"Who are Ye Daoyou?"

Li Yinhe is a friend of Ye Chen’s, so he asked one more question. If he is really looking for trouble, then he can’t just leave.
"These are the Red Peak people. We have some grievances in Bitao Xiange. I’m afraid we’re looking for trouble this time."
Ye Chen didn’t hide anything, although he didn’t want to draw his friends closer to Xianmen, he could treat his friends and wouldn’t hide anything.
Chapter one thousand two hundred Farewell
Chiyan Peak is also a Immortal Immortal Gate of Tianzhu Empire, and the strength of Bitao Immortal Pavilion is different, which is why the struggle between the two sides has always been said to have never been broken.
However, this South Danzhou is nothing too big. The Xianmen is a monster in the eyes of ordinary people, but it is a small fight in the eyes of Brother Xianzong.
Two jade-pu sword repairs can suppress one of Bi Tao Xian Ge and Chiyan Feng, and I’m afraid there are more than two jade-pu sword repairs in Xianzong. What’s worse, the immortal’s territory is very soaring.
In general, the battles between immortals like Bitao Fairy Pavilion and Chiyan Peak are not taken seriously, and immortals encourage them. After all, it can also train stronger monks in South Danzhou.
South Danzhou is very close to the wild days occupied by the demon race. They have to be ready to bear the attack of the demon race at any time, so the monks here are more eager for strength. Although the monks in South Danzhou fought against the demon mountains, they were all prepared for that day.
Although Xu Ren didn’t come to Nan Danzhou for a long time, he got a general understanding of the fierce folk customs here through the phenomenon.
Even though Xu Ren has a certain understanding of Nandanzhou, it still feels a little weird to see Chiyanfeng take the initiative to find the door today.
"Guan Long, why did you bring so many people to my Bi Tao Xian Ge?"
Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge main Ye Chen looked at the aggressive red peak friar low drink a way
Long Xiu, the famous official of the contemporary peak of Chiyan Peak, has a fire attribute achievement method. Actually, the Bi Tao Xian Ge flow achievement method is quite similar.
"Of course, I’m going to kill you, Bitao Xiange."
The official dragon made no secret of his purpose.
"With you?"
Brigitte Tao Xian Ge Ge main Ye Chen coldly looking at the red peak chief dragon said
"Of course it’s not just me but them."
Dragon, the chief official of Chiyan Fengfeng, said that he had lost his shape, and two people came out behind him.
"Shi Jian, wei urban? I didn’t expect that even Xuanjinshan Mountain and Huayun Cave came to my Bitaoxiange. You don’t have a grudge. You want to take it out on me? "
After seeing the two men behind Guan Long, the face of the main Ye Chen of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge finally became ugly. Let Bi Tao Xian Ge deal with Chiyan Feng. He is not afraid. After all, the two sides have dealt for so many years, no one can stand it. But if you add Xuanjinshan and Huayun Cave, the situation will be different.
The Xuanjinshan Mountain and Huayun Cave are also the strength of the Immortal Gate of the Tianzhu Empire, and the Bitao Immortal Pavilion is even, and the situation is very obvious.
"This is a group fight. I like it very much."
Xu Ren stretched himself and walked to the main Ye Chen crowd of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge Ge.
"What are you? How can you speak when we speak? "
As soon as Xu Rencai appeared, the chief dragon of Chiyan Fengfeng stared.
"Let Xu Daoyou laughed. As we can see, Bi Tao Xian Ge is facing a huge crisis. Daoyou should leave as soon as possible or be afraid …"
Ye Chen, the owner of Bi Tao Xian Ge Pavilion, frowned. Of course, he also hoped that Xu Ren would stay and help them. However, in this situation, Xu Ren and they stayed and it is very likely that Bi Tao Xian Ge will fall together. Ye Chen regards Xu Ren and others as friends. He doesn’t want to drag on friends.
"The cabinet owners don’t have to worry. They are just small players. You have to give me a sentence. What needs to be solved today is to repel them or leave these people here completely."
When Xu Ren also knows that South Danzhou has rules, it’s not much difference between the strong and the strong. In this case, he has no worries about ordinary people. He doesn’t care about those fairy door owners. It depends on whether the Bitao fairy cabinet owner has made up his mind.
I don’t care about others, but I want to keep them completely.
Although I don’t know what happened to Xu Ren, Ye Chen answered Xu Ren’s question truthfully.
"That’s it. Others can be scattered. That’s Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei Eritrea."
After listening to Ye Chen’s words, Xu Ren turned his head directly to Chiyan Peak, Xuanjinshan Mountain and Huayun Cave Godsworn and said.
"Where did the wild boy dare to kill the wolf with a big tail in front of us?"
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei Er were all angry. It was the first time they heard someone dare to talk to them like this.
Swish swish swish-
Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei Er’s voice fell instantly, and there have been four Yuan Ying brothers flying towards Xu Renfei.
Xu Ren didn’t speak, but behind him, Bei Gong, Simon, Zhong Lirui and Cao Dian have shown their bodies to meet the four Yuan Ying monks.
The two sides rumbled together for a moment, just like muffled thunder.
Everyone who saw Xu Ren started work, and Ye Chen, the owner of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge, couldn’t just watch, so he waved his sword and killed the official dragon.
Ye Chen seems that all these figurines today are official dragons. If this official dragon is solved, many problems will be solved.
"Since you want to die early, I’ll be you two. Let’s kill Ye Chen first. Others are easy to deal with."
Shi Jian and Wei Er around Chiyan Fengfeng Chief Dragon said good morning and rushed directly towards the main Ye Chenchong of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge.
Ye Chen was in a big hurry, but he didn’t expect that he would attract the three door lords at first, but when he had no way out, he could crustily skin of head, Guan Long, Shi Jian and Wei E.
But Ye Chen hasn’t met the three men yet, and two figures stopped Shi Jian at the same time.
The two figures are naturally from Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, a couple from Xuanzhou, North China.
Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, the virtuous couple, are usually enemies together. It is also bad luck for Shi Jian to find Xuanjinshan Shi Jian this time.
When Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu looked for Shi Jian, the dumpling demon dragonfly behind Xu Ren also looked for Wei E.
The strength of the dumpling demon dragonfly is not bad. It can be said that the strength of the dumpling demon dragonfly is not too much of a problem to defeat the main Ye Chen of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge Ge. He is also fully capable of Wei Er’s struggle.
Saw his side a few people have been stopped to the red peak peak chief dragon finally worried.
He didn’t expect that so many experts would suddenly come to Bitao Xiange. Those people are not as strong as he is. Even if he can’t compete with Xianzong, he is definitely the leading force in Xianmen. If Bitao Xiange showed such details earlier, where would he be silly to bring people here to Bitao Xiange to fight and kill?
The official dragon felt that Bitao Xiange had bullied some people, but he didn’t show it when he had such a strong background. This point is that waiting for him to finish the trick is a villain’s behavior.
People sometimes do this, waiting for you to take advantage of yourself first, but once you suffer, you will put the blame on him, even Guan Long, the master of Xianmen Gate, is no exception.
"Ye Chen, you insidious guy, have such a strong background, but you have been deliberately showing weakness to Chiyan Peak. Let me take the initiative to step into the trap you set. You insidious person is not worthy to be a monk in South Danzhou."
Guan Long thought more and more, and he felt more and more angry, so he directly yelled at Ye Chen, the owner of Bi Tao Xian Ge Ge Ge.
"You’re shameless. You want to take advantage of it, but now you don’t, but you have to blame me for it."
Ye Chen was also very angry with the official dragon of Chiyan Fengfeng, and it was the first time for him to meet such an unreasonable person as Guan Long.
"I can give you a chance to lead you three immortal ministers in Bitao Xiange. I can spare you from dying, but if you refuse, no one will leave today."
Xu Ren glanced at Guanlong, Shi Jian and Wei Er and said.
"You can’t expect us to die today."
Guan Long is on the verge of runaway, and he has never suffered such a big loss.
"In that case, you can die."
Xu Ren’s face sank when he spoke, and then he quietly prompted the "black hole" of flying sword.
For a moment, the official dragon felt that he was sinking to avoid Ye Chen’s attack and was directly strangled by Ye Chen’s flying sword.
"Are you two the same choice as Guan Long?"

