definitely a burst of blood.
He said.
Valencia’s performance in the season is actually excellent, so far unbeaten, but their league ranking is not very high.
This is because many teams in Yiduo have performed well in the new season, and everyone has a tight score.
After the second round of the league, the teams that won two consecutive victories, big or small, can temporarily distinguish the high and low by goal difference in the standings.
With the progress of the league, the level has been gradually pulled, but there are also some teams whose points have always been very close.
For example, after three rounds, the first place turned out to be Certa, and their three victories accumulated nine points.
Valencia can rank third with seven points, and there are as many as five teams with seven points on goal difference.
Now Valencia ranks fourth after five rounds of war, and they have accumulated eleven points.
Certa have fallen from the top of the league because they have come to a two-game draw.
At present, the first place in the league is not Valencia, nor La Coruna, nor Real Madrid and Barcelona, but Real Society.
After five rounds, they topped the list with four wins, one draw and thirteen points.
This surprised many people.
You know, in the past few seasons, the Royal Society ranking has been in the middle of the stream and almost downgraded.
Now the unbeaten record ranks first in the league, surpassing the defending champion Valencia and the giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Many people believe that Real Sociedad will be a strong contender for the La Liga title this season.
Real Sociedad has proved how difficult it is to defend the title-did Valencia perform well enough? Three wins and two draws remain unbeaten, but this performance can also rank fourth in the league!
Royal Society’s outstanding performance is due to the outstanding performance of a young player.
He is xabi alonso.
Xabi alonso is the kind of player who wants to be on the court so that his teammates will behave better than usual.
To put it bluntly, it is the team engine.
In the historical season, the real society also performed very well, and finally won the runner-up in the league, second only to the champion Real Madrid.
Real Madrid is the arch-rival in the season, but Valencia’s competitor is not Real Madrid, but La Coruna, which has been ranked second in the league.
The situation of the season is very similar to that of the season. Valencia is going to die with Real Society.
Valencia away to Atletico Madrid in the sixth round of the league after the national team match.
In the second division of the season, Atletico Madrid led a successful upgrade in Aragons, and it was a huge advantage upgrade
Although they have been upgraded, Atletico Madrid will never forget that they stayed in Serie B for an extra season.
That is constant victory.
Ever-victorious Hertha kicked Atletico Madrid back to Serie B after they had upgraded, causing Atletico Madrid to wave in Serie B for another season.
This time, I finally got promoted to Atletico Madrid. The first thing I did was to find revenge for winning.
It’s only six rounds in the league, and this scene is coming.

At the end of the day, all women, old and young, kept their doors shut, even if they had to go out, they had to cover their faces with black veil. At last, black veil became a trend in other six cities of Horqin.

In a few years, Young Master Black has gradually lost interest in these milli-resistant women, so his round of goals has been set for all the aristocratic ladies.
It’s a beautiful and attractive goal to be able to push down all the aristocratic ladies. In Horqin Seven Cities, there may be Hesse City, a young black master who has this thing.
Of course, there are some aristocratic families who are not ashamed of what this Wan Ku has. However, after Sima’s family was slain by Hesse City in Yaocheng, no one dared to provoke this Wan Ku, and he could find a door to admit that he was unlucky. In the past ten years, at least dozens of aristocratic ladies have been ruined by him.
The most unlucky families, regardless of whether they were married or married, were all harmed by this wicked man. These families really said that they had to move their families after staying in Horqin Seven Cities.
According to endless statistics, at least 100,000 people in the seven cities of Horqin are displaced from their homes.
However, everything has its vanquisher. It’s just when all the good women in Horqin are cursed that a strange woman appears.
This woman is the first embroidered building in Xuancheng, and Mo Shi Niang doesn’t know what this woman did. When Heisan came out of Mo Shi Niang’s embroidered room, she never forced her to kidnap and rob a woman again, but she took a normal pursuit to be married back by him, at least to be a concubine.
And the three young ladies of Phoenix House are the latest targets of the black three places. The previous pursuit failed, and this time they were greeted at the first time.
Oh, I forgot to mention that this black three is not his place name, but his place name has been forgotten. The moral of black three is that every woman sleeps three times.
