"Hey!" Zeng Lizhong said

"poof!" Cheng Ge, Chi Nong and Chen Hongyi all spit out the rice in their mouths and then Cheng Ge laughed my head off.
A bamboo long also can’t help but smile.
Yes, I didn’t laugh. I just gave a "roll" back, which is similar to Zeng Lizhong’s. We are both in the same level, but a little better than him.
I said, "Can Uncle Zeng keep the ancient moon?"
Chapter 60 The new moon returns
Great-uncle Zeng was taken aback and put the chopsticks down. wait for a while looked at me and said, "Do you want Gu Shuoyue to stay with you?"
No one else has eaten.
The table was unusually silent for a moment.
I nodded and said, "We are still young after all. If my uncle can keep the ancient moon to help us, it will be a great thing for us and the younger generation will be grateful!"
Zeng Lizhong said, "Isn’t it boring for you to stay because of the sex of Brother Gu Shuoyue?"
I said, "He’s a human being, not a ghost. If he can stay and get along first, it will get better after a long time, right?"
Zeng Lizhong said, "I’ve known him for four or five years and I haven’t seen any change in his attitude towards me."
Brother Cheng couldn’t hold back and laughed. "He said you were a bitch when you talked to him in four or five years? !”
Zeng Lizhong gave Cheng Ge a white look. "He will definitely say this word when you go."
Cheng ge pie pie
I looked at Zeng Zhongdao and said, "Tell my uncle to let him stay and he will definitely stay."
Zeng Zhong said, "I told him to stay, but he really wouldn’t refuse me to let him listen to you. He shouldn’t have said anything, but I can’t bear it. Give me a reason enough to say me."
I turned my head and glanced at Gu Shuoyue. I saw his reaction. He shouldn’t be so easy to hear when we speak here, should he?
I turned to look at Zeng Lizhong again and said to Zeng Zhong, "My uncle and younger generation want to ask you a question."
"Do you know or not?"
I said; "Who is more important to you, Gu Shuoyue or Zeng Lizhong?"
Zeng Zhong hesitated for a long time before saying, "Do you still ask this question?"
I smiled and laughed. "The younger generation knows."
What Zeng Zhong said is obviously that Zeng Lizhong is more important. It is his own grandson, the heir to the family incense. In the eyes of an old man, nature is more important than the ancient moon.
So I went on to say, "Is the Zeng family an indispensable person? Or to put it another way, it would be dangerous for the Tseng family to leave the ancient moon predecessors? Will you live a normal life? "
"joke!" Zeng Nanxi couldn’t help saying, "The Zeng family has been a mountain warrior for more than a thousand years. Everyone in the world has lived without anyone but my father!"
Zeng Zhongdao said, "I will live without me."
This meaning is very obvious, not to mention that Zeng Zhong can leave the ancient moon.
And that’s what I want, so I went on to say, "Since the elder Gu Shuoyue is not an indispensable figure for the Zeng family, but it is very important for us, the most important thing is that the brother Lizhong is very important for the Zeng family. Keeping the elder Gu Shuoyue can provide more protection for Zhong An. Do you know that I don’t know if this reason for the younger generation is sufficient or not?"
Zeng zhong’s dumb language
A bamboo Taoist clapped his hands and laughed. "Well, well, I don’t think Zheng’s eloquence is as good as that of Yuan Fang. Haha! Old Zeng, I see what you have to say. "
I laughed. "Uncle, I didn’t believe what you said about a bamboo Taoist priest. As a result, I saw a bamboo Taoist priest later today. He really has more intentions than you do, especially taking care of the younger generation."
"Oh?" Zeng Zhong and Yizhu Daochang are interested. "How do you say this?"
I said, "Tai Bai Xing was originally taken over by your great-uncle and became your thing. As a result, Taoist Yizhu insisted on getting out a blood charm and abruptly put Tai Bai Xing in my gourd and became a big helper for me. Guess what this is? There is no doubt that Taoist Yizhu is good to me, but I’m afraid it’s more good to martial sister Yong He, right? Haha, you have to follow me after you sing the lotus. If I install the lotus, I will be in danger. If you sing the lotus, you will be in danger. Give me more help, that is, add more help to the lotus. This little account is very clear. Oh, am I right? "
Yizhu Taoist priest laughed and didn’t answer the words.
Zeng Zhong caught a glimpse of a bamboo Taoist priest when he heard this. "Wow, so that’s it! I said you were so enthusiastic just now! If I don’t leave the ancient moon, it will appear that I never loved my grandson! Just let Gu Shuoyue stay and help Zheng. "
I was overjoyed and said, "Thank you, Uncle!"
Zeng Lizhong also laughed. "Thank you, Grandpa, for loving your grandson!"
"How long you give me a snack is better than anything!" Zeng Zhong turned his eyes to the ancient moon and shouted, "Come on!"
The figure of the ancient moon’s foot reached the crowd a little bit, and the breath was very slight, just like a petal falling.
"I left on the first day of the moon, and Lizhong will stay to help Amak Chan deal with the five elements." Zeng Zhongdao "Lizhong, this child, you know that he is frivolous, stubborn, pushy, unstable and lewd!"
Zeng Lizhong rolled his eyes. "The first time I heard my grandfather say that his pro-grandson was lewd and lewd, it was also for the sake of Zeng’s family’s inheritance for generations to come."
"I know what my own grandson is like, and I don’t hide anything!" Zeng Zhongdao said, "Shuoyue is definitely a dangerous place for goods. I want to ask you to stay with Amak Chan and others, which is also regarded as guarding and protecting Lizhong."
Zeng Zhong spoke very well. First of all, he didn’t order Gu Shuoyue to stay, but asked Gu Shuoyue to stay, not to help me, but to look after and protect Zeng Lizhong. This was reasonable and reasonable. Gu Shuoyue said "Good!"
Say the ancient moon is light and jump to continue to be alone in the dark corner.
Zeng Zhong shook his head with a wry smile. "This man has always been able to talk without talking. If he can say a word less, he can say a word less."

Ma Laoer suddenly moved the knife to the left to listen to the stab, and Wen Tao’s crotch was scratched instantly.

"What are you doing?" Wen Tao immediately panicked.
"Is the knife cool?" Ma Laoer glared at his eyes and asked, "If I move again, your horse will lose the happiness of being a man."
“……!” Wen Tao braved the cold sweat on his forehead and swallowed.
"You must know why I’m looking for you," Ma Laoer said with fierce eyes. "Can it be a little feud to come here from Songjiang? Are you sure I can’t find him unless you tell me? Huh? !”
"Brother, you … you move the knife."
"I’ll ask you one last time, where is the ditty?" Ma Laoer suddenly drank "for the last time!"
"I … he … you move the knife first"
"I’ll give you a sugar-coated gourd." Ma Laoer raised his knife and stabbed Wen Tao’s crotch.
"Don’t prick me, don’t prick me … I said" Wen Tao collapsed and yelled "Don’t prick him, my house, my house"
"How many people are there with him?"
"Just … just yourself" Wen Tao may really not be afraid of Ma Laoer stabbing him a few times, but he is definitely afraid that the other party will let him cut off Sun Suocai’s emotional response.
"How do you get to your home?" Liu Shu urged.
"Turn left in front …" Wen Tao stammered in response.
Behind a butcher shop downtown
The old horse bowed his head and checked a gun before turning around and confessed, "Xiaoqi, you give him the money."
Qi Wen took out the cash and handed it to a strange middle-aged man. He took the money and checked it carefully before he smiled and said, "What a big deal are you going to do in Fengbei? Did you get it twice in three days?"
"Do you check your mouth?" The old horse frowned and asked 1
"Ha ha, just ask." Middle-aged smile said softly, "OK, that’s it. I still have goods in my hand. Call me at any time."
The old horse saw his one eye and turned to say "go"
After everyone heard it, they followed the old horse away.
I have been waiting for Xiaoqu, and I have gradually lost my patience. After adding his words and not joining Wentao, my heart is somewhat panicked.
Sit on the bed and consider a long time. I immediately inquired about the reservation at the front desk of the MG Carnival and dialed the past.
After a few tens of seconds, you can get through to "Hello, this is the MG Carnival"
"Hello, may I ask Ha Wentao?"
"This is the front desk reservation. If you want to talk to Wen Tao, just call his mobile phone?"
"Sorry, he can’t get through on his cell phone. I’m his friend. I have something urgent to find him. Can you call him for me?" Tune words politely asked
"I didn’t see him today."
"You ask him when I contacted him in the afternoon, and he told me to go back." Xiaoqu said patiently, "I am really in a hurry to help the beautiful woman."
"Then you wait for a while."
The two chatted about the ditty here and waited for less than three minutes before the other party picked up the words again and said, "Do you still have it?"