Chapter one hundred and ninety-five A thought of the cat was twenty in place

Wei Xinbing burst out laughing. "Let’s blow it, boss. You can also say that you are a Terran, a town and a clan. Haha, this is the true form!"
Hao Anyi grumpily said, "I can’t believe you don’t understand you …"
After half a ring, Hao said with ease and frustration, "It’s not that someone blames this little guy for his disorder and confusion, but that his luck is hard to be perceived. I admit that he is a freak and I can’t see through him."
Wei recruits gagged and burst out laughing.
At this time, lu shan said to Sun Haogao, "Terran lu shan met Daoyou Guiwu Wang and told you to wait outside for them to come back. Don’t break in easily."
Corleone nodded his head to Lu Shan, a former nine-pulse elder brother. "I see, but I don’t think it’s impossible to enter the All Hallows Palace …"
All Saints Palace is very dangerous, but the monk’s life is in danger, which is the opportunity for Sun Hao to enter the supernatural realm. Now the first goal is to refine the supernatural Johnson & Johnson potion for Xiaolan. The goal has been completed.
But Sun Hao’s two souls have not yet landed.
Sun Hao of Halloween Palace may have to make a trip, and Sun Hao, the two deputy souls, also had an idea.
What unique domain is the Taikoo battlefield? Maybe there will be a legacy of Taikoo ghost. Just like Sun Hao first got the soul of Taikoo Lei Shou, maybe he can get the chance of ancient ghost in Halloween Palace. Isn’t Halloween Palace the real magic once stationed?
Maybe Sun Hao can find the ghost of the ancient true demon, but it is more suitable if he can use it to transform his soul into his own deputy soul.
The real demons are called Archaean protoss, and it should be quite good for them to act as deputy souls.
Therefore, although Gexu Wang left a message for Sun Hao to wait outside, Sun Hao himself was going to go in and make a living.
Sun Hao words say that finish fish amiable quickly said, "friends this is thought of a way? Don’t deceive friends, you must be careful that these two entrances are not divided according to yin and yang or according to the five elements … "
Sun Hao looked at the three gates with a simple and honest smile on his face and said, "Well, my way of entering the door is this’ three yuan’ gate, which is very obvious, but the history is too long for everyone to remember at the moment."
Lu shan said in a low voice, "I’d like to hear more and ask my friends for advice."
I looked around and sighed in Sun Hao’s heart. It’s a pity that these distractions and great abilities are not easy to practice. If they fall on the spot, it is really embarrassing.
More importantly, Sun Hao, who has lu shan and Wei’s new recruits, really can’t stand by and watch.
With a simple and honest smile on his face, Sun Hao said in his mouth, "I was lucky enough to fight side by side with the Terran Rain Fairy in the fighting world. I heard her talk about a scene corresponding to the long history of the undead in Terran classics. I should say it first, so you can judge for yourself."
There are ternary records in Terran classics.
However, it wasn’t Xia Qingyu who told Sun Hao, but Sun Hao read it for a long time in his own ghost domain classics, and Sun Hao never saw it again in his ethnic classics.
When I heard Sun Hao talking about Xia Qingyu Lu Shan, I bowed very respectfully and said, "It turned out to be the hill’s adult face to face. Please say whether others believe it or not, I believe it anyway."
In the ancient books of ghost domain, the Terran pursued the "three yuan". The ghost festival is Yuan, Zhong Yuan and Yuan, which are very similar to the entrance of Halloween Palace.
Moreover, the most important and frightening of the Terran "Sanyuan" Ghost Festival is that the "Zhongyuan" Ghost Festival also matches the size of the three entrances.
All indications show that the origin of the three entrances of Halloween Palace should be the "Sanyuan" Ghost Festival.
Sun Hao took a deep breath and said, "The Halloween in Terran classics is Halloween, so it is hard to analyze this Halloween Palace from this point, which is closely related to the ghost family of Terran …"
Listening to Sun Hao Kan Kan and talking about lu shan and Wei Xin, I had a very strange idea in my mind, as if there was a Terran power teaching myself in front of me.
The Terran is so distracted that no barbarian warrior has a clear understanding of Terran history and classics. They are ashamed of each other.
Sun Hao talked about it.
In Terran classics, Yuan is used to holding a blessing ceremony on the 15th day of the first month. July 15th of "Zhongyuan" is the real "Ghost Festival". The crime of cultivating and forgiving the dead in Zhongyuan is to forgive the dead, but it is absolutely impossible to completely relieve the sin, which relieves some hopes that the dead will rest in peace as soon as possible.
On October 15th, "Yuan" is the person who is at fault to relieve bad luck.
After Sun Hao explained the "three yuan" in Terran classics clearly, the monk was lost in thought. If the three yuan is really the origin of this pretty saying, why should he identify the attributes of the monk?
Aside from the real ghost festival, how do you need to choose Yuan and Yuan? And according to what to locate?
Yuan is used to holding blessing ceremonies, and Yuan is a negligent person to relieve bad luck.
Both of them sound mysterious and mysterious. How do you choose? Everyone is lost in thought.
Speaking of this, Sun Hao has already said everything he knows. How to judge Sun Hao by others can’t care so much, and the method of entering the door can be a reference if he is not himself or knows the monk’s advice.
Therefore, Sun Hao said that he started to walk to Yuanmen and went to his mouth and said, "If you trust me, Lushan Daoyou might as well go to Yuanmen and your companion is better to go to Yuanmen like me …"
Say that finish striding across to the yuan door crashed into it.
Sun Hao’s words are full of hype, but the effect is as good as everyone’s eyes.
But who knows that Sun Hao’s body was suddenly shocked and the huge rebound force rushed out from the Yuanmen. Sun Hao involuntarily fell to the ground in a roll.
Can’t get in? Sun Hao slightly one leng in my heart.
Lu shan’s eyes narrowed and he said, "Godsworn can enter Zhongyuan Gate even if he is beyond a certain scope. You must go Zhongyuan."
Corleone looked back at him and said "thank you" in his mouth. Without hesitation, he strode into Zhongyuan Gate.
Outside, the distracted monks opened their eyes.
Sun Hao body suddenly rushed in.
In just one breath, the appearance of Zhongyuan Gate made lu shan tremble, and the jack-o’-lantern set off a wave and charged at the tall man.
It’s like flying inside, as if to escape
The snakehead said coldly in his mouth, "It seems to be very powerful. This is going to be over, right? Hum, no, I covered himself up and went to die."
When the monk in front encountered this kind of pursuit, one exception was that he was drowned by the flaming jack-o’-lantern, and finally the fly ash was almost recognized by all the distracted powers at the same time, which was quite afraid of being run.
Quite striding across the jack-o’-lantern, but like the monk in front, I still can’t escape from the door. The distance seems to be lengthened for jack-o’-lantern, but it is true for jack-o’-lantern, and it will cover up the pretty in less than three breath.
Lu shan and Wei Xinbing looked at each other for a stay and felt very bad.
At this time, the fish was amiable, and suddenly Yuan Daimon Masaru in his finger said, "Look, he’s okay."
The distracted powers looked at Zhongyuan in order and found that at this time, the pretty incarnation was full of golden light and disappeared into the jack-o’-lantern.
Xu Xiaoshan actually went in.
Distracted powers have different expressions on their faces.
Lu shan and Wei Xinbing laughed and said nothing more. According to Sun Hao, they flew up and threw themselves into the two gates, swaying their bodies and disappearing in the jack-o’-lantern.
Fish Keqin suddenly clapped his hands. "I see. I’m white."
Say that finish also a vibration body into the yuan gate disappeared in the jack-o’-lantern is also successfully entered all saints palace.
The residue outside is not finished yet. The distracted powers looked at each other.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six A thought of the cat was three
Sun Hao judged the entry conditions of sanyuanmen, and looked at Shaqi.
Sun Hao didn’t think that he had repaired it himself, although he didn’t reach the fit period, but it may be that his combat power has reached the point where he wouldn’t let himself in from Yuanmen.
Nengjin Zhongyuan
No doubt is the most dangerous.
Not only will the environment inside be worse, but the strength of the monks inside will be higher, and the ordinary monks inside will be uneasy. Sun Hao, a distracted monk, will be even more uneasy
But Sun Hao didn’t think so much. Since he decided to rush into All Hallows Palace, he didn’t think much. Sun Hao rushed into Zhongyuan Gate almost without hesitation.
Sun Hao, who just came in, felt that his body was suddenly like a jack-o’-lantern, and it was as dense as a ghost calling to pounce on himself. Sun Hao’s heart was shocked and didn’t know the actual situation, but he dared not fight back and tried to avoid the jack-o’-lantern invasion.
But I didn’t expect it to be a seemingly slow call sign. The jack-o’-lantern seems to have the ability to shrink into inches. I can’t run away from my own wind escape. I just insisted on a few breaths and saw that it was getting closer and closer.
And the soul of Dapeng Golden Winged Bird also came. The message turned out that it was not a ghost fire, but that it was a special place. Avoiding is not the way, and the only possibility is hard resistance.
This is a very strange occult technique beyond Sun Hao’s cognition.
In this case, the speed of the ghost fire is constant, and it is constant when it is covered. When the monk comes in, it seems that there is a vast space to escape, and he can’t escape from reality.
Just like a bucket is filled with water, the amount is the same, and this amount is the same.
Sun Haolai didn’t think much about it, but quickly drove his most powerful defensive force, Zhang Jin’s body shrank rapidly, and the golden light flashed to protect himself.
The jack-o’-lantern rushed over like a wave, patting the golden body like falling into the jack-o’-lantern in an oil pan.
But Sun Hao’s body was completely stabilized in the jack-o’-lantern and showed no signs of collapse.
The threshold for the entry of Zhongyuan Gate is that Sun Hao can’t test the fit strength. When Sun Hao offered a golden body representing the fit, he reached the entry conditions and qualified to enter.
In the golden light, Sun Hao centered on striding across the front speed and ran away.
However, as soon as the jack-o’-lantern in front of the tea kung fu cleared, a hall entrance appeared, and Sun Hao strode to the hall.