The first time is virginity, the second time is aftertaste, and the third time is boring. This fellow claims that if there is that woman who can sleep with him four times, she can become a black family and have fewer wives. Unfortunately, no one can do it so far.
Phoenix Injury is in a bad mood at this time. When he meets this dude, it’s really a good thing to do. Last time, it was a big miss. It was a golden cicada’s plan to temporarily delay the past. This time, before entering the city, it was blocked. I want to deny it. It’s hard to think that if I see that Miss is ruined by this villain, I might as well let Phoenix Injury die.
Just when Feng was in charge of the accident, the young black master stared at General Yang Shaohua with a smile on his mouth.
"That who …" Young Master Black said with a horizontal eye as if facing the air. "That who? What are you doing here?"
Don’t say that although this Yang Shaohua is a general, this Black Three has been to Xuancheng for more than a dozen times, but in the eyes of Young Master Black Three, there is really no such person. In the past, this person wanted to say hello to himself, and the black night was a eyelid without a clip.
This in the eyes of the black three young master has entered the black three young master words to blame Yang Shaohua corners of the mouth that smile.
This black young master didn’t know anything about propriety, righteousness and shame before he was forty years old, and maybe he doesn’t know it now, but this fellow has changed a lot since he was talked to by Mo Shi Niang at night, and he usually acts like a normal person.
It’s also appropriate that General Yang, who is unlucky in Yang Shaohua, is stuck by those guards. When Young Master Black appeared, all eyes were attracted by this wan ku. General Yang is naturally happy in his heart and his mouth is a little pale with a smile.
But he forgot how sensitive Young Master Black is, and his smile of relief fell in the eyes of Young Master Black, which enriched Lenovo.
Die die this black three staring at Yang Shaohua when this Yang Shaohua just out of the corner of his eye swept the phoenix home miss driving in the team.
This one eye and a smile at the corners of the mouth can irritate Young Master Black.
Okay, what do you mean? I don’t know that all three young ladies in the Phoenix family are young masters. What-what does that mean? Even young master women dare to have ideas?
God, it’s a pity that Yang Shaohua listened to this question from Master Black Three. He jumped out because he saw Feng’s injury and killed the guards in Xuancheng, and all this was because of a secret order from the level or for Feng’s family. Can this kind of thing be said on the surface?
Just when Yang Shaohua was trying to make up a reason, Young Master Black got angry with his previous smile and eyes, which can be said to be a misunderstanding. Now it’s completely over. What do you have to hesitate about except seeing the young master woman? What can’t you say? I really want to cuckold the young master? !
"Ada killed him for me!" Black three young master eye a stare a wave behind a master then jump to.
As soon as it explodes, it is said that Master Yang can do this position as a general, and there are some things. Although it is a hasty attack, he still puts his hands on his chest before him.
However, he obviously underestimated the strength of the four masters behind the Black Three Young Master. He punched out and listened to the click. Yang Shaohua’s hands were severely pressed on his chest and his ribs clicked. I don’t know how many roots were broken. General Yang’s voice was sweet and one mouthful blood was sprayed out, mixed with unknown dirt.
"What hit me?" This Yang Shaohua was stupid and asked 1.
Yeah, what hit him? None of these people here knew about the arrival of the Black Third Young Master. Not long after, Miss Feng’s family didn’t pester and harass in front. Instead, she fought an unrelated general in Xuancheng, which was beyond everyone’s expectation.
If Yang Shaohua knew that the reason why he was beaten was just a damn smile and a damn look, and finally added a damn hesitation, it is estimated that General Yang would be angry on the spot if he was not killed.
"What hit you? Young master hit you to look up to you? Why can’t young master hit you? Don’t say that you are your Lord of Xuancheng, and I will do the same! " Young Master Black’s third eye stared at Die and spit, and the stars flew out of the old age.
"I …" Yang Shaohua gnashed her teeth and couldn’t wait to eat the black three alive, but the black three is telling the truth. This black three is of the earth for a long time. Don’t say it’s him. Yang Shaohua is the less duke. He also said that he would fight.