Cai Yuner is escorting Lishifang Town in her third brother Cai Sicheng.

Cai Yiming sent fifty guards to accompany Cai Sicheng and his party, and he took people to escort the carriage to the mountain pass outside the town.
Cai Yuner cried in tears. This time she went to Shifang Town, she didn’t play anything. She promised to show her around and joked that she would let the town men fall for her.
Who knows that she is so embarrassed?
"Faster" Cai Sicheng urged the team.
"It’s hard to walk so fast on Sangong Mountain Road." Someone said weakly.
"You don’t know Hongqizhai, do you still dare to linger here?" Cai Sicheng was angry.
He wanted to send his little sister away quickly so that he could come back and accompany Shao Qing’s adult to "suppress bandits" together. After he leveled Hongqi Village, his prestige in Shifang Town would surpass that of his eldest brother.
The carriage jolted on the mountain road, and Cai Yuner was shaken and almost fell apart.
"Third brother, can you slow down?" The cloud lifted the car curtain and asked.
Cai Sicheng looks pale. "I can’t slow down and give you to me. If something happens halfway, I can’t afford it."
The carriage went on for another hour, and Cai Yuner was really impatient.
They didn’t hurry when they came, even if they were in a hurry. It was like running for their lives.
"Can third brother stop and have a rest?" She pleaded.
Before Cai Sicheng spoke, a sharp whistle sounded in the depths of the forest, followed by an arrow tied with tarpaulin and a flame arrow coming out of the forest in the middle of the carriage path.
There are a lot of weeds scattered on the road. Cai Sicheng didn’t notice that those weeds with rocket arrows were behind and burned up.
"Fire! Put out the fire!" The guards shouted and pulled out their swords to poke the weeds.
But more arrows came out of the forest, and the fire touched the ground and the horse burst into flames.
Cai Sicheng realized this was not good.
"There is an ambush! Go back quickly! "
However, by this time, the carriage had been lit by flames, and the curtains and windows were on fire. Cai Yuner huddled with the maid in the car and screamed.
Cai Sicheng picked the train curtain with a good sword.
Without the car curtain, Cai Yuner can look out directly.
At this moment, hundreds of people came out from the opposite forest and stopped the road with sharp swords.
Cai Yuner was so scared that she forgot to shout and stared at the outside.
A man from the opposite crowd stood in the middle of the road and shouted, "Is this Cai Fu carriage?"
Cai Sicheng hurriedly motioned for a guard around him.
Before the escort had to bite the bullet, he replied, "It’s our carriage with harem and valuables, so please do me a favor."
"The harem in the car is Yue Princess?" Asked the other party
Cai Sicheng froze. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Cai Fu’s carriage, but we didn’t bring Yue Princess."
Before he could finish his sentence, a man with a knife across the street was already laughing. "It seems that our news is really correct. Princess Yue is afraid that it is not so easy for us to escape. It is better to stay with our castellan for recreation."
As soon as the man’s voice fell, a strange cry echoed in the crowd, "Yue Princess is so handsome. Please welcome my castellan."
Cai Yuner scared and hugged the maid around him. "I’m not a Yue princess. You have mistaken me!"
As a result, it’s a good thing that she called Nv Jiao’s weak voice so clearly in this situation that it attracted everyone’s attention.
"Brothers, please invite Yue County Master to the village. Don’t keep our village master waiting!" The first man shouted loudly and raised his knife at the same time.
The crowd roared toward the carriage with laughter.
Cai Sicheng was scared and at a loss. He just sent his sister home. They didn’t bring anything of value. How can Hongqizhai people stare at them?
Hundreds of people rushed to the front of the carriage in a blink of an eye, and the guards couldn’t hold such a sea of tactics even if their martial arts were no better. In a short time, this man was cut and that man was stabbed.
Cai Sicheng urged Ma Si to yell, "Go back quickly!"
But at this time, where can he retreat and look around? There are Hongqizhai people everywhere in the forest. They are whistling and waving long knives in their hands and rushing to Cai Yuner’s carriage.
Cai Sicheng wanted to save his little sister, but he stopped when he rushed out.
These people are coming for his little sister. If he saves people in the past, not only can he not save Cai Yuner, but he will also get in.

Su Yonglin put all this in front of people so that they could see it clearly.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages, as Su Yonglin can see clearly.
"Being an emperor has many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages. The most important thing is to absorb a large number of old officials and powerful gentry into the new court and give them strength to let them handle affairs, which will bring us great resistance. Some things we have to endure.
However, this is also the price that must be paid to get benefits. There is no such thing as two evils to be lightened. This is my final conclusion after weighing the pros and cons.
"But being an emperor is not my goal. Being an emperor is a means to achieve a goal, to become an important minister of the country, and it is not your goal, but a means to achieve your ultimate goal. I hope everyone knows this."
They all nodded their heads in white.
"When I was emperor, we should fully develop and expand at low cost. Our organization will attract more talents and gradually they will replace old officials and tyrannical gentry to finally realize a new court.
If you want to save the bullied villagers, it is impossible for them to fight alone. You must tell them what to fight against bullies and what not to continue to swallow, and then give them the leadership to fight bullies and let them know that their combined strength is that bullies can’t fight.
Let them learn knowledge, let them learn organization, let them learn to fight, and let them know that single-handedness is never better than group organization. Together, they can eliminate bullies! By that time, everyone in the villagers is a knight, so there is no need for a knight. "
Su Yonglin smiled and pointed to himself, "There is no need for an emperor."
Su Yonglin’s words impressed a hundred people deeply.
Then Su Yonglin said that it was not the right time for him to proclaim himself emperor.
Now he can’t claim the title of emperor rashly, because there is another Southern Song Dynasty who will lose all illusions and treat him as an enemy immediately. He can’t claim the title and be an enemy of the Southern Song Dynasty immediately.
It’s the best time to be proclaimed emperor, after the death of Jin Guo, to conform to prestige, stabilize people’s hearts and no longer worry about the war between the two sides.
Previously, not only the Southern Song Dynasty, but also the Western Xia Dynasty, he had to make a pretence and give them an illusion that the Guangfu Army would not be their enemy and there was still room for manoeuvre.
When such a new military and political recovery strives for stability and growth,
When the meeting ended, it was very late. Su Yonglin asked most people to leave Zhou Xian and Kong Maojie first.
"I don’t need the emperor to recognize myself. People are still rare at present. It seems to me that the fire is very precious. Let me know that I have been investing and paying for nothing. I am very happy.
You should stick to it, and don’t be blinded by the obsession with money. You should resist this temptation and try your best to win more support for our comrades. When most people realize that they don’t need the emperor anymore, I won’t be an emperor anymore. "
Su Yonglin turned and looked at Zhou Yi and Kong Maojie. "I will be very pleased then."
"won’t you always be emperor?"
Young Kong Maojie looked at the same young Su Yonglin and boldly asked, "I heard that the emperor is the most powerful person in the world, and the person who can do whatever he wants is the most. You often say that it is intoxicating, so once you become an emperor, will you get drunk yourself?"
Zhou Chu looked at Kong Maojie with a little surprise and was very surprised that Kong Maojie dared to ask this question.
How dare you!
But he is also interested in this problem.
Su Yonglin stared at Kong Maojie for a while.
Kong Maojie didn’t follow Su Yonglin to Shandong to rebel against the old headquarters. He followed Su Yonglin from Yizhou after he arrived in Shandong and recruited soldiers.
At the same time, he is also the second batch of members of the Renaissance Association.
When Tian Jue reported the list to Su Yonglin, he introduced a hole in Mao Jie’s office, and Su Yonglin still had some impressions of him.
He was originally a peasant, and his surname was Kong. I don’t know if his ancestors have anything to do with Qufu Kong.
However, in his generation, there is obviously no connection, otherwise, he would not be illiterate. There are also several acres of barren land in his family to starve and live a full life.
After Su Yonglin led troops to liberate his village, he gave the villagers land. The Kongs shared the land. His father was grateful to Su Yonglin and asked him to join the army and join the Victory Army at that time.
His three brothers, when he joined the army in the second place, his name was Kong Xiaoer, which was not conspicuous at all.
However, this little boy is really a bit of a genius. After three months of training, he not only learned basic military skills, but also learned more than 700 words, which was the most literate among the recruits at that time.
After he fought bravely, he learned literacy and actively studied culture and thought. He became the class leader within a month, and then he became the leader. After the war in Hebei, he accumulated meritorious deeds and promoted to the battalion commander and entered the training class of the guidance department for further study.
In the training class, he showed his extraordinary talent in political work and was noticed by Tian Jue. Then he talked to him and asked him if he would like to engage in political work.
Kong Maojie thought for a while and agreed, so he moved from the military command post to the political work post and was promoted to the regiment level instructor a few months later.
Tian Jue was glad to help him change a somewhat cultural name called Mao Jie, which also saved people from always calling him Xiao Er, which sounded rather disreputable.
In short, Kong Maojie is a rare talent with a strong memory and a strong understanding. He is a genius. If he was not excavated by the Guangfu Army system, it is estimated that this generation will face the loess and work hard until he dies. Where can he give full play to his talents?
Look at this courageous young Su Yonglin, he once again understood what "swift horses are common but Bole is not".
How many geniuses are there with a population of nearly 100 million?
Many geniuses are lost in the sea before they are discovered.
Kong Maojie is lucky, but he is just as talented and capable. There are still many people who are still facing the loess and doing farm work or playing with mud barefoot, which have not yet been discovered.
But …
It’s only a matter of time before it is discovered.
So Su Yonglin laughed and patted Kong Maojie on the shoulder and put his hand in front of him.
"Make an agreement. I will end the emperor’s day, and you will personally take the crown and peel off the yellow robe and burn it. Are you willing to … don’t you dare to make an agreement?"
Kong Maojie obviously didn’t expect Su Yonglin to ask him like this.
But …
What is there to be afraid of?
I’m not going to be afraid of anyone after doing this.
No matter how fierce people are, everyone will die if they are killed!
No matter how strong you want me to hold the knife in my hand, you can’t make me kneel again!
Kong Maojie gritted his teeth and held out his hand. Su Yonglin high-fived the agreement.
"Violation of this oath!"
"Violation of this oath!"
The two agreed to look at each other again, dumbfounded.
"Zhou Chu, come and be a witness. If you don’t witness it when that day comes, it won’t count."
Su Yonglin laughed
"Yes, you have to be a witness. When the day comes, you have to watch me burn the emperor’s crown and yellow robe completely! There is no emperor in the world! "
Kong Maojie ruthlessly looked at Zhou Chu.
Zhou Chu blinked for a long time before he realized what he had witnessed.
"This … I … I know"
He swallowed hard and made this oath that he thought he might never see the result.