Quasi-immortals are gloomy, and the ancestors are not good-looking. Look at me, I see that you are all long-spoken.

This time, due to the assistance of a hundred ghosts, people didn’t wait long. When they saw a golden aurora in the virtual moment, they shook the laws of the heavens and plunged into the star field and rushed into the turbulent Milky Way.
"Gengjin Taoist is humanized" The gloomy voice of Grandfather Kunlun Mountain has a hoarse taste.
"It really seems that the forward news is really wonderful and beautiful, and it can be turned into a fairy." Taizhuang Jiaozu slowly said.
"Wonderful show can’t stay" Taidou teaches the ancestral way.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at me. I’ll look at you. You’re all gloomy to the extreme. Today’s wonderful show can be enlightened. Ladies and gentlemen, if you make progress in the next year, isn’t it enlightened?
It’s a hundred ghosts who die today, but it’s not themselves and others who die in the future.
In the wilderness, the whole wilderness silence seems to be in a dead zone.
A breeze blows through the whole wilderness and instantly turns from silence to vividness, and birds, animals and insects continue to interweave.
Donghai Sea
The Dragon King of the East China Sea gently touched his beard, and the light in his eyes flowed endlessly, not knowing what to think.
The virtual distortion that crossed the virtual hand instantly shrank back from the vortex, and the vortex reversal in the star domain seemed to be a piece of folded paper that was instantly paved and you couldn’t see anything strange.
Taiping Road Hall The whole hall was silent, and all eyes were on the jade.
Jade Duxiu’s left hand slowly pulled out from the void, and his face looked at the ancestors and quasi-immortals with both hands, and then slowly said, "Let everyone laugh. Just two buffoons have disturbed everyone’s interest and have a cup of self-punishment."
Said the jade Duxiu looked to one side with a tray. The factotum brother saw the jade Duxiu and looked up. Suddenly, a clever man came up with drinks and then respectfully poured a glass of wine at the jade Duxiu ceremony.
Jade Duxiu picked up the glass and turned a circle to signal the crowd to pick up the glass. When they saw this, they didn’t dare to neglect it. They quickly stood up and took a few glasses. Then you looked at me and I looked at you. After Yu Duxiu looked up and gulped down the wine, they rushed to pour the wine into their mouths like chewing wax and could not taste the slightest taste.
"I don’t want to offend even the quasi-fairy. I have long seen that this hundred ghost Taoist Gengjin bodhi old zu is not pleasing to the eye. When the lunar reincarnation happened, the seat didn’t come to take care of them. Who knows that these two guys didn’t know how to take the initiative to send the door? In this case, the seat will become his future life. If you are bored, you can come to the seat to ensure that you will become him." Jade Duxiu’s words are indifferent and the needle falls in the hall.
At this moment, the prestige of Jade Duxiu will rise to the highest point in the heavens, and even the quasi-immortal dare not violate the will of Jade Duxiu.
After listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, no one dared to stare at the case without saying a word.
Sitting at the top of the table, the ancestor Taiping coughed gently. "Let’s continue to drink. Some trivial things are not worth mentioning. Don’t disturb everyone’s nature. Let’s continue to drink."
Taiping’s ancestor’s words fell on everyone’s lips, and the people around him were talking. The chaos in his head was worse than what he said. Anyway, the atmosphere in the hall was lively again.
"Alas, Miao Xiu played too much this time." All eyes slowly recovered from the stars and sighed slightly.
The Hunger smell speech is "wonderful show is not stupid, doesn’t he know what the consequences are? Why do you want to do this? This is the key. "
The Hunger looked at the sky.
Chapter 135 You see me today, especially yesterday.
Is Miao Xiu stupid?
There is no doubt that Miaoxiu is definitely not stupid. She definitely knows what will happen if she is enlightened before the days, but what did Miaoxiu do?
Yeah, what?
Chaotian The Hunger, you look at me. I see you have been watching it for a long time, but you never know what Jade Duxiu really wants.
"In the heavens, no one knows what Miao Xiumu is, and no one knows where Miao Xiumu aims." The Hunger sighed.
"Don’t think so much. Let’s hurry to get married after such a long delay." Chaotian said.
The Hunger nodded in the air and turned to look at the East China Sea fairy. "I have to wait one step ahead and escort the bride to Taiping Road."
At this time, the quasi-fairy heard the two men talking before she came to her senses, and her eyes showed panic. "Well, it’s a mission for you to escort the motorcade even though you go there."
Looking at the emotional quasi-fairy, The Hunger sighed gently and was robbed of her mind by Jade Duxiu. It is not only this quasi-fairy, but all the worlds can see this amazing world war I era, and the strong will seize her mind.
In the sky, The Hunger flashes, the innate immortal flashes, and the East China Sea fairy shouts "Let’s go"
After Yu Duxiu’s skill, all monks who want to find some trouble have to hold on to their own thoughts and then be quiet to bury all the career in their hearts and never show it.
It’s terrible that even the quasi-fairy can really’ disappear’. This is definitely the most thrilling event in the ancient times, and the sky will be rolled up again.
In the hall of The Hunger’s figure in the sky, Jade Duxiu showed off and gave a gift to the two of them before leaving. "Thank you for your help."
Looking at Yu Duxiu’s eyes in the sky, there was a flash of exploration color. At this time, there were some words that could not be asked face to face.
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. "Although I have planned to sit in all these seats."
Seeing this, The Hunger stopped talking and went into the hall to sit and push a cup for a change.
As time went by, the big day was approaching noon, but suddenly I heard a distant faint sound of gongs and drums beating towards this place.
"When the bride comes, please ask the cave master to go out to meet the bride." The MC leaned in.
Jade Duxiu smell speech nodded to the full house guests fuels "excuse me"
Watching Yu Duxiu walk out, Liu Yi looked at Bing Qin. "What do you think?"
"I don’t know my little place before, but now I finally know that the main gap of Miaoxiu Cave is simply a cloud of mud between heaven and earth. Don’t say that Miaoxiu’s brother is a nine-day big day, so my brother is a trivial little flame." Bingqin slowly said
"Well, don’t be discouraged. Miao Xiu has his own troubles, although the scenery is limited. Miao Xiu is so strong. Isn’t he constantly suppressing his wonderful show today? It’s not enough to add more influence in the heavens to eliminate the influence of the ancestor’s suppression. Even if all the ancestors were grounded to suppress the wonderful show, it didn’t work. Today, when I saw the wonderful show, the power was stronger, and the quasi-fairy hands didn’t fight back. In the future, all the quasi-immortals in the heavens even talked about their names and changed color. "Liu Yi sighed.
It’s a pity that Jade Duxiu is too strong to outshine others, so that nine of his disciples have become waste places. Many godfathers have to try their best to vent their luck.
Yu Duxiu was dressed in a big red wedding gown, with dragons and phoenixes in the whole body. He stood upright and proudly outside the mountain gate in the distance, and a pair of teams winding thousands of miles away came along.
The leader is the East China Sea quasi-fairy, who saw Yu Duxiu standing proudly at the door. Suddenly, a tingle came quickly, and the dragon and horse hurried to pay tribute to Yu Duxiu. "I have seen the cave owner and escorted the princess to the cave owner."
Jade Duxiu saw this quasi-fairy across thousands of miles before she nodded. She nodded at the quasi-fairy and asked everyone to have a wedding banquet and invite the bride.
A maid laid a red carpet and then slowly lifted the red curtain of the sedan chair to see a big red wedding robe and a hijab Aoleduan sitting in the sedan chair.
Jade Duxiu walked steadily and smiled at the bride in the sedan chair. At this time, a maid brought a red satin with a big red flower hanging in it and gave it to Jade Duxiu at one end and Aole at the other.
Jade Duxiu took the red satin to bring the Aole sedan chair and walked slowly towards the gate.