If it weren’t for Yangling and Hesse City, it’s quite possible that the Lord of Xuancheng wouldn’t be the first dude in Horqin.
I can’t bear this tone, can I?
Yang Shaohua’s face was full of fear of being punched inexplicably, and he had to swallow it, making General Yang hurt and hurt, and his face would faint at any time.
In Yang Shaohua, when things just passed, Master Black’s big mouth appeared in a column with a leek flavor. "Big I told you to stop.
Although Hei San is a wan ku, he rarely needs people’s lives. After all, the seven great cities in Horqin are one body, and it’s not good to be too stiff. He usually deceives men and bullies women, and in the eyes of the Lord, they are all children fooling around. It’s over if you open your eyes and close your eyes, but if you kill someone, it’s another matter. What’s worse, you have to kill a general.
That Ada took the order but wounded Yang Shaohua, so he stopped and stood aside. At ordinary times, it would be over as soon as his temper disappeared.
But today, it’s Yang Shaohua’s bad luck. Last night, he blacked someone out. Yan Cuilou wanted to see that Mo Shiniang. I’m afraid Mo Shiniang closed the door and didn’t see this dude. It happened that the black three respected Mo Shiniang more than the old lady. This Yang Shaohua was defined as wanting to cuckold someone. Can you blame him for his failure?
Hear the black three command that big left foot a pedal height jumped a wheel hammer fists stung Yang Shaohua.
When it comes to Ah Da and Yang Shaohua, this level of master can hurt people, but this young black master likes to punch and see the blood, which makes him feel realistic. Every time an adult punches and kicks like a crop.
"I am a XuanCheng will.
I really want to take my own life when I see Ah Da. Yang Shaohua’s dead body is screaming, turning his hand, pulling out his waist, drawing a long knife and slashing it obliquely, and cutting it at Ah Da alongside of.seem.
This Yang Shaohua is one of the first-class masters. His idea is that this knife will force Ada to retreat. After knowing his identity, this black three should not be determined to kill his own master.
See Yang Shaohua piercing a knife has been expression, big eyes flashing with excitement don’t flash don’t avoid toward the knife gas to meet.
"This black three is a bit interesting …" I don’t know what came to my mind when I was driving. A smile on my mouth gently jumped out of the car curtain. To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please go to Chapter 6 for more.
Chapter 17 Red Eyebrow vs Black Three
Fireworks are brilliant, fleeting, and Yang Shaohua’s chance to do his best is just a beautiful fireworks blooming in Ah Da’s chest.
Then in Yang Shaohua’s unwilling, regretful and confused eyes, Ada’s fists turned Yang Shaohua’s head into a red and white feast.

Day off indifferent nodded coldly, "is there anything else? If not, I’ll go first. "Say that finish and quietly look at Xiaoyao Wang.

Free and unfettered king to day off also have no way to good waved and said, "you want to go, just go first! Don’t forget what I said today. "
Tianjue slowly walked out of the Xiaoyao Palace, and the other six people were surprised that Tianjue left first as if he had become accustomed to it.
Tian Tu was busy at this time, saying, "The palace master’s proud master and those hairy old men of Taixu Sect are also paying close attention to us. Should we clean them up first?"
Xiaoyao Wang laughed. "Aoshimen and Taixu Sect have always been at odds with me at Xiaoyao Palace. Now it’s common to note that we are also cleaning them up. If you can kill the two old roads of Aoshimen Fan Xie Taixu Sect, I will agree to take people to destroy them."
Day tu Wen stayed for a bunch of laughs. "Thank you, Lord Gong. Please forgive me for your nonsense."
The master of Aoshi Door is like a cloud, especially Xie Yuntian, the owner of Aoshi Door, and Fan Xie, shine on you, who is absent from his father, is said to have reached the late stage of Du Jie and is one step away from becoming immortal.
The strength of the Taixu Sect is even stronger, not to mention the numerous younger brothers. There are hundreds of Taixu Sect, the master of the fit period alone, not to mention the two elders with the highest skill, the breeze and the moon.
Although the breeze and the moon Du Jie failed, they can cultivate scattered immortals, but because of their long cultivation, they have now reached the realm of scattered immortals. If they can successfully survive the last six or nine days, the breeze and the moon will fly over the immortals and directly rise to pick Jin Xian!