However, the desire of the magic statue and the demon ancestor to completely exterminate human martial arts may be lost. Not to mention that everyone in the small world is practicing martial arts, and even the northern Xuanzhou and the Japanese Yingzhou have also set off a martial arts trend. I believe that if more people can see the benefits of fairy martial arts practitioners, human beings will surely become stronger.

Shortly after Xu Ren came out, Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, also came out.
Mo Lin’s harvest this time is not small, and his cultivation realm has also reached Yupu realm, and his spirit is stronger than before because he swallowed several powerful demon spirits of demon race.
Of course, in addition to strengthening the repair strength, Mo Lin also got no less information than the wild days.
For example, there are nine major forces in the wild days at present.
The strongest is Yaozu Mountain.
But the demon ancestors haven’t been out of the mountain for so many years, and the demon family doesn’t seem to be very active.
Then the demon emperor.
The so-called emperor is a demon emperor, and his strength is very strong. It is said that all of them can match the immortal emperor and the human king.
Of course, this is also a popular saying among the demon families. In fact, no one in the Great Demon Emperor has ever confronted the King and the Immortal Emperor.
However, the demon race once fought with the king and the immortal emperor.
To tell the truth, the King of Man and the Fairy Emperor are not the enemies of the demon ancestors when they are carried out alone, but the King of Man and the Fairy Emperor have a very strong means of joint warfare. Even if the demon family meets, they have to avoid the edge.
Even so, it is impossible for the king and the immortal emperor to defeat the demon family, but the demon ancestor was seriously injured by the immortal emperor. It is estimated that the confrontation between the king and the immortal emperor will be a lose-lose scene.
After the Great Demon Emperor, there are 32 Demon Emperors and 100 Demon Kings, and it is difficult to count the number of Demon Godsworn, Fairy Demon Godsworn and Yupu Demon Godsworn.
This Xu Ren also finally knows how powerful the demon race is. It is no wonder that they directly occupied the wild days that belonged to the human monks.
After the little demon leopard came out, others came out one after another, but the gains were not great.
Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu are brothers in the same system. Although their qualifications are good, they are far from reaching the level of Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin.
The dumpling demon dragonfly is also as qualified as Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu. Although it is good, it is still much worse than Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin.
Chen An and vestbo are still young, but their minds are still undecided. Although they are diligent enough in cultivation, they are also accumulating details.
Yu Bei Gong, Ximengdu, Zhong Lirui and Cao Dian, although their qualifications are good, there are limits, and they are shorter than Chen An and vestbo when they are practicing. Some towns have made rapid progress to the abode of fairies and immortals, and now they have accumulated the details and made no breakthrough. However, their martial arts training has reached the peak of the golden body, and they need a chance to break through to the top of the mountain.
"Xiao Xu’s family?"
On this day, Xu Ren was enjoying the cool air in the courtyard, but he heard a very gentle sound.
"It turned out that the Second Elder was too far away to meet."
Xu Ren slightly one leng didn’t expect someone to visit people at this time. Xu Ren also knew that it was the two elders of Pingan City who also led them to resist the demon invaders.
"Not only am I here, but I also brought you someone."
When the second elder spoke, he had already dodged, and an old man appeared behind him.
The old man is not tall, half a head shorter than the two elders, but he is very energetic and somewhat sage like type.
"But I wonder who this elder is?"
Xu Ren asked frowning slightly.
"This is our safe city duke"
The two elders see Xu Ren asked busy to Xu Ren said
"I’ve met the Lord."
Xu Ren was very polite. After learning the identity of the man, he quickly bowed down and saluted.
"Not so polite. I’m here to ask you something."
The duke also smiled at Xu Renxiao.
"Then let’s talk inside."
The duke of Ping ‘an City is a big shot for Xu Ren. The most important thing is that Xu Ren can’t see this person’s realm. It is estimated that he has to be a master of Xianwang level.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen Items
"I didn’t expect the duke’s adult to visit my humble abode. It’s an honor for us to chat inside."
Xu Ren is also a scene person. Although I don’t know what the Lord of Ping ‘an is coming to, he still has to do what he should say and do.
"That’s just what I want."
The duke of Pingan City did not say much directly. Xu Ren entered the house.
Then Xu Ren directly let the duke into the hospitality hall and let Bei Gong and Simon prepare tea alone.
Bei Gong Xiu and Simon Du are now Xu Ren window-keepers, and both of them are more ventilated. After listening to Xu Ren’s orders, they immediately boiled water for tea.
After a while, the tea was sent to Xu Ren, the host of two guests in the hall.
"You have done a good job in this house, especially this law is as good as my Lord’s house."
The owner of the Old City of Ping ‘an took a sip of tea and took the lead in speaking.
"Tell the Lord’s adult to laugh at me. This little trick won’t work."
Xu Ren didn’t expect the old duke to comment on his own law as soon as he came. Although he was confident in his own law, he didn’t dare to be conceited.
"This means you are not small, although the law is not big, but the complexity of the law is not bad at all. I think it looks like an ancient powerful law bearing."
I have to say that the Lord of Ping ‘an City is still very knowledgeable. I just looked at it at random and saw the doorway of Xu Ren’s law.
"Your honor has a good eye. I got this array from a very strange fortune teller."
Xu Ren, of course, can’t say that his law system is immortal because he doesn’t know that although people in the demon mountain have an impression of immortal, he just doesn’t know if there is anyone here who is planted by the king and the immortal emperor. Don’t say that he has immortal memory. Even if he says that he has immortal memory, it is estimated that there are many people who want to kill him. He won’t say that he has immortal memory, but that fortune teller. Anyway, Xu Ren thinks that he is not an ordinary person. He should be able to carry this pot.
"Fortune teller? That’s possible. That guy always has some strange things. It seems that you should be someone else. "
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the duke of Ping ‘an City was a little surprised, but it made him realize that it is estimated that there are others who can have such a thing as Xu Ren.
"The duke know the fortune teller? To tell the truth, I’ve met him twice, once gave me something, and the other time told me to keep my eyes open and not be fooled by the surface. "
Xu Ren didn’t expect the duke to follow his words, which also made Xu Ren somewhat suspicious, of course, more suspicious of the fortune teller’s identity.
"There are some origins, which are in line with his apprenticeship style. Now it seems that you must be suspected by others."
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the Lord of Ping ‘an City not only had no doubt, but also became more convinced that Xu Ren was the fortune teller.
"It shouldn’t count, right?"