Scholars who think of "solidification" and "pause" think of a large number of troops being fixed and motionless, but in reality, this is not the case.

Less outside, it didn’t see the stationary enemy or the dust crocodile actually stopped … There was only debris.
The scholar glanced at the corner of the room, and the mechanical dust crocodile slapped the metal ball.
It played there after the video was played, which was really … very strange.
So hard work won’t break it? What, that metal ball has to be hit to play the image?
Because of the dust crocodile, it is not good for scholars here to disassemble the metal ball in front of it for research
The sound of "beep-beep-beep" rang again, and scholars found that the picture of the crocodile came out again, and scholars also saw a new picture.
"There is nothing here … where have they all gone?"
Scholars have heard a relatively complete sentence, most of which are composed of words that scholars understand. The picture shows a landscape that scholars have seen outside.
Black days, ruined buildings and cracked street chariots … everything is very similar.
Of course, it’s not exactly the same. Scholars are convinced that the picture is somewhere else. It has never been to the street, and it may be nearby.
And shooting this picture is a … dust crocodile.
The angle of view should be something similar to a camera. Does the crocodile take a look at itself and then take a look at its surroundings?
And it keeps mumbling all kinds of words. Scholars can recognize this dust crocodile … very lost.
The next picture is its wandering scene in the city. It walks around and ends up in a chariot … next to the wreckage.
Then it said a lot to the picture.
Scholars can generally hear what it means and probably understand … The specific situation should be that this dust crocodile is a’ awakening elite’ and wakes up to solve the suspended enemy and save the dust crocodile.
But when it woke up, it didn’t find the enemy, and it didn’t find … When it came to the street, it was full of this kind of ruin, and it couldn’t even find food.
It wandered the streets for a long time, and finally it was hungry and thirsty. Now it has little strength to move, so it stays here, puts its last words in the record and waits for death.
Then the scholar saw it shoot itself through the head with a weapon.
It seems that this is a very abnormal state.
In fact, the dust crocodiles themselves don’t know what the scene will be like after the pause. Maybe they are as fixed as the scholars imagined.
But that’s not the case. There is no enemy or friendly army at the root.
It is also quite strange that there are no friendly forces. There should be a lot of living crocodiles, but there are no such people.
Then this elite can’t find anything to eat.
Scholars feel that this is really a bit … sad.
But it’s not over yet.
In fact, it has been filming since it died. Scholars don’t know what it makes. It always seems to have been filming for a long time, but most of it has been skipped.
Finally, the camera was picked up by another dust crocodile
This dust crocodile seems to be an elite one, and it’s the same … very lost.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirteen Awakening elite
These creatures … are endowed with weight.
Rescuers destroy invaders.
There are many things that they need to do. They need to complete quite a mission and finally become heroes … or … just watch the population die.
They went into a long sleep with the ideal of saving the population and kept thinking in their dreams … whether to destroy or save?
And when they wake up, they find that they can achieve both.
The vast and dark cities show that there are no enemy troops, no friendly troops and debris and ruins in front of them.
They are wandering in the ruins, arguing how elite characters can slowly starve to death …
Some dust crocodiles don’t want to die like this. They think of various ways to live and find out what is going on.
Most of them have … photographic equipment. Actually, these equipment are ready before they are’ suspended’, mainly to let them record the situation after they wake up. Those suspended enemy state records are elite, such as saving the population.
But now these photographic devices have become … tools to record their chronic deaths.

This kind of active magic has always been some important things, for example, it can inspire all kinds of magic protection covers, and it can stimulate magical power to help enhance combat effectiveness. These are the two main directions of active magic. Because these two things are important for everyone, they don’t make occasional words every day, so many people can afford it, and people who own this magic usually treat it as a treasure.