Xiaoyao Palace is a new rising power in the past 2,000 years. Compared with the Taoists who have stood tall for millions of years, Xiaoyao Palace still has some shortcomings. It is supported by such a strong backing as sealing the house, and Xiaoyao Palace also has many powerful experts. Taixu Sect will turn a blind eye to Xiaoyao Palace’s bullying.
Otherwise, Xiaoyao Palace would never stay under the eyes of the Taixu Sect for so long, which was a little friction without causing sectarian strife.
"What’s wrong with the three of you to monitor the Taixu Sect and the Aoshimen? Let me know immediately that the three of you are going to lobby the extreme city forces with the dark ones. I think the news that the magic temple has been born should make these people stir? Remember, if you don’t want to go to the magic temple with us, the treasure hunters will ignore them if they don’t disturb our plans, "said Xiaoyao Wang Shen."
"yes! Palace master! " Everyone has retreated.
Free and unfettered king corners of the mouth flush a sneer at "Kemp Kemp, you wouldn’t have thought that the palace Lord would be so kind to you? Let the whole polar star kill your magic temple and the crazy scene is strong enough. Hum! I won’t let you die so quietly! "
The news that the magic temple has been born has attracted the practitioners in the whole city, saying that the fairy wares and magic artifacts are enough to attract the attention of many practitioners.
Xiaoyao Palace has easily achieved better results than expected. The influential practitioners have joined the ranks of Xiaoyao Palace’s treasure hunters, and some forces don’t really believe in Xiaoyao Palace’s theory, as is the case with the four big families.
The Lins didn’t refuse the invitation of Xiaoyao Palace, but Lin Tianhao, the housemaster, sent a new generation of elite brothers Lin Feng and dozens of strength brothers during the soul refining period to ensure that his disciple An Linye finally let Lin Tianhao loose his mouth after striving.
Free and unfettered palace plan Lin Ye can guess a thing or two, which is a good opportunity to exercise windson. Compared with the fairy war, tens of thousands of practitioners go to the magic temple to explore treasures, and it can make people feel excited.
Plus, the strength of forest air has been greatly improved after getting the mixed force of Tan Qing, and going to the magic temple to find treasure can also fully show that a forest air is repaired.
After repeated discussions, the four big families finally decided that they would send a new generation of elite brothers and middle-strength brothers to the magic temple to explore treasures. For safety reasons, they would be accompanied by a family master, which not only exercised the new generation of elite brothers but also did not affect the best way to explore treasures.
When Lin Feng learned that Mu Jia would send Mu Rexue, Lin Fengxin couldn’t help but beat violently. He couldn’t control his excitement at the thought of going to the magic temple to explore Bao Linfeng with Mu Rexue. What does it mean for Lin Feng to feel white? Maybe he likes Mu Rexue.
It turns out that love sometimes comes so suddenly that you are not ready to meet it. Maybe love doesn’t need extra preparation!
Windson’s only worry now is whether Mure Snow also has similar feelings with himself. If not, Windson doesn’t know what will happen to him. This is also a true portrayal of Windson’s mood at the moment.
Chapter 23 Feather evil spirit
Feather Mount Mang was also the place where the devil Kemp was killed by the mysterious man.
Now there are tens of thousands of practitioners from different places and all walks of life in Yumangshan. The reason is, of course, that Xiaoyao Palace led these people here.
Three people came to Xiaoyao Palace this time. Three people led a large number of disciples in Xiaoyao Palace, and the dark Lord Feather personally led many practitioners to assist Xiaoyao Palace.
Windson finally met the long-awaited Murrexue. When two people look at each other, it seems that there is each other in heaven and earth and everyone else is angry.
Windson has held Mure snow in her arms. The impulse is that Windson resisted the excitement and looked at Mure snow with burning eyes.
Mure snow taste is not since I met Lin Feng. Mure snow is also thinking about meeting Lin Feng once in my heart. This time, I came to explore treasure with Xiaoyao Palace on the orders of my master, but I accidentally met Lin Feng. This can’t be said to be not a coincidence. It’s a fate.