Xia Qi casually made a cave in the hard rock next to him, then sealed the hole and brought the blood dragon directly to the front. He was ready to refine it immediately.
At this time, Xia Qi Zhenyuan was almost exhausted and planned to leave here to restore Zhenyuan before refining the blood dragon, but the essence of the blood dragon kept passing away, and Xia Qi had to refine the blood dragon first.
Four ignorance true fire surges out and wraps the blood dragon in it, and it will be refined immediately.
This blood dragon is bred by heaven and earth, which is very pure. Xia Qi needs to refine some grievances and so on, so that he can directly deify another point.
But it is not easy to finish refining.
After all, this blood dragon is bred by heaven and earth, and it is famous for being violent, bloodthirsty and resentful. It contains many smells, and it takes a lot of effort to refine it.
Fortunately, Xia Qi now understands that the four ignorance and true fire are raging. This place just suppresses the blood dragon, and the magma in the center of the earth is more convenient for Xia Qi refining.
For half an hour in the past, Xia Qi has been exhausted. This world breeds blood dragons. It was only after Xia Qi finished refining that a group of blood was brilliant red. Compared with it, there seems to be a tiny blood dragon shadow constantly roaming.
The blood dragon essence was refined by Xia Qi, and he did not hesitate to directly incorporate the blood dragon essence into the body, but he saw this mass of blood wandering in the body, and Xia Qi controlled the spine position behind Xia Qi.
This time, Xia Qi wants to deify Dazhui, a very important point.
It is very important that Dazhui point is located in the back spine, and this time it is just a blood dragon essence to deify Dazhui point.
Xia Qi, the apotheosis point, is already very familiar with the Baihui point and Yintang point in the temple. Every apotheosis point and apotheosis point will benefit Xia Qi and greatly increase his strength.
Xia Qi’s spine seems to explode. Generally, the whole spine is like a dragon at the Dazhui point at the top of the spine. The essence of the blood dragon suddenly sinks into Dazhui point at this opportunity.
Xia Qi ear as if to a loud noise and ache all over as if the spine is broken, but after the sharp pain, it is comfortable and refreshing, which makes Xia Qi feel Shu Tai all over!
At this time, there is a world in Dazhui point, and the world looks dark red, like blood dyed red, and a blood dragon swims in it very dexterously.
Xia Qi can feel this blood dragon as if it were connected by blood. It is definitely not just that a violent blood dragon is finished by his own mind.
"It’s a pity that I will display many visions in the acupoint orifices one after another, otherwise my strength will simply skyrocket." Xia Qi sighed lightly
After the apotheosis of acupoint orifices, it’s like a world, and there will be visions in this world, such as the fire lotus in Baihui acupoint and that * * day, etc., which are all powerful, but it’s a pity that Xia Qi’s method is now put into practice.
"These five elements of mind are very extraordinary. If you practice to deify 365 points behind you, it will be a great power!"
Now Xia Qi feels more and more powerless to the five elements of art. He can’t believe that if he deifies 365 points, then Xia Qi’s strength should be as tough as the earth.
"But for the time being, let’s not think about it in the future. Let’s collect the remaining half of Lingshi vein outside and then leave here."
After a little aftercare for a while, Xia Qi felt that it was too hot even in ice armor, and immediately wanted to collect the remaining lingshi from here.
I have collected half a lingshi vein. There are already a lot of lingshi in Xia Qi’s mystery and bag, but even so, Xia Qi doesn’t want to give up the remaining half lingshi vein Lingshi.
Crack heavenly sword in hand to pick LingShi again.
Open day order magic weapon crack heavenly sword in the hands of Xia Qi seems to have almost lost its power. Many times, fighting power is insufficient, but it is quite good to pick Lingshi at the moment.
A large piece of lingshi was collected by Xia Qi. Xia Qi was not too boring but quite excited.
However, this leisurely state did not last long before it was alarmed by a shocking roar.
Roaring like thunder, even in this cave full of magma, it is deafening and shocking, and the magma keeps rolling like waves, which is frightening.
"nian beast!"
Hear this roar Xia Qi is a facial expression in alarm.
This roar is exactly the same as that of the young beast that was beheaded in the valley before, which is more dignified than full of gas.
"No, I’m afraid it’s the parents of that young beast!"
Xia Qi face a change at once, no matter there are many hidden breath that have not been picked LingShi, and they leave quickly towards the party.
At this time, Xia Qi can’t consider whether there will be many sects monks waiting to leave here first, and it is most important not to encounter angry Nian Beasts.
Roaring and full of anger, Xia Qi dare not stop swimming quickly, and at the same time try to hide his breath and dare not leak it out for fear of attracting Nian beast.
However, Xia Qi underestimated the adult beast of the earth. Although Xia Qi used the stone embryo technique to hide his breath for only a moment, the young beast seemed to have discovered that Xia Qi’s general roar was getting closer and closer to Xia Qi’s shock, and the magma waves behind Xia Qi surged.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Crazy ideas
Chapter one hundred and thirty Crazy ideas

"I depend! Why don’t you die! " Bai She cursed in her heart and said it was simple. The little red eyebrow and the ancient fairy were all kinds of strong hands. Just now, the two of them started work, which seemed to be calm. In fact, the crisis was so dangerous that they could kill themselves. The little girl was just her child’s mind unguarded, and that little injury was afraid that she would have recovered by now.