It was the first time that Lisa saw that someone actually made an active magic lamp, and that someone actually made such a magic thing. She and her fellow wizards thought that the noble had a brain problem.
But after learning more about it, they realized that the situation was not what they thought.
The price of these magic lamps is beyond their expectation, even cheaper than all passive magic they know, and the daily consumption is even more incredible!
At that time, they also thought that the noble cheated them because it was impossible. Don’t say that the price of magic spar alone could not be low. Finally, it was not until the noble took the magic lamp and magic spar apart that they vaguely felt that this might be really possible.
Because the magic spar in that magic lamp is different from all the magic spar they have ever seen.
The magic energy contained in the magic spar in the mage group excavated in nature varies with the variety and size of the spar, but there is still a general rule. Generally speaking, the bigger the spar, the purer it is, and the greater the magic power contained in it.
But the magic lamp magic spar broke this rule.
This is not a magic spar, but a metal bar!
That metal bar is the size of a normal adult male’s thumb, and it is a cuboid, which is very regular. Because it is metal, it is not spar, and naturally you can’t see what’s inside.
Well, even if we treat this thing as a special magic spar for the time being, let’s put aside the purity and say the shape and size. This shape and size of magic spar is considered to be medium-sized. If we compare it according to the general law of magic spar, the magic power contained in this magic spar will be sufficient, but Lisa sensed that there were few magic roots in the metal bar at that time, which should not be the normal magic content of this volume of magic spar!
At first, they were this strange magic spar, but the magic was exhausted when it was too long, but according to the noble, the metal bar was new that day, and then the noble took out an identical metal bar. Lisa felt it and found that the magic was also very little!
Lisa, they still can’t understand the mystery. They don’t know what’s going on with this magic spar like a metal bar, and they don’t know how such a cheap price was worked out. Is it wrong for people to make and sell this magic lamp? Do you think you have too much wealth and have to pay for it to be happy?
A few stubborn mages came to stay and wait until the caravan in the aristocratic mouth reappeared to inquire about the reasons. However, the situation at the front line was urgent, and they finally went to the front line together. Lisa didn’t expect that she would see this magic lamp again today, and it was as different as the noble’s treasure. Is there too many such magic lamps in this room? Many rooms have Lisa. No less than six!
Even in the palace, the king won’t make six active magic objects. That’s why Lisa thinks this room is more interesting than the palace.
These magic lamps in the room are different from the ceiling hanging in Norman’s room. They all set the table like candlesticks, and the unique magic spar and metal bars of this magic lamp are placed next to these magic lamps.
Lisa tried one and found that this is really the kind of active magic. After the metal strip was installed, these magic lights really lit up, and then she thought of so many such magic things in this room. She once saw the magic of the mage to build a house and then she thought of Norman wisdom …
Lisa faintly had a guess.
Maybe the maker of this magic lamp is not insane.
They sold this active magic at such a horrible low price. Others may have lost money, but in fact, they may have made a lot of money because they have Lisa’s magical power, which makes it cheaper for them to make this magic thing. The unified magic spar law shown by this metal strip is completely inconsistent with the strange unified system, which may mean that this strange magic spar is made by people.
If it is made by people and is not limited by resources and output, and the raw materials are particularly cheap, maybe those low prices have already earned a lot of money.
But man-made magic spar …
I can’t stop shivering at the thought of Lisa’s body. Her face looks weird and Gherardini seems to be crying and her eyes are shocked.
It’s not that she doesn’t know Norman wisdom, such as sea printing, and the unique architecture of Fanikaheim proves this point, but even though she has thought highly of Norman wisdom, she still didn’t think that this saint could make magic spar artificially!
This breaks the iron law of the birth of the world. If this is true, the impact on the world will be even greater than that of printing!
Lisa suddenly got up and ran quickly to the door, opened the door and rushed out.
She wants to go to the Holy One and ask him whether her guess is correct or not. Does he really have a way to make magic spar artificially?
If this is true, then the world will change dramatically, and mankind may increase its strength!
Lisa couldn’t wait to think of the possible result. She was so excited that she couldn’t stop shivering, but her steps stopped as soon as she stepped out of the door.
Her door is facing the starry sea. From this angle, she sees a magical scene happening over there.
It’s glowing over there
The light rises from the ground like a huge white flame, getting higher and higher, illuminating the surrounding area and the starry sea.
White light shines on the side of the starry sea, and the water surface is sparkling with white light.
At the same time Lisa suddenly felt a dark behind her.
She looked back at the magic lamp in the hall and somehow suddenly went out.
Lisa, there are also many houses around this house.
This is a high-grade residential area in the Star Sea. Residents often hold important positions in the people’s government. Otherwise, senior members of the caravan started their adventure in the Star Sea and benefited them. There is also a homeowner who is the family of a famous martyr in the Star Sea.
These people’s living conditions are very good in the stars and seas. I’m afraid that even Augustus and King Wang Guoxin will be stunned when they are exposed to the outside world. For example, every family here shines a magic lamp every night, and the light shines from the window, making the neighborhood look like daytime.
And now Lisa sees those lights fading away.
Like the magic lights behind her, the magic lights of all the people around here went out quickly.
After a while, there was no one around here, and the magic light was still on, and the surrounding area fell into darkness.
"What’s the situation!"
"Er ya, your light is broken, too?"

First of all, a person wearing a shadow costume is not young in listening, but this figure costume is not weak, and it is almost the fourth order.

However, the combat literacy is not so good, and it seems as if it has been temporarily cultivated by various resources.
Along with nearly dozens of figures, some of them are illegal organizations, and some of them are new.
Qin Mu Ye is seriously collecting data and does not intend to pay attention to each other
Come in if you have something to do. His huge mechanical equipment is isolated from the film industry. Unless the other party can lift the film industry, don’t want to come in.
This makes the other person angry and shivering all over, which seems to be caused by being regarded by Qin Mu Ye. This makes Qin Mu Ye particularly eccentric, so little things make him angry. Where’s your heart?
"Let him know for me what is the difference between seniority and inferiority. A pariah dares to be so disciplined." The other party is watching and will take out a quick-acting rescue pill, which is quite shaky and said.
And then a crowd of filmmakers swarmed in, and it seemed that Qin Mu Ye would be eaten alive.
It was Qin Mu Ye who rolled his eyes when he heard this. Well, this has become a pariah. This era is developing a little fast. Is it still a normal society ruled by law? How did it become feudalism as soon as it came?
It seems that the whole prosperous country has been grasped by the family at this time, otherwise it can be so.
He hasn’t watched the news recently and hasn’t paid much attention to it. Instead, he has been sampling and analyzing the magical environment in the human world. He thinks that if he wants to solve this half of the film industry, it will fall into this environmental factor in the human world.
Naturally, I was bent on doing the experiment and didn’t pay attention to the outside world at all
Not long ago, the ordinary agent who was monitoring him was called back, and he didn’t pay attention to what it was.
Then today, there are such a group of people who are eyeing it like they have been pulled out of their brain stem.
Looking at the people stopped outside, Qin Mu Ye shook his head and didn’t intend to ignore it.
"Well, well, since you are so arrogant, don’t come out for a generation. If you dare to come out, I …"
"Blown into fireworks" Qin Mu Ye looked at the clamorer outside. He didn’t know what the other door was arrogant and wanted his life, but it became his arrogance
So he can be a little arrogant and blow each other into fireworks.
Seeing each other’s bodies swell up like a balloon.
Bang ~
When the expansion reached the limit, it naturally broke out, and the whole person was directly blown into a mass of flesh and blood.
All the people who besieged the protective cover immediately got cold when they heard this movement.
Just one word and the strongest will explode.
Although the other party is a parallel combat experience class, it is impossible to give strength by pretending to be a shadow, but it is a real root, which is not comparable to them.
Shadow body is also beneficial. It is necessary to have enough resources to pile up a powerful shadow so as not to worry about such things as vain strength and unstable foundation. After all, from one roadbed to another, it can be strengthened through krypton gold.
Civilians Nature is as miserable as it can be.
For example, Qin Mu Ye didn’t continue to grow because there was no further training center, that is, after the development.
It’s equivalent to leveling. You can’t gain experience. You can rely on krypton to upgrade. Maybe the career of shadowmaker can be changed, but Qin Mu Ye is unlikely to choose such a career as shadowmaker because of this thing.
He must be at least epic now, not rare.
"Go home, don’t wave, unless you have the strength of Tianpeng, the general manager of the Shadow Administration, or bring Yinshan Jun over, you can leave a corpse even if you are lucky." Qin Mu Ye was very kind and this group of people came to this sentence.
It’s called the enemy before the enemy. Now leave Qin Mu Ye to let them go. By the way, let them publicize their own strength, otherwise no one will know their own strength. Then any cat, dog and dog will be provocative again.
But if you don’t leave Qin Mu Ye, you can send them on their way smoothly. Anyway, it’s not bad to make an example of them. It’s really necessary for them to change a batch of chickens to make trouble. Then Qin Mu Ye can also smoke them to death
But fortunately, these people have some brains.
"Thank you, Professor Li. This time, it’s not because we want to come here. It’s the Zou family hardliners. You just set off fireworks. That’s Mr. Zou. You should be careful. They want to imprison you to find more relics."
A man who seems to have been recruited decisively said, and then naturally he fled away.
So, one by one, the birds and animals are scattered.
Why don’t you stay here and die?
For Tian Peng and Yin Shanjun, these people all know that they are contemptuous and say that they can compare themselves with others, but they dare not have this little idea.
Only Master Zou can get older and suddenly become stronger, and he can’t carry his brain clearly. This man has been a dude since he was a child, and he just beeps like a fool.
Of course, there are also Zou’s family who took a lot of interests and benefits in this fight, which made this less clever dude swell up.
Plus, Uncle Zou, that is, the main body of Zou Jiajia, will spoil this one. After all, he didn’t compete with him in the past, so that he can get a gold plating and do something small by the way.
From a Zou Guke, there is no regard for’ Li Yan’
So this has led to this wonderful thing happening now, but it is normal to think about it. They don’t recognize what resources Qin Mu Ye can have to cultivate shadows.
At present, the channel to enter the film industry has long been controlled by major families, except that the family can enter, and other filmmakers can’t get in at all
Otherwise, what they do with the Shadow Administration is naturally this interest.
If it is in the hands of the shadow management bureau, it will not be controlled by the family, but will be divided with the top management of Shengguo.
The aristocratic family is a aristocratic family, and the top level of the country is the top level of the country. There may be an intersection between the two, but there are politicians and careerists who have been promoted from the bottom level in the top level of the country, and they are not the same, so such a large-scale competition for profit will occur.
However, although the family won, it doesn’t mean that the struggle for profit is over. The struggle between the family and the family has been played again, which is just the division of interests.
If this is changed to Qin Mu Ye, this group of people will have to bleed one by one
He can tolerate people’s incompetence, but he will never tolerate people’s fighting and losing their position.
After a while, the transcendental body will completely cover the original modern body, so the original peacetime will become the law of the jungle
Just wait for a strongman to directly suppress everything.
It was Qin Mu Ye who thought it was impossible because he was dying.
One by one, I still want everyone’s life, and I want to move mountains and fill the sea. When the time comes, the film industry will be completely separated, which will directly lead to the sudden death of the shadow. I am about to fly to the peak, and the extraordinary person will fall down and eat shit.