For now, it’s just an adventure for Lin Feng and Mu Rexue to explore the treasure in the magic temple. At present, the most important thing is to be with the person you like. Lin Feng can feel Mu Rexue’s mind and Mu Rexue sees sincerity in Lin Feng’s eyes.
"Wind, what are you looking at?" Lin ye suddenly asked
Windson suddenly woke up from the thick atmosphere and said, "Master, nothing. I saw a friend."
Lin Ye looked at the place where Lin Feng had just seen it. When he saw Mure Snow, Lin Ye was also amazing. Lin Ye had some white forest air just now.
So Lin Ye said with deep meaning, "Are you looking at that beautiful girl who longed for her family? Is she really your friend? "
Lin Fengjun’s face turned red and he said, "Master, you are asking that mu family girl named Mu Rexue came to the polar star from the North Pole with her disciples."
"It turns out that I have known my friend for a long time. Feng Shifu just saw you staring at people’s girls without blinking, to see if you like them when you are young?" See Lin Ye windson shy not asked with interest.
"Master, don’t ask again. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but it’s not necessarily." Windson said urgently.
Lin Ye noncommittally after seeing Lin Fengzhen’s nasty cool smile.
Mu Rexue also saw Lin Ye beside Lin Feng. Although there are still dozens of meters away from Lin Feng, Lin Ye’s dialogue with Lin Feng was clearly heard by Mu Rexue because of the special sensitivity of fixing people’s eyes and ears
Always calm MuReXue hear is flushed and shy. MuReXue never thought that Lin Ye would ask Lin Feng if he liked himself so directly, while Lin Feng’s words made him a little nervous. MuReXue was pleasantly surprised.
Finally know that windson still has great affection for himself. Mure Snow is very heart-warming.
"What’s wrong with Ruoxue? Why is your face so red?" Then Mure snow beside a purple middle-aged woman asked.
Speaking in purple, the girl in purple is solemn, plain and dignified, which makes people feel that the girl in purple is definitely not as mediocre as she looks.
"Uncle Jun Jie, I’m fine. Maybe it’s a little hot." Murenxue hurriedly explained.
Mu Zanjie nodded slightly. "We’re going to the Feather Mountain. According to Xiaoyao Imperial Secretary, we’re going to the magic temple."
Mu Rexue should go with Mu Jun Jie. When he turned to look at Lin Feng, he just saw Lin Feng looking at himself. He saw that Lin Feng was still that silly look. Mu Rexue smiled and made her way forward.
"Stop, everyone. Now we have arrived at the Temple of the Feather Mountain, which is in the Feather Mountain. Everyone should listen to the command of my Xiaoyao Palace, or if anything happens, I will be at Xiaoyao Palace!" Day TuYang said to the crowd
At this time, everyone began to whisper to each other. The feather mans eyes, of course, came from the magic temple and other people. Of course, they didn’t think too much about being able to catch one or two fairy wares or magic wares. Even if they earned them, no one would shrink back for fear of accidents. This is the reason why people die of wealth and birds eat food.
When Xiaoyao Imperial Secretary took the road to a desolate place in Yumangshan, everyone flew down from it.
The sight is full of scars. This is the place where the fairy and the devil fought in those days.
Although more than 20,000 years have passed, there are still people who are shocked by everything in front of them. In the eyes of those who have experienced the fairy war, the scene of the fierce battle between the practitioners is still vivid.
Just as everyone sighed, the sky was heavy and said, "The magic temple is here. Everyone has returned some. I have to break the seal first to let the magic temple be born!"
Everyone rushed to retreat, but they didn’t retreat very far. They wanted to see the Xiaoyao Palace as a broken seal.
At this time, five people came out from the front of Xiaoyao Palace and the disciples of the Dark Devil Sect, namely, Tianjiao of Xiaoyao Palace, Tianruo and Tiantu Dark Devil Zongyu followed Fu Zhong.
In addition to these five people, there are dozens of experts in the fit period, and several of them have even completed the Du Jie period.