Even if six feathers join hands to keep one of them, it is still possible that if you want to keep two white feathers and six feathers, it must be a serious injury field.
"Mom always said you along while you pretend to be crazy and sell silly until now you want to start work? Don’t look at the limelight, both of them will not be afraid to flash their tongues … "White picked sarcastically.
In fact, 6 Feathers also know that they are abrupt, but one of these two goblins is an ancient fairy, and the other means 6 Can’s daughter. If these two people join hands, they are afraid that they will have a hard time in the future.
"Elder sister, what do you do or not! You also know that my teleport requires you to help me stop the old man’s blow and I will be sure to take my sister away! " See the ancient fairy girl seems to have no response little red eyebrow some anxious.
"Do I believe you?" The first accent of an ancient fairy girl is as cold as her expression.
"Don’t believe me, don’t you believe which old man? If the old man gets this baby, he will never give it to you … I will be different. We are all girls. I can lend you to play … "The little red eyebrow seems to be tempted by seeing the ancient fairy girl, and she quickly stepped up her offensive to lend you to play.
The ancient fairy shook her head secretly. This little girl with red eyebrows is so naive that children play to seduce themselves. Although she looks like a little girl, she is old enough to be her ancestor.
"Sister! Do you promise or not! " The little girl pursed her mouth.
"Well, I believe you once. If you dare to lie to me, I will kill you after chasing you to the ends of the earth!" The ancient fairy said in a cold voice, this is the best choice now. If it doesn’t fit this little girl with red eyebrows, it’s doomed to be both hands.
"good! That red eyebrow doesn’t matter! That ancient fairy must stay! "
At the same time, the two little girls reached an alliance, and the six feathers also regressed. The descendants of six can are more important than the news of ancient immortals.
"I want that reincarnation!" White picked to turn over their eyes.
6 Feathers are silent for a moment. Little Red Eyebrow seems to have 6 winks. If you let him go today, it will be difficult to catch her. Although the ancient fairy is strong, she will not be able to leave this big six in a month. With the help of the local strongman Bai Wei, I am not afraid that the ancient fairy will run away. "I will deal with that little red Eyebrow first, but you must promise to help me catch that ancient fairy after I clean up the little red Eyebrow!"
"Deal!" A white smile
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Chapter 45 Small red eyebrow ability
I knew that my sister was good … "I was indifferent to the ancient fairy girl, and my little red eyebrow seemed to be e-sweet, so I called my sister and was ready to climb up from the ground to get a professional mobile phone.
"Look out!"
At this moment, the ancient fairy sang softly and stood in front of the little red eyebrow.
Even behind the ancient immortal, the surging breath was blown down again, and Xiao Chi-mei saw the ancient immortal’s body shaking in front of her.
Kaba kaba
In front of the ancient fairy, it was like glass breaking in succession. Soon, in all people’s frightened eyes, the ancient fairy exploded like a fountain, and her red blood instantly turned her white clothes into purple. The ancient fairy stumbled and almost fell.
Little red eyebrow screamed and was shocked by the present situation. Up to now, she has not given birth to anything in vain, but just as she exclaimed, she felt that she had lost the opportunity to teleport and escape when she was tight around her body.
"Hey hey two little girls have a collar so naive! We are overrated … "
Just now, it was the old fox Bai Wei and the old fox 6 feathers that attacked at the same time. Bai Wei’s thoughts attacked the soul and then attacked by the 6-feather fairy aura.
Energy attack synergy soul attack two people to attack immediately doubled.
They had to attack the target is the little red eyebrow this little guy can’t understand the world even in the enemy’s current mortal posture.
This flaw is just a short flash, but for veterans such as Bai Jie and 6 feather, this flash is enough to make them make a fatal attack.
But I didn’t expect that when they moved to attack, the ancient fairy who had been hostile to Little Red Eyebrow was flagrantly blocked in front of the two people’s attack.
It is not that this ancient fairy girl is not afraid of death, but that the ancient fairy is a noble and noble race. It is because of this kind of enthusiasm that the ancient fairy was involved in the war between the celestial world and the boundary, which led to the extinction of the ancient fairy.
Now, thousands of years later, despite the tragic past, the ancient immortal’s courage and integrity still lie in the ancient immortal’s heart to reach an alliance with Xiao Chimei, and at the same time, in the ancient immortal’s mind, his allies can die! !
Even if she is afraid of death, the little ancient fairy girl must stand in the front, otherwise she will be expelled from the ancient fairy family as a coward by her people, which is more terrible to the ancient fairy than death.
But flagrantly resisted the attack of two masters, and the ancient fairy girl was still seriously injured and almost lost her fighting capacity.
The two original Bai She and Six Feathers have a fighting ability that can seriously hurt them. Because of innocence and stubbornness, they were completely controlled for a while.
This shows that strength can’t say everything.
See Bai She and 6 feather eyes proud of the ancient fairy girl with an unnatural flush on her face. She murmured in her mouth, "My heart is blessed by my ancient fairy god, and I wish my blood to awaken your glory …"
"Not good! That’s the ancient immortal blood curse! Stop her! " 6 Feather’s face changed. Thousands of years ago, the horror scene of the war clan’s fierce blood curse appeared in his mind.
But he woke up too late. Almost at the same time when he called, the ancient fairy girl’s body suddenly released four bloody auras, which made her become a little ferocious.
And the little red eyebrow was suppressed by two masters at the same time, and the unique ability became a spectator. Seeing the ancient fairy sister, the little girl’s eyes were red and crying. "Sister, we don’t want this baby, we don’t want it …"
The ancient immortal’s bitter heart said, "silly sister is not a question of whether we want it now. These two monsters obviously want our lives."
"Go!" The ancient fairy girl waved her hand and a bloody halo maser came out like a sickle and swept to the floor with six feathers.
The master is almost perfect for energy control, or if such people release the two old foxes and attack like that, they may not be able to protect not only the Horqin headquarters from collapse, but also this big six.
However, Bai She and Six Feathers were able to control the energy without any leakage, but they were just shattered, but this strength is also called peerless master.
The original ancient fairy girl is also a master of energy control, and there is almost no energy leakage in her practice of ancient fairy techniques. But now the blood curse is different. The original blood curse is an ancient fairy’s desperate blow. Like this ancient fairy girl, if the four blood rings are not released, it is when she dies.
The blood ring shook suddenly, and then it broke like a domino wave. In the ancient fairy and Bai Yan 6 feather, they collapsed like black holes.
"Damn it!" Bai Wei’s eyes are red. He and Six Feathers are naturally not afraid of this blood ring attack, but if they take this blow hard, they are afraid that the whole Big Six will be broken. Even if he is immortal, how can his immature reincarnation die?
Bai She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out a mouthful of JingXie, which made her feel bitter in her heart. This JingXie was his last bite. Now his body is just a Promethean, and the root method produces JingXie. This JingXie was prepared by him for thousands of years to prevent the accident of devouring the reincarnation soul. Unexpectedly, it is here today.
"Three-point aura cover!"
Bai She drank several waves in anger, and finally a layer of shield was cyclized in the blood to stop the blood.
The ancient fairy girl is also car-scrapping to listen to the big cold hum, waving two blood rings in one hand and leaving the body again.
Let the force stop the blood ring from exploding, and the cold sweat will drop.
Six feathers also spelled a life, and one of them spit out a magic weapon, which is exactly the magic weapon of his cultivation life, and this magic weapon is made according to the chaotic gas that is far away from the statue. Now it is still in the unfinished stage, but now it is also ignorant.
If this blood ring explodes, this big six will be finished, and when the time comes, I will enter the turbulent flow, and I will suppress that equally terrible little red eyebrow.
Once the little red eyebrow moves the teleport skill, it will be both human and financial and poor in future.
"Never let this blood ring explode!"
She didn’t love this unfinished magic weapon, the fairy tactic in the hand of 6 feathers. The magic weapon grew up like the wind, and an instant magic weapon actually formed a colorful one, trapping the two blood rings in it.
This also coincides with the miscalculation of these two old foxes. They haven’t seen the ancient immortals for so long, and they have almost forgotten the toughness and bloodiness of the ancient immortals.
If it is in other places, although these three blood rings are tough, it is almost easy and hard to shake the white scorpion and the 6-feather collar together.
However, hard shaking is different from preventing the blood ring from exploding. These two aging ghosts are very miscalculated and chose the battle of Xuancheng. The ten layers of strength of the two men are ninety percent to defend the blood ring from being broken.
"Ha ha ha!"
Just then, the ancient fairy girl, whose body was crumbling with blood, suddenly burst out laughing and looked ferocious and shouted, "Bai Yi! Mo Li! I am honored to be able to fight against the clan chiefs and the fifteenth emperor at the same time! "

"Brother Luozhe and Xiao Xiong travel all the way, which is estimated to consume a lot. Let’s find a place to adjust a state first." The old man then said.

Xiao Lingyu won’t have any opinions and is well-advised to tunnel, "There’s an island not far away, and the scenery seems good, so I went there."
Xiao Lingyu and his entourage surrounded Luo Zhe again. The old man said seriously, "What is this guy’s position?"
The old man frowned slightly and then said, "The monk who can enter here at most is Luo Tianxian’s late peak, even if it is strong, where can it be strong?" It’s very difficult for our horse to take action, but we can’t take an outsider who doesn’t know the background in case he … "
"One thousand lost? Is Brother Luo trusting him too much? You know what we are going to face is not an ordinary Luo Tianxian. Even if his strength is better than that of Nine Days Xuanxian, it is difficult to ensure that it will be lost. " A fire monk strange smile way
Although Luo Zhe is telling the truth, none of these Luo Tianxian realm elites believe it.
"Ha ha …"
Chapter 435 Strange Islands
? Chapter 435 Strange Islands
Luo Zhe shook his head and said, "You’d better not inquire about these things, and don’t offend him. He is really strong and his origin is mysterious."
The old man frowned slightly and then said, "The monk who can enter here at most is Luo Tianxian’s late peak, even if it is strong, where can it be strong?" Our horses …
Chapter 436 They are not stupid
? Chapter 436 They are not stupid
Luozhe should be a white-haired old man and said to Xiao Lingyu, "Please ask Xiao Xiong later …"
"Ha ha, I don’t need to explain this. I should try my best." Xiao Lingyu smiled generously.
"If there is a conflict with Daozong that day, Xiao Xiong had better be a deterrent not to kill as before" Luo Zhe confessed again …
Chapter 437 Because you care about 1
? Chapter 437 Because you care about 1
The fire monks are also very angry, oblivious to forgetting that they were just thinking about letting others live in heaven and wait for others.
"Don’t panic, everyone. Since they took the initiative to let us take the lead, we will have a chance to stabilize the formation and kill these siren!"
LuoZhe is calm while shouting command big …
Chapter 43 Because you care about 2
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In front of the room with colorful lights, a monk in a dark blue robe is standing at this time. It is the fastest and best in the cat-flapping Chinese website ()
The door of the house is tightly closed, and it seems that the owner does not welcome others to visit it.
"What does Xiao Xiong think?" Luozhe didn’t make a move but asked first.
"A magic weapon? Is it … an artifact? " Luozhe surprised way
Having said that, Xiao Lingyu can be completely sure that this house is an artifact, and it is likely to be an artifact. To put it bluntly, it is a shrine.
"This god mansion should be the core law of law, and it should also play a role in protecting this god mansion, but the law here has been destroyed or lost without enough energy support …"
"What is it? Just go in and see!"
But also in Luozhe palm just touched the door of Shenfu, a circle of colorful light suddenly swept away and pushed the three-person department with a strong momentum.
The color light and the momentum impact didn’t hurt everyone, but the repulsive force contained in it was resisted by everyone.
It is obvious that the colorful light and imposing manner were also issued by the Shenfu. It is estimated that a monk named Tian Daozong touched the Shenfu at that time.
Soon, the brothers of Heaven and Fire once again rushed to the top of the mountain, and Xiao Lingyu Luozhe also came to the door of Shenfu again.
"What is the harvest?" Luozhe to white-haired old man voice asked
The most precious things are either some extremely fairy wares, elixirs or some refined extremely fairy wares and elixir materials, which are nothing for the strong people in the bulk door and have some attraction for Xuanxiandi in the bulk door for nine days. Quasi-artifacts are different. They are not as good as artifacts, but they are far more powerful than the extremely immortal devices. Even the masters of the immortal period will be jealous of them.
"There may be an artifact here," Luo Zhe said to the white-haired old man.
The white-haired old man could not help but exclaim a word, but also let everyone hear it clearly.
Luozhe grumpily stared at the white-haired old man, but he didn’t care too much in his heart. Even if everyone knew there was an artifact here, he had to take it away.
Godsworn Fire has been very familiar with this scene, so he stepped back for a long time.
A colorful ball of light flew out of the bamboo tube and slammed into the gate of the Shenfu.