After several efforts, Su Jue was able to give up Huairou and turn to iron and blood clearing.

Facts have proved that it is better to eliminate iron and blood
A year after the Qing dynasty, some tribes who were unwilling to communicate with the army also took the initiative to communicate with the army, but by that time, Liaodong had completely occupied the advantage.
The army sent rangers to harass the hostile tribes for a moment, burning oil in the forest, blowing up their base areas with powerful gunpowder, and constantly building military fortresses and cities to reclaim land.
So the army is shrinking and eroding their lives little by little, so they have to choose to fight to the death or surrender.
In the seventh year of Hongwu, Su Jue razed the savage and very strong virgin tribe and the tribe he didn’t belong to in the outer Xing ‘an Mountains and Wusuli River areas, and then led an army to land on Sakhalin Island across the sea, bringing this Liaodong island, which was said to be very large by the people, into the management of the Great Unity and establishing Sakhalin State.
Since then, Liaodong area as a whole has been incorporated into the unified governance, while Su Jue and the Fifth Corps have made great contributions.
Therefore, although the name of the Fifth Corps is not obvious in the national strategy, it has not participated in many large-scale wars, but the fifth corps has rich combat experience in the high-latitude areas such as Liaodong and Northeast China, and its combat effectiveness has been maintained very well.
The development and control of the whole Liaodong area depend on the day and night struggle of the Fifth Corps.
After the end of the war, the soldiers of the Fifth Corps also made a lot of contributions in the process of Liaodong development.
Many wounded or older soldiers responded to Su Yonglin’s call to retire on the spot and become grass-roots rural workers, which made great contributions to the immigration in Liaodong area.
Now all the nearly 4 million people in Liaodong live and work in peace and contentment here, and these retired soldiers have made great contributions.
Population distribution Liaoyang province has a population of more than 3 million, and Heilongjiang province has a population of less than 1 million. There is something wrong with the population distribution, but it can’t be helped.
It’s really cold.
Because of the severe cold climate, agricultural production is hindered, and many cold-resistant and high-yield products have not yet come to China. Even if there is good fertile land in Northeast China, the effective interest rate is very low, and the population of Heilongjiang Province cannot be rooted.
This is also in line with the climate of this era.
During the Tang Dynasty, the climate in the northern hemisphere was very warm, so the plateau could breed such a powerful government as the Tubo Empire, and there could also be 600 thousand strong Koguryo in Liaodong, all of which depended on the warm climate to bring suitable agricultural production conditions.
However, once the climate turns cold, the production conditions will not be the same, and the literary adherents will either mix with the Han people in the South Central Plains or stay in the local area and degenerate into fishing and hunting literature.
It is not that they don’t want to farm, but that the climate doesn’t allow it.
At present, there is such a trend in Heilongjiang provinces. Many places are not suitable for farming, and there are few people in the areas suitable for farming.
In view of these problems, Su Yonglin, while developing animal husbandry, also sent a large number of people to Liaodong to find minerals to ensure the country’s rule over Liaodong.
He is going to find mining areas to replace agricultural areas and adult areas to develop industrial settlements, further develop industrial cities to retain people and expand the scale of residents.
When the grain problem comes, it will be a big deal to transport grain to Liaodong. Although the cost is not low, nothing can be lost in this strategic treasure.
Fortunately, in recent years, the climate has been good, and most areas in Liaoyang Province can grow food. Although there are few places to grow food, the population is small enough to support and retain people in Heilongjiang Province.
Compared with the land that has not occupied the western regions and the future planning, Liaodong Land and the Fifth Corps have more flavor of production and construction corps.
To say that investing in Liaodong in recent years is really a lot, a lot of budgets have been thrown into Liaodong to build a city and develop human settlements, which has laid a financial foundation. However, if you want to develop here, sometimes it is really up to God to enjoy it.
But it doesn’t need to look at God’s face to crusade against Korea. The Fifth Corps should be very happy if it doesn’t fight for a long time.
Xin Qiji, with a professional staff team, made a preliminary strategic plan very quickly, and the rest required Skynet agents to send a large amount of information back and let the staff headquarters make a judgment.
Su Yonglin had a simple working meal with the big guys from noon to night during the discussion, and then discussed the logistics and transportation of this battle and the administrative arrangements after controlling Korea late at night.
Specifically, take the Xixia Road, first grasp the actual strength under the banner of King Korea, and then Korea will naturally become a big province.
How to select officials to enter Korea, how to establish grass-roots organizations, how to communicate with Korean people and so on need to be specific to the detailed work plan
In this respect, Su Yonglin is our grandparent, and he is also the best design expert, and everyone is willing to listen to him.
There were many complicated problems. Su Yonglin and the ministries discussed it until late at night and dragged his tired body back to the bedroom, and agreed to come early the next morning to continue the discussion.
When I went back, Zhao Xirui had put the two children to bed and made a bowl of soup for Su Yonglin, waiting for Su Yonglin to come back to eat.
"I’m sure I won’t be back until very late when I go out. You have women’s ministries and art troupes to do and take care of the children. It’s not necessary to always wait for me."
Su Yonglin said this, but a bowl of hot soup is warm in his heart.
Chapter 142 Unified starting line
Cherish Zhao Rui looked at Su Yonglin and shook his head with a slight smile.
"Compared with what you have to do, my work is much easier. Xiao Cuicui has grown up quickly. Now many things are her specific responsibility. I will just give her a table. If necessary, it’s nothing to quarrel with. Xiao Cuicui knows that I have Zeying and Zexiong to take care of. I’m not tired."
Su Yonglin put a soup bowl and wiped her mouth, then stretched out his hand and touched Zhao Xirui’s face.
"I have so many things at home that it’s really hard for you to take care of them."
"When your wife was the only wife, I knew what I should do, so I was not tired."
Zhao Xirui took Su Yonglin’s hand from his face and held it in both hands.
"You should pay more attention to your health. You can’t do it without you."
"I can’t do anything without you."
Su Yonglin leaned forward and hugged Zhao Xirui in his arms. "It’s hard for you to quarrel with so many things."
Cherish Zhao Rui quietly snuggled up to Su Yonglin and smiled.
She means nothing, but does Su Yonglin know that there is really a lot to say here?
For example, all officials and officials in Zhongdu now know that their Queen’s Temple is a super shrew who is unique in the world.
However, no department of the imperial court or the Renaissance Association dares to despise anything related to the drama troupe of the Women’s Department, and they treat it with the utmost patience and energy.
Otherwise, Zhao Xirui really wants to quarrel.
When the early women’s department was just established, many departments despised it, especially young female leaders such as Xiao Cui, and felt that it was just a house department, which made Xiao Cui and others suffer a lot.
Then Zhao Xirui went out.
From the organization department of Fuxing Association to the imperial court, the Ministry of Finance scolded Kong Maojie, the head of the organization department, and Shang Lin Jingchun, the Ministry of Finance, for having no temper at all.
Her voice was not loud, her tone was not intense, and she said it was a quarrel, but her words and expressions were really like Su Yonglin’s fear of the bosses of various departments who suffered from Su Yonglin’s furious PSD before the storm.
Moreover, she is still the queen, and no one dares to offend her without looking at the monk’s face and the Buddha’s face. All departments have to do it if they want her to go out.