The strength of these five people sent by Xiaoyao Palace is in the combination period. Among the many practitioners on the scene, they can also be called the best. Xiaoyao Palace Tiantu and others and dozens of experts set their positions according to the array law, and then each of them took their own weapons and carried them to their feet to listen to "Boom!" There was a loud noise and smoke was everywhere.

Boss, you really need to give me a raise or a bonus.

Zheng Yuan sang on his mobile phone in his trouser pocket. When he saw the name and face of the bearer, he ran clean at once.
Yi Han Xiao Jie
"Hello, Miss Yi Han, what can I do for you?" Sticking to my trouser leg, I couldn’t help shaking Zheng Yuan’s hand. It was a little nervous.
"Assistant Zheng, where’s my brother? Why did he call his cell phone and no one answered?"
It turned out that I would look for boss only if I couldn’t find him, but it wasn’t because of this. What could it be like?
"boss went to a friend’s appointment, maybe he didn’t pay attention or turned his mobile phone on mute." He patiently explained that Zhou Zichen went to dinner rather than to talk about it, but he never looked at his mobile phone at work.
"Who about" words that Zhou Yihan asked.
"Mr. Giovanni of Group I, our Zhou’s overseas investment bases are all based on I-ion and the abbreviation of opportunity E represents the initial operating concept of this old European chaebol.
In fact, I shouldn’t tell Miss Yi Han about the whereabouts of boss, but on second thought, Zheng Yuan felt that it was actually no big deal.
Miss yihan is a cousin of boss. Isn’t it normal to be a boss?
"That Yan Tang sister-in-law also went together." Zhou family members even if they don’t care about Zhou’s development, Zhou Yihan has also heard the name of the I group
Who let Zhou’s rapid growth in Europe in recent years is inextricably linked with that I group?
"No young lady, she’s in the hotel because"
"True" is hard to hide. I’m overjoyed. Zhou Yihan’s call to Zheng Huan is just a chance. She just wants to know what elder brother and Yanxi are doing and see if she can find a chance for Yu Ran.
I went to see Giovanni, but I left Yanxi in the hotel. What did this say? Yanxi had no place in my heart, and he was too lazy to take that woman with him if it was not necessary.
"My brother is really how can I let my cousin stay alone in the hotel?" Zhou Yihan hurried to remedy the problem because he was worried about being recognized by Zheng Yuan.
Mrs. yin Shao, she’s not feeling well
This is what Zheng Huan wanted to say just now, but he couldn’t finish his words.
"Actually, I didn’t ask my brother anything, just to ask him how he was playing in Italy, and don’t forget to bring me a present when he comes back."
"Then when the boss comes back, I will convey your meaning to Miss Yi Han."
"No, no, no" What do you mean, shooting yourself in the foot? When Zhou Yihan heard each other’s enthusiasm, he understood that "in fact, it was my brother who was still angry with me that deliberately didn’t answer the words."
Yan Xi and Zhou Zichen let Ji Yuran in at their wedding, and Zhou Yihan was looked down upon by a large family.
"But I’m relieved to hear that he didn’t pick me up because he was busy." Zhou Yihan didn’t forget to add that "I’ll call him in a few hours. It’s estimated that he should be back by then." Always put an end to Zheng Yuan’s big mouth.
Shame smoke lip corner Zheng Yuan want to refute words to the mouth to swallow back.
Miss yihan, have you listened carefully or not?
I said boss may not have noticed.
It is possible
He’s also guessing, but
"Good" since it can make Miss Yi Han happy, why doesn’t he show it? Maybe the boss deliberately ignored her words because he was still angry with Miss Yi Han.
"Yu Ran, I told you that my brother left Yanxi at the hotel and went to the I group to make an appointment with Dong Shao." The first thing Zhou Yihan did with Zheng Yuan was to tell Ji Yuran.
Cars are coming, cars are going to the road, and a red Porsche cayenne is driving at a steady speed.
"Well," said Ji Yuran, smiling meaningfully at the growing S City International Airport through the window.
Get up early, loofah has cucumbers to eat. Do you believe it or not?
5 ambiguous misunderstanding
Please visit the western restaurant filled with elegance.
Zhou Zichen sat opposite a well-dressed blond man.