Ye Guchen took the lead in walking towards the front, and others didn’t say much. They followed behind Ye Guchen one by one, but when they arrived in front of the flame bridge, they stood there one by one and looked at it. The flame bridge, which was hundreds of meters long, didn’t know it should be so good.

A bird monster looked at the flame bridge in front of him and immediately said to everyone behind him, "I’ll change my body and take you there!" "
Talking all over the body changed into a giant eagle about two meters high and ten meters long, and then waved a wing and made a look at several people next to it, and several plants and animals killed the giant eagle.
"Gung ~" The giant eagle screamed and waved its wings covered with black feathers about five meters long, then fanned and rolled up a gust of wind to fly this half, and then put his sharp claws back and headed for the other end of the flame bridge.
"whoosh ~" The giant eagle has reached this abyss with one breath. When the central area is about to wave its wings again and blink of an eye, it can reach the opposite side. When everyone’s faces show joy, the accident suddenly happens.
"Boom ~" After a loud noise, there was a soaring flame at the bottom of the abyss, which instantly formed a wall of fire from the underground, and the giant eagle was wrapped in the middle. The giant eagle and the dough figurine were reduced to ashes by this flame without even a chance to moan, and then the flame fell again as if nothing had happened, but everyone in the place was stunned and didn’t know what to do.
Look at each other, everyone. Look at me. I don’t think you can get a notice when you arrive. Look at each other in the hope of finding a backbone to pay attention to everyone. Everyone has been injured and so many people have died, but who will be willing? But the problem is that if we move on, the result is unpredictable. The giant eagle just now is the best proof. For a while, everyone really doesn’t know what to do.
"Afraid of want to get good things don’t afraid of death? Now that I’m here, you should continue walking. If you are afraid of death, you can go back now. Ye Guchen will never stop you from going in with me if you want a magic weapon. "Ye Guchen took a deep breath and said that he is becoming more and more interested in this bloody battlefield at the moment. Ye Guchen is very curious. According to Izumo, this bloody battlefield should be naturally formed, but Ye Guchen absolutely doesn’t believe that natural formation will form. Regardless of this appearance, the dumpling demon king outside has made great efforts to break the blood wall and meet it after coming in. The regional Datura is definitely not ordinary, and now there are the abyss and the flame bridge. Ye Guchen does not believe that these are all natural formations. If nature can form such things, it is amazing and too many coincidences.
So Ye Guchen thinks that all this must be people. I don’t know who made this place like this. What’s his purpose? All this is curious about Yuzryha Gu Chen, and Ye Gu Chen is determined to find out.
Ye guchen is like this. Once people look for things, they will never change and shrink back.
"Brother Ye’s right. Since I’m here, I can’t go back. Just go back without getting anything. Is that it? If you want to go back, go back by yourself. I am not going back! " Cow demon cold hum a immediately said that after saying this, the second one came out.
The two people’s words obviously made the people feel a little moved, but they still didn’t say it. But when Ye Guchen was the first to step on the bridge of fire and this cow demon followed closely, others would no longer hesitate to follow closely behind Ye Guchen and others.
After all, it’s a little scary to show Ye Guchen that the flame is burning on the long bridge, but when Ye Guchen stepped on the long bridge, he suddenly found that things didn’t seem to be what he thought. Although the long bridge deck was burning with flames, he didn’t feel anything when he stepped on the long bridge.
With a surprised expression, Ye Guchen walked slowly towards the front, followed by Niu Mo, followed by Yunyun, and three people walked in front. When they slowly walked across the flame bridge, when they were about to reach the other side and everyone else stepped on it, suddenly a hot white flame burned in the second half of the flame bridge.
"Ah ~ ~" Blinking screams followed instantly, and everyone screamed repeatedly. Blinking turned into a pile of fly ash, which made the first three people stunned and then rushed over. They didn’t dare to stay in this dangerous bridge for another minute, otherwise they might be in a field with the gang just now.
"Whoo-hoo ~ had a narrow squeak ~" When three points landed, Niu Mo wiped his forehead with sweat, touched two huge horns at the temple on his head and said with a wry smile that the scene just now was too dangerous. He had no doubt that once the flame burned to himself, he would end up in the same field as his companions.
"Look at that!" A cloud is also scary. After seeing a stone tablet, I quickly pointed to the stone tablet and said
His voice made two people look at the stone tablet in an instant. Ye Guchen slowly approached and wiped off a thick layer of dust on the stone tablet, revealing a line that made people smile bitterly. Literally, he wrote, "The brave meet in the wrong way is better than the long bridge of fire."
"It seems that this bloody battlefield is not naturally formed, and I don’t know exactly who made such a thing. It seems that we are in danger." This central position Ye Guchen turned his head and looked at the two people behind him. He said that now he has decided what he thinks. Sure enough, this bloody battlefield was designed by someone, but he didn’t know who designed this thing.
"Yes, it seems that someone really designed this place. I just don’t know who it is, but at this point, I am afraid we have no chance to retreat." Looking at the two people in front of us with a wry smile, I was very impressed.
Touching the ox horn above his head, the ox demon was a little simple and honest and said, "I don’t know it at this point, but I know it’s impossible for us to go back now. At this point, I will try again even if I die here, otherwise I will not be willing in my life!"
Although the cow magic words are simple and honest, they are the truth that resonates with the two people. Yuzryha Gu Chen unconsciously took a look at this guy. There is no denying that the cow magic words are very appetizing to Ye Gu Chen. I just don’t know that this tall and strong guy seems to be honest. As this remains to be seen, Ye Gu Chen is not a person who will easily believe in people because of some favorable feelings. He is not that simple, and his life does not allow him to believe in a person so simply.
"This world is not really mellow and there is no real fool. Others are fools, and people are often fools themselves." This is when Ye Guchen was in the Royal Guards. The elders of the Royal Guards told Ye Guchen that this statement is absolutely true. Ye Guchen is more attentive to those who look mellow and silly.
"Brother Niu Mo said it was good. Now that we are here, we can bite the bullet. What do you think, big brother?" Ye Guchen turned to look at the cloud next to him and asked in a low voice, Ye Guchen has become more and more different about himself since he came here. Obviously, the cloud is not the type that Ye Guchen appreciates. He is too desperate, and it is not difficult to see that this cloud is absolutely greedy and this guy is ruthless in the dreamland created by regional Datura just now. This doesn’t make Ye Guchen like it, but Ye Guchen still shows great respect because no matter how little the cloud is, he has never targeted himself.
"Okay, let’s go!" Izumo gritted his teeth and walked straight ahead after saying this. In this situation, Izumo was a little scared, but there was no way to retreat. He could crustily skin of head.
Besides, as Niu Mo said, he is unwilling to give up now.
The three men walked along this spacious cave towards the front. They walked carefully for about a kilometer, but they were not in danger. Just as the three men relaxed a little, three holes appeared in front of Ye Guchen and the three of them.
Three almost identical caves appeared in front of Ye Guchen, and there was also a stone tablet next to the cave to wipe off the dust of the stone tablet. A line appeared in front of Ye Guchen, saying, "Three lives, three regions, life and death all have caves, and there must be heavy treasures in it. It is for the right person."
A very poor poem is not difficult to show that the poet’s cultural level is not very high. However, people can see what is in it. This poem tells three people that these three caves have a way to live and a dead end, and they can get valuable things in the past, but this thing is for the right person.
All three people can understand this sentence, but at the same time they remain silent. This gives the three of them a choice? You know, the three of them don’t think that the person who wrote this thing is deceiving them. Don’t say that the flame bridge just now is the best proof that the other party can put something like that. It’s easy to kill the three of them. People have said that it’s a dead end, and once you enter, you will definitely die.