"What?" The virtual people frightened, "Aren’t you all right?"

Bang!’ After this, the virtual people’s head exploded, and its body slowly fell to the ground. At the same time, a metal spider climbed up on the stage.
"There was no way to confirm which one was confirmed before." The metal spider came to teach the long voice. "Some of these brains are hidden deep and cannot be found by the usual method."
"I was on guard against them when you told me’ maybe I have them with me’," said the general. "But what should I do now? Is this situation also related to the brain spirit? "
Said the general look to the sky …
Boom … boom … boom!’ The egg-shaped objects in the sky then smashed into the city in three places. Fortunately, they didn’t fly directly into the gate square, but all hit the nearby streets.
However, there are also many transportation teams and virtual people waiting there, and they will soon become fungal nutrients, allowing fungi to spread wildly.
"This situation is also unexpected," said the dean. "Now you must try your best to support and wait for reinforcements!"
Then the metal spider jumped from the platform.
"…" The general looked around and said, "All troops move! We still have hope! Burn all those fungi! Take conventional weapons troops to maintain order! Kill all those who disturb the order directly! Burning weapons forces, stop the spread of fungi. Come on! The quick attack team is in charge of area 1, and the ground penetrating team is in charge of area 11! The thunder team is responsible for … "
The general ordered these troops to act immediately. A large number of soldiers in armor rushed into the panic crowd to maintain order, while many fighters flew to the place where the fungus exploded and dropped burning bombs.
The general quickly walked to the front of the imaging device, where he wiped his armor and was just beaten out with’ blood’, which was fake blood. When they were hit by Tibetan armor, they would splash out automatically, and it looked as if the armor had been pierced and hurt their bodies.
I don’t know if there are any brains mixed here. According to the imam, there are a group of brains disguised and even the detection device can’t be found, but now it’s not the heart. After playing the video, the general quickly adjusted it
Just now, it was the brain spirit that parasitized the virtual people. It deliberately didn’t show the general much.
Now the general can see the situation by himself …
Those falling egg-shaped objects come from the virtual … a square object.
Is this thing …
"Boom …"
Just as the general was thinking about it, it suddenly felt the ground shake. This shaking feeling was somewhat like an earthquake, but more felt that something was moving in a big way.
Is this reinforcements?
Just as the general thought so, a smashed street in the distance suddenly cracked.
As the earth cracked, a monster emerged from the ground.
The body covered with silver scales appeared in the general’s eyes …
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-one Split
"This thing actually came here …"
The creature with silver luster rushed out of the surface of the earth, and the eyes of this huge creature scanned everything around …
Soon it locked its eyes on the distant Astral Gate and the crowded virtual people around it, and also noticed General Gaotai.
At the same time, the general stared at the creature.
The general noticed that this creature was not quite the same as the deep-sea behemoth it was familiar with. It was more … slimmer, and seemed to have become a more suitable forward shape.
But its huge size still hasn’t changed. What big creatures are moving forward? Do they even know it?
Is this also a brain spirit?
"Goo …" The general thought that there was a burst of noise in the mouth of this behemoth, which was like … what was going to be spit out.
"This is …" The general had a bad feeling in his mind, but he didn’t do anything …
Bang!’ The beast’s mouth opened and a fierce water column poured out of its mouth.
Boom!’ Almost at the same time, the side face of the behemoth suddenly exploded, and its head suddenly tilted to one side, so the water column that should have been fired at the Astral Gate hit a building next to it, and the water column hit the wall of the building, and the reflected water splashed on the street.
It’s not just water. They spread and grow like a moving carpet soon after being sprinkled on the ground. At the same time, behemoths and generals have turned their attention to the bomber just now.
That’s a fighter plane, and now it’s passing over the head of the beast, dropping several bombs on the head of the beast.
Boom-several explosion-glowing behemoths’ heads bloomed one after another, which aroused smoke and covered the behemoth’s body, but a water column was ejected from the smoke and dust every second and directly hit the fighter plane that could not fly high.
The water column hit it, and suddenly the whole thing turned over and crashed into a side building.
"You teams come and support quickly!"
When the fighter plane exploded, the general also tried his best to shout loudly in the com, and there were many fighters coming this way immediately nearby.
Whoosh!’ Several missiles fired at the behemoth from different directions and exploded one after another. The general heard the roar of the behemoth, which seemed to be mixed with pain.
"Very well! Don’t break it! " The general said, "Never let it attack the stargate!"
"Yes!" The pilots agreed that they were ready to press the missile launch button again.
Boom!’ But just before they pressed the button, the general felt a tremor on the ground, and the figure of the behemoth in the smoke was gone.

Now Sha Hailin can see a large group of red pulp surrounded with excitement … and around the center they have a red pulp with a model sand.