But how do the three of them know which is a way to live and which is a dead end? However, this person said that there is a treasure in it, which made them feel a little relieved, but the last sentence made them somewhat suspicious, that is, this treasure is waiting for someone who is destined, so are they really destined? If not, is it still dangerous?
The three of them kept silent and didn’t say much. Finally, Ye Guchen gritted his teeth and sank his heart and said, "I don’t care how you choose, but since I’m here, Ye Guchen can’t go back like this. I want to see who is playing us there. I want to see what this treasure is. I’ll go first!"
Ye guchen walked straight into the central cave without hesitation. He had chosen something and would not give up.
When talking, Ye Guchen disappeared in front of the two people. This cow demon gave a hand to Izumo and then hey hey smiled and revealed a row of white teeth. Then he said, "I also went in, please."
Talking towards the left cave, I walked all the way in, leaving a cloud, a person’s face changed from red to white, and finally sighed and said, "Well, since I’m all in, I can’t just go back out of the cloud. I don’t have a choice whether to live or die now. I’ll just go in and go in towards the right cave."
Ye guchen entered the cave here and then slowly walked towards the depths of the cave. He didn’t dare to walk too fast all the way. He carefully looked at everything around him and carefully observed it. How dare he be careless now? If this is a dead end, you will be in trouble, even if you live, there will be no accidents. Ye Guchen has to be careful as far as possible.
After walking for about 100 meters, Ye Guchen slowly reached the exit position of the cave until he was in no danger. When Ye Guchen walked for about half an hour, he jumped out. When he walked out of the cave, he sat on the ground panting and wiped a handful of sweat on his forehead.
It was a while before Ye Guchen came to his senses and looked at the mouth of the cave behind him. The expression was very strange and he didn’t know what to say. At this time, he found that there was another mouth on his right. There are two ways to live and one way to die.
"Alas ~ also don’t know whether the two came in? I don’t know who went to the right? " Ye Guchen sat there noncommittally and said that when he said this, his expression became very strange, keeping a close eye on the position of the right hole.
After a long time, a cloud slowly appeared at the mouth of the cave. When he saw Ye Guchen, he showed one leng and then gave a sigh of relief. After sitting there and exhaled for a long time, he looked at Ye Guchen and then looked at Ye Guchen with a wry smile and said, "Even the cow demon is gone, right? Wrong novel network many words "
"Yeah, three holes, two chances to live, a dead end. I didn’t expect him to go to a dead end. This can also be said that his life is not good." Ye Gu Chennai shook his head. Subconsciously, he came to hope that it was a cow demon rather than a cloud. After all, this old song that is a cloud is a kind of person. Ye Gu Chen’s heart is uncertain. It is a pity that the cow demon may be more secure with himself. Unfortunately, that guy’s life is not good and he chose the wrong road.
(ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! )
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four There is no way out, and there is another village.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four There is no way out, and there is another village.
Silence for Ye Guchen’s words, a cloud can respond silently. There are still more than 20 people who are not in harmony with themselves. Maybe they are a little worse, but their strength is very strong. Yuan Ying’s master is now alive with himself and Ye Guchen, especially when he just chose to let a cloud out. Now he is surprised to break out in a cold sweat. If Niu Mo just walked on the right, he was afraid to go to the left. Once he left, the result is self-evident. If he didn’t have this luck, he would be dead.
To tell the truth, Izumo is very tangled now, and there may be a heavy treasure in hand. Since that person has something to design here, it won’t be too bad to dare to throw it here, but the problem is that Izumo is afraid that he will die and take that thing out of the cloud, and he has some impulse to give up.
Looking at the silence, Ye Guchen knew that the other person was thinking about the other person’s thoughts. Just now, it appeared in Ye Guchen’s mind like a meteor, but it was immediately erased by Ye Guchen. Ye Guchen did not allow himself to retreat at all. The way to fix the truth is like sailing against the current and retreating. This is the same as Ye Guchen’s pursuit of understanding of budo. Although the two things are not at the same level, Ye Guchen feels that the problem of pursuing the end point is the same. In this way of fixing the truth, there must be no slack and you can’t give up halfway, otherwise it will make you My mood is affected, even if I achieve something in the future, I’m afraid I can reach the end. This situation is that Ye Guchen is not allowed to face challenges. He asks himself to face them bravely instead of choosing to escape in fear of death.
Now he can retreat, but the problem is that if he retreats, the fear of this place will form a shadow in his heart. Although he can wait until he has great strength, even if he destroys this part, the shadow in his heart will not be eliminated. There is always a little flaw. This is not allowed by Ye Guchen!
"do it! Do your best! Since I am fixing the truth, I will climb the highest peak! " This is Ye Guchen talking to himself several times in his heart. If the former Ye Guchen entered the realm of self-cultivation, he simply wanted to become stronger and stronger. Now he has changed his goal and experienced a series of things, Ye Guchen has a new goal, that is, to be the strongest in the world!
Constantly climbing and striving for the strongest is a quality that every first-class fighter must possess. Obviously, Ye Guchen is a master in the secular world. This quality has long been possessed by many secular masters. After entering this vast realm of repair, they have seen several powerful magic weapons. That wave of hands can move mountains and rivers, and the real master can say that he can travel in heaven and earth, but he can’t raise his mind at the end of climbing a little bit, because it is simply too far away for them.
However, Ye Guchen didn’t give up his original pursuit of the end point because of the blow, but he became more determined. He thought about this question several times when he was recovering from his illness, and now he is more determined to do this belief! Do your best!
Looking back at this cloud for a long time, Ye Guchen looked a little dignified and asked, "Does Big Brother want to continue?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Izumo is wandering. Listening to Ye Guchen’s words is like finding a straw in the middle of the night. I immediately caught a pair of deep eyes that can’t see other thoughts clearly. Ye Guchen was slightly excited and asked, "Brother, what are you going to do?"
This cloud is not as firm as Ye Guchen’s confidence. He has been somewhat shaken because he doesn’t know there is another danger ahead. He is afraid of death, but he is not willing to give up, so he wants Ye Guchen to help him make a decision.
Yuzryha silently shook his head in his lonely heart. Even if he got the treasure, he could be the king in this starry sea island. There is no hope at all. How can a person who wants help from others even in life and death climb that elusive thorny fairy road?
"I’m going to continue walking ~" Ye Guchen said slowly and walked straight ahead, ignoring the green-red expression next to Izumo. The two were doomed to be fellow travelers. Whether it was the performance of Izumo before or the timidity of Izumo now, Yuzryha was alone and understood a truth. Two people were doomed not to be at the same level. Two people were doomed to be unable to go the same way. Although the friendship may still be there, two people are two people from the world.
Looking at Ye Guchen’s back, he hesitated and finally sighed and slowly withdrew from the hole. He has lived for ten thousand years. It has been ten thousand years since he was born consciously. He doesn’t want to die, although there may be magic weapons that he dreams of seeking in front, but can magic weapons be more important than life?
Ye guchen doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead after entering, but he knows that it will never be a smooth road. If he goes deeper into the road, he will probably quit because he is full of thorns and dangers. Although this will really make people look down on him, he has no choice.
A cloud leaves Ye Guchen and a person slowly walks towards the depths of this cave. Without the interference of others, Ye Guchen’s speed will soon reach this wide and flat area.

"Father assured child remember" JiJinChan should be one.