The red pulp puts the artifact model sand on the body and at the same time, it is constantly happy with the surrounding red pulp.
This artifact … looks like an irregular stone from the outside, and it’s the same size as other model sand. There’s nothing special about it. What function does it have?
"It can save our population! Can completely change everything! "
In the center of the group, the biological language with the artifact red pulp is a miracle and excitedly explains the surrounding red pulp.
There seems to be a lot of red pulp, too. I don’t know what’s going on here. They all listen carefully.
ZhongHongJiang said in artifact … Many details.
This artifact has such a name.
It is called’ Constant Gu Ni’.
Actually, this group of red pulp just named it.
It is actually not a tool prop, but a mud … corpse in the middle ancient times.
This says that ancient mud, as it is called, flowed in all ancient mud.
Of course, the resistance won the ancient mud, and this group of red mud knows it.
Heng Gu Ni’ is a kind of mud older than common ancient mud, and its history may be directly traced back to the era of miracle creatures.
And’ constant Gu Ni’ also has many powerful capabilities.
But how powerful is it? They don’t know much
But what is less known is that modern and ancient mud can be’ upgraded’ and’ constant Gu Ni’
In order to obtain some data existing in Henggu mud … it is possible to change it into HengGu Ni.
After the upgrade, it will certainly become very powerful, such as all kinds of internal organs and other structures, which will rise a lot.
For example, those red pulp organs that constantly split into a large number of props are now
After upgrading, it doesn’t need to split the red pulp first and then turn the red pulp into a prop, but directly form a prop on the organ.
In this way, that proces of splitting the prop red paste is omit.
Of course, there would be no such thing as … mutiny.
But this is not the main purpose.
The main purpose of the red pulp is … to improve themselves.
This group of red mud has always wanted to be stronger, that is, to grow ancient mud.
No matter how much they eat, the red mud becomes bigger … When they were controlled by ancient mud, they could grow into mud lords, although they were eventually swallowed up.
But now they even grow into lords, but they have maintained their initial stage.
They don’t want this, but they don’t know anything.
Therefore, they think there should be a way to upgrade this ancient mud corpse to a constant Gu Ni.
Because the upgraded Gu Ni body has many powerful organs, maybe some of them can solve the problem that they can’t ascend now.
Of course, this is also their guess that they don’t know much about Heng Gu Ni.
Therefore, they also regard the artifact as a small hope and have no complete hope for it.
But now that they have found the artifact … they are going to study the artifact.
Lynn is very skeptical. Even if this artifact gravel is really the constant Gu Ni corpse model, how can it upgrade the … mud corpse?
I don’t know the actual situation of red pulp myself, but they are corpses, which are known from the artifact data.
In the artifact data, it is remembered that even if you see the ancient mud body with the shape of Heng Gu Ni, some mechanism will instantly activate and grow the Heng Gu Ni.
It’s not really a constant Gu Ni, but it can also be a model.
Red pulp doesn’t know exactly what this mechanism is, but they are going to …
Try to upgrade.
Lin feels that it is dangerous for them to do so.
Chapter two thousand six hundred and forty-four Communication
Even if it’s dead, it’s actually just that the neural structure is dead
Most organs of ancient mud bodies are still alive.
Therefore, if the artifact upgrades these organs to’ constant Gu Ni’, it is only an upgrade of these organs.
Dead ancient mud will not wake up.
But since there is no nervous system to die, how can the ancient mud be upgraded to a constant Gu Ni?
Does every organ have the ability to upgrade?
Because she thought it was wonderful, Lin had been investigating it.
And Lin thinks … those explosions seem to have something to do with the artifact they found.
When the artifacts were discovered by the red slurry, that is, when those shapes exploded.
Now ….. Lin is mainly injecting this group of red pulp for obtaining artifacts.
After they got the artifact, they immediately returned to the ancient mud and set up an army to March to the ground.
Their purpose now is to take the artifact to a certain place in the ancient mud corpse, a place they call’ entry point’
Actually, Lin translated this name. After they put the artifact into the’ entry point’, that place will send a signal to all organs of the ancient mud body, which will activate their upgrade function.
But it’s deep … and it’s a long abandoned place.
Because there has never been any place in that place, an artifact was suddenly found recently, which forced the mud to enter the point.
This makes them have to pass through … a place full of’ rebels’.

Mu Yan ran nodded and then confessed something else before the four of them sent off from Jinjiao Square City and arrived at Baigui Square City.

After arriving in Baiguifang City, she didn’t go deep into Fang City. She just stayed around for a wick, but she heard no less than Ling’s family talk.
This does not let Mu Yanran feel that "Ling clan people once thought that the family would have today’s situation."
She also found that there were a lot of people going to the meteorite waters. In the past, she had to wait for enough people to start the battle. It took less than an hour, but at this time, she only had one incense.
For every 100 people, a batch of 100 people will be delivered, and 100 people will jointly bear the stone needed for delivery.
If you are in a hurry, you can also pay more lingshi to start sending before the battle.
Mu Yan ran’s coming back this time is an early reluctance to spend more lingshi and wait a little longer.
After a while, the Baiyun Square City Hall has already appeared.
It’s different to send the hall today. There are many newcomers around Ling’s brother.
Ling’s brother’s feelings are pouring in, and someone is coming towards Mu Yan ran.
In the face of people’s admiration, I said, "No, I’m the four elders of Ling’s family."
She has been in Jinjiaofang City for some years, and she can be sent here to come to the friar Ling’s brother. It is only in recent years that she has set foot on the fairy road, and her strength is not high, so she doesn’t know Mu Yan ran.
But it doesn’t mean that these Lingshi brothers don’t know that the Four Elders longed for Yan Ran, so Mu Yan Ran heard Lingshi’s brother quickly hand in hand and respectfully said, "I’ll meet the Four Elders."
The sudden change of the temple attracted many people’s eyes, and those monks were all shocked.
They were shocked that the person in front of them turned out to be the four elders of the Ling family, but he can be the four elders of the Ling family. Then this person must also be a real person.
It’s a sin to ride with the then real person and still be so beautiful, but the then real person still doesn’t know.
Some people secretly rejoice that they have just not been fooled by beauty and done something out of line, otherwise they will die.
Mu Yan ran is a beautiful woman for many years, and she definitely belongs to that kind of woman with great charm.
And this kind of woman is the most attractive to men, which naturally attracts many men’s eyebrows.
The deacon in charge of Ling’s family rushed over immediately, and when he saw that the fruit was the four elders’ desire to start, he immediately smiled and filled his face with fart Dian fart to meet him.
"Ling Renbo visited the four elders and returned to Renbo. I don’t know if I could meet them personally, but I also asked the four elders to atone."
Mu Yan ran waved his hand and said, "How can I be a leisure person and let you be a busy person to meet me? Wouldn’t it be my sin to delay family affairs?"
She seems sincere. If someone with a bad tone says these things, she will definitely scare Ling Renbo to death.
"Four elders are serious."
"Well, if you are busy, I will meet the family first."
"send four elders"
Led by deacon LingRenBo, a group of LingShi brothers surrendered respectfully together.
And all this is stunned. The Ling family, a non-Ling brother, has returned. Then there is a real person and it is absolutely beautiful.
There is no doubt that the appearance of Mu Yan ran has added some hope to the Ling family.
Maybe she is deliberately revealing her identity in front of everyone, and the effect will never be bad.
第六百一十章 金丹真人纷沓来凌氏威大涨!
Immediately hand respectful way "seen a few elders"
Wen Yan Ling Youdao smiled and waved, "The fifteenth brother is here. Come and sit here."
Seeing what else he wanted to say, he quickly added that "private meetings between brothers of the same family are not so formal."
Hearing this, Ling Youzheng just sat next to several people.
"The second brother’s banquet is coming. This is the banquet process. The younger brother sent it to familiarize you with it. If there is a mistake, it will damage the family prestige."
Ling Youdao took the booklet he handed him and flipped through a few pages on the spot, nodding with satisfaction. "Well, the plan is very good."
Then give the booklet to Mu Yan ran. Several people are optimistic about the familiar process. Don’t make mistakes temporarily then.
After reading it, several people sent the booklet back to his hand.
"By the way, did those forces send someone?"
In the face of Ling Youdao’s problems, Ling Youzheng naturally knows that they are the forces such as the Voldemort Sect
"It’s still a family that sent people to the ceremony, but the people in Baiguifang returned the message. The monks in Baiguifang, such as Fumozong, are ready to come. It must be to attend our family’s banquet.
But in order to maintain their face, they are expected to come to their second brother some time before the feast, so don’t worry about it. "
Ling Youdao nodded his head and agreed with this statement.
Time passed in a hurry, and soon it was Lingshi Jiedan Banquet Day.
It’s the Riling family’s Dan banquet!
Ling Youdao’s six people went to Baiyun Mountain early in the morning, and all of them were sitting on the futon in the main hall.
On the left side of the temple, Ling Youdao longed for Yan Ran, while on the right side of the Golden Temple, Ling Renyin, Ling Renji and Ling Renyao sat on the futon at the head of the temple.
That’s the position of the patriarch Ling Yuansheng. Although others can’t get out, the position is not that any elder can sit.