Step out of the firm but gentle hall
Qingfeng Mountain stands on the top of the mountain, and the Sword Palace is as simple as a giant sword, stabbing into the sky for 6 years. Yang Jian, the third brother, sits here and guards Luzhou Gate in the north.
Clean hands, burn incense, and offer sacrifices to the sword. Yang Jian completed his daily homework without hesitation for one reason-sincere in the sword. Yang Jian gave up his innate treasure and sought to concentrate on kendo.
"Brother Yang, I’ll come to see you for a drink and show up quickly."
Yang Jian, who was shouting from outside, heard something familiar. The palace door saw Zhu Jiuyin, a thin young man standing side by side in front of the door.
After a slight stupidity, there was a little joy. "It turned out that Wu Xiandi and the fourth younger brother came here. Please come in quickly, brother. Here, there is a second brother to send Yaochi Jade Liquid to ensure the satisfaction of the two good brothers."
Sun Wu-wen was overjoyed when he jumped into the door.
Zhu Jiuyin is still honest and honest, and slowly said, "I have seen three senior brothers."
"Teacher younger brother don’t bother to go in with his brother." Yang Jian nodded and greeted Zhu Jiuyin side by side.
Three huge sea bowls collided in one place "fuck!"
Sun Wu’s head was raised, and nearly half of the wine was spilled on his front, throwing it like a sea bowl and shouting, "Cool!"
Yang Jian learned to throw a sea bowl on the table. Only Zhu Jiuyin looked up and looked forward to the last drop until it fell into the mouth.
"Stay Yang Dage, there is plenty of good wine here." Sun Wu patted the table and pointed to Zhu Jiuyin and sneered. "It’s a pity that you have been a marshal of the canopy and people are so petty."
"Nonsense!" Zhu Jiuyin jumped three feet high and slapped Sun Wu with his eyes wide. "It’s not easy to think about a meal when you have a meal. Look at you!"
Sun Wu gnashed her teeth for a moment and then sat quietly cursing herself for being talkative like a frustrated ball.
"Why can’t you forget that you can’t eat with this idiot? It’s absolutely self-defeating. It’s weird and weird to see him who is stupid and forced to be anxious on weekdays."
Sun Wu’s mind kept on drinking, and some of Zhu Jiuyin’s momentum changed back to honesty and simplicity. Yang Jian was even a cold-hearted person, and the three of them silently drank the wine and soon destroyed most of it.
"Brother Wu Xian hasn’t congratulated you on coming in for a bowl!" Yang Jian finally remembered that he was the first to break the silence.
Gulp Sun Wu wiped away the wine stains. "I got away with cutting off the demon body. This is just Luo Xian’s realm. Yang Dage was originally going to learn a thing or two from Yang Dage. Now it seems …"
Suddenly shut up and shake your head with a wry smile.
Yang Jian is not good at words, so he opened his mouth. I don’t know how to change the subject and asked, "Is there anything to gain from sealing the list of gods?"
"I’ve been to Dongsheng Shenzhou several times after rummaging through Huaguo Mountain."
Sun Wu shook his head and suddenly remembered something, gnashing his teeth. "I didn’t find it on the list of gods, but I heard about it. The Shushan Sword Sect killed demons and took Dan everywhere in Dongsheng Shenzhou under the banner of cutting demons and removing demons, which forced the little demon to escape everywhere. If I wasn’t worried about scaring the old man and delaying the search for the list of gods, I would kill the door and destroy that damn sword Sect!"
Said Sun Wu, furious, and slapped the sea bowl to the ground.
"It’s no wonder that many small demons moved to Qingfeng Mountain some time ago." Yang Jian’s cold light flashed solemnity and sneered. "Kill the demons and get rid of the demons? Hehe, this banner has not been seen for many years. "
In a bad mood, three people stop drinking again.
"Uber! Put the herbs quickly and leave you a corpse! " The tender and crisp voice soared from the foot of the mountain into the sword palace.
Sun Wu hurled the jar and sprinted outward.
"Cut off the monkey body but not the monkey nature" Yang Jian shook his head and greeted Zhu Jiuyin with a calm face and rushed to the mountain.
Far away, I saw my mother, Baguio Fairy, blocking a knife and shooting at the small demon, Qingfeng Sword, frowning and displeasing. "How can you be such a vicious means to take people’s lives at an early age?"
The child’s sword-holding tactic controls the flying sword and loudly drinks, "It’s my life to kill the demon and get rid of it. You are a woman who quickly lost her life."
Sun Wu was so angry that he went on the rampage and threw himself at the child.
Yang Jian looked at his body and stopped Sun Wu with a flash of light. "Brother Xian, don’t worry, it’s the master of Qingfeng Mountain. Let brother handle it."
"Yang Dage said that the younger brother naturally followed" Sun Wu saw that Yang Jian’s face was as heavy as water, showing that he did not refuse, so he stopped and stepped back.
Yang Jian nodded indifferently and asked, "Are you brothers?"
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Bait fishing
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Bait fishing
Holding his neck high, the girl behind him was about to reply, so he stopped and told him to gather gifts to "the younger generation Qi Lingyun met the elder so that the elder could know that the younger generation three were brothers of Shushan Sword Sect."
It was Qi Jinchan, Qi Lingyun and the laughing monk’s royal sword who went out to look for medicine. Looking down, a seven-leaf ginseng was picked by a The eagle demon first, and then the two sides fought, and then the three men chased the eagle demon all the way to Qingfeng Mountain.
Qi Lingyun, who is a celestial being, still can’t see through Yang Jian, Sun Wu and Baguio Fairy. The fear in their hearts is so great that it is best to show weakness and report to the gate.
"Shushan Sword School?" Sun Wu heard the fierce look in his eyes and pointed at Lingyun. The three grinned, "It’s really hard to get here." I was just about to find that stupid sword sect to trouble you, but you sent it to the door. Very good! "
Three Shushan brothers flew into a rage and glared at Sun Wu mercilessly.
Laughing at the monk, God read, "This gang is not a good generation, martial sister Lingyun. Later, brother will start first. You help me, Junior Brother Jinchan, the treasure given by your uncle-‘Nine Days Yuan Yang Chi’ is waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack."
Qi Lingyun and Qi Jinchan’s brothers and sisters are good at words.
At this time, Baguio Fairy cured the eagle demon’s injury and asked at the end of the incident, "Come here, my son."
"Does mother have orders?" Yang Jian bent down to ask questions before acting quickly.
Baguio Fairy holds Yang Jian’s arm and smiles. "Since you’re here, it’s up to you to deal with it. The Shushan Sword Sect has acted too much. My son’s body is demon and my brother can’t sit idly by. It’s just that the boy and the girl are punished a little."
Said led the eagle demon away.
"Follow the mother’s instruction" Yang Jian bowed down to each other.
"Uber! Where to run! "
Laughing monk found the opportunity to sacrifice asceticism, and the Buddhist monk gave him the "Shadow Flying Sword", but the sneak attack was to stab Baguio Fairy’s mouth and shout, which was a diversion to make people mistake him for attacking the eagle demon.
At the same time, Qi Lingyun offered a green Gang sword and cut it at the eagle demon.
Yang Jian’s eyes were cold and his body beat. He even grabbed two flying swords with his bare hands and pinched them into two pieces. Then he suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, his hands had seized the necks of the laughing monk and JiLingyun respectively.
Qi Jinchan pulled out a jade ruler from his bosom, and his body was emerald green. He hated Sun Wu’s insulting words. The Shushan Sword Sect abandoned the jade ruler and turned nine golden flowers into a pledge.
Sun Wu shrugged off the thought of blowing off the nine rotten flowers and thundered to drink "Monkey King, don’t panic! He came to give you an arm. "
From the eager words, Sun Wu felt the intense emotions such as fear, worry and joy, and squeezed the little monkey’s eyes and whispered blankly, "It turns out that I have so much weight in this stay …"
Sun Wu was moved, repented and blamed himself. He shouldn’t bully this good brother on weekdays.
At the same time, Zhu Jiuyin’s eyes shone brightly, which made Penglai Island’s secret method condense a huge amount of star power into a huge palm, and conveniently fished all nine golden flowers in the palm.
In an explosion, the huge palm suddenly dispersed. Zhu Jiu insidious smile ha ha copied the ruler of Yuanyang, which had fallen for nine days, in his hand and groped for a while. After that, Zhang’s maw bit off a corner and chewed on it.
Bang, bang, bang … Bang, bang …
"Demon … monster …" Qi Jinchan fell into a dull state and consciously swallowed. He looked at Zhu Jiuyin in a silly way and enjoyed the "Nine Days Yuan Yang Chi" and forgot to be in danger.
"It turns out that this nervousness is’ food’, which is also reasonable for this."
When Sun Wu was awakened by the harsh noise, he suddenly realized that his heart was filled with shame and resentment, and he picked up his fist and gave Zhu Jiuyin a hammer.
"Who? !” Zhu Jiuyin turned around and glared at each other. There was still "delicious" residue in the gap between his teeth.
Sun Wu gas knot dark scold yourself silly to reason with the pig or are eating pig force to pull an arm casually perfunctory way "eat it quickly, it’s not enough to taste cold" words ignore Zhu Jiuyin twist a head to look at Yang Jian